Tommy Goes Behind Enemy Lines To Visit An Old Friend

Thursday, November 9th

Tommy Mule was on a mission yesterday. He tried to sneak into a competing studio to visit an old co-worker.... Naturally it created a very awkward situation.


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With the holidays around the corner exit very important reminder from our good friend Tom DeLay accidentally insulted when it is all this and calling these friends yesterday I think it has to happen a lot of workplaces. And with the support stay. Long on criticism was a war related banks that sell it again apparently to usher in Dayton. Tried to sneak into competing radio station yesterday this so about. You Don King apparently not because incredible. The gift that you are dropping off for one guy ended up in the hands of another one of all this crap yes and you look him in the face as he held this he's that said you took it back for us we will tell you the story dissect figure it out. The break her daddy's expired WCM. Apps topic you laugh at a base yesterday. A mission that we told them was absolute disaster. His mission ahead he accomplished in. Was to sneak in these studios have been competing radius the guys they radio station that has a ton of people that you used to work. Yes about what's to start with yet again guys that works. Salespeople to go on there people to the business people this noble but folks wanna talk to plan. Brother and now he's so I told you this is terrible idea multiple times wrote but I had a reason for doing well. So let's start with isn't easy story that caused us to jettison everything to do it's going. So. It Ahram moved into a new house and my wife made a gift basket well paean I don't allow combat zone and try to get all the belly. Hang out in just you know have been able to get it done as a thank you. So thoughtful. It sit on the calendar there's so my like he's aware of what he gonna give this can't the only she put it altogether six students out here so finally I go you know what. I'll just take it to work. They were you know the Billy try to runners to second tell Ryan and Ali with the receptionist. I'll tell Billy Mays an affront check it out wanted to get we get together and proof of it. So I leave here I pull right up to the Five Star Bank believers Billy works at that Winamp. In at a radio 951 thing and I guess I just pull up real quick jump out of the car coincide. Seventeen stories up. Going and hit it to the receptionists Ayman. So now I'm in the lobby a reunited for one. And three receptionist. You don't have a receptionist. Will make and I had on a pedestal that you lake. Tell somebody you're here they see you want some panic camera and then it come out and greet you with the etiquette of us must date yet to be zero. Yes. So I go so I guess putter on this table and I got to just exploit hey man drops at the golf for to catch up we can do it. I accidently start calling him. And I think he's on the air suddenly Iraq. I always yells it does say he used technology. Clothes to food different types of technology at this time as I'm doing it in by a second as a doing and is. This guy walks in to the lobby promise at a door couldn't. And Niko is gonna help you to go live to I explain the situation turns out this is their big polish joke OK so boss spent Joseph. I tell until and I don't Hackett to skip propeller just weren't dropping out they're just not prompt follow mate he grabs the gift on the table asserts walked into historical or it would get this done. So. Down a flight of stairs he's ahead of me. O'Donnell fly a belly of the beast right now I commit in this building in ten years but they re design is much I don't know where amend his bill. We get down a flight of stairs he cuts around a corner opens the door and I don't I still don't know what room we're going into Vegas hey. At least somebody's here to project gift so he walks in I'll watch in literally says walking into the green room with a brutally shot. Yeah. Yeah. Now they're on Erica see wheezing crew on the underside of the class in their big fancy studio the Billy Graham doesn't come that we should. Nobody Billy does. Deleted Torre. I haven't seen deleted Torrey which the producer of Weezer show I've seen this kid in forever ten years minimum he's oldest frankly I was in my wedding he was the first guy is guy. Pick me up from the holiday when they first brought me here to audition for the show he's the first guy I met on the show and I'm known as guys and stable and did lunches together. But you know things be what do our privacy is going your. He stunt he's looking at me like he's a deer in headlights are looking at him like on the deer in headlights were just sitting there or their Mel's open like. You got to be kids. And I could see reason this student and they don't seem as they're talking. So she hands him the gift. Plus Joseph 08. Right Billy I know how old. Hey boss banjo I met Billy Miranda the auditory people it's great to see it. As of saying yeah I take the gift at a Billy say because it's in it's it's in transition from Basra shows it obligatory say it's like kind of just slipped it back out. A man. So I stripped of the ball like it was a like anatomy and hello mommy's ever shipped on yes is it that they're actually. Take emotion on did sell. I literally had to take that gift and ability to Torre's hands. Sic ago fired Billy given this gift to my wife put together so yes Billy had this gift for bad at and the dissect it. Row. Ha old do you. Have a guy first made this town friends with for years and genuinely good human big dips. Eight gives easy in his hand and you took it back from him what 'cause I didn't do it didn't play. It would have worked anyway for assault there's a card unit. To address stability and it is like Jenna. Congratulating him on their new hall so like the kids get a Knoll and the other thing is it's got alcohol and it Billy did Torre doesn't. Touch alcohol I don't think as light touches alcohol because it. Except for a couple of the kids vaccinated this skippy would've realized an episode when he opened it up. This save my gift he would have walked it up to Billy any what this election and I got my wife will be pissed off listen my job. She put this hoping to get Michelin shop fortune put scattered she brat that up nice to put the card in there like my only jobless is delivered to the right person. I will take the rest obligatory. Over the wrap of my wife. Hat asking me to do something for a month that I did not complete when I completed I give it to the wrong guy could have went I'm not walking home and that. Went back to basket to get giddy like would have never known it doesn't matter what was in the put together basket I can tell that you're. We can't dropping off items but that's beside the point I can't basket you don't like him basket yeah it would look like a bunch of stuff that code to abandon it. He's got lake this strong I dramatic endings in the candies and at the right thing parade he wrecked the orbit stub Ian. That I don't wanna be out all that money twice in that moment. Lead at Torrey has NC Ewing years yes. Right he's. Like got what it this is something is something he felt wrong door but you took that gift back he was the national holidays coming up but it needs to just as a capital lot and I think an office is more than than anyplace else like. Somebody drops of the opera les slipping out in the open and it's the romper some picks it up okay possibly I don't forget we dealt with two Billings. Usually the Phillies situation now feature complete and out yes OK separates you don't litigated whether it's work whether it's Holden. We somebody has gifted hands that the ATP is theirs TDs now there's you cannot expect to give and take I don't know. Okay here's the difference on this situation where he would have realized eventually this gift whatsoever saying it would open which I would mix well I just want can't break Iverson put it to court debuted. Really for no reason on earth I've given you a basket that thing you don't enjoy it. Today at the worst that you actually have to do then delivered the gifts to the smallest guy he would have to he opened up to realize the card. And at the walking upstairs at the moment that I would still have to go upstairs to the about this I've already been seen in the building. I handed it to the wrong guy that means I either had to go up itsy Billy Moran and Gani Billy. It's corny as your basket so sorry for how difficult to make you know little. So rule it every day. And it's. And a mission to go drought on the duke basket gave Greg. Actually believe Iran on his new house really voted Khatami's call for some reason maybe it's because he's a baby do what's already know. Wave exist you know play her own desktop he decided he was gonna go behind the seeds and repeat radio station what led a lot of people don't like you work out well it's it's awkward. They did did I don't like we took her own idea that you. You did you like it works you touched guy's ability to Torrey producer of the week's show we used to like you a lot to shift that took it back like we had a 5050 shot on Phillips. I thought it was blame our favor by the way if you Mission Impossible you are so bad at this mission it would be over 35 seconds ahead if we don't put the taping it plays out. Did did did did 6000 I'd get. Tidbits and he kicks it is and what's he gives us somebody else's and it's there's this little stressed it is what it is cannot take it two. Especially when he sat really. You were given a job to do by your wife. She's been telling you to do this for a month and you finally do it and you screw it up you've got to make it right right then and there it's in the breaker let's see about eight DD a labor. You'll Abigail Duffy gear etiquette for. You know you'll ever guilty of beer and are your can be used anyway. It was addressed to somebody out if you can't give it just tidbit that's going to be more that's going to be less and etiquette movement. Take that back problem I apologize. Okay but here's a date PD I. I think the deleted Torre to got to talking about you presumably out and we don't don't drink. At all it's a two wells are planned when is this is it's not going to meet a kinder nicer gentler human being then this government so for Tommy to tell the story and for me to picture what happened. This is always abuse each human being how this could tap. Happened at that dot. Have you ever listen to music you play. What. We're using a good guy and a good guy Emmett is he doesn't drink or dislike. It back and apologize to the other bill okay. Eighty basic nobody today seed to solve the budget doesn't screwed up like this I guess every guy his screwed up. But I got to fix it as fast as possible that was my mission at that point did you destroy to defuse this bomb before implosion. This did that Tommy did only have like a split second to make that decision right I did have time to think about who should I ticked up action I not it's like. You watch stick and going into his hands and another Garnett you had to do. You either either. As in all the boss Ben Joseph had a chance to get ulcer that you could vastly toward go to lunch. Haven't seen it while it's catch up. And with that wasn't lab is therefore no I don't which created that situation now to have to meet Condoleezza middle of the show we don't need to be jerked around it may start to concentrate on the unknowns and show. Addressed it could show you really got to concentrate as a whole state and just break. Dave lightly. Are now the aisle. And re back time I you know and there's particular situation. They're a topic but man Jonas altered he went around. Now he didn't know Ali said was Billy Sony figured. I'll Billy's downstairs he's got to Billy's I didn't say bill I did say what Billy that was the problem. It seeing what you'd think it would actually only because that you'll be. I'm really the president and innuendo to go to my attitude because there are while we don't know who I am. He's given me this for what I think I'm the other guy he can't even a straight series to a worse if you take it. I did the right thing what are two beasts are there any senators to be fair with Tommy know the granite and added because apparently will call tubby back. Can't imagine. I saved a terrible idea how many talented men and protect. How did not have a receptionist. Candidates weird I've never heard Stevens who reared its rule you walk into room. That welcomes you with nobody it's an iPad on a pedestal. And candlelight is like the future. Lot of people that you know. Did you have a good time and has high hopes of you know heart monitor does a billion. In just left they get like rain outside the door. Like headline but that's what I was trying to do I was trying to so I try to get you I was just texting barely. Paying yet but does it get down here for it but their boss spent ugliness that they would tell what I need to reduce some of editors myself. Any as well. Are like utility grabs the bad guys are the table ahead it's in the stars I don't follow and that's awaited up and we eases Greenland. And turns out it was a welcome Erica that on average crappy music to promote too they had to resort can be in that room. Well they listen everybody call it really appreciate were super they would take one local Portland tops the belly of the beast yesterday I play. Killers ridiculous. Idea we live we would you do this and approved cause that they got lake. It's like Hollywood the but I feel like it's appropriate for the oldest person on the show. All the studios are representative of the guy who's the oldest on the show and this fits you perfectly where closet group closet to Alec got less clearly what Alan is that Allah. Naturally. They couldn't. Well I can hardly hear it's like it's like Ronnie arrow here. Earlier. It's better student who I was obligatory. Expect our our tip from a cost a little rodent like I just restricted to yours. Just is like you'd look at shock and decades face and a locked in and it looked as shocked that you might paste that in. When I was like an Intel like we were just two deer stared at each other income and why. He adds back and edit and produce a lack who. I don't want anything to resulting in the past aren't like them separately king and he broke us they eat you can't ask Google try to see what's gonna launch. Time. Host I don't do a certain music until it please don't replace good music and retention elicited two slapper. Order that was. So that guy that I'll tell it. Not an average of reds it just a quick tweet here to wrap things from at amber and Merck and 88. Do you imagine the look on the faces of the people the we studio when Tommy shows up it's like the STD not good deeds and it just goes back a. Please. No you can't ever really goes into Arby's would have dipped basket.