These Fists Ain’t What They Used To Be (PART ONE)

Tuesday, November 28th

TRUE OR FALSE: There's no way a guy in his 50's can look "cool" taking on some young punk who disrespects them:


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I get that we all have bravado was. We believe that we're better than we argued that I'd I'd get that bunker I when he comes into this territory. It's dangerous. Now talking about looking good and we're not talking about sexually please and a woman yeah. Immediate re talking like actual safety of your body how. If you which are the semantics is soaring Eric OK walk away now where have I can't you can. Well I can't be taxed cable then you have no choice but to get out of firearm. He had a brief York stock of the gun noise. It's XIWCMM. Appearance this study ram 810 men between the ages of forty and sixty believe they could still win affixed to a guy goodwill later when other guys had to say that again is just so he it seeks no lay went upside his head when define what can win a fight earned. Eight in ten men between forty and sixty years old believe they can still win it fits and that's a good lights. Guess that is still makes you feel like a man and you're still in the game he's Billick got some where he doesn't roll and play dead Willis get up that would support again not. I can't take care business because he could and it really hurt. It's probably never gonna happen Alonso feels that way or feel better but this is a problem with that I teammate I'm BC. What happens as a man gets older via the gentleman's across the top. How angry get the most trivial throw an angry how cute cute though however which should live their life where you should be bristling view and how you have no problem telling them. Card was an idiot and should get older with his attitude that you have this idea I can still kick someone's asked the patient is to Dayton's. He's dangerous hookers soul. All of our Brothers that they've still got a parent. Your dad's still feels he has and he's a police officers sorted their windows you can Jimmy's dead deathly still thinks he can condemn guys says you are almost all the guys that can pick up just of the top of my head. I'm I'm 100% sure that every guy I know. Still think so wrong. Here's here's part it's that idea there's X countries for a couple years and this mentality will age you as a man kick Cammie. As good as I once was that was good ones as I ever what's it's not true. Rice and I guess he said I still go one more fight him but you don't. But I do but I had the but I believe obesity that I got to jibe yourself so you drive yourself that you still would have filled oil okay. What are your choices in life roll over. Sup of Regina and are in Iraq on occasion done CRE doing it in your half whenever you're ready doing your shape make other mad for being Smart. Avoiding getting to a fistfight. Between 4060 ticket would just like let's respect for her reasons that's wrong I want you to safety aspect. Of getting into flight. It might be younger you are. The better chance you have of getting through one of these without injury you know you don't removes chew you don't know what move I was solo out of the blows that is when your kid your back does it hurt you don't have a trick he could still take a punch you can think about the things wrong with you right now. And how real life. Those things keep you heard this so I don't give this young got what four. Heart attack roll it around the ground throwing your back out tearing the meniscus all of these kids are likely pick. App guys over the age of forty okay borrowing for the fight even starts. When I look at the media. Erica you. Especially Hollywood. Always action stars are now my age okay. And it stunt doubles. No they don't Tom Cruise thought that Williams show one guy went way it land. Could easily get set of that pickup truck to confront those black guys were holed that little Korean girl. He dealings started seeing stunt he pulled a piece on those get the car. Then come the consequences. Be old you did it require rat would really get you have to look like a lot reopened to hold. The idea of I'm going to show this guy who's boss over rides all of the bad things that can happen you most likely have a career your 40s50 might bucket. Arrested for assault how does that affect your job interface is on the news if your arrested does that. Keep you from working if you miss time because you get heart and you have to tell your boss competes Ike. It meant is I got my ass kicked. Tell but I can't. But don't violence just turns up unexpectedly rightly Ellison bone there's a problem and you think you re prone to thinking all are clearly that there's so because you don't let this stuff. The place went down if you damage stuff when you were a kid none of this mattered who had nothing to lose it as a man in your forties and fifties could Alter the way you live your life. Man. But here's the deal they here's the other factor and a throwing in there is a lot of fights. Start because of your wife or your girlfriend. Marion. We've all of that situation. Where your wife for your girlfriend. Got you into a situation. That you have to settle on what he'd do. Luckily there. There's which you woody woody into Richard Boehner. She did for us. I think it's easier to walk away in that situation because this guy didn't start with you. Like there is there something and I dispute that I think yeah I think it's easier to walk away with a personal argument that these are white give you like if you get in New York getting yourself into it like it's not carry it I guess you're saying that instead of the guy like challenging your manhood directly and I think it's harder to walk away from that big of guys get in your face. Outs let's say you're at a bar and somebody college you are man. Your boyfriend a bar yet and is drunk guy closure to Siewert. In your boyfriend hears even though he's right he's Cooper Mahal. Well. Well even Tommy is the take out Yahoo! shot from start those sparklers. They give Fred I don't wanna step back and hand yes you against your gonna want him if you're a couple of drinks in here also. A lake or you know let him talk to merely get what you do I don't know if I would. The only Q we should get involved. Boy if I get CM yes you would get upset about it. And get back up as wars arguably for it to go over and probably break to kind of had a kit right now he's dedicating your rage. Agassi is as a thirty year old man he's is that 12120. Soul. And appoint what he did note do you let that Siewert hang there and then she's pissed off that you didn't defend my honor. He asks you would watch now on too small for the farm bill like a guy they could back it up a vial of I'm a big. Jim girl like her boyfriend. I'm thinking I'm thinking your point is why are you doing homeless working out in the league itself on to protect me. And this guy insults me at a bar and other people hurt and you Disco let's go home. What's essential listed as awaits if you're not gonna defend me. I got to Cingular where everybody's head's at that Roman I would think as the chick you went in to go to do that she overly beaten and is into the ground stuff. I'm not mean I personally but yes I know people that would I wish it just yet now he's trying to fight which proved it. Public put you probably retailer has with this down particularly. 26810. Men between the age of 4068. But still when it fistfight your wrong. You're wrong sometimes you may have you made it had to stand in there and do what you gotta do Toms at the break mansi MFA top light. And it gets so packed your predict that. They tankers go buy your now forty the end someone grabbed your war and I'm just a mile cleaners. You're not gonna do something. It was an extreme sort of my waste is physically assaulted yes I'm gonna do something but if I'm sitting at a bar it's this happening candidate Tom I told the story of the year for when I pulled into another lane and a guy who didn't want you get on. Arnold Paul he was guy in his fifties and fat bearded short and he got. Out of his car to confront me and what I got out of my Clark he went back in his car but a situation where something doesn't need happened yes. I'm not doing pretty good shape my wife is being held against the wall of terrorists at my house yes I've got to fight them Tom I would like. Do you think you're gonna win. And. W at least have to trial I don't know I don't outsource its terrorist or conservative be the first avenue I would root for places yeah. Aviv regular is placed it at my yard she. Yeah you gotta limit your flight in time when it. There is the time you're gonna have to take from them on. After you're over forty and I would hope this thing that you would have a positive opinion that you might it change. I don't topics the company appreciate your statement to the age of forty always have one more fight. I think every guy thinks he does say you'll be forced in that situation because I agree with that out over forty we fight people. Bars restaurants and even torture or read our I realized you. Clearly you engines try to be open did you just you know greater low end but I mean hey it's great that they collate. Anyplace there's people. There's a reason for conflict it doesn't that the does happen at a bar on a Saturday night it can be at the Kohl's parking lot on a Saturday when you're both are fighting over parking space. That your wife is screaming for you began. We've got to Ivan park shame by women. I what did you take bets by US out of the back at that spot like it's like I think he put his penis somewhere or my penis should be but it's Barbara playing with cars a year. It is not a I want that pirates now on out. Asian Eads had been oh between 4060 glee biggest a look at this flight your ball flight ant a buddy mark a break and CM. All right. Acts were. An actor as every. Sort. Oh that's. I mean we're probably the formal side. Well I told seconds on pats marvelous and it's important. That harassment which is fine and terrible as an Angel. Anybody that would give birth. Okay here's the most important part of why you should be fighting over for you. Know it's a heretic. Practice. When is the last time a guy who's 405060. Years old threw a punch. If you how. Anybody at the editor may be in the same boat so it's a fair pathetic social. Well I want I would've been Neal Cotts a couple of years a man and it was 250 year old guy who's the guys on stage but it took. But ignorance atlas they got a fiscally there's a stretch you what's that stuff. And they I know they had their heads they thought they were you know Ali Frazier is every guy has one quick movie than Europe again but aides have at oak lake punched it was sad it's flawlessly. Media said the idea. Realize sell a few. As a younger person. Attacks somebody or Kindle for it was a real over 65. There's an extra penalty on that is every yeah so if you're a senior citizens over younger person. Descending to an older person. There's an extra penalty on that you which like. That could be good in my mouth overtures sixty. All right here's what I wanna do exactly all the guys are calling in rule all occurred to a world. What are. I fight. Like encouraging her I nick. Doug eat Steve don't go anywhere to be 180 seconds because there's something else we're forgetting year when your flight 21 years old school. When you fight it's fifty you're pathetic or 180 seconds WAX the breaker 96 bodies have.