These Fists Ain’t What They Used To Be (PART TWO)

Tuesday, November 28th

TRUE OR FALSE: There's no way a guy in his 50's can look "cool" taking on some young punk who disrespects them:


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Proof positive. That everybody is out of their mind when it comes to whether or not they think they could still in the fight over forty. Not one guy called up to brag about is fighting abilities hung up that commercial that's right not what about it he then you pay the breaker boxes and wrap many 65 to BC had left the study says eight to ten men between the ages of forty and sixty believe they can still a fist. You brought. And it seems to be picked up seats to keep you safe. You created or updated value created a so that you could win a fixed I don't like it that's why we gave to get a firearm. Pull blade. On somebody and stick your quit the complete you're used to do your nails. East are. I was meeker for a fifteenth. Annual what was today. Of course. You're. Bad yet don't trust each other than our zone. Which the Ceci you he you don't wanna do but he wants to watch somebody else drive ruler entertained a woman Lagarde Owen Bieber all right TJ to 6001. Big thing we're not thinking about it to the second but it has been on hold for ten minutes they get brother. You. That proposal were out of work that he didn't need all the pressure this is Nik mat so nice guy. Content that they could not. You know I put in the yard couple months ago we won't my wife my daughter in a little bit ahead but he's well. Walk out that their problem you open my daughter well like the way the people what they may well it's open and that is what you do. Are they didn't know what it's like it well wouldn't do that you'll all they. Walled old man with Google or Google is evil people read your. Did you take this very easily and a mop or a lot more. Advanced. Connect I'd like your body I appreciate elicit the show but here's Deborah. The only proof that we have that you can all three of their asses companies you were telling us you kicked all three of their passes. Well they bit and what it says okay I'm mark largest I've been marked on all of my life. When I told him forget it will be easier if we didn't want that this deal. On the accuracy I'm what's this isn't over fifty is a senior division. It's over the years old isn't that the Clinton. Obama obviously these older guys I'm afraid we have opened the old. Okay he's barefoot Sanders who's dentures or what color he put your foot he calls shouted played. On a single guy should fight terror says he's afraid to fight old guys 'cause he does it hurt the right but he'll he'll mop up the foursome punks. Some of these New York City punks. They deserve it I mean these guys say they you know go back all the people that way on the that we. So I. You can punch it took a guy or that Dojo. It's nobody takes the call. It like he will kick your ass I would look to see an older guy who complete martial arts and three New York City street thugs. Would be like the highlight of my true tight. I all the greats I think you see your city saying that would be awesome. Silly to vent against no he's a martial artist and that's okay these. Guys. Oh like the movies like they all back up into the wind died as time goes out of take them down one by one Billy Billy Jack Lillian Neeson style. By the way there's the age difference. Yeah because these guys that. Exactly zero regional ass kicker ball party would take one point rednecks in at a time comedian Billy Jack is. Assuming some kind of best kicker. Billy Jack have I don't know why I had I. Don't know exactly and then. Here is the number one reason nor above the package could get hurt. Act to punch a decade and knows the reason why nobody over forty should fight them what you fight as a 21 year old kid. You cool. And would you like to just fifty year old man. You vote it's pathetic rougher where did you think your move and a lot faster than you are there's just what went on your balance it doesn't matter. Which it is. Let's say you went to Cheesecake Factory with some B boys right it's a fund Friday. Cheesecake Factory to tell you the crew call in and out and it's got to buyers has given your body today. It was a little girl you got these to you buddy lakes like don't you talk about that little girl that's my girl at the theologian but if you just presumed it. They taste his. Second or probable targets otherwise I don't. It is just an. Yeah. If I do it. This guy outside candidates square off they have a fight your body knocks out. The other fifty guys out of a bunch of people while David she's a factory are you high five that your body. All my body when the forum yet or what but he did it final like you know can't be who immediately twelve year old girl so I like and the Jonas it's our client as a matter where we're better that the new buddy Brent you're leaving when your body starts the face you are leaving a restaurant and you know so this have. In America yet. I'm madam a man a topless giant in Fort Pierce Florida. Greatest name of a topless China of all time the evil people out telling that is in the coolest infrastructure you have been used again. Some low at a bunch of buddies and and apparently a couple of guys those who wins the chart Melvin off of this at a table and he's dues for big dance rednecks male had a cowboy hats. And when the you don't do is take cowboys had office head all you do so I didn't see it is to some wasted on cold duck. And this big ol' Hoss cartwright looking dude. Taps me on the shoulder is like I didn't really Xavier by let the table is I mean this there's hazard Latino kid I used to work at the grocery store. And it Diggins BG stated you'll get hurt we talk about Barack sandwich bodies so no. I. You may wanna go out there to be diss Jews were enormous like nobody at our table was gonna win this fight where by July means and her budget a farm guys shouldn't. Oakley did you stay out of the fight you'd told us your butt. These are our. It to batter getting into trouble out side that are go to outlook. Gets worse today so home. He goes OK so I start walking out and it. Thinking that duties behind me okay member of the big Hoss cartwright dude told me to stay inside and he's the first guy I see when opening of the book. And he picked me up and threw me up against the wall. It and like probably gets about this guy. And I go well then the concert comes Oaxaca goes it what's going on here. What's going on feeling you got that fixed just guys got me army might feel and I'm not kidding or two feet off the ground is still has me. I'm eye level with this guy and he I'd like he looks so angry that I acrobat I disappoint him I. Could put them. Breaking of rules but yet stoic courage and fight to do this but I knew like my I say I do like these guys we're gonna like I sized it up. Made their budget means going up against some men like this is going to be a slaughter. And I don't you know so yeah I guess I did the right thing OK like I try I tried to stop it I allocated to my did it to I was trying to be a good guy it's all so. You try to get ego guy I got slammed up against the wall almost killed by this kid. So dyke when you ask me now why I don't get involved or go let the people flight thrown flights. And just sit back and stay out of it that's where stay out of it you pitch a bit like US relate. So my body got into a fight kicked out of the guys that you and I've five. 2226000. Eight in ten men over the between need to forty instantly that it's still when a fight he can't and receipts for your good man sort of get a win these fights. Okay is that behind you what somebody just a way to buddies will be made TV but I or fifty minutes he's on CM everybody away. Hey what's up more guys. How much 61 year old man yeah I used to do about plate in my day I look back now I can't do that after things like you do when I was forty so. Police say with age comes wisdom and you learn how to walk around and stepped around situations bullet is that saying it is now I want a new ball and you don't wanna speak or read it and he's just also the wall. Yeah. All the evil or order the lawlessness. There. CNN. Don't feel the thing is I don't OK so I don't get that ask. Great chip globalism all the garbage airport before he went all command near there's no shame in knowing you can't do it anymore. There's no Shannon that. Eight men and what's what's the power of the world is acknowledged knowing one. Well in order to do things. Jim it's public yet so I'll ever Utah would take one move on have been waiting for this guy just because it is an open twelve minutes. He was walls are numerous would rule if he's got a lesson and we'll bring it wolf a lawyer brother. Eight by First Act are huge drag and not where it what the right thing like you do in an. What while Miami I people probably were sent Belichick's at all or at our it means elect Arnold does not to victory as. Well you disheartened I'm pushing that VOK. And I wonder if you question about. Or would you pick. Bet that somebody that's. Like you had a guy call Bob martial arts. I then ankle boots dark art school. This series and actual order form. Or not. For dog but he let your hands so yeah not an iconic contour master guy. Yet they didn't register my style that study which is like GO shell and and Jeter's and to achieve future it's. Okay now she's. And still go out and work so bad that somebody at my background or so when he year old pop. And if I know your background. Is in what state this way because mobile and obscure. I'll put it this I don't care what your background is at fifty years old. I'm probably bitten on the guy used what is this guy knows the knows the moves he knows the leverage in as a pressure point don't you. Right wolf. You're very right other idol on the right you'll I don't know you know all the pressure points at that Egypt and China all this man. It kicked everybody has run the world. Microchip fat lip. And Tim amount headlight problem has to be he's got pigs in women children if this was your site would be crushing here right now. The missile the wolfman. We kicked that. Baby I'm still can't just say that if the fight Q is pleased to keep twenties over. Richard and over jujitsu the amended Channing can determines that it's true. They get the call really appreciate. It. A beat the wolf. There's a lot of vicious old and others are gonna watch him go there and even come up with a dead. Background for every dollar it is dark at least one more by it and we did this is not encouraging don't mess with the war somebody's grant was getting hurt it's going to be your full level when you mess for the bull. Isn't admissible. It's mistress he warned not to him reeling concealing one. Wide arguments he's got a board.