That's Not MINE, Officer!

Monday, October 16th

If you were this guy, would you be able to do the right thing and come clean in this situation?

Because the guys in the Break Room probably wouldn’t have been so honest.


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It's it's it's about the stories that I did the right date. But a bid to many as much but it happens and no I'm just a situation or should have just minded his own app and is now know he made an. Terror aren't steak and those things. Like how did you just do act and go tell it yourself in one of those moments but. I'm confident that postman was to the show instead of doing the right thing which is guy did which probably cost you slightly it. That's next would have come up with some scam to try to figure out how to get out of the page that you got yourself an a regardless yet. The breaker box glass rack and it's not the BC a map so last week. The department was called out to be lions' national bank in Ontario got one of the employees of the bank. Body bag of pot. Inside eight night deposit. For a gas station in the town of until quote. The on no 27 year old Tim venture of Webster it turns out has the worst locked in both Monroe and we counties combined. You seek Tim manages the guest entered. He was assigned to drop the night deposit bag and I area drop so according to Ventura. You laid out what was supposed to go at night deposit bag on the passengers seated as. He's in scooped it all up. What are the bag and realized as he locked it the hot was it the night depends on. How much we were those that I played a solid there's much and she's charged with them to notice obviously Thabeet Otis has put a little bag here we need to be got to throw lawful possessions are the summit it's nations. Oh Jesus into a commanding these these pigs can't look the other way on. By way of who's nor can it took bank. You open up and they deposit bank of fight back upon us our clinic so it's not that much issued. Which can be I would I would pick exhibit put this year early test by. My loyalty or something would put in my pocket smalls that we would have failed the loyalty test and original elements and get breaks so accorded the report to him immediately realized what he had done. Yet there was nothing he could do what you out on the already blocked the bag. So he just had to wait until the next important no way he was getting get a call from police. And of course is on camera making that night deposited only could be handle it he can't even say hello you don't really am proof. Just stayed ready and be the only person making that deposit that makes him and it loses his gig over the US's. You have to assume is gonna lose his job sucks not because of not just because the pot also a little lax in dealing with that I pods they give it its uneven laxatives and honest mistake playing against guys I mean he just scooped it being. All the money was accountant for a solely gas station should care about well but I also put the Scott hill lately but ET I keep little extra effort. I've got a little. We did it to the bonus but he made the news lately make it easy I've got a funny story ask us businesses and have been more off of people I think I didn't think that you would lay out all the money receipts and dings on death undersea bites. Do what I alerts that had to grow Shuster yet have you. So you had to do what they called drop deposits and then I don't Wells Fargo got to come and pick it up. But you have to put all that money together for him and then drop it in missile slot how much it dropped to Dell is it. You can go get him back he's it was two keys you had a key note Wells Fargo guys had Mickey armed armored service guy so if anything a white in that deposit. You're an act getting back. Until the other guy came in and he took it you had no you good night I'll wait I have something in there. Here's the worst partner even before he may drop reported the story on a thirteen am EU. He was driving around you we're backing you don't wait Foley. Bet the the back Lochte closed back locket and the winners are seal yet yeah it's over it's not so we couldn't go get back on his I would have thought like. Going through his head. Like thinking how can I ditch this box without. Running troubled examining everything you were robbed. You don't Evian next set something up I Wear it just disappeared I don't know what I have been doing out with heritage to 6000 probably hear what you can I be mad would've done because listed with these guy dropping putts banquet pot it it no we visited there yeah he's got to be it'll budget trouble yet time to think about it just chalk it up the W drive and call the cops say got rot. Daily than you can create that scenario in your head describe yes and mean. Now you're really going in down he he's better off doing taking this punishment. Day and falsifying a criminal report I can imagine what that costs and you stole the money basically from your premiere. You're your company so that's on your two. OK let's look at it this way if I drop in his bag with a hot button. I'm pretty sure I'm losing my job he's editor at the gas stations XP could make a decent amount of money out of my job at. So that's a definite probably -- right job in five chalked it or light it on fire or something happens where it. There's a chance from that I got a chance. As you gotta like a 706. Start grilling you think you know you can't you're gonna if Richard Jamaica. A story is on television today it's only until they optioned right. And you're gonna screw it up. And act committed this. I mean. I'm sure aren't good at making up stories like his especially when the cops getting your faces are really probing you about this money and let it be if you doubt he'll act. The deposit could be five or 101000 dollars and. But I was obviously. Smart enough to know that I am sure there are a lot of people out there that would have absolutely ditched it. CA so let's say you just throw that bag out the window yet you may get the story you've got robbed. So now somebody's gonna find that bad name you. And maybe there are good samaritan maybe not. Bars assays let's say a good samaritan fines and turns it then and hopefully there gonna get a reward putting your shores and a couple of parties in the weeds and there I can. You better hope that some that you better hope I find that that is up to steal the money in the week. You could get into the back if you want to ugly those things cut resisted like the it's almost possibly get open McCain kind of zoning your skirt to talk about this guy again 27 year old Tim Ventura of web street managed a guest a little to do and a stereo eat he. Accidentally locked in his bag of weed the night deposit bag which he did know that we is there had been deposited the bank was found the next morning at. The lions. National Lake Ontario and he got trouble is cold buster on the opposition here's I would here's your report. You say you went to a gas station or something he pulled over the side of the road in the bag was slightly look at. You take the bag held you put it away bag you put on the bottom of your garbage bag you then take take garbage bag and throw at someone else's car. I got credits are earned record now you deal with the money missing which I hope they have any yadier explain that. Gets wiped. So I don't know what happened to disclose they would check you go to your bank. Accountants take us there's nobody in here I could've cast he's Czechs want it to that would be some video of me trying to catch these checks somewhere why I take this can't catch the money. And that's to be hanging over your head to rest do you like what this guy probably lost his job you had he. I thinking you can recover from this better than. Your scenario work you do get pop manner you in for craps to normal guy and yes you're right wrist verses were generous I got ought to be looked around my shoulder harassment is he at least risky thing possible and it sucks because right yeah. You'd be punished for it. But if any any any such recreational though men in TV it was his own stash some Big Easy did a dealer they it's just his stuff. It's another thing to think about seven year old guy. He's got time to recover from all yeah if you your fifties your every move possible this is your job that you had for years and years. Oh yeah I got MIA right yes it's covered screwed. It totally screwed 6000. And they'll Goran. Though I would say. Ella public debate and it got them back open or fail on it there but I keep that little block. Like I. Eric it's not a terrible idea but I I do think these bags are almost impossible to Condo that confidently I think it's like Jackson Mike heavy tools were via. Oh well yeah. I don't get I don't ever suit you look at a big advocates. Believe what that Horry. You too buddy take your leg we need to jaws like you discuss that not a bad idea though. Because yet all the money's there lab a big question and if you had to get back into the west building gas station peers are they different editor at money yes. That this guy doesn't get fired if that's the case I hope that whoever runs like as each owns a gas station can look past this obamas are Sunoco be cooled what I assume that everybody that managed gas station does something illegal that doesn't affect the business. Britain. What you think that to get time. On this but we got going. It does get high in general I don't think it's night. I guess as a yesterday I know my sister were headed over the she was a 24 hour overnight yeah I was weird dating what I just said it was she was honest she was she was just. Dom was. Not an area at least it was a might get higher OK but I just keep dishonest. Will reassess and I'd say it's legal 66 illegally studies at all ever. Or do drugs somewhere yeah I mean but the most buttoned up. Close. Gas station it's fine job you two were for year right we spent a lot of times guest each to 2 in the morning we a lot of truck drivers atlas who spent time we gas stations written. You don't go to college to major overnight gas station. Deb and I mean I. I look at it. I I different rules for different times today Erica is that was look at that is after hours. Day after hours straight explain what he means well. Us because they sort a night crew when it worked in the crush of this is the only stock shelves searcher so in the story in open. So night rules. The waited around boss spent in around duty job but it's little bit more relaxed OK so you can get high. You kid you could do drink beer you doing your job you get cold busted you Doris and all the neighbors of erratic night. It after I'll. OK just needs to catch you true. So if you didn't see it that it really happened. Some would have happened at the grocery store which you were drunk and and it's got hurt. We have this discussion. Guy. Maybe maybe maybe not because you know very buys at the same page in the night crew Rollyo get a good buzz on the regular job done you know may everybody's cool weakened you know. You know it'll it'll. Slip underneath you know nobody sees. And the tables stupidest thing you remember what it's called after hours Urals the rule of seat attitude well like I drive into work at a morning thank you for all these cameras. Eric yeah. I would just roll through stop signs and red lights go to work at a Warrick is like what I would do Webster cumin and it in to work. There's it's 4:35. O'clock in the morning there's nobody around on a senator red light for three minutes there's nobody. I look around I just roll through like I just don't and it rules don't you know here's not a lot of cops around that it's happened in just rolled through if you. It got broadsided by someone take nick green light I mean rules go to giant put to load your own audio law. Locked in as the middle of the night you're gonna see another set headlights is the only at a senate headlights. Yeah. You'll do me all exodus. I sit there's light just talk about that certainly an odd question that I take that will stay there for four bit it's a bit but it might life. You gotta be kidding me is 69 yes there is an evil when it worked in the comedy business straight in the at the comedy club. You're hanging out in Iraq hang out at the comedy club after the drawing closer area are silly pops open bottles of racers as Sorenson though. Or have a little fun and average we're just hanging out it's after work that nobody like you making some international waters were nothing illegal and kind he's got. I don't night because like even the constant thinker cooled some of all we had to totally. After route 66027. Year old manager of a gas station in Ontario act. Accidentally. Put season lead the deposit bag drops it off at the lie it's national bank and stereo he did. That's composite dropped. Did I had a choice Pete got the last words he had a puzzled brother. Sorry you're really late out. I don't expect it to our sport our money they got to be that we were right. Or whoever delivers on that was literally. Although they supported him there. Replete dumb it's not much that we I didn't know until we received the money given their lack. Have you did see that we did the bag what it was at TP. It'll they're not seeing the rule personally. Goat in sight at this critical patent were stopped there. You know are. So I didn't know. I'd be right to your obvious now that we'd if it's worth at least a priest got our owing to visit banking. Publisher we. There are certain historic stack I grabbed one. I didn't look in sight that's right we can't you'll column. I took Pete what do they go back and look at the tape is assuming the bags or somewhere where there's a camera at all times they can't fight Italy did in his car he says okay. I I'd. I guess I guess better than throated garbage too late now a couple of good database to go body of Therese topic they're goes tedious Pete yeah. Americans beat. Steve EB.