The Thing I Never Thought I'd do for Loyalty

Wednesday, January 10th

Duffy is debating whether or not to help an old friend out, who may be perceived as a "bad person"

The things you do to stay loyal to a friend, may be something you've judged someone ELSE for doing in the past!


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There are two things that dissect it you were born had a polity year. Stay away from bad people or bad people do it through group and be loyal to the folks that take care yes. When that that person who does bad things and has been loyalty and his two got a ton. Which one of these rules you're supposed to know particular to. Breaker boxes glass cracked any 65 to BC and sell. I am stuck with this decision area I know family friend. And this guy has been around for noticed I was a kid aren't very good dude as far as I'm concerned that god I've seen he's helped me out a ton. He's found himself locked up out of state okay Dan he's got a pretty decent stretch several years these are. Yeah senate noticed I was a kid and as far as I know he's always been a really good got up got me and my family ever since I can remember he was a guy who was all these are. And I heard stories about him maybe doing things that works great I didn't know that quicker as it sounds more. So this god I've known forever as having he really hard time behind bars in jail yes. An effort to integrate by I've spoken to but. No one is writing and people abandon he's not eating he needs money to buy food because he says he can't eat the food that they're providing it makes you sick. And this after every day that I've gone through which is gotten after everything he's done for me personally for people that I am. Feel the responsibility to help them. India which you do if you do that which makes you which. The suck sucker you band played them by a convict they lie they'll tell you whatever they need to tell you to get by men. Every guy and did joint is a good guy. It's amazing thing we only lack of the innocent that I do not the man how would you talk about it right now but I got their baby. He's asking you to do though is in Italy breaky he's not about what you're he's reaching out of people but it's. And it worked out. And don't give me is I can't eat the prison food I need bro he's got a drug habit. Listen. How can you sit here. You don't know what's going on down there object he can't eat the prison food I need money for food but there's free food. Bro he's got a Jones he's got a drug cavities got a gambling at this sort of going on inside the joint. And he's he's gonna Jones for anyone choose to feed it takes even though he didn't ask me title for the that he is reaching out to people I heard through his family I can't really showed what is reaching out to people for money. And if you give it to or you know he's gonna need. Mo money and anybody gonna do when he gets out. Is he knows he's got a soccer appear in Rochester as a British Open your door looking for money or place to live or something else think so yeah. Thank you might have a darn put yet so he's robbing them why is that so less obviously it. These are dead and Huey of when I actually getting on to tell me what he did you did make a very Pleasant Hill let's listen. What he'd because this is at least I don't wanna do is only a dozen were part of a it was borderline violent cry. The days until you'd think that guy is incapable put it god yeah it's not the guy I know not. I finally she apparently he hit that he was it to face. Was she would most criminals are they can put on a good front. Rate and then. Had visited dark side which is always there and you're gonna go feed that dark side it would that money and I'm telling me it's back and oil. But I guess like I needed if your person giving to this buddy. Do you read it it's a money helping them out in whatever way do you really even wanna know where it's going what do I care it's help he needs it what do I care. Because a second and dissidents he knows he's got somebody on the line he's not elect a lot of witty because if I was again for money if I had a drug habit or wanna. Katie prism of alleged balloon race damages but I would love them so it's delicious. He's gonna keep coming due for money this is hardly anybody that's of work were prisoners. Will tell you. Don't get involved with these guys because they're just looking for victims we just hung caught off a friendship that's why it was the pay wall up and then the dead dead guns. Voiding in to keep them there is they're not nice people so is this carrying packs of Asian guy is that. He feels like I had no choice but to help this guy he's been like for two years and years which. But part of me is disgusted with myself reconsidering supporting a guy who tons up so bad he's locked up for priest it might not looking got a good heart. Anderson while you patronize me out of this aren't you patronize you dis loyal. But do you have this problem where you think. You were responsible for everybody else's after Paris and you're not that's on them. And you think you could fix it could you wanna fix this guy's the extent you can do. Really as you just said I feel guilty I feel like I I I you keep talking about yourself like I had to do this this he needs help because of what he did for. Bright you feel guilt and responsibility yes it's like loyalty. These are freely called loyalty because loyalty body I've been loyal to W seamen for 24 years. Tell they decided not be so loyal to classic rock I support classic record in the American way. You beat one man of the planet that know what should have a loyalty discussion I think I'm giving you solid. Advice here and you just don't want you to Sony here what you wanna hear you it's a me tell you go beat chump. The next thing you know when he gets out he's come into your house coming in my house Tommy how this. Like we don't really gonna close the roads are it's what it's like who voted to all this he was so I debt yes. That's how it works its road works. Oh this is it never been the type to do this to you and the pastor it's why why would this solve he didn't know that guy that guy headed to completely different life that he didn't know about that that they hid from him. So he was always that he thinks like I was never that guy. He was that guy he just he noted that items such as the point. He wasn't if he was like adult timely he was never that I use why would that change Elvis this is desperate. Prison. At least now desperate before prince when he gets released she's gonna have no options because he's a convict and the world history convicts very well so he goes through a halfway house he comes out he's desperate man he knows he's got a jump on line appear with the by the way. With a wife would doctor money may god you don't think is it's 42 morning episode. Such and such are the interview me through the twenties when he episode. I governor senator Jay drastic. Interview you shot. Your release right now I'm just. I don't know I'm assuming he ended up in the situation he's in because he was desperate before I went prison gray really really so why wouldn't even come to pat that if you get a cling to panel listened. It's gonna going to pad now because he knows is gonna chill. 2226 to suck mightily before you had no money now you have means neighboring McKiver. Did you six get underperforming radio show Rio doctor away live in the hi Larry right Serena whose movies done this people loyal to make terrible loyalty decision next thing you know all convicts a millionaire. That. People listen to the show would go on to this that we now are they can't caucus date at David's family ever maybe it's a friend. It is not a character or something you never solve that do and keep support that person even after they found themselves in serious trouble because unless it church. Must parent it is child. Everybody has a line and we look at it is say I'm done with his partisan. Manager that line. The state of where he's in this and you know what did you go and in this joint is. We don't want you on the streets I don't think you're a sucker for continuing or that's what some are is who finds himself in the situation it's loyalty only and only he can do all of these in this guy can do is bring you doubt he can't elevate you can't you can't elevate him because he's where he wants to be in life yeah he's gonna dragging down his low cost me like what I. Have you I can't get anything else for you people are right brother reused right yeah I just slightly territorial. It will be. It's like I think that's trying to solve all of those guys problem if he's finally couple model but maybe make it little Italy's there is confident that the situations were switched indiscriminate. Confident. Kara auditorium anyway to get to reelect the way it's if you can and he discussed this with your wife yet it where she says she's okay. We should be a candidate topic as stupid look at his face again I would I would I'm surprised. Though that a black woman. We're now when a supporter oh. On to convict. You two to 6000 men to let people tell you that you wrong though he'll hunt compromised side throw. Taking it to the operator any data ports in a joint he'll tell you for sure just recap it quick got three years old family friend of mine yet tonne over the years or so do which is that that's the side you knew he he's locked up. Out of state candidate like violent crime he's out of time he's right MED money and I think it's some money just to go. T yeah OK let's talk to you like Mikey there. I got band we. I don't like top widget news. I've beat it out according to what you mean. You don't act twenty years in. So I didn't ever brought back you know if if you can report that's loyalty to the leaderboard at all which would I didn't shabbat. Diligent at the Vatican is or throw money around the guys who brought you some money. I would I would keep one army I would if I could break if right it would write me I would give the audience oil and a deterrent friend. Yes like I agree with you it's Great Salt Lake going to be one or two are Mike Osaka. Soccer like they quality advocate it today. But it's an eagerness to meet us at the BC that breaker for act hardest Terrence. When it comes to Moochie not someone Tommy knows what he's talking about. There's a deplorable job Bo your wife for the Wii's but. Until you got. QB. The debt to fluid Bhuj Kenya out of form. I can't do that out sound reform. I it's like I'm going to be like out for a mile and a half I've armed and eat. It. It's just that I mean you didn't you value not. Morality which is used it to its all time I don't tolerate violence okay. And what are they say about good deeds which they never go unpunished. Listen I mean. Look at me look at me I have real nuisance taxes and fifteen yours yes that I have mr. drawing yet it every day the way you're speaking. Alarms me if I ever find myself that situation if you do something violent and horrible. We can't saw stance by the show it's not so distant. Nobody about being utility this guy you may you made a pretty disgusting face oh lottery wanna note is that this was borderline violent the west and now he's doing dope and the unity and hope that I can get a don't screen for front. Tweet coming bit suggestion. Pat why don't she sent the money send the money anonymously that label dealing Tommy ample. Now as you still feed the beast men Dominik might you plan has to write a letter intimacy hate. Work with a guy that you know he sums things about to a felt like needed help. Good luck Tommy you play. My interest and among the notables let's. You really enlightened him missile do you mean you don't like the message but you can ally telling my diet related as to how to slowly Liu are two people that you know he would jump I mean. Loyalty only goes so far juror really goes so far. He's parked your crop Saban if related. I don't know. Somebody reviews. I don't gotta love I really appreciate golf due to screw you Porsche tournament. Herb wants government to the edge you can see here smugly we you know it's a great art school of what's good human beings. And and human beings also mean no mostly good news if you go to. But to do gooder. Here relied trendy gear they. Execute it prison put aggregate. Of your immediate forum.