Technology paranoia

Monday, February 26th

How far does your paranoia go?


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Weird guys your age technology. Because I have discovered a site did breaking news announcement. Guys over fifty and are scared of technology that is actually safe. I think that they're gonna technology to exactly dangerous and your brother is the perfect example. I don't try to jump on the technology trade because you suspicions of this at first is where I love that little I I I ain't. And suspicious and don't use it in and it's cool I don't like. You pay another break rusty glass rack and it's XIDC map we are back we live Tommy was visiting his brother in Florida last and and you I guess it was social full Paul if you will why I did they. Not the not so we are gonna go on and have. Drinks. Diesel Babar. Seoul would get ready goma my brother's house and staying there were on the rat pack house so I drove over with and a year ago and again as yet. And we both walked out the door. And Peters I called pica duper separate so the guys right there big Johnny on the spot three minutes is at the door. So my brother goes what is has got Iowa. And I go that's our arise because until you were drive him I don't know we're gonna have a drink I don't wanna drive called the guy. Because who is this guy I go it's I called the uber. Because I want to know where I live. So he starts getting all freaked out now. That Rupert grocery lives we get a good they're gonna get to his bank accounts reap his dog play all is hot at the house on fire re all this stuff. I urged a get to scare the current cosell. He even wanna get in the car with a guy we get in the car any so it's really the guy as we're going to the Barnicle hey you know they breed us. Then know to get them I said hey Dave rader said he knows what it really goes he rates me I rate him right I'm gonna pay him in the gap. You can't be sure your mount up you gonna kill him and I got a good rating of only uses an iPod. I asked our man I got good stuff because deadly musical doesn't know what my mouth he's liked it and this with a guy OK and Augusta lake. Hey man you called leaks the united me like I was that good. It is that you or your brother until you do for the first. The first I used a relative suspicions I didn't get their cart rolled the guy that you were suspicious you we've talked to the show when we're showing up. Were suspicious at the Albert I would know where you that you've set eagle microphone now I'd like Hoover kept our views Hoover. And his work it does rush if you wanted to whatever few drinks right I really. You know it is to Tommy knows somebody who drives for one of these services so now you they clicked inside. I don't those guys like about the gets cool man I know get broken America blue chips at a lumber chaps here's what I don't understand about guys your age in the spirit of the driver into did you 6000 because we put this for other guys in their fifties and sixties and don't trust. The fact he's coming to your home casing the joint runner. Why couldn't he just do that driving around. It is rob your house what he just drive through your neighborhood or other places he wanted to dealt if you pick you up. You're going to your house and he's at any extra info that way he's just new driveway for like 92. So I kind of brought this up. And member that did make this. Up point I couldn't argue around which. Now he knows were not home. Close buddy up today gaga at the address just pick them up know where they are. And those are the can be gone for awhile so I could not argue the point that yes he does that no we don't knows were out. And he could be having a guy to come and simple fast could also do that I agree you'd ago. No he knows where your rat. How to have either Tuesday I could walk through a neighborhood older guys those are rated door bells have answers I also get that senator option but how to Weis say he's wrong about this one did. I can't if he's is worry annie's righty belt like Ike I guarding argue about how to drive Carter's. How did you ever know that there's nobody left in the house good point. That's shrew but more likely. We were four people get in a car we look are we had kids. So I would say pretty good shot. Well says they o'clock at night. There's no lights on inside the house was against some we are committed to get picked up in another location. Like walk a couple houses down. Pretend like that's your kind of prism my editor says you should work but it's all paranoia is a matter. He didn't get robbed the dog didn't get raped everybody's cool even in your defensive Bloomberg you're suspicious well what do you say it's yours and a what that is what I could argue around and I had that I was still pretty good on the argument battle Eric Cantor management but are we gonna use it to him to warm. Up probably out. Out hype but just a hair because my brother is freaking out another way I said you know. Here's as a thing. They both work out of the house secretary papers are older the other side this is. They can't FedEx. UPS. Dish but come out Amazon and everybody coming up to this house day and night. They get stuff or they ship stuff out check out our goal you've got I said of all the people to freak out. You guys at a worst. What's really interesting about this Tommy's brother getting upset to the number driver showed up at his home thinking the guy was casing the GM. When it comes to guys in their 50s6070s. There. You make your rules about what your seat and not seat right but when you've decided you've mastered something I got it it's not dangerous for example atomic you put your Smartphone it's social media. You're convinced that you know it well enough to use its he brought beside you know how fast I am in reality you have no idea I could be an app on mark and people like second on Twitter FaceBook you are your most bowler. Stopped they can't have people Hackett you're accountable it's funny stuff I wanna see your believing things that are true art for example you thought. Terry Google the owner the bills was following you face. You really thought that yeah write to us about these fuel systems starts not him pitchers of the stadium there. It's a that's okay because you think you've mastered it what you're not your the most political and economic take. What's with the what's to auditor take from there are ways in your phone clicked on the wrong thing at war but he can't bank on anything that's your phone. They can't get married same count anything that's on your phony it's it's got to it's got a code XE that's my point. That is my appoint you as pets sucks 31 sure. If you're. All vulnerable with the over your super ball both FaceBook and Twitter yeah you know believe it because you think you say it was very entertaining and fun. They say don't trust the cable company you should okay. Which is the cable company and the cable company kept the there are stories of your Smart TVs and cameras around you know partly to listen to Altria yeah. This plug this into your they've taken a big steamer and get a room you reject that out have you ever had that moment where your room have a conversation with your phone awesome. And you're talking about like I wanna buy AA foot stool and this have begun to go out and ads for fossils church when you look at that suspects never have any. Hey Arlen all the talk yet. Video earlier ball of foot stool next thing you know what's to say right now I just didn't regular folks. Goals by foot stool I wanna buy a foot stool right now I hit panel would have would okay. I just showing your head albeit just she automatically. Searches the web site at all hours ago. Okay you sound like you know it's freaked me out to us college knows it and stop on right now I only tee off look is obviously that's is that important. Off you proved my point. You prove my point it's never you. Realized its was every state. Well that it's our ministers say hey give me some free money. Is records show that six is show up in twenty minutes has given a 2000 dollar thousand dollars are the workhorse cat but that's beat you the app series assuming a box of lobsters. That work. Out. So they got Kimble I guess I didn't. Seat by Tommy is not like paranoid about it is stuff getting hacked on his phone has. Think nobody's gonna wanna leaked those nude yeah. We can keep the thing. Neighbors Geico commercial ever. Visit as its governor to get his get a said the BC about what the break of FaceBook page Steve says I thought it was just my dad was prepared to blow over I'm 27 we've gone out tricky before my dad refuses to take a lift or who were anywhere he's a greatest thing he would cut jury could the bar instead of lady got into his driveway. Good to hear that Tommy's brother's the same. I'm telling him as the greatest invention I I agree with an I guy I kept on prices to wit what you understand Allman. So there's a couple broad sell it like now even opulent and talented daughter this'll it's going to do something tickets are gonna stay in Rochester stare at the wall. But now that your brother said that about nobody being homey and I think they get that in the back your mind now look at the feeling that something you won't be able to get here little yet. Is that I was super delegate Tommy's paranoid in his whole neighborhood is paranoid iGoogle picked up Tommy fort this morning. Com. I was paranoid leader neighborhood thinking like I was gonna add someone in the street. Eager shot gut it and where you Earth's. In a paper wouldn't hear of an alien percent of general is the paper I jolt pastor driveway and and I had backed up did you did you economic analysts suspect let's. Waivers. So year old veteran over the flatly that all this. I see you guys all did you do 6000 on his brother paranoid Lowber showing up at his house that you guys Casey joining hobby it is his infinite wisdom of technology tried to comfort him. Say no I Jimmy's in the breaker Muncie and I think Jerry white attic. Morning at eight. I don't like calling the show and not having comedians to the song to get me a little bit of comfort is yours and sore throat. I daddy. Lesson. FaceBook especially if you're running me app. It does look cute proven time and time again so Tommy. I'm not your guy checks social media all the time I guarantee you're gonna have put stool. You know ads on your FaceBook later today. Owns all the an eye on also knows how toll is probably so yeah. That's because he used to. He's gonna wanna. Sit gonna go my hobby at what's. Or whatever derby Victor got that the phone is the only thing that was tough. It's on the lateral it. Can't show on the back. I missed you guys I'm glad to have you back the other radio choices here in the morning are just pure garbage so welcome back. Thanks but I appreciated that time he's gonna have fled to pure garbage that's a series of trades in a government.