Time VS Safety

Friday, May 18th

It's a question with a simple answer, or at least that's the way it seems. What's more important to you, saving time, or making sure you're safe in everything you do?

You'd be surprised the way people cut corners when it comes to their well-being!

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Question with a very simple answer it seems apparent safety or time what's more important but Steve tag and every. One most medals young safeties most important thing but decisions that we make is meant and it becomes very apparent in Europe that. Time is way more important necessary safety breaker much classic. Six by the BC and at some of these other story chances are you did them harbor freight tools. Is recalling what did he really chains on god damn duty injury at eggs are hot. An injury hazard is pretty shocking yeah. Company said that us which could malfunction. And hope that she needs ought to continue to operate after you put it all. I'm hopeful for the for him yet to give her account. In a million of the chase us now. Obviously not good for two reasons correct me if I'm wrong Tommy are free tools are kind of the every man tool garb but not a big. Working guy go by harbor freight tools so. If I don't have the money or need a big sets and things and some are free to hand it. Much folks that don't necessarily. Used jig saws and a daily basis experts are middle miss a story. But hurt themselves using a tool they don't use on a daily basis brand that's got people that are savvy enough to know what to do with the state. Will turn off. It down I guess we to a runaway government. To. My safety verses my program sees recalls all the time in the news food cars electronics things like that. People let's even recall for your caller yeah every time I ever had until I got my carpet got fifty dealerships patty recall list or not. People actually go back to meet those things that are which is really low. As the president the hearing and it does it if it doesn't sound dangerous and remained. I guess they sailing there's something wrong. It's with this the New York. The pollster yours you know so my guy you would rate worry about it even if it doesn't capable it's only happened in 3% of the cars when. Did you know that ought to check X or approach. Ego. Even if it's a little more like I don't spending my Saturday have a final or receipt standing in my Home Depot and need to stick to my time. Is more valuable than how safe on him which is of millions still partly live life it is but we do it we all too right. Saudi authorities to love about Sears. Is have you got a series applies and they had a recall they came to your house in fixed. But even now I have to be that was awesome but I to be home it's terrible I just think easily either way there. You'd want him in my house and tidy house bill I got to be home it's there guys nine to ten or eleven at the guy from god knows the mind of its top ranked. At safety vs time. We speed work and back home dad next time to ourselves but sequencing. Text and drive make phone calls it's all over because take too much time there's two point six. We don't go to the gym or make healthy meals something that has been kind of an all over again to extend your like we are dangerous people who are risks related injuries but the tell want to spend. CP goes to the chains equal what are the odds that quality and maybe just may be ultimately the wrong way we're always open but I think they wanted that Lenovo today the leader who's that you know who day's big chain saw that. We saw. They come to come are they just. The cost a fortune alien chain saws have been reproduced fixes but it's still time vision and a lot of guys going alleged. I've project to fix this myself. Probably easily lose. I think is a little loose if you want to do it guys cry all the tools equipment and recast. How many things of that garage at the recalled or their stories I dangerous they are at you have no right to break. My website right now merit at where this recall was listed in this recall is weak goal so at least chain saws to its great to hear about it. You're fighting about it out around for a week you know I'm looking okay there's 500 TC a 500000 T smoke alarms have been a call. Over half million pacifiers. 250000. Amazon battery charge executives rely on the ticket I think pacifier hit it is not exactly to just don't use it but it does about it cities but those things get expensive for a Alia as a form. Here but pacifier. Why would I admire as a partner etiquette but you look at Buddha when a caller will pass surprise that they get these. It's just tried to advocate term it's open that's the point. Boone Boone. Every cost money man's point yet but it's chump change. And I remember as a kid there was like this is. I get one of those like talking stuffed animal kind of things you. And I don't have a had a recall on it look like they said it was dangerous Catholic kids were swallowing like the nose I guess okay. So I had one in instead of not letting me use that my mom just cut the nose off of it. They are terrific and knows listen there. Slater did they give them the recall they recalled era Lynn brown. Dual led us to Alan Cumming. Resorts could be. Go offer free tools were calling over a million chains also across the country BC had a problem with the audit office which will make the change talk potentially could keep running that would be over Europe yeah. But our guys to get this fixed them up he's as they I get seriously thinking you know use them much it just hangs in your garage human that. You know I don't use them much you if I changed except by getting used a negative. If there's a limit because I just went on the amount of time it takes begin to get it fixed them these vehicles cars things like that. To pile on chains at that point but again recently is perfect if I just keep it. There could you imagine the media is to leave his cheats or running into the runs out of gas. It's two hours. Da Brat that he demands. Are neighbors nets one. On a ground I don't let it it's gonna cut your law. OK that's fine I'd rather cut up along the mate OK yes obviously he's at the league. It is noted if it was his coveted you know executives at the BC and apple with a break from FaceBook page this is from Sarah. When I was a kid my mom and dad got to be paid baby doll that eat food for Christmas and had a motor and it's now. Members such things and as the cabbage patch one I think was a catch and yet. So there was a recall because girls were getting their hair stuck in doll's mouth my mama get laughed about it two weeks later I got my hair caught it adults about had to get cut out and it broke some hair out of my scale. If I guess at him and. However that does go as far as I'm not even knew we care about my kids' toys. Did you dipping as you think that happened in my kid I just aren't aren't just toss the debt to total split but that way of particular like hide demands Liggett you got your hands on one like the hot Christmas toy. And then I ended only down of the toys are slot back goddamn thing that got a major gatherings and you guy that basically fundamentally receiving receipts for she seems to recede so does mine I never have savory sea life. Mean when stuff like this happens artist. The kitchen Pittsburgh. The moon and cheated so Guba gold plated chief. For this it's suited would you teach you a Cambodia. You know it's headphones broken. Are you what this high and rapper had on I did by the time ever and they broke and company said you need to receipts and new pair. Dammit my beliefs regular seat house and it's nice to like it never criticize her ever again for keep suit but my wife has receipts that are young low. Ray when he or she still has the final. You're never gonna get your money back at this point as saying things that it is pretty. But she does well what's he gonna distinct you could be back for anything if you just if you wanna be that she gets but I mean it's not that person and we have to hazing and I don't embarrass myself to be that person we use all night terror I will keep thing. I that's why don't buy it Lott on mine because I'm too lazy to return even if it's descending through the mail it to anyone that likes to buy a pair paints him and the pain it's the crotch which side of the page two days after having. What happens for what you've done that W board of tea. But he Karachi address shoddy workmanship up there at K are you take those pants make it to get exchange fight you for your crotch is pants. Probably us said that I would just assume both front oracle operates. And I had I was in my guess I did it so I gotta I gotta bring in my vagina witness tampering. I got really chorus and experience gets his recruitment Britain's. M which adds. Figure whatever it's a lot can happen there is another reason why. People take stuff back in when these recalls like that as we stuck behind that person at the mall or wherever else now ticket forever they're making huge deal embarrass themselves like you said it is do you think you'll look like that just by trying to exchange return. I watched her mother do this that I can't do it. A memo that was a clear there are you returning craft its money I know Lionel but it has obvious errors in a watcher. I abandons us a topic which boosts hopes. Similar characteristics putting grip to work she wasn't getting your bed. My dad would do one where so he would go up to return it then trying to decide what he was up there that he wanted to keep it so we would like seeing. Why do you is you look like almost like ask like if there is a coupon monitor goes on sale yet and they need and it just walking away from the register with what became a record. I'm I'm MB is though when I see people bitch and get stuff fray late on people base and get free is a free then again that's amazing to me and I'd I've which I had that in me. Emma and using my parents had that and I guess they. They. Drove anatomy because they were so embarrassing other conduct of. Interstate idea aria. What we're faced West Point before I move out we're talking about this harbor freight tool chains sell recall a million of them. They won't stop your visits some of them were you put the opposition Ed pages don't turn off. I've bike riding lawn mowers is correct them. Fifteen years ago bruiser to drugs and driving through my launch slight incline it flipped over on top only rice and rolled over here. Right Molder thank god I was OK it almost happened again a second time it's like to get back into where I bought it turns out there had been recalled five years earlier we had mood never got a postcard and never saw anything in the news there's nothing they could do about it a key to you do use the run he bought gorgeous with sports seasons so right. Yeah rolled over to the other telling farmers die it's of writing lords a track it's still ways a lot of money ablaze a lot of. With the he plays three dollars. Oh I've. Takes every five dollars and up.