Tommy Mule: Neighborhood Watch Enforcement

Tuesday, July 17th

When you hear sirens in the neighborhood, you have no choice but to go check things out.

..But what exactly are you responsible for once you get there?

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If you listen to the show here you know we bust his balls all the time hobby and an old gotten in if there is one big tommies super sensitive about the restaurant it's being held them hipster. But you know you get tickets to. You move. Officially crossed the last also take a few but at least you can't even if it usually. Curious bro you did not to veggies no I didn't have believed to have at least on this story that ridiculous. Ridiculous without that guy. Yeah the break repressed his classic rock many 65 to BC and at top and you live out so. You may be white has a beautiful. A year ago. Please tell the audience what you ended up doing on what was it Sunday night. The senate by yes and Avic I cocktail again so in my life and about right around all day it is a little hubbub in the neighborhood she did know about it. So we just sit down and get ready having drinks and outside. And I'm toner what happen at that it was a big fire truck rolled to the neighborhood and in the three sheriff cars I mean there were hall and ask them clients are out of office side street really quite. Reached its flights call list then a fourth when it comes to. All right got to frank young Republicans for smoke gunfire sucked it right not to. I think you're not and I got shoved it down his cheeks who act concede anymore as a one of my neighbors kind of look around a corner but not him it's it's it's collect your night so now all evening time. The mrs. and I get have a cocktail we just for me just sit down on Thomas or she says and I say. Let's go see what happened to destroy this open a car real quick to direct the street. Draconian carlin's got the dog who just putted a pitchers who would have that you put to tell us who regularly cites a hundred degrees today. So we drove up the street and this check out this evening to see it what happened. There's not that haven't done I would I could tell ideally we mean. Well I jacket that is seeding I liked it like there's a house fire that was a good chalk outline his leg and blood splatters like it crime scene guider nothing. No yellow tape. You got it your car and to go check out what you believe it was a plea scene after you saw. Caller yeah I saw that a lot to be Dicey question. What are you doing what we want cardiac Archos well. Every hoping to see from now disorder is gone and you're gonna see in there and answer your question what they're 1005. OK okay. There's a house fire before both in our neighborhood so lots. Our world wanna know what curious to hear it you're get robbed curiosity it's official. Dogma markets down a break from his and one US now. You're never argue what we call you an old man. Ever ever being curious about my the safety in my neighborhood what. Just wish you put it you literally sit there because I. Let's do putted it putted that over drug drug what do I do idiot cop channel. It. This. My grip at one of those by the way he would sit and listen to the police radio all night long and I think everybody should. Through this crowd. Previously checked on your neighbors like what are you gonna do even if you get there and something's happening to sit outside. Stay there till they get you thought there's a house fire down issues some murder happened. We have pictures that they Google drive doubters you and I would panic. Guys follow the cop cars to be now another cup ars are long gone such as Augusta. You. No idea why do now seed allied other. Question and what do you do do do is shoot crow. And something horrible has happened like this track record as of late when it comes to SE crimes with a police are able. You're all you're tough to handle it that's fine where it is a real their their ground during their corner workers everywhere as light. Like all the I think he's sure by. Three hours later they picked the leg. Should there Isa today don't they think they Caylee delay again there are gill get Nancy. Rick the lake got beginning gave the hearing him mosquitoes you brought your wife and G Juli horrified she's slow down. Wide Cody a mile laps so. You know who wrote. No. We wouldn't want to lead in the yard was competent to put him in size to disprove of the regular slow car ride anyway Eric your candidate. In this stated especially. Like a guy in the run like a weapon Anderson opponent you're going on and that was gonna have been because the content they'll be there this is how he originally under it and you didn't feel the search to about when you left. Kinda dig that in here no hobo I think captured down are you gonna hear hub. Which you're ready to go out. Consulate there I didn't hear one Irish boys. But had to cut got right now about it I can't let up on our O'Malley about a natural. Question. I gotta get me out us. I assured that whatever his average erupted that you. It's awful happens to someone you know. What if he does seem to be human and Pittsburgh leads the nation does a lot of good boat away what did you find that's a horrible summit just with bullet that we know. It gets sent a card. Or get best hitters in particular. My wife makes beautiful baskets do this don't get to the chips in there and a bottle wine and some cheese and maybe a pepperoni stick. That looks at the bust your balls I'll be able to how you're not being. Afraid is she was going on a street. Actually it was a diesel Sissy to alleviate yard. Let's just tell us. About it straight and even look at the Kroger. Allegedly strayed. It didn't pick up to Connecticut is stupid bitch. I can't articulate a bill if it was. We'll say this of the was this whole hybrid probably would have. Walked the dog industry to look at it even worse dollar why how worse is nothing going all use our beta there was something going on they would ahead of a deal the cops that are blocked off the road and gig coming by their. Yeah I can't company father's sudden pick mr. Ben got up there. To did you 6000 Tommy did the oldest man Dick imaginable got his car to check out what he thought was a cry what is. Is our house fire that had in his neighborhood if you hollow I know you're all this crap. How not just listen to the shook him reminded constantly now the guy who's your stick up for you. Tell dotting paid out at sea level it. Pat you're young arm your respect spoke west side. So let them know. Only it's your responsibility. Future neighborhood as a husband and out of order so that's common you're what are also bills Jersey or something. Yeah no I don't take you don't dig a Four Tops of the fire truck headed under control dot worked his way. It couldn't Hibbert Atwood or somebody needs. Console and wallet watch and her house down. And Tommy and SE question are we all know how sensitive it console you wire. If you to someone whose house was on fire would you have stopped a whole chorus. Well I would say I noticed a few at a disadvantage given circuit pleasant. Talk about such eternal child support it support stick at this. I would say you would get a car and grows. In the top guards see what was going on. Not only what I I have. It was tough for. Us. Currency and harder a few weeks you're not too much golf and you define you wanna go out and we are all. What I do and say yeah. Stay that's why you're going down there it's like offering help us out like you're actually going down your cooling down because it's attic it's not curiosity. Daley yeah. Offering up your house to your neighbors. Smiling neighborhood. Of course. Of course I'm gonna go out and see what's going. To sinister. The lingo what did you get they're you're neighbors are now homeless and now you're like sorry. But you have to offer up something now that aren't actually. Or Morrissey outlook that was nice to be on an adequate time degree you'll burn burst see if I was you dot I would offer to stop talking the neighbor. About it. I doubt it would electorate. They'd probably immigrants. Did you couple jackets yeah. That's be it because I knew it was all my model Bailey what else going on that what happened okay. Here is what I don't understand immediately explain this to me NIC is there. Guillotine over here to be the same way not you know age. I had this fascination with climate may be some way I was raised my dad was a com okay maybe so maybe I'm weird but like. Old guys are drawn to crime and like mauled its two with a group of crime shows I don't do it. But literally hundreds of things for you to do that might even Pittsburgh area restaurants and bars place Sunday night bike rides I. I activated earlier just joining me yardage you work so I don't have a guy went back Iowa by way and I strength. And we enjoy the evening OK the this'll sidetracked okay. This most senator tournament it's had happened. You're making light on the sheriff's deputies the fighter truck how how harder and what not gonna play above it would you guys doing what did you. It did make it of they would stop me no would have been blockaded. OK so now the police officer could be helping out with what's odd excuse me old mad dog. And beautiful woman please stop your card turner blog I got a little action through the barricades. But you're in addition to retaining wall like let's get this year I don't know it was a driving. Did it is 6000 player but Joe's at sea about jelly. I had a great start where workers. Ought to acquire more or had a grudge where. Forward in the neighborhood and restoring their industry there's bride record setters Swanee. We gave. Or neighbors there right point at the garage. Take big thing that's the violence. There. That's regular so there's they're more than one buyer girl what what's gone on here like. We gotta we gotta yup yup thanks a lot at all or edit your you Jerry read about it we got it. But that's how human beings are were curious by name it was. Chad tell guys how to do is jobless here it's got how to put up about the fire properly. Why did I'd it once I wouldn't use this as we get real minimums after it was only two bullets at a truck. Or but it elsewhere that I had this old hotel you're cramped up while the new 00. Prices have Poland ozone girl. I use my husband zones. Sure you're ready yeah. You can lock up house vote on them a little back up to a radical. Donated to our ballots I commuted all I gotta go put out a letter to Obama outback due up. Not not all you love it outside. Are you sure it was a topic is striving as far as the all. The go. Now residents of the Els though mid to outline so we know his old couple houses are for sale. In the neighborhood suing the publisher who was so we went back home where like it's at the I'd ever go in zealot as you know it's himself. Is that animal roundabout. Old guy got all my I don't all I'm all cut up and whatever happens you dig about selling your house now. You can buy now. And why because George I don't know what the houses go for it because it would kick out of an oyster houses and is on and it seemed excited to beg your neighbor or yeah there there asks men. A look at this counter tops sellout today they're important. What the winter and it was Hilliard Shankar was got shag carpets so I don't want to play don't retreat to you. It was just this pair Stewart. And it probably okay. You will telling you when you start actually caring about society. And being a good citizen and will act like this to you will be a pain in the ass nosy busy but I would be ideal place at this conversation was terrifying and retailers and I bullets don't know how I do away night that you will not follow please cars zillow my neighbor's home game you will. It's gonna get two of my foot was going down and out voters doubt that if you don't do your wife's gonna do you she's gonna tell you vetted anyway. I just I would wanna see what was haven't faced as he's coming to talk to you going out and checking out the crime scene. Jake writes I did this what Tommy was delayed a couple of years ago same situation might neighborhood a young kid had been hit by a car we watched everything happen when they were trying to rescue them he ended up surviving but it's something that haunted my wife for very long time after don't. Ever do this anyway in this what do you think is gonna happen when you reap what you say are your phrase I wanna see something I think I need to do that and I've dealt with that. You but that you every day sort of perfect. What can be worse and that human. Base that is a crime scene listen aideed salty right now but I would like to say thank you for your service of backing up the hundred county sheriff's department thank you for over the border to a pats. I don't did you make when you are sides. We size. Agree Iran has has three young men.