Tommy and Kimmy are.... Bonding?????

Tuesday, January 9th

Duffy is jealous that he has to share his friendship with other coworkers..


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I don't know if I liked this at all or talk about what's happening in sight these rules weren't really remember doubt now now now. The shell you know there are not. There are no opposite people on this planet the top regulate cool and our own can't name. I. With this it would actually make you lame too. He TomTom now makes you look cool Lucas room. Just glad you're reaching or lame to you on Macs equipped with you later released soon. Have bought it there I hate the becoming threatens. Us and we share information and two. Yeah. Sevens in every office every every workplace there when you walk in and realize oh my god. I'm Fries with that gotten a little scary you breaker box classic rock and 65 to BC NF. So hole. Every commercial break the 8 o'clock I'm in the last couple of months ago and nobody Armon liked inside yeah but but the weather's horrible especially over the break. Tommy let's talk about at least he's on TV's that it doubled two of the break. From all this. Kenny started Chiming it because you guys started watching all of deceit television policy exact same end. Like schedule option to watch him on yes legs and Lou and it got so bad to the point where. The things I do not to like record videos recommended for you out there are all the same things that Tommy is our pupils of a just. And I wanted to catch up as I got a little ahead of her like a group mommy getting Gupta and see what happens that a principal the next episode he's a real creep. Like three shows as a league together when the show's juniors election mine hunter's son. It's awesome name. It is awesome shows that the 1970s ticket collector crime drama they're. They actually have the old serial killers or you know at church director of trust units sold off really very cool geek you're getting angry kids didn't luncheon you're just jealous excess jealousy it's not it's not getting not a forward. The seven dollars a month from Netflix on my kids to have to go my Netflix all of my suggests cartoons and on but there's a good girl shield people view as an image stale. This is us that's the when I was there isn't an extra look like Apollo. Critics tell yourself to it's got rate been in a whole exercise control rape hole while the right in my right I didn't I haven't seen island. She gets ranked gotta watch as insane it got option OK so DC's office. Debts that show about a huge game we're just aren't waiting for something to happen in the show that hasn't happened ahead until the father yet we don't that we know the father's death we don't know how it's a Republican winner got. You're wades through this guided Guyton Nakata who can release them until that celebration just like mine so I manage it. It. And but you know. Kitty could not be more different at all. We also watched that one about the hotel with a guy while yet down popped up in my he video tornado like for you got to see boy you're not watching believes Frenchman hopefully you know Paul. You have fifty cent alcohol creek W. You at least two college educated attractive blog can be talking about their shows they are the best we're joined the latest we do each other males for gutsy and it was such a Dick. I'd be afraid she'd be here somewhere. First of friendship. And we're ready to grow weird. Both interested in the same television programs big east doesn't argue all kitty it is a little alarming Ron. I mean I've elevated blood tastes a little bit to recommend or I don't think he I wouldn't think that I would enjoy the same things. Dark disgusting things that you do but I kind of like memory one show you said blows I I I are sort of what you did like it what I say. Yeah if you don't and I think I'm dying and I just sucks so late because of my sophisticated tastes have helped out this mean girl. Yeah you know becomes so much more interesting from watching more Netflix. Are bitching up a little bit and really get your the only other no watches the stud just could. Could be two to 6000. You realized you were friends with that guy you work begins to meet you speak up again with that guy. Yes now I've betting your position. They did jealous guy jobless BR York. But that's OK it's I was jealous is just as natural as any other emotion and so my sister took to Beckett a day loved how that stupid as sitcom rate. And entered a my best friend at a company would Don also load out so we are in a break from Beirut breakdown the health episode like it was like. Patent were. Saving private pride and great okay and I hated first of all I could get into the conversation. Ended TV show as stupid as hell. And I got so I've been in your positions against its very frustrated Yoni there's nothing to do speak highly about control that you you have no we told you don't know. It is due to dynamic of this remote the last four years old we all the other tell you this coup. ET VQQB. Flat to keep sex it is ugly but it can't be. It when it's big business. Listen it's more than that you're not collecting it and next thing but. You know like to Sherman with the people. You don't all all you do not actually removing your time and time goes on you at all the only Celtic. And it can't be good laugh all you but I think you prove that's the. I lately I would give Tommy that but at the same time dummy you don't like when he has a different edict. I think you know and on the digital canoneers tick why that person sucks in my view should seem a dated back that it that they should be friends with them any ally in on the bigger men came into him and apparently some people don't like losing their common. Didn't you like to share your car. You at all Tommy if he's so. What is it Newton. You recent X and don't come over regularly QB maybe kidneys and as pleasant thought you. What that's like take each and use that reference. Another quality that I have known as it looks at the pictures you are jealous of losing your Fred now because. Because like any time boarding because that that person pitcher for a my friends. And you know like let's say. Let's say EU and I are buddies say nine in addition to one of my friends and they knew to start doing stuff without me like it pissed off like they are later to issued to so. He's my friend first but there's a pecking order friendship. And I think that's just natural I do you take ownership but the friend okay no you know like friends slavery. You both audio line Miller you guys that they were pushing and hitting a sensitive period you can you know we just blow your mind bad. Let me just called and said that this is how they've actually bonded with their daughter well at the same way that talk a little fun. High. Peaks and spoke steering or pop book who's your radio data Apollo. And daddy and your dad Trinidad and Edger for but both direct your daddy and on the road it is. Make your ball fighting from my attention it's like seeing an able recently biblical and African Moses. Or Erica. Whose candidate was that it. Adam not Adam. Now all man's mode wait no no was no that was already dead nanny killed himself kick the hung himself with that snake its sister. Mose I am Moses. I mean radio Moses to do something that Moses or no. You know nothing so well you know wouldn't Miller you know I think. Up to get that through Cain and able fight over daddy's attention QB did Tommy have bonded over television legend tells. It's very weird don't ever see W your so jealous ray. Is it you're making no he's over here for no reason just to get it to him because if you want my attention. We. Getting in here when we start talking about a show and like say you should watch it either you immediately know that shows sound stupid dutchess and I'll let. You talk about what you we just everything gets hot and I talk I just ignoring completely everything I watched it has been nominated her and a war. And healing affect the also alleges the award just. Like you do. Did you 6000 body over a TV show addict I work only got a drug addict guy's jobs in the break from NC a a guy. There I don't. AI I work off shored development slightly. Three week that time. Believe we grow together whether you know we can live with each other app. At the year you know. So they they asked for promotion. And and so such commitment that this guy had almost been knighted promotion just so I didn't have to get in new guy. In you know build a new relationship with another guy. That makes sense so you don't lose your work body. That is it makes work fun when you get above the hang out with rain. You you're viewing that next guy can vehicle police definitely life miserable in there on an oil well guessing rate. Exactly a golf my idea about that manly they make a movie about how you guys die and those snacks. It. By huge story you reinforced the idea how he's had bet he's our father and I am no. Pro you had a terrible relationship with your father and you were looking for father figure nine turned out to be that guy and I believe accessibility. The no doubt it was John McCain can detect and don't forget that it's. Odds eggs faced with his comedy it would get a that the BCA map or the break and FaceBook pages app to beat with three different guys work. I'm 34 pension to attract the woman and all it seems like TV shows only guys that sixties like it started out fine they start getting creepy as the relationship forward so let's keep an eye out on that. How black guy that goes on as creepy. Delegates anything new if he starts I don't agree going to hit me yet that perhaps if they had so what you get nominated. I don't say it like dead. Notes on his network has particular should Melissa because a ballot with the noise I've. New York flash a so all you look at these flat ugly stupid right now that you guys have seventh and if only got a big government love. Similarly it you know your bigger and I really educated. Tell me it gave me sit in this industry you read that (%expletive) yeah. And it carbo you're into the jury outside our current and Indian on the right it's weird social. Okay he's stepping so angered me to join in on the fun instead of you know now he's not enough to be miserably within their young man I'm sorry that I I didn't have a man to watch so much net W you'll watch is sabres guys stay in last place. I have kids like I can't sit around lose routing those bills can get that a Saber against it does emirate games. Oh one will be two very happy if we aren't I tried election judge what's the crowd together to not that's on the satellites or when you're you're gonna like it though and on to you while they try to watch the other nights it's solid history wow holy war and else but instead. Your might happen. I showed to us as a really well. We're a better view who comes into practice. And to make a Beckett everything right to due to. It.