Tommy Calls BS on Time Travel... As Does Everyone Else.

Wednesday, February 14th

A man showed up out of nowhere claiming to be from the future. Tommy is going to use science to explain why he's lying.


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Yeah it would make sense if this was 30 but because if this actually does exist there could be people on us right now that are from he blocked. Hi Barnard's time joke there is a guy. Could be time traveler here where's he from Kabul to idea where he's passed a lie detector test the jet what that this unity thing you can pass a lie detector desert you're good enough. I don't ticket can this weekend. Based on what. Television eight at the break rats to classic rock and he's excited to be CMF first look at me before we it to the story key new Google hull outright lie detector test as you can. Accurate is a lie detector they support. For his name is Ella. He lives in Minnesota where his these cities know who he says his name is Nolan knows he's saying he is the no one why would that mean you know he's from. Future Erica our future yes claims each battle back from 23. Well. And as people know. Cook took. He didn't I turn the tide travels don't get they've come from the future that the plan doctorate tell mass. You know. After passing a lighted and as has made a bunch of claims about what's gonna happen he's coming from 2030 in the next twelve Beers he's a big claims he's making great to be the audio here yes others no it says is coming. If you tell us. Through all 100% fact if you're telling the truth. Yeah that's what purpose of stark are you told the truth and no longer. Played a total of mutual. This who's sort of so let me get a lot of feedback from this video people saying that you're not going to truth again I don't wanna get like inning because I don't mean lets anybody is watching this opinion. But what he's got all the skeptics out there who don't believe what is. School earlier construed as a control here and partly it's usually goes with Ford's quote unquote. It was lucky or even be additional interest for virtually no. Are you militants that he claimed it was his absence. Trump would be elected reelected in 22 program some forms of cancer cured by 2030. Artificial intelligence 20/20 one becomes massive and he's really gone out. Here like this is everything. There's nothing of getting bigs who were working on a bullet proof humans will travel to Mars. Popularity scenario work on this show by 20/20 eight and finally time travel becomes possible 20/20 eight which is why he's you saw how does he get back to Rory wise and what was that machine daddy gotta be usually. The machines sit around somewhere right there walk out of and took it. To be terminator roles were only one way. But if this is the case in there that time travels possible that he the only one here. Well he's he liked Boise when it's identified himself and. And Venezuela was it'll any attention to this and yet come poke around number eight manic in TV give you any thing. Specific that happened like he's from the future he gives you like this happened this natural disasters of the viewpoint to that lake. A year from now that we don't know except in Carl's gonna have missed the real airport itself is gonna be back on a day ago saying he says that. Under is is that noticeable put rockets is spacing go towards planets. He says. Human on dollars which. Yeah or working on that now or let it tells C possible still accepting crazy Tbilisi coming down the pike if nothing crazy happens next address away laurel words not the nutty happened to ten years the last twelve years can pick up topping your head altered human history that they mean hearing call that phone hell yea vote is keep. Get a bigger or lose Yeltsin's it's. It. Pennies and dimes are still in circulation area guess what that's like and again also the pipelines having a couch it. Predicted trouble be reelected. Healers and they're pretty good job con he's doing really good the walls going up it up on a see here's what's funny about is people argument is that guy's nuts studied eight Tesla detector test. Annihilate the comeback you pick Minnesota hang out that Lleyton in the morning is date they didn't get to choose where you land via. Educate Jews every day tell us. Mostly choose allow what I remember or outgoing but. You know get depict the state cutie how hard is to pass a lie detector test so it's kinda it's a pretty tough thing to measure but critics say it's about 70% accurate seven to ten shot the other guy selling it is that machine says it's pretty good. See here's what stupid but this was all of that is guys probably not from the future Monaro make yourself. Equally stupid now by implying you choose who rules that you see in movies it time to tell you blurted I think all you're. Machine pushing buttons pull lever near there then you pull it lake people and offers callers Iran thinks his ground and they don't get up oh my god dinosaurs like don't touch it and they might wait. He's out of those to touch anything OK because he can alternate future space to continue was which are looking for us that three I don't know them working for senator don't touch your argument. Because I based on Robert Zemeckis wrote about back to the future. What you're doing here he's viewed. And this America's character I'll would you Cowell what is possible doctors are still possible now. Hasn't it already happened people to come back wouldn't notice and Anita that would. Because of terrorism became for the future you have one futuristic clothes you know be shapely good feet and have a little emblems on January space boots. As Steve we don't like the Olympics starter Steve Jobs adopted guide and Steve Jobs adopted. Did not yet it came from all of us these crazy ideas about technology that showed up and it's the billionaire is trust. And most of those ideas and his his head usery motivated to prick most of those ideas when his -- knew where to go get them steal them from people. Interesting thought I don't Steve Jobs does. Did is that. I used. Oh but wait. Debt. So. He enjoyed and future got to cure. Could like just looking to does get it finds him but he is related to want to waste the time I don't think that I know they have paid a day or so it doesn't matter he's got to attack machine and if you wanna prove him wrong what did you ask them like a million mark like diseases saying thank you should be big I live my life that even night knowing you may be crazy kind of just once he becomes up. By the way he only touch their president. One more electric election cycle like that who's the president ever let that would have been a question I would ask Clinton meeting and ask a question. Easily. Dame we've lost her golden opportunity there as going to be sitting pretty despite despite interest in the only argument you could use against him digs that you have seen in movies it took six weeks I tell you learn things I would like you'll see they get educated digit days ago watching television mantra Minnesota claims he's time traveler from 2030 he's passed a lie detector test he says president trouble we re elected 20/20 some forms of cancer cured by 2030 he also sit weeklies much much more common. As currency. Any else's district go to brawl with travel to Mars in 22 we have got to the Davis the breaker Muncie about they gave away. And mail what about it curing cancer double cared about an hour the next I'll Super Bowl winner. Series winners I guess add. He also basically what you would do all after the catch why would you get don't think there's that he's actually right the first set that I can make some bread that. LEW's gonna win the gold medal dealer there's a place of bad. You do realize beetle that everybody that would limit don't threaten don't let any US hockey team Mary tanking Alec after top each actively using it did she say while a cop it is. You are talking it's teachers it's their country. It's hockey starting our sport than they're does David frequency out of American spore Todd gently just keep beckons that you're gonna die low leads that and nobody is surprised by a rides the breaker Lindsay about how anybody. Eight so eighty's that's now on aside and important stuff because and not see how does that there's going to be in natural disasters out and not like the butterfly effects from Daytona south you know we know it possibly true. From a broader floats into the movie that you visceral precinct exhaust. There's not a butterfly what he's saying is if you Telus is English is seen as they get assists the insect if you give us information on how to prevent what they could cause the reader disaster. That you've done much like how they gave people information that Wii's edit OpenId show back in the nineties and energy which caused big reader disaster that night. It's he had a great events that butterfly effective huge. I. I takes but it rigorous and take care. Isn't right you don't know nothing and everybody would be debt. Explain to me how it's not possible. As it does it happen man do you know it's a bunch of crap I do you know it's that fairy tales is any clause under the vision that real PGA leaking go forwards Baghran time trust Rio which no he threw us a backwards time every day we shall outfit. At the moment everybody else waited 84 days. The final Laguna under the to register every classmate of Khamese that are actually nicer deal click grandpa. As she Chris and we actually forwarded. Half. Wells breaker at CLA. But he. Our kids. Are in the future. Interest. L are now. Are dark art to. Its questions total. Terkel. Or not. So does he talk to the future and now he's hanging on the panel like civil what will say what makes the call if he is in his twenties and 23 that he is tribe itself exists right now in this time period do you go. Self follow these tips and maybe that's why he's keeping everything close to the best because he could share with these child itself always Yeltsin. Communicating with people their futures somehow and yankees down here. Picking up things that they left the game analysts and sunglasses. Down there and can you grab for re export and loves science does understand the use of Spacey you don't no idea where nobody dies scientist Julie yes passages like a handful brain IMAX argue debated this. A navy travelled to rocket ship percent but I don't believe in my eight. Futuristic crap that does think it is I don't believe in. Go moose eight and I don't believe that aliens I don't think there's I don't think I think we're the only planet I don't think there's another planet. Of people Denny's is stupidest argument earlier is it. Not around here oh really. I saw public two planets out there busy but look at away that is. If I told you in 1949. That meant was going to be on the moon you'll see break in the same outfit by the way tell me I was stupid its sights fixed Charles and I are working on rocketry which grew way we got to have a whole different Nazis. Okay how how unpatriotic do you wanna beat. Operation people to recruit from. I got back 2030 he's at Minnesota eight pass lie detector test a whistle stuff that happened to believe it because he had seen the movie you haven't seen a period there was a time do you would never know. And he's got nothing to tell you thinking you actually know relevant information Tillerson is no nurtured her skills that you have a collar about it. I applied Ahmad quite a bit like a job or is he didn't create it and not wind up in deep space. Because of the planet instead moving. Up. Gil is a miracle joked that we didn't get his job. No no it absolutely true that Panetta revolving around the time edit the mark completely different years so he just irons. What would be anything but would know where the earth was. Yeah. So let's say you use that information to know where you would end up deal the FB really gets steer it in girl's point. It's definitely happy to hear a guy who Jianlian. Unity hurt your talk okay so they death that that's a future duke futures fully dorks. Lake. They said a door down. Okay we're doing is cyclical and cool duplicative and I have a user might auditorium Dell's marked time travel elegant than let there cooled his guy down to go away event due to the vertical element than anybody in the city and Tommy maybe he went room. Would you center coolest guy they've got to show like how cool things can set Michael Jordan back that you don't have Michael to your time they'll brag how well Kenny can't go back into one what. By his one way street ran apology on the technical ability proposal one way streets in the past. Again if you view every time you open your mouth piece you're nothing one way street the past.