Tommy and Duffy FINALLY get a gift from Kimmy

Friday, December 15th

They crushed Kimmy for being selfish, BUT she finally came through after three gift-less Christmases for Tommy and Duffy.


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It is beat big. Oh yeah. It can be an opportunity to show that she is Richard I mean we watch her grow up five odds analyst are waiting. To process this could be. America can meet patents brought in what I didn't think we would see and Christmas presents for Tommy in the first times as we work harder yes it's been four years and three pre Christmas and a those here's a second and out. Kits to. Several offices and area that of and the exchange the elderly better to delegates that are as edit shape what you feel now. Which fused into an older one wounds for the people don't wanna participate that felt the need to separate real reason who. Great let's. It's a type duties CM FR two is almost mean yeah we. Meet her Christmas present on the it was to its cash and and went to play back audio of Africa all personal history. He just needs to be given cash. And be upset about yes turner knows that the greens this happened holiday party night show last Thursday. To open it it would take kissed Jimmy. Seeks quiet rooms so rude and Hutchison I'm glad it's over did radio you know he's straight cash. Oh my god seriously though this weird I didn't get it handed cash by our you're completing about money he dressed up or. He can love or money on an. Well we did know what to get you this year so we got you can't. Deal but I feel very awkward accepting cash bull what would. So what you had to do was six Q it's like Dick about it. Yes display I hit some bodies of green and they go you beat me I can somebody please go minister to be mean to me. Don't let you could be these could be like my hands up with some dollar bill you just called me chimney sweep. And then you know better dollars I'm so to turn I feel about did you speak Kirby can you act and. We can't keep that money Israelis we did given an opportunity yeah she would be the step up and give its presence so we talked about the next day and what US what we wanted. Yeah and a so this is what we asked can meet network the next day on the air and I want you to keep this it can because to maverick his big seems likely change one. You know about how to Christmas Turkey. I will make out Christmas and Christmas goodies that you don't rival eye view make for a Christmas cookie did you craft. Literally says that there was a dude it made the trade they should do and I am not touching in any cookies and you'd take him priority at this does do you model cookies aspects of the men get big occurs that dude polity cookie cook and dude at the station to you of two weeks to figure out. I would challenge except a delicious Christmas go to the holiday I would like a person I would like about eighty of Tom DeLay would be great. Taste and a page rendering of me yes or Christmas what a fine holiday. Token of appreciation a bus I'd Christmas. Lights were sitting here and unseat cookies no so only the half of this thing was achieved. Well I didn't really think that you like Christmas cookies right I agree with them. You would have like looked at them smelled them maybe a little bit in the slums that there. Yeah and that's part of the fun of christmases. Seeing you know like a holiday surprise race bashed listen I got something much more unique. Rare one at the time it's our ring we're on the obviously guide the same day so if you look if you was to show you he's an artist like legit she shall wish picks the couple thousand dollars for charity of them it was the weakness in 2000 we both have its ratings yet. A rip the paper. We can expect he's gonna fall the current one poll would you like. Shape it might replicate its. And we'll. Woodrow. Yet if it's it's modern take on anyone else why else fifth well it's. Meet me in the men's room. My says hope is the lever its key bills he's a really cool these Mexico. Oregon and surprised a little unique and discipline that you can make fun. Well it's hard to make fun of a pitcher me exactly. Oh. When did you say. Yes yep gotta get something at the tribute two year old and that he can't really mock it because it's you then. All right you nailed it might not last Christmas are dying. Recording equipment now uses of the kind of things you do when you're quitting or die made dictionary for another job this year sadly now. Exactly no who. So last year two years we get a word this is brought it presents for Tommy has to scrap courses and nobody can figure this out yet but. But keep people really in if you gift a gift. But he didn't want to get on. Today the gift to main enemy dance. To it doesn't enjoy that. Electric I was gonna switch immediately you'd Tom mean you patent. Which you enjoy yourself we should hang these operator where. An island things. They'll end up here for like the rest of time and generally have a picture yourself though knowing canned. Weekend are you serious. You really like it that much it's great to picture view you do wish I I like looking at. You can only one farm and its own when it matters thank you QB I've welcome in my favor very very let it. Great job yes he actually beat holly how little I don't bit and I. I crushed it is that dead air for ten minutes. Statehood we 03 guys and personally from back in the whose office is this year workplaces and tell them you are not exchanged gifts. There's just somebody got hurt somebody Rand do human resources or the Boston said igniting get any paying. And so lends an appropriate gifts they inappropriate any other thing you know thinking of hostile work environment. We be well I feel dissed because you can give me gives and they call that hostile work for you not see it is to. If you dis me stop doing heading fly match. In my hood. A Mac. Put the it is there which interest because of this like you know needed millennial sick or here's a thing like. Christmas is so out of control. I need to also now I gotta do to the family are gonna do it for extended trailing. If I can just take work off the plate would that be a lot easier yeah I guess but something you have to be exempt exits and Adam let's spend money here got to spend for the boss Brian. That's always a K assessment. Give you and I look at so would you tighten PCs hobbies we're gonna get our radio careers and there's no promotion and these bosses are eager that you and hired urged him so there's nothing but Kenny did you get boss boss if this year the give one of the boss nothing. Why did you know because like you said we do she's actually where. You ever for growth big like you it was very stupid beautiful. But the public that she is like if you'd get somebody and I don't want them to think they should give me something I presented it to them they're not you know that the buck yeah that you can absolutely get somebody. I'll I I think it puts people in an awkward position to if you give them. I give the data and becoming. So you know that's would you tell the boss. I was surprise here. The fact is and every boss has likable and in there. Someone could step up to take jobs someone doing your job and assuming you're their bullpen head right yes Imus they also take. Note of who their bullpen goes out of their way to take care of him the ball and. It also as a co worker of somebody who does that I looked poorly upon that coworkers at dealey either pits of coworkers. (%expletive) off your thoughts are not even his talking about the just kind of like ignore it. He report political or thought I would I would because like there there's like a guy in here that I know would do that Ed. Well I don't forget their boss and the only respects that bill IQ yes now if you were taught them all bulletin. Minister I guess what I mean it's my career late I'll get I don't care really negative advances any thing in the long run. Out of the game I can point on that time I got it's it's such a give and now I get discrete job I mean how that's going to be pretty rare. He better artists screw it you're safe could you nobody wants to do it nobody looks forward to an all Gil looks off four to the office parties. A game drugs. Well. Kind of like the ad there's no alcohol anybody back in the day yet the they those office parties were flying as a music and booze in big regret and as such a good evidence that it's all the fun has been pulled out of the office Carter. C the only people they can really like the office party down. Are the fats quade fifty plus. Women that don't either have husbands or family regulars lonely old ladies at every every. Every office as the lonely old bitty yep she's a little looks forward to departed. Because that's all she's gonna get hate you why do you think everything's miserable now that is daylight she gets all they Gail away ill. In the blanch is the world. And be in all the oval brides and look forward to congratulate got. Did you sit out for Christmas gifts coworkers bosses can be killed at with the president heated topic tonight is the first president ever seed Tommy get that he actually I. I. It's. Yeah she got a picture of Zelda gets out of the breaker let's see about patriotic politely. Go out like a cult experts are abroad and thank. I don't mean like you guys bigger cast just cheap by use something. Did you use the money we gave you to buy our presence. Tanya I just use my money it wasn't there was like eight. Used your cash and I like my daughter I use my money to look like a media doesn't could say I didn't again here. And then the other thing that's and I got web come out soon. Don't CEO. Taught me that support all the quarterbacks. You know when I brought tailor the supportive hand it out support stickier and down. And I support the lat and your your your children out foreign policy being not so portable. True or sure us children get. That would Gillette's third yeah but tonight is Sarah Amos and shorten the particulates if you don't let anybody evident is that going back to the boss president thing. You present with your kids to school and he doesn't have kids amassed huge but I that there was a GNU thing he did. It. You know it's weird they haven't ban advocates like right I've won my older mates of the teacher she would come home like a bunch there why don't they edited it a boy and almost nobody I mean like it has to make kids who can't afford those gifts feel very awkward yeah like when all these kids are coming in with gifts for the teacher and they have nothing so what would you like I'm sure your daughters have to do I don't might wait to hear that I'm to be honest I need to come such a good father I don't know if we've got ET to. Nothing like. He can get to teach you get a gift card delay Gallagher Dunkin' Donuts yeah in my again the you know league ten dollars for housing but Al. Nobody cheaply here that we which could get a receipt tend Ellis seek had a gift or are we five today. Ruler. By the way you know that sticks in the teachers heads to they're gonna be more patient with the candidates have a good gift where the parents are. I listen there I mean it is a good life lesson to learn you know sent has little bribe and helps contest royal but it is your bribing the teacher yeah. This is in failing this is in a friend this is some it's his. Getting paid teacher Cambridge accounts liberals so that I like you're also teaching your kids to be bitch I'll be a bribe or. I just actually wrote it we get our kids teachers presents every year well candidates you gotta talk just a little something ain't. Tommy lay askew Hugo. A little something I can think of I think they stop doing it in the Pittsburgh school system because again at hand Brody of the cars and trips to spank me. Yeah on the gulf less then in the riding lessons.