Tuesday, February 6th

We finally experience a more sensitive Tommy Mule


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DT Tommy belay you think one with nature this. Man who knows that the new too but the news in the trees in the the uncles are creatures who wins that little from the east yes I just let things a blow which is too high a look at all over the weekend Norah. Tom DeLay became. Tier trying to cut its saarc. Where tourists are fighting today the breaker lets it by the crack that is expire at BBC event so lap. What happened Tom DeLay crocodile hotter so is Saturday and made them taking my wife out for a couple of Drexel then. Dinner so we're leaving the driveway and we're going down order or street. And I'm Gary turn on the mainstream like stopped stopped the car Michael that would which are forgets his back up. We saw a dear school and so that year was limping a little. Soul. My life as a reminder on deport dear negative news takes favor and you know 11 of the hopes are some legality of their sizzle we got to. What are we gonna do we get a call ago. I don't know there's a way to call you call your house so she'd socialist drive demonstrates that we can see what we're goats. So now watching your block to the neighbor's yard releases to his standard do you stuff. And it's kind of favored one hall but it doesn't want brokers Gregor said. Maybe like stub his hall of is autumn and alive or Roger ladies. Ladies talked about maybe bump is likely to say Cuba thank you get a bigger population you know you favor for a few minutes and she thinks this thing's gonna die. So I feel so bad that we should call some money. And then I'm like William the public you can't call the cops say we get Olympic and dear all nobody elected nature take its course may but I can't say their economic seas get emotional. So. We finally watched it here of just can hang on our neighbors yards that we leave it is I even said late it would probably just put the deer down. Ray you maybe you it is OK maybe he's going to be fine. So now I you know like we go out to dinner and I know this is on her mind now does word dying. So late every few minutes you feel so bad after or animals only a career. Yeah yeah and I got a fake leg Kia sex and I've. I only see the animal get hurt but you know on dealt with a deer phased removal and other subjects received. So on the way home. Coming back. Now expand my good two. Hours and change. They should mention it did Arnold percent of voters find extra got great to be this deer situation earth. We pull indoor main drive there. Is just 21 lap around the neighborhood necessary. Seed seed what did you live if body that did the deer is hobble little wobbly and her limp and her dead. On its now we had a dual laps. You. They can't glad that they did yes and it's it's black. And like it's. Everything is let's say we fight the deer hunt yet let's say the deer is fine with states to it's still weapon and find or confided that night. Who. Coyotes are have been for dinner okay they were at the time so we error filed the deer we went home fine. And then like guys that you just might like the next they'll get up and be dead in our backyard. ST one ought to get done this week even the where it was big daddy to leave him at all. Listen to part of the responsibility and big daddy is you get get to keep things under control. Again that big debt is the big and talks is. X. Says we do it yeah it did daddy. So dear to his neighborhood because he's flights to altitudes and after getting his ridiculous notion hut is. It puts pictures like that can beat interest and channel was this is that most Pittsburgh story. Bird what they each get up with the dear viewers role for round Hyatt Rochester and you know it's like 84. Deer carcass he also does it call his track but his neighbor Turkey calls it. We re sampled indoor drive there. Geraldo moon was the same thing to. For me I've never gone like to hear your neighborhood track activities that could kick yet your it's an older neighborhood politically drive Deirdre. Knew you'd probably went off and on the cinnamon trail and I am but I. Parties there is nothing you can do for the teacher no so the only I can do is schema wave com. That it shorted got out of had children taken home. Also I think I know it's in the basement would be feed net that's another question and pot it would stage again and let's say dear if you saw and didn't like to do don't let it was let me know if they did get a better. Okay and that might bring Israelis and eyesight see deer that's what do you marvel that looks kind of like that Derek of that cease fire it was a total. A little pull the people we have street looks like it to you all do you look the same man all this tape that's have a tall short this that was like people. Tibet antlers some bare headed even dew which are coupons yes the CD. The idea that you like is Tennessee to steer I don't know what she wanted to do. Like she had no play and as she goes oh we should go also but I don't Colin. The sheriff's department like on a Saturday night I didn't what are they gonna gonna gonna put two cats and it's as and it's down I think you dale Ellis at the same situation geez CO MF. Hey com economies like when that geared up walking around there really any when he Kolb but why they're not up the walk around which is what kept up on my girl or little. Other earmark that got hit by car all the back abrupt. And it trying to crawl itself with its front like the cross the road. So I called the cops that would upload an Apollo like I don't want it got. The police and calm he told me to take a girl can site because of what yet it if we take you don't know how. Each gift and Mike I'm Karen I don't know whether you don't really get shot. I. Election did deer material had been shot at least every time and go to China got a window he would want to call it late bit. To the backyard of our neighbor fast and you are calling animal control who came out with a rifle and actually shot and killed. These rappers can't take him any bullets it took six body found in maybe eight when I don't know I don't generally I don't hop are really bad you all know why. Let's say like this remember that. I yep they do actually had to be traumatized students jealous that you critical it is like this is sucked every day. Every did you get a tragedy here today go visit which she would let me get that. Got for Christmas big data culled yet here it is if it's not that police officer couldn't kill it you would take like. I'd date to free agency Wada and now. That should just shoot and you see that yet to shoot it up right point is that cops are gonna put it down ousted the cops at time. A shoot to dearly goes setter on television these dead deer. Can do that no no you can't certify. Yeah Maggie discharge shoot a deer that's still discharging its legs sex tally you discharge. Big daddy and makes all the rules spent Saturday night it disposed to date night tracking deer. Around he's pitched for yes neighborhood because his voice was afraid at a at a couldn't tell terribly issues like emotional guy again added. The need to go by now tried to get a deal with you is that now I don't have a motion but I know it when I see it but it is weird how people connects. Human emotions like that two animals that have no idea what elegantly done it's also it's a dear Ann and today to debate it's knob it's also pretty animal. And yet it's cute it's cute right. Divisive almighty guide. There's a stake out a backyard I think somebody stepped on it and it's dying she reliable go get the shovel and finished the job yeah yeah I give. Might waiver be property if I would be beating an ugly and venomous animal ugly ready I'll cut I. How concerned. The same agent at home been above picked. We don't say I feel like you're absolutely right. Update us your company to get always get a said Debbie TM at the break from FaceBook page there are places that we'll take you injured deer if you don't have to shoot at the hospital and he just didn't say who gets called the slaughterhouses. It. The cops to get his due to a terrible call exit the receipt and what this is easier hotline. Facility has its attitude dear it's gonna die anyway. Ain't the world that was gonna shoot a walk comfortably goddamn car that's actually tasted that say don't treat someone for cancer because we're all gonna die anyway I'm not talking about people and it was stupid as the year. Wanted to see the porting suffering hump finally you know open but the dough ball. It's O is itself further up the deal could talk you'd. Just I just let it out we'll think that they can. Put some. Quit the breaker would see that they quite light it. How the dog is. Well if Tommy got a guy on Christmas he could handle this problem problem. Bank set and it it's stupid is everything you can't mammal from among Floridians I'm a southerner I was brazen the south I know about firearms and trek. If his brown it's going down brother. Digital computers in another jargon hurting the jargon distributed damn gun he should just. Color could get to Venice and I have thanking his color vision time. Struggling because they're bro its your take the if you hit it. I. I was high school year winds mom's car tag. Weeks what other east beta thing like when you hit an animal. As they gave. Like that I think is an issue with The Who that is inside the animal word goes when you hit it a game gets it contaminates. Some of the dear I ate I needed. I did some damage you don't really have a sophisticated tally of the west side I'll leave anything says that attracted dear over the week news. So you teach it. You smell that. West. That you're track.