Tommy Reads Rap Lyrics

Monday, October 23rd

In his search for a "butt song" Tommy had to go through a few rap songs to find the right one.


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We were talking about dead. Dad says they're taught it to the public but songwriting. Hey you couldn't do it now and you can but what what what is I don't know how many SR is a word last summer are. So we decided we pray about oh the X two of the three most popular rap songs last week I use is a top three yet so I want. What do you read these lyrics Tommy can tell you tell me which one. Looks familiar to use a right now this is a juvenile is back. Dad yeah yeah it didn't. Girl. You looks good bush to Baghdad asset. As used a five month the its AdWords push you back that adds up okay. Call me big daddy when you backed bed and a girl. Foolish you play him. That AS out. A more. You could smoke. By a bay Gail I'll grass Dan. Got my act of flash Yang and tranche began I'm a big time yet pulled the trigger a yen at a player hater of flipping Yan. Grave really good. Hobbies they get booed again out of due hook again. Is that it be understood evident group don't worry about. Dead it's all good game I can view I don't think they. Proper English is a problem whose let's say don't use out of them could go out there. Out out of the hood has got a witness it actually sounds I don't know I got details at this. That hasn't. Call it does okay what you're thinking oh no that's okay. Most famous book soluble time that you could be confused this. Cervix let's baby got back OK this is a famous when he'd better. Yell out let big butts and I cannot laugh when the Brothers can't didn't that's. And a girl walks it would it be big ways that a big round thing Angel face you get sprung UN Apollo college you notice that dad but was stuff. Deep in and Jean she's wearing and quote I can't stop stare at old baby I wanna get with chip. That you when he can we shoot and take a picture my home boys try to won't make but that but it. It makes me cell holding. Edit a couple words there and I yeah yeah it's gonna like you know I do my own version. Like what every cover to you try to put to run. Against against then again I you know was that it's taking Melbourne we are and one more argument play that tune back we had that went yeah. Yeah it's like a patent. Like you've beaten. Daniel if you did some. Raise those who answered they're great sites that aren't so we have one more bucks on that could be the putts on the but these Q. We you have one of these on your phone yes OK this is EU. And America while being displaced surprised to see. A big girl get busy. Just rocket and did it go go beat the way she showed a cup of tea she'd look good to me I said. Come here big girl what you rock my world she said to me she was doing the blood. Tape the tape to tape when you get that motion when you get that notion put Joseph backfield if you vote today. Doing the blood they sexy sexy. Aid that there are wrong if you want to do to but old Matt alone assistant to. August agreed to. So. Like fixes there have been questioned. Why do you this and I like to tell. Why go wrong it's got big. Black gases and not this doesn't mind 881 to a big blank it's a big girl get busy day just a black anywhere they just pay big girl get busy day yes it's it's not to take 88. No white girl. Big can get big exam and had the west side I don't get girls today say yeah now you know blitzer at the Italian deli but. Only black girls are big bus to get the day. Pretty sure that such. A now at all when dude but all that well why. I like to it's funny how. Exactly what your so we listen to. Enough to know what's unused. You can run at about that is it was one of my deeper cuts of like musically and I have a slight musical. Heritage ads like the quiet music is at stake sticks. And nobody like I like the old school. You know. Lose OK you know. It in this yeah doing but rap duo are not at all. 00. Still a lot of blood on the other states do in the which by the way what do they mean by and it's doing a good idea but it's and I know it's. I. See if I hold every guy you're Regis oh Fulton Peewee artist song sly like I'd like seventies funk music this is trying to honor. This light came out of that lake and went from seven he's fun too late. No old school rap me ask you this do you have like you know those like Bluetooth speaker to your house community does not so when you have view these plate or phone. And it goes on here rotation. Is something you would run cheat your way it was she is sometimes shockingly I listened. Would you believe it. She's like a standard poppies lake is that fat chick right now from England. Now joins a bench like tonight. Any any whiny woman she likes to listen to and demand. Is always easy to Atlantic he of that let me know Kazaa not fat. Is it which you won anyway anyway she's too yes you actually like us. So I told a pop stuff you know I actually got PX wide choice a country that. Which is expired when they come and of that IE had ice Tommy's aged cult. Keep your song on their phony due to the back story is how the song got there because it's because you think that you criticize meet him like. I don't have dirty rap music. Is a dirty activities you. That you just said it was an about and I see. It all Utah realize I.