Tipping Your Plow Guy

Friday, March 2nd

Is it the norm to tip your town's plow driver?


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Go to senators who voted ten snow everywhere and it's it's. Baton like get Oleg blood people think it's over hyped is actually under hyped they were expect beat image just know there's him maybe 150 bed and so. No unnecessary travel advisory at Monroe County everything is closed to be cnet.com for your list of closings be safe if you have to be out there are just look at the window what they're saying it's not just the snow there's a Finley or vice all the roads that are mess with people to spit out to all over the place deserve but when traffic ID be able did you another draft report just a second. Slot. Each email yesterday that guy preparing for the stores up from lay was buying milk bread it's what he does to tighten up the guide takes care hit alleged. I've just go along way I eighty I don't think you can't that's the problem it's like he could deviate from their idea and can rule you have a great group on CNF. I mean you know last night and he asked me how much do you tip your drives are you talking about the guy paid to do in my driveway nose back I go I don't give my driveway plowed right shovel world and he goes no you're how dry so to Tony guide them through Erica so this tips he's towel. Draw it's brilliant is that they don't only just wild it picked up here leaves the picket branches and ended Dern as storms all across so. Are they gonna get a collection service and I throw the guy a couple of dollars it's that the sec title see how that's possible I. I ask how do you tip the driver 'cause like they stop and so we said two years ago he try to leave the guy down we go by is how they'll probably slowed unwillingly got a problem now we city classic past him down be worried as a Padre got to throw money at them like a stripper. I'd be worried this guy wants me to do something form that the that probably drive pats fans it's not a lot at any I don't you give them the money. You that your wife go out there now now because of a guy roles of a guy sees a woman sitting industry waving our arms shall sub exiting there's a problem. Huge remote stand out there now. Get a pretty wide if you put her out there what this guy does he started doing it two years ago he goes down to the towel like all however the Zaria drops off money for the Burnett did. How is this good idea because. Personally you do an icing for working got extra guys number one yes. And maybe you know they get am political mostly covered. But they can't because like there's a plan right would you walk into one of these apartment when Everest there's mapping is the route they go it's how many times they had no. These things right so let's tell you can keep going back to tone vehicle plowing your street over and over again. Maybe get urge progress. No I just can't Heidi you know that I don't know you've been basing that on. Your vast knowledge of you don't even know where they keep the U think the plows or alcohol what I mean what they call that. It's our teachers what do you call the floats around shed its. Gosh yet it is it's not Columbia. While we are but that's a shed in mr. the Alicia no they don't because differs multiple the senate club all. I don't want guys to get to 6000 listen this morning I know you're busy but if you want to break do you get tipped it should be tipping my talent guy does. A lot of people byte presents for the post button. Right a lot of guys Israeli more for it and just give you email true but that's personal and I'm seeing this guy right aggregate these bills are got to play. I didn't want to garbage man and a lot of people pay for the guard got to take care marketing humans alike gets. That he tipping that town that wouldn't be out of the question it wouldn't take much because of nobody does it so anybody comes an errant throws a couple of dollars downer in Sumpter and we really appreciated rappers in the breaker mansi a math grammar. A body you know I could be wrong but I am pretty certain it would be illegal drug courts not very because of all over a hundred order. You know I agree part. It doesn't I'm not asking for anything. About Bernard Goldberg heard all sorts are. It's like wherever this is to see the name of the town but it sounds like he took it and they have been taking. Well I get our governor I think you put on alert red alert at all. Because origami picture are you better than the other people that their property taxes or. Seat or is this is did Dick that would ruin it for everybody late our mental problems. I. It certainly doesn't look very pretty well I don't I don't travel around an analyze these states are you kidding me you guys make a lot of money what are. Whenever you go to same guys don't you you know I doubt I'll earlier reported while the dollar also got a separate bribe or. They make good money go to work our and they get paid for by. I'm pretty sure guys I know how high and tally Pittsburgh's. Don't have campers and boats inside housed at Pittsburgh. That group really don't live at the right I think are good but there are better or no particular. Are grouped order itself is slow so I could be wrong. Caused it let it slip its homegrown you don't opening ICL wouldn't go to the town hall and do that shed a wooded township. When they come around. December tallied Obama out to those guys are Brighton from my house doing stuff like to pick up the twigs and leaves you order a bill they doing Dick Mayer. The throne Tony forty dollars to see what Bremer season you reports of town hall. That happens through Bremer Capote won you know as soon JC got good news. That would deadly V have a pretty wife. Let her go out and though. Rent to ever put on the yoga pants and then say boys breach etiquette guide now. Well sexuality little harmless Fullerton based as you know. No way you play it's purely you're probably in a winner cold and snow plans. Honey everybody doesn't dress like a trend in the wintertime when it's like. When he degrees outside there's may have put on the sexy ski pants. Activity 6000 actual blood divers calling for me Bedanova with Michelle Virginia your little wiggle and king in human and even have a they're part of a snow bunny. Of course you wouldn't email from a guy a burger or that says he tips his town. Drew love it never heard this before but he says he's been doing got to wonder if other people do Roger you applaud. Yes I have. To have. They're pretty busy out here have been played here I am I'm where bribe them while company on the album my body out. I'm the guy with a shovel you need some old Palmolive a couple of top yourself in gray area if you take it right. What I yeah I got only take it I'd take a couple of god you're talking doughnuts and we didn't get the curtains open up they'd eat out. That's about all these. I've never got it yet but did not ever doubted that the only thing I'd tip I'd give that information double. All right Roger basic nobody stay warm out there out Roberts in the break and let rise guys are not hurt Roger aren't up to follow for you Robert you're at sea about. It's up like. A lot of old man art art prospect it was and that right. The government workers are at that you brought your most of the gifts. Right well they think our guys are a government worker but there are good at it there pool. Technically we can expect cash. I'll. I shot or bloggers are urged all. Well let's say guy give card like Dunkin' Donuts and boys having gets it done as a copy geezer freezer RS operative as you get suppressed okay. Right exactly that tactic they were well. Poster definitely worth I have right now. Robert do you okay do you who takes up as a post office and was eager to fix. You up at christmastime I mean do people take carrier okay. I've. Aged goblet appreciated. Cleared out post men. All the things we've done four and in our area. The post that is allegedly reap the most benefits yeah that is because everybody takes care department most people open but only a couple of we take care of the garbage guy. And I've heard up until today tipping the plot. Well because you get stick that tipped in the mailbox OK I can't is my wife got kicked out Webster. Which kept but the body inside the trash care great. They're throwing out its nuclear yellows at the physically stand out there and tipped the trash guys it's regarded to dredge I teaches a plot guy he's on CMF might bulky. I'm doing good you're. Ever Paula Jones Douglas he's been brought back and come back in my house. I'll I'll let her hand urged outside the port follow electoral. You can read a lot law or amendment LB blocker that are out there. Nobody's which are actually got to get the credit that now it's Google and I appreciate it. Is it appropriate to buy a bottle of liquor for a guy driving around with a flawless command. Yes. I don't drink so I was actually German gold bond are. But. They're not out there drinking and driving Linehan didn't whole argument to be at the other night guard aged out by the house and got put out. Well erupt like Ellen got dornin is there. I keep takes the cup but it does that Arctic each world hoosiers for not tipping our outlook aren't so I guess it's you that now. You're not going to Iowa I actually talked and those guys. A look at some of the arm a good yardages in the summertime I'm out there are guys talked in Austin early he'd just keeps getting bored Morse well. But don't friendliness and tell workers. As they cut by let's outlets like bet they do. But I get to know those guys logged in you don't take Iran any respect for. I don't I don't have respect a respect authority. I don't got to move literally there is not a fully develop podium outside the the plug I let's get it happened with Tommy this morning government to try to help you that your dream of being a bureau often and you can screw it up and out. Haven't given good information so far you give you media analogy reports this morning that. IC jurist your immediate thing just to try to BC for the road this morning a lot of people agree with you I don't get it. If you are hazards on today driving its teeth now is he doing it if you put your hazards on connect the you've got telling me anything I don't already know and you're you're you're slow ass and next the breaker nice XIBC.