Tommy Says Move On - Duffy Says Embrace It!

Thursday, February 8th

As technology changes, people miss the old stuff that has gone away. Surprisingly the person that misses it is NOT Tommy Mule.


Will you miss this type of music technology when it's gone?


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Which he's going delay as much as Tommy Beasley is cheering for some reason. Move on man leaves community experiences that our kids will never have which makes me a little bits it was a that experience is you never did this site there are purchasing certain that I did not like a lot of guys listening to the shoot it. Yeah breaker righteous let's route 96 by the BC had a please I know how by the white embracing technology here because you just can't I why. Our usual time a lot of are the lug everything around anymore it was done Logan's earlier this week via best buy announced that as of July 1 yeah it was a top simply CD on on all. That they enamored by any more than America sounding I fully admit as I ever go get it and I've got a CD yours yours nobody asked why you can. Partly true they're some people remain loyal get dorks. But or you just called him a dork. And it. Tech low tech here in new techie I know you're not I know today technology CD an ally but CB year's team but it's. This is the and a very ordinary Powell owning your music. Be able to basically hold the thing I am going to listen and 90% of you never listened to like you would buy these CDs and they would you see it. Aung but since beginning love. Sell news and even able to bring home I touched it I only you have to look at the cover art you get to read a lighter note to fondle little directs. And. With best identity CDs you could make an assumption and does he keeps them as a matter of fact. So why would you say is opposed by several CD companies. Have laid off their people that meet the physical abuse here. That's all O'Neal regulation anybody has gone and a cannon balls to. You know and they I hear the we we don't make calvary saddles and I mean we don't make buggy whips. Think small ball man what's weird about this and they're not dynamic in the CDs anymore but these artists are still putting out vinyl albums either because I am like a hipster but that's a hobby but I don't thinking but I'm taking. That eventually it could turn around didn't like the new thing donated CDs and braving the for the vital and again it's much is vitals may come back it's still very very tiny portion began can buy that you can buy any new album comes out on vinyl. You want to that's a vital Lovett because they give it always get. That's over the monies go no point in everybody's buying it online yes Natalie that but the final thing exist because people think it's spent on finally you can lighters on. But but what you're losing in the CDs go in and is a whole culture of music that role wap. He sit on your fat asses renewed murdered go to my favorite times when I was a kid is when a band that I love release CD not go down the record archive at midnight. We're gonna haunted me night that we like other people who these groups it was community think it would escalate the weight that goes away to and it's a little bits. Evidently time marches for an Emmy. Your kids will have their own thing that they are gonna do I know that eventually is gonna go away jerk every generation has this I just is it like. Today in new lunar ES Dinara and they should come to win then that's how you know waited a detonator I Alba. Which wherever it goes that goddamn book saying he really studies item let's take that my children will not have seen experience that I loved. Stamp your client has different experts is that you have to ask but still I can't say about that. It's emaciated child makes his system okay. Okay you'd just like this morning you'd just like. Talked up space launch and how you remembered from your childhood and my this is no one is a big deal because that and that's not America baby that was an American muscle going up the outer space. Does because we didn't tighter gagged about cried over it god damn beatle did it. Is not gonna sneak cassette tapes across the early and walled that was America. You know I don't even know that. All the luggage you vote. Look at you I doubt that actually happens CDs go lay best bibles to sell them and I started cycles of bike at hey here's the white album she liked Rosie got to play in lime rock. Target by the way he's gonna play on it is that. Solid grass is Czechoslovakia look at it was O target continued sales eighties but only want to call eight consignment basis for this him and record companies are going to give this CDs to target and if they seldom it will pay the record company if they don't percent CDs back who hired him. I'll write in the frequency that I am a light body. Aren't yet very different. Are all big question I have about bats are and then Sweden has. Yeah I'd like I haven't got weapons the artist I mean with the piracy issues that we have nowadays Internet. You know physical music as you know used to be the only way that art has really made money and the soaring. A lot of money and even recording albums I mean you'll end up if you don't make enough money your potatoes recording come. Yeah I get a news flash Korea. I can give a big crap about the artists here's what you should care. I'm I don't bought an iPod Bob I don't care about any hard ass I just want my music the easiest way possible. I don't sit there and think gee I wonder Flannery she's getting a kind of this care is a little richest problem right they can call it shouldn't dance on the ceilings. Here's why you should care because yes Latin which exists now and you can dance of the seat all you want to eleven which. The issue becomes people wanna give it to music on the road for if there's no money on it. But it the next John Lennon could end up working at a factory you never get to hear the except that he did. I like. You do you to stress and parents can. I had a talent I guess Abby Tommy doesn't care of their dealers at this point which is fine budget they didn't probably those guys Tommy's aides like there's never going to be anything that replicate its failure to be the same wiring. I don't know I'd I'd think I mean probably all pro abusing my but I like to think I'd still be open in new things. You know at an older age you'll be right of real federal way woman repeatedly is that the only way that artists were making money was through physically mentally they're still making money that because the money's being. These these this music is being purchased online and they're getting a cut and I. Out there to say it is the easier out to steal it and thoroughly that it forcible and on six in ten. Music purchases were digital laster and how many CD's were selling period and I there was any imminent the red tankan buddy who. It actually is New York now he's a record producer and the things like pandora and Spotify and that's what's killing them is because the. We want stream a Petrie the royalties he would get possible even buying digital download. He gets a fraction of a set every time somebody please something Spotify but why by the CD if I haven't for spotlight Spotify so that's with getting. Our own without the putted better deal with these would who would would pandora Spotify she could negotiate the so somebody showed you gotta you've got a huge going to take endless W let the record business for a look I don't need any new wobble what are we need new music I just up music out there you joke all the music's done you joking. Our Syria to see what music scene a ball way what do you need a net rap album it Dario would end this in the bitch that. Listen to once you got. Talk about you did you're a guy who are rap on the beach the second and we could we have abused when I had that right you know I receive a dime. Yeah he's being streamed to the result of the physical CDs total negative fortune telling you were about I. Target does Biden as of July 1 stop. Selling CDs and Tommy says you're not allowed to be sad about how well be set up a whole not be hold your music and embrace the future you hold out of the past is gonna sink you get assert Ed that you can see now if they stop selling CD's you're gonna stop making big time residuals on your newest racquet. Brought to court. Street. Rescue Jim Broderick who do you let. Rhonda Cooley. Let's go down like you say he lets you know all the McCoy took action from the ministry of Pittsburgh beats this I need you you'll go. Super fan hood he's around for what rush. These are run or walk around right so that beat them we'll let me show. As 2000 academic doctors previously super manhood he surround her walk around it. Too distant relative to its. The bank and over here drive by you know you'll you'll go cubic can show. To. Be sure there won't run producer or walk run to super fan hood. It. What I want to physically on I had a little bit because the exit you're gonna be CDs and here's why he's I don't listen now home to its money. Errol when I get a mrs. CD that I don't have. Did air the. Aren't bad enough they're not in the and community. I'm what did technology sabaya a speedy such like that that you heard on the radio man you're bind up the rest of that was beaten. And better than. What a war. The rest the album sucked and I just analysts noted here one would we don't know unless and by the whole thing happened and thank you for the gods entirely Bridget that. The technology of the film that you love so much solo it's just. CD what are Christa went to my CV networks have their own. The highest selling CD of twenty let steroids. Highest highest selling CD last year do you know what I'm kids later little kids were deal. I haven't against him actually it was a Mozart box set. Mozart and the reason why is because the bodies that definitely 101000 years when we don't need any music. I did you don't need moves the feet deep concern to her. Mean people are totally blew we would have tower of power can't EG two guys to. Their anatomy any new tower power economic power power. It's the reason the boats are box that was the IS LCD it honestly smug jerk no contained 200 CDs that they counted each is individual sales every time so audited went out 200 CDs of that boring ass music he had a lot of stuff again you know it's obvious. Yeah. For the greatest musician developers only plays about back moves are I think. But it was a fight musicians and united do anything so yet you relate the king of mode you're decaying old for this. Yeah but back then like when Jesus of even Jesus said this the Sox. Mozart blacked out. Jesus say he's Jesus is quoted as the whistles seem Mozart at Darien lake shore oh. We don't need any music Mozart sucks aspect really we can do sit down listen to an entire. Mozart seated no but I also could let's listen to be ten attire Kenny GCD and somebody is from camp. Changing blows the doors of your mood sort doesn't he played Mozart. Mozart place Kenny junior.