Tommy Screws Co-worker Out Of Money.. And Then Proceeds to Justify It.

Friday, March 17th

The older you get, the more frugal you become!


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Just watching you Tommy me yes. Gives me wisdom that as much man under I've watched an analyst fifteen years transform. Older men right Andy little long in the tooth as they sit there every day we view the battle about. I get the experience of sitting across you every day for 45 Iran and watch you personally change from the forty something that I met when I was fifteen. To the consulate soldiers. Into the nineties on the guided to draws from now. You did something yesterday we're that I take. Every man in your reach bracket starts to do around forty Aaron and was extremely rude and a little while rule it never rooted jerk. Yet the break unseat him at Seoul you had a little polish which house there's little bathroom thing. That this kid works year. Great kid I on the site his handiwork Columbia was a plumber back but certified panic it's straight up I use my house these awesome yet any such a sweet guy. That's him he will only charge you for parts exit tiny little bit clearer you know and then go budget and now I wish to back it's like trying overpaid image never used him before and I decided no with the goal real news so you ask you do that you last meet. When he was gone weren't what you pay rent and I told you the tip of you did this interesting he was in the and after he left to justify your hat to them you could be brought to the toll page which carries an expert and you want to save money so he views these kits. Rolled 999 don't you know good can you. So you kind of an Indy he would ask what's the job aren't even explain it is a big deal it's not that big it's not that big. Anything else. You know I anonymous you can't say over and over again for you it's not a big jobs for you would send a big job update takes that would leave you would meet. If you go except to get jobs I didn't epic. Sort of Mubarak would probably according that it wasn't that big of a job when negotiating him to. Nor was it I just I. How well I was glad that same labor down. Yet a year played out like what you actually had to do it well for him not that need to is that our god and Posey and house yesterday to r.'s caught. Up. So secretly. Thought he did have the kid did a phenomenal job no you're doing our I know you do now one he's great he's awesome job we did a great Joseph. I think what ol' ball what was your. So here's what guys like Q do Europe the price at things. To recognize a good kid he needs aside money it'll buses that actually it. I don't Duffy really needs aside bloodier you decided that he need to decide that he. I think he does okay. So a great now he does a great job then in and nice price in the any appreciates the temperature and there were thrown church or when you start over tip in that's sort of raise generates the -- I think he's a good buddy and meaning that I mean it's not just any random bag and I he's right if you were tipping him pay substantially less than what I would have east shirtless weightless is there and let Carrick hit by idol OK but you made me realize something what are Wayland I do. The older you get from them. The more for W it. The less money you spent. Except. When it comes to stuff you're spending on yourself for gore you blues. Here and you would cut that out of and you enjoy traveling. To spend money on travel and your clothing is impeccable and you honestly. So you spend money on you but it's not every body does because everything else but it it's weird how you your very. You very conscious of how much you're spending and on other things like this job for instance early try to get the cheapest one possible yeah. Not dead cheapest possible but I knew the kid needed to work but it's selfish is like unity and any bloodshed is say needed the work. Well but I do think he was struck that I see the kid you know a's coming up an air Miami you know. Older gentleman. Professional broadcaster. One of those two things is true. Every guy I've seen this it's like 4040 aren't used to skimp on whatever occasionally you know you realize what's important you. What it goes the opposite weighty. When it comes to selfish stuff. You start low and all this money on yourself while skimping on everything that I had to enjoy my goal in years that's right now done is setting. What you're doing it at the expense of these kids this example edit your family or else but my dad is a perfect example you he sorted out he was a way Chris called the appearance. These senator do it is that is pointing. Honesty early on and Leo he many good money sure he has a great job and need to let him go on vacation style but as we got older. You don't and he started skimping on things that didn't involve money for yourself. The regulate schori and you know so we'll fix that roof summary of trickster gunners. I gotta live a little I get so much time left brain and Alec has so many as my I never understood this from my father said it. But now I get it. You only get so many good years left. That years left good years left OK and I cut again it is Asian age ago. You know one of these Asian lake zinc in Oregon this thing in order to mining and ordered Arnie gonna work rates are you got a few good years let go have some fun years and I got to leave it only you Newsday let's continue to build personal way and rap albums and had phones. Let's say hypothetically you used it before. So let's use him again he's phenomenal. It was what became screwed it up. Hooked on an island here that it is out of the day and explain that you've elected the first I had to sell my wife all and said kid. As we know whether plumbers rate that we used to do due to the house like another skins really get pat says he's good. Its use of and so she she bought in OK so like if he would screw that up on god that it won at night. I think embedded left the house for an hour. That's what I mean I drove around all the fuel politely let's just giving your house or rent a paid less for a job to put out I took a risk on this kid but at the expense your wife. Like could've been extreme and maybe it's because you being selfish trying to save money out something was for you. What I'm trying to do get it done night she says we need to get this stuff I have dubbed going and getting things done this is what sucks like they do what I do what I do and it's ever enough. Everybody complains LA they give this kid dying and alienating a complete you'd generations very negative. Is negative generation your budget god damn. Jerks. Also you that are you don't know yeah I got to figure out it's very myopic focus your very your better and you're that are young men and women. 2226 I'm trying to help people out here. Tommy as a kid works with us any need them over the other day and fix just net and he was negotiating down the kid without even realizing who's negotiating and out. And it makes perfect sense we've budget and your forties and you see this happen you are the only get more you get. It goes the opposite stuff that involves you know stings that you enjoy and you'll lol yeah things definitely country. Because we've done for you kids in this generation repair did you so much. At some point can we get a break what you wanna look at that can you start take Doran a place a little bit when I can meet your kids. Is he talked about. Kids that you took care of the generation of people we've helped schools schools that I helped bill would my tax dollars you living there and I guess they how's he coming in stupid and fat. It's funny my dad was or is it really frugal guy especially Europe like we don't really go on vacation like when we dated beetle at the Jersey Shore some better now my parents they thought like big trips they've yet they but they are needed evidence say. I'm just surprised because I never saw my dad is that guy right until maybe the last few years that we had. Two to keep everything together they had discrepancies they continue to dominance university. Only getting angry. Angry it's not a bad did it just interest observation is set up that it is Kobe is selfish prick of bad Blake and Blake and as everybody could cut itself. It's much it's human nature to take care of yourself. Arafat Arafat not about my whole team got on a good that nobody else I needed. A it is interest into ones because there are things I'm realizing as I get older that you are older than me and I'm watching equal to things I know like an out of I wonder if I'm to be conscience conscious of this and not do. Or it's just automatically great and he was a child okay I did this age they spend money in its intimate dance. I'm going to a little kittens are handled in a government threatens them and listen to. Listen what have you are gonna money money and don't get regular S money like fancy as mining okay fine. And once you take a regular S money and spent about stuff that matters does to me. You'll in my liver killer brain cells whereas that you don't spending money on yourself as a man and does get worse as you get older. But does the money is keep getting bigger and bigger deal the get Louise and break right. Pay it though. Lilly. Not not but it is a little bit where I get a little bit older I only thirty or but recently buried. Were orchard an upbeat and I. Great effort nobody. And bad that it's a change not bat an aunt that I've been you know you know my wife will be get their degree chew up the outbreak I don't back. Another article go to speak. Masters costs money it costs money honey a lot of guys your body reasons we get all his money from. No. You didn't get a tell her how she did you get that masters degree that she pays. Hopefully I don't know that though the way it's gonna work though you know we're trying to sell the house. And whatnot I picked up around it out but make it you know little bit better for us then Ellen you know she ought to get. Yeah I'll go to can't go to get. I'm Mike I that we would affect our house you're gonna skip right to disable all the money you can't you're gonna cut corners because you wanna spend money on yourself and fun bags and all the lessons that fuel. Other generation ahead of me WB lazier waste you money is about stupid things come. Out of the water but you're not living by example. Was I say not as liked. Let banana I learned the same glow that they had ahead didn't sit tight we'll have. You know well. Actually I did I edited business sentiment the 24 hours. You're gonna get. Gigabit chip not much can blown monogram and not have any responsibility you do kind of have to lead by example. Now I am glad that my life's work is it the example let's not over how do you think you've got to do you think this house have been in the car in the food and everything else because when you bought a house she just walked into the bank and keep everybody alone that's all that happened to come what you graduate high school he walked to a factory collect and they keep you and should never Zhuhai the buster but it's different now. You're you apply the old guy rules your generation rules to gave it doesn't exist anymore. More than you go figure at the new game just. Figured out guy. No kidding.