Technology Shamed at Work

Thursday, February 15th

He's just trying to help you out, but he's making you look REALLY dumb in the process.

Duffy, Tommy and Kimmy were completely technology shamed, when the building's engineer solved a very simple problem.


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If you work at an office this guy is part of your work and -- eight weekly monthly basis he will seat to yell at us yes he makes everything kind of which is weird because all this hate this guy in it all comes down to. To try to Wear him I'd be gotten. The breaker matched his class act and six spots to be see half. It's beep beep. Guy engineer got to have a guy he's on what is the duties and we're lucky we got two guys who work year meant I had there the remains nice dude so caught up whatsoever. Every once in awhile mad cool and Kimi and I both hate him you hate them right now. I'm not as embarrassed by it because I don't really take pride knowing about the sling. So last week. In the Olympics started we wanted to watch the Olympics on our television it's utter production story a converter work at the U I couldn't you were there too and I took no interest we have a video of you trying to help our US Sabrina held. To protect its. We're trying to figure but it's even when Leon you can find the power but there was no power and on the TV or is it just couldn't find the remote was working trying to reap all the stuff and we are pissed like twenty minutes worth of work state and share your holding my legs fall down all of this to economical. By the engineer. Came in media exit what was wrong it is the batteries are dead arm. Batteries are dead wood and eighty. Really I didn't you say the better he's dead by touching checked I assumed future column mice post I don't know. None of my concerns I yeah I watch a video back and I didn't hear you saying hey check the batteries and I assume you check the use as a personal god knows I hit batters is plugged in the at all as Ali said while the TV part yeah. Any kind of follow that up about it I had the power button on that's the result of MTV has now every TV has a power boil it doesn't often does confined. That makes you a couple more U. Standing there I was weighed down I couldn't get up you always weighed down did everything my point is that slightly. You did this for us exposure for being dumb asses and just don't think on you for years and I hate importantly it's really embarrassed that all was his boat we had to send an email to help this is she deserves this is all coming back to this is what you'd dessert holly mistakenly because when I can't do something you call me old stupid. That was being narrowed trying to figure that out TJ you you turn it figured out with us is let her. Rule. That they did you start to bone chilling. A little bit to get to don't do it. You would have a little bit tricky. And they came right back to me amend. Try to figure out the rest of us you really can't give our god and later you you are idiots I tried to help either one Ariel Peta funny now we are gonna help us FaceBook right now because we have to be any debate I don't I told a couple funny jokes that was added okay you deserve this. Information is power going notes for example what Tommy just did you really think about technology but he won't ask can I got to turn on the TV set to do it reported an idea of the many do they go up. You will ask QB and I tech questions because you don't look weak now because you smug jerk me around. Even there's no reason why you we should know what you're doing Toshiba now obviously. But these guys we get weird them. We take it out a lot guys that shows us we're supposed to be attacked I expect to be the nicest guy in the world that he could be mad cool headed to be an attractive woman. But if they come and we shaming they fix something that was very simple you Jewish. Your shouldn't the attributes machine myself right now and instead of Felix shape and review internally I push it out I'm Ben who is now do so. Felt embarrassed for bank knew had to put up with is cut some cut public emergency and had become an interest change batteries. It's a that was like network related to be a big deal accepting were important like you know replacing the gears up like I feel bad for the IT guys worked the engineer work detect because it you don't survive. I without Hamdan yet he's got to be the least liked guy the office because all he does expose you for the prohibition Florida. Let again. This is what you get when you we knew when you wreck like tennis and obviously and maybe the next time you see somebody struggling Patrick. You won't be so quick to judge or to mark. It may be reach out to that person knowing milieu the inner surely you have is you can't turn on a goddamn television says is a video articulate posting area now are mr. all dogs can't put batteries in a remote simple simple fix Jon is the breaker but CNN Johnnie L. I'm too tired by the but I don't. I am I gay guy. Started out working in computers toward the teenager and in my early twentieth. With Adam and IT department in my late wanted and now I'm a senior security technician. Now please don't brag about it much. What you gotta order it if it took opera. If you want a situation where it's something obviously the ball and you know somebody didn't think a bit it's hard to beat the guy to go oh yeah well. How. You're telling me he had like that you have like AA what's good for. Eight clan a lock it with somebody when they don't be stupid to not make them feel stupid job. That's operating at 90% of my job. Bob Beckett today the computers are at a guy worked where. We actually making people. The problem with that is especially at a computer storage environments you're gonna repeat customer. Field on. So they'll close again. In October CompUSA and go on that the guy's Dick. I do feel you do a valuable service went to work that you yet just your voice giant ice age the need to plant. Our lobby group it's Democrats to do any actually guide does it all wrong we meet because you don't know like these guys we don't know what they're doing are we don't even know what they're saying. Like every job I have to fix abuzz IT guy you look I was here's to catch this now. Is this could have been really bad. This could have brought down whole company. I'm gonna fix it for a good Jesus I would make myself so forty you can't live now mate because nobody knows like. Nobody knows what he's saying like you're just staring at a bunch a wires in a box rate. I would be scaring the crap that everybody like you need to pay below more money man because nobody's gonna committed fixes were on the go for it thing you're not nineteen guy. It but looks like you're knowledge hostage like the old days late when those guys before we get so technical here late. The big deal is when those guys went to take a break. Bigger check and transmitter. So the transmitters on a tower at a town which raise a go to lunch. Maybe it's strip club you have a couple of Beers to come back. Batted just there's like a pretty good day amateur chick girl Ashley wouldn't go that. You're right the pollen but the engineer they ask all of that is take it to shut you down it's like. Pull the plug reject policies need shutting you down like this I don't like this were being. The for BP technology expert in the knew anything about doubters right now so. If applause and the IT guy goes on and before I was eighteen carat is computers and okay. And these overtime buses eggs fried fine jet thing there that thing and that's all shut assault got to come out you know is bad he compressor shut since. And I'm glad to order that it's 23 weeks ago to I don't know guarantees oppressor Heidi announced I don't era but I nerves are shot. Suited to 6000 everybody hates the IT guy detect I work and that's what's funny about this news we did the stereotype of the arrogant IT guy that there was a sketch of SNL Jimmy fell. Yeah everybody hated him but. He's the guy actually arrogant or we just super sensitive about that is probably a little column name column B. And it's impossible that all tech guys are largely due respects what is a little arrogance when you. I mean I mean would anybody be arrogant if you were the only guy in a billion new had to do something big it everybody is basically hang your mercy. That's a lot of power that's like a Christ like power. It's far. X tolerant they didn't finish in a small. There's only plan meant it is like I could shut you down right now and you would even know why. I guy I hold you at the mercy. Many right at the same time it's got to be little insulting note these guys went to sweeten none of us really have any idea what they do. And when we're telling somebody what they do we'd like put it in the most simple terms and it probably makes their job sounds so much more simple than it is. Yeah you gotta be in your legs like no I do way more than that but think you. Do we need an education to have this job you're an engineer like two 6000 I don't know how to fix compressor. We were trying to fiddle player TB was working. Production studio from what he. He minutes Tommy can be all of us couldn't figure it out or move wires try to fight but eased. Turns out the engineer came and fixed it the veterans return the boat up led to the breaker but CNN's is that then you set out is what which that is this event. A different that you sent Tommy that every TV has power button on. A go ahead. So I'd have a Sam's helmet that we do here at my brother in our filings showed me there's its touch glass so it's like your iPad if you look a lot of I do it deeply sorry you're gonna see all the little wind up with your. Anger. If you have to do a lieutenant in the last few swipe your finger over. Actual but it's like you're right that it's just too much sleep but color some pitches low volume of power by the. I'll tell you what a damn. And we searches idling of the TV's that. And kind of all know you look for Jameer brother. It doesn't help but are taking their old role yet we'll year old tube to keep you. They aren't tubes could if you actually I think the golf but it bridging unit that far off residents hoops and if there's. Which shoulders you can Chile where the past on all two air to get tickets like Pittsburgh about a 50% from the TV once every time. All the IT guys coming out of the wood here he's at the breaker mansi MF nobody. Hey it's going well so academic record forward. Corporate making editor and certain in the quarter was one of the speaker use scarce then. So we are medevac ever attacked calling. Out Iraqi and like you figure out what's going where I look at right. Look over. Chairman of the art I say well I eight. So exe again now I get the German port on the oval and Andy's looking down Saddam. You like such swinging like a charm and permit the board. I'm like excuse me I consider as you said it was in eighty century. Writer got expelled in the. I would have really figured is bedecked. I know he already was the worst. First it. They his daddy you're not helping your cause here where try to discredit you could. All. Of them at the that's why not soreness this yet folk pulse and interact. We have tried divisions when I'm LeRoy. As the Lebanese eleven to death they can really sent a list up this call now because now I remember right now a lot of people talked to the IT guy at work Korea hadn't yet I have lost a completely lost any ability to my compressors yeah. And cable and Scott from email. Oh. So I just quote were carry out fiber optics are expected to build a cease and a report today charming and security guard showed that he was fired next month. It is difficult to appreciate them. There. Hit two week eminent. We see it all the time working in ninety people say they're computer won't turn on we get there to find the monitor was unplugged keeps us in atonement for. I called because I give your three of them my computer was starting. And I call it woke our engineer up version kicked accord over the big clot oh he could do that did. Just all off. Sell any he said dude it's fifty other guys before they do Eddie's like we do is a moderate course spotted up doubts sorry sorry it's my fault bloody.