The Three Foods You Should Never Eat at Work

Thursday, October 12th

You never want to be caught stealing another man's lunch at work.

It's easy to avoid, as long as you don't pull the move Tommy Mule did the other day during the show!


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To be laced a lot of awful things you want to boil the Phidget I will. But I cannot depend on all this is that nothing this is it's literally Wichita at Muslim repeats. Without a doubt that hands down and I know that are. Group of men listen to the show certain. He sees the worst thing you can do to another man network. And by the way I didn't always do and it anybody this disrespect that you show. Speak so shocked when you came down and told us yesterday what you did they try to defend it beyond indicated dollar. It was a valid or not and finally did up front what you did disrespect. That art. I would Tommy did a secretary at the break much classic rock but he's got a BCS. In time we will go wandering commercial breaks in the building brand. And you cutting yesterday after these commercial breaks and you've got you peanuts to get every day. I am upstairs they get little packets of peanuts at a machine was classic 2575 cent a lot of and I Zynga says it's not a bad Gifford joins appearance today. So Tyco upstairs. And as a whole big jar. Of my planners peanuts which is Cadillac peanuts sit right there at Kia sells. I go and it's right next to what do you right now we got that off haunted hay rides. Antenna and it's at a performing apple font every day they'd be considered bringing in the apples and far right so there's I help yourself Apple's lead a big bag on month. Well Rydex and help yourself marbles is it to her help yourself peanuts and and I teach at an attempt up where it's helped ease up on the donated the apples but it is assumed a so I figure and if you place subpoenas Nixon opens up Apple's baby defeat its. A part of the programs always be used CD is also pedophile produced letters. I cracked a lit deceived they've already been open and they hadn't. So I simply got to probably presuming to break TI's DUIW is to be upper sky news. I get rid of like a buffet era a busy little wedding in Illinois that 1% of the favorite dinner at Thanksgiving and I gotta get on any break the ice here. So I cracked the lid. Also keep in its threat like fresh on the seal off and I took ample chance they'll let and it's fun I terrorizing kids stand and well. He's given me like DI. Eli. His peanuts. Peanuts are you know they are. Vehicle yet I think you decide I should have done that may be caused. There's Saigon it was going on brownies is not thing. Dealers is not. Let's get it done and just stared at me it's just to eat his food. Paying his bloody leave it out and carefully you might just so well brings up tonight nor his people even other death. Don't want it on his death they really get a break room sensing maybe said it there to good use of names coming back for it. Man wade hello I am notes coming relay was lurking around the court filing I took a handful. It it was sold an attache a what do thorn can bark you don't like stupid you don't like it is anything meal. RTC's Iguodala. Superior. You know and he's a subordinate to and you're wearing your head yesterday Sheehan the anti unit was was the Boston behind you is that they saw a superior. Kim was speechless. Because we. Question V most disrespectful thing you can do to another man at work. These EG's food price so would be give me that the read that you said there's three things. I can everybody can. Eat or there are so make general thing of beauty foods you can dissent are there streets Brett. Pizza with a box open pan. Comically large sub. These are just so you might review board has vomiting that's it that's for things to get everybody can enjoy. If you go upstairs there is open she pizza. Donuts are off and your cable or open mom all our. A giants argue but that is very but it eat eight. Repeat its YE. BP let's work well praise the biggest terror why would you bring peace that's. When he got here it's at a machine why would you eat peanuts that George when there's Venus the machine is referring okay. First off this is why your despicable. It's a despicable has been reseller or mr. peanut it's not. You were desperate for something to eat what you dark and it was no these are actually a bit David these are not you had to finish the you are better ones that you have a lot of its stated today your friends not okay. I mean I like to contribute to the city got Jesus cars every day I know that even if you work hard up for change you know what it is jar changeover here and you've taken plenty of money I had to tell. And channel really pressed for change keeping a taller or shorter ha. She beat out you scold someone else's food up she's told me it cheap Jewish guy you have a table full stuff over there at your personal stuff. And what's stopping you from just putting a brand new. Container peanuts. Out there are well. I doubt about it. Adelaide in guys wanted to appear LP assault now we EU IR AU food every day you turn you know I was sad to see and when does Roger fix. That. Pigs into it speaks to eggs I picked out of me I still offer it okay and needs its communal and you do. You don't want an education waited for said the offer yet yet you see it because I guess I kind of time he'd offered you stole his food you. So what's your read that walked around the obvious guy hey whose penis is gonna have so you should have bought the peanuts machine. Want known it's good Ole. We're still not convinced that it was that kids you know it's not even out. Usually get me why else would be angry meteor is like. Somebody else that works here's Tina throws and Gordon needed and I like talent is often is Bruton 2226000. There are many here who work on jobs and work in offices and you eat your lunch. This happened to bunch of people this is a might open up his lunch boxes stole his Bologna sandwich now opened up his peanuts on opened at eight at instructed him like it. And a handful it was like I chuckle jar of his nuts. Take that statement back. Quietly about visibly pieces caveman style disrespect right. Cave man I didn't drank his own lady but an error to my team desired bang inner. Herb lady K okay. Your food is you'll lose you work as hard as you can come to give money to buy food and whether that food is prepared with that is odd that easy or four agent. You forged that vote. You tell that. Hey. But doesn't Jesus teach you to share just being Christ like and Christian T. Go forth and share and that's what everybody Jesus also says doused shall not steal peanuts that are specifically arts but Jesus turned like when to me why this banana bread and of peanuts. Accurately benefit us. But I think Tommy ending in a certain way he did it in a little bit of a favor yeah because he will never ever leave food out again. And Elliott and I have been around long biscuit show little respect. He's always like okay here's gang should army when he saw me coming upstairs go your heating even a way to break groups here merely cotton knit opening. 2226000. Tommy stole someone else's food for no reason yesterday stole each. Repeated that it last an hour from now I can have them back. Tony's the breaker Acxiom FAA because nobody. I don't go to I'm. I. Tony should just colonial at times but. That's about it. All there it's a great group Nixon free Apple's. Oh all right now this is days of a subpoena and I don't think so. So reluctant to an open area and were able. That changed my. Palin was a little more. I don't you tell saudis sides of the. Why wouldn't work please provide free media that's its not. All white apron on my game euphoria. Farm where not upstairs to bed to bring knows apples in and they still deciding gitmo so we don't warts giant forehead. You think that somebody who are company wouldn't go those three that's the good pictures of folks work. Like that re here for you eat there would be a really nice person based state exist. OK so I think you. I want and I were an issue. Very properly reported break it sometimes. To own you're just get the work especially fortunate to drop back stuff. The situation somebody had to nurse. If you put on the table in the perhaps. I'm right call it our public. Admitted it snapped and all the catalog of gout software that sit out here. You Tonys. If you don't put him back. In the socket. That's exactly. Eight days because. Of our little dominant Utah Utah baker got the body soared thanks. Let me ask me. That's pretty good. Night to. Day anchor Tony about it being out in the open ended a common area but I would never be bold enough to. Open to going to whom. I can't just yet it was sealed and you took the liberty you took the liberty opening yourself this girl as soon as the food hits this table here that's for her. So first hand in there but it's community felt hat tip. I guess she's a whole community and earn her thighs. Well I I see your share because we know you want to budget could you remove each candy yeah. It was up. And lavender shirt or should I think yeah. Well not a little. Q. Let's suppose you live to tell me it is hardly lost someone else's food New York State which did governor. If a man each your food in the workplace you allowed to fist fight them I don't consequences go to work and share unites. Peel like Jesus and share you know it's a beat biblical. But biblical. A guy who's got more vulnerable. My Bible read national. And I. Advocate violence but that's serious eye Dick like OK I little and bars that I eat every what does this guessing it'll pours it ain't doing crap for an. Does the I didn't down. If my players and get the message. I saw. You eating his bar that you did not ask I switched agencies immediately why does. Not only that but if you if I caught some buddies steal it. Knowingly stealing somebody else's lunch I never respect that person in the workplace and beat him never earned that she's lying well usually I dearly yet I I didn't respect as of 27 year old Wie shot you'll never be trusted by anybody that they're trust this. No I won't. Trust that Asman. You should be fired immediately hired you are ever needs. Your character. It says a lot larger character right Abbie delegates anti social that was unfamiliar. To the. It makes no money people average people to exploit don't even know of it's is nuts. Broad subject. Knots yeah that probably a lot of pressure was guy's guts these are gonna put it about the it about a lady boss is not this. Aren't okay fine. Fine too liberal we will miss you bye bye byes out fancy Dora letters peanut whatever you have to tell yourself to teach yourself to death umpire went out of five it's QB play to get out to ask you straight up if there is not seeing decent kid that's starving to death that's. You should bite it did you not to be serious. About hiking in aren't it's. I wasted my time with this kid could well take a look bubble for a move onto did you 6000 Tommy ate another man's food work is not a problem with it. New law proposed it a vial I took a handful so used to dirty hit it's an expert and until plays a dirtier lover's knots. You mean might as ever during. You do use a lot of hands and let you sell my dainty. Clean and sanitize hands. Had a handful has not yet the last word brother doesn't go it. An ongoing guy. Well. Tammy. And I might actually blocked at liberty not normal bids. It's fixed now finances but it. Group is your journal where are all sure so should hold annual all. It is and they'll upload to exit.