Tommy Just Wants Some Recognition

Monday, January 29th

Tommy got unreasonably upset when a new employee didn't know who he was.


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This is Corey does mortars and what you tell me too slowly to ball to delete this piece of garbage the acrobatic and you say he would discuss it did the commercial breaks records. That's the problem is scared I'm. I don't Josh drew tell us Hollywood super embarrassed and I'm parasite the storm season he has been so long I don't understand Weis. Where you're in the back and like yelling. I don't walk past all these people are just turning navigate around Tommy thinks he's a big deal in the let's say all right just cut down people to get that I mean you know it's I mean I know that I annoy market and endorse a couple and see what ago and I saw some suck it up and he's excited to be CNET so. Here's how it works at a cup merriment. We office people yeah salespeople and all credit to start. I. A bunch of people Watson writes like five people come into like orientation at a young younger and younger set between addicted to anyone at 35 different. So they marched through the building and give maturity show them on the studio has a low rated yet here this civil collected just can't always go and you look in addition to BC for stimulated. So you certainly read into the upstairs with a meeting other radio people have taken us. Word out of some coming out and iron for one of the offices in the guy comes out to say hello. And doing his gut of Mike. Say and let's say I'll say they because of my guide your might danger of listened to you for years minutes agreed to put it you know. A face to the name I'm going on and articulate system might run. I just don't like the kinds pollute maybe he says he's already suck it up badly you have even got edited Dorian in purity not everybody in room. I totally different way they're telling and and the oddity. It's a deal giving. EST isn't known Mike Dee. Always deadly don't like they don't buy majors but it doesn't. Obviously it looked at his autograph and an album what I'm trying to whop have secure. It all away. Because you know there are a couple of the hallways it we'd been between them. Then and nobody called you up really recognizing using now you met now how but they didn't even introduced me to these people like they can sit all by the way. That's Tommy for a break group they're too interested in what danger was given so. Danger has been. This is just as long as you have and back tees. One more successful would you when it comes to jobs. He comes as always going to be an important job your best get to all dangerous or if he's he'd pull double duty comes our show and talk some Fridays about the bills aren't taught. Talk about the bills on Friday it would dislike it you're item double duty don't go and anyone else a shy guy delighted training camp when is the last time somebody invited you on another radio show to. Eric Holder into the BUN reports from. Their account to assaults in the face you know you want to. You were offended though. That nobody UV I just it is like this can suck it up why did you do anything to help him. Well and write the decay does a Dell that's only sit on hey this is a bus starts suck ups on the way you suck it here and sucked in over there. We got you suck a Rama and I'm stuck at a little bit now on when do is take a squirt where you Medicaid was sucking up or just general or were you mad that he wasn't sucking up to you. Combo plate I got SN eight at sonic and brick so you are that nobody recognized you. International journalists now. Award winning journalist and an it was president president. Of the creep kept. I am shocked personal friend a coach merely for. What they Alan Levine school broadcast. Things of mr. balls for I was in a miniseries called stop effort with the phones for a hole and two bigs giving. Ibis is usually pretty good about these Olympian on the radio button which is live shot that you thought you were bigger deal. It you're now I that it bothers you so biased that somebody else was recognized. Did you were now I tell you what it is there it is. Because I have a scuzzy Mel they don't want introduced. His. The way you read dude no I didn't. Introduce two people to nobody died by Britain. I think because our talk radio there embarrassed and they don't want editors. Let these people are gonna work years so I like my point so why not and reduce speed and I have discuss Mal. It's it's their first day growth. See what's happening in the news. Network places and inappropriate things I've. It out. Every. It's 41 years according to the courts and Ayers was canceled because Fred Savage the star was charged with any road it's. Sexual assaults soccer doesn't have to do everything assemble all my point you analysis sexually assault them island I don't know on a radio a way that you taught. Maybe on the first day eight good introduced people work here. They never editors. Anybody. You're. Prepared when you're not kidding here pilots are like little edit a euros. Ability that's what this is a liability great idea of love to show the human body you my good friend Maria and I love you but to your lord everybody outside this room Buehrle. Yeah I think you just gotta be understanding of that. Medium compound when somebody is excited to meet and he knew it enough you yet because Mike the age of Jerusalem Bo a.'s Dave says danger. That's how awful. It was and didn't and so the guy like teacher with these dangerous sport she tells us we don't sports. He ran out about the sabres this panic I got cut. Different people of different interests in your just not this kid's interest forget editors and a title a badge in and. And brides in five and alcoholism. And dirty language it's all fun stuff I just talk about it and I am. To did you 6000. New. Group of employees working your inner mountain they were walking around upstairs for long introduced somebody recognize Mike danger from our sister station and I said we're in theaters. Op got really excited to be danger is Tommy was walking by nobody recognized Tommy and nozzle but talker. Excellent care you have to be listened. You have to be telling jokes and beat running your mouth all the time off the microphone. Heat here make you feel better achy toy. Do I help Tommy feel better time if they had seen new. They would have introduced just such a pillar of the community he says excuse me they looked around it and in the. Didn't let them. Cycle economic tickets. Certainly yeah she can't it's the public treated. It and move fast things are mormons sneakers. My little flash. Well. Do you know why you'd be recognized and Mike danger and looks like what Mike dangers sounds. I can't eat it looks like Tinny sounds like I believe that ice like what I look. If you do so called real little creep I look like a little creep just I these older over guy Gary. Look like what have you Leo look they don't know why he's alligator patrol. Ashore on Brinkley. Old. Upload their. For his 75 feet eyes. If I mean a listener. Who recognizes and once it happened yesterday we were practice tight here over and over again in the guy yesterday said this to me. I saw Tom DeLay at the pitcher went with easily. He's dashing he's not how I pictured flashing ghastly People Magazine where bad though he said his jeans. People don't police as she she short. Ed like dapper like kind of fancy and you dress like people they were exaggerated what did not like everything we describe Tommy is exactly travel size. You don't look like you sound like you talk this to get Dick. Hate beat cop a good excuse me I don't let that little mad about you a good. Signaled they can tell you you don't look tough but to talk to maybe let's let it recognized just tell the truth or just it's terrible the true. Doing in this does is trying to spread the love and truth. Leading your recognized by group of new employees the only teenager David from the community women snazzy. I mean danger. Charlie's a sea of FH yucky politely. I'm good you'll. They're really impair the other day outside sought Kanye hot control and how and I had a lot you're awesome turns out there was like Michael assert. Have a look up what's what are your seven noninterest. Tell him you're Dave let me take care for an editor Connors Brothers I was league for cardinal play a little as any policy and ugly. I wonder how many short ugly guys to stop. Thinking that people they give you every sincere. Current short ugly guys in there aren't I don't know have you indicates. Grouper out of it is true you know Tommy would never. Be there are so I might eliminate that as a liability I would also say this compared to all the morning shows and Rochester and we are the most unique looking. QB is six feet tall and blonde that stands out you who. A 55 got to sit. You're short Ed you look the way you do and you dress beauty is going to score unique. That stands out and I was you I got jeans and a sweater honestly do you don't dress like other men do. Is it do you. Right that's what you don't make a lot of stuff from my side. And sometimes I've got improvise and what are aware of your lap but it's true my arms into law. We find out he rolled obviously I have tickets that night I don't have long as bad booed largely due to regular architect redshirt. Say is up six there you have a giant beards like. We stand out everybody else is looks like normal people to do radio issues remain right Americans don't sort. And being so open in late Meehan twitch come and you can always tweet us at ABC a minute break from. Can rose photo if I saw Italian public I wouldn't want to recognize that. Additionally it yourself today just to get that. And our own hey Tommy I've got a great group and really the only and I I'm not I don't know how to advance that guys know. Yet you know I always remember people jobs who did that first lick that there is the person whose name I remember. There's nude hiking on the addict I know I can get ready for help and things like that I think that makes a bigger and impact and in June and just generally. I was in a way when you're when you're oh woman are you gonna go and introduce yourself later. Well you just sit but it did Beckett may underlie and are you gonna do that. I'm not going complaining that they didn't reckon W just you did this thing about impact that would have meant to be my candidates say I don't. I don't want a book like this there's a give that give to somebody else. No do you think Abu bad bloopers and I'm being honest I I can't I know makes a Euro horrible I didn't call. It does I needed you so much in a rural area is a little. Creep of the men that have the. Have a different bets that off to another worker probably a good person. Like you that person and I drank a lot. I wanna get your personal money I can admit when I'm not that person I appreciate that person but I'm not that person that you can't admit it renewed yeah you can't be on. With these arms are so Turkish so there's a difference. Timmy doesn't think she's too good to have to go do that and Jimmy doesn't think she should be recognized before you about it. Before you have to go say hello. It's finance us. I want to while a piece of humble pie is good for missile even read and buying. Stature in the business the young people would want him to learn. It's in my wisdom I got a tunnel wisdom you cholera on our entail guys as RD regretting some of that wisdom this kid's -- up. We this gig inspected Lincoln school in deaths stimulate a radio Weinstein.