Taking Fashion Advice From Mom

Thursday, January 18th

As a grown man, who do you go to for advice on what to wear?


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It's a weird relationship with close yes most of us still care what we have now. Excellent calls Sonnen gets supersedes yeah that's kind of like our uniform ran third jurors on personal jurors don't you patronized or viewed the majors. In her goodness. And further more it would be great to not have to pick our clothes just what do. It if so what else buys clothes for us or suggest something and we could set up that cherry whom as. And that's what a guy who listens to the show is dealing with right now he said its SS two week. Yesterday cheese and he is in it. Please join me in line. To dissect it you break matched its classic. Many 65 DBC advocates went away a twit this afternoon yesterday it. Asked last week Jesus he's got a problem at. After the show yesterday let's it says I need your help my Italian mother insists on buying clothes thoughtful. Even though that's not too because we have different taste also I'm a grown up and I don't need her are you dressed may. I need to know if most men have month insisted on buying them clothes you know as most men are not. Yeah. Little boost. Has been among. So it's couple things here. This looks like he's in what is it forty entity you've got he's got like you know young kids and family and yet that's economic dresses OK but it's just it. One it's your mother's execution it was I usually tight in my history she despised in turtle I. But this relation. Others town Italian men's relationship with the others even worse the guys pictures yesterday no offense bro I appreciate this it is. Keys eighty to look at standard dad clung to color insert into our team he's human he's being still controlled by his. About. The state controlled or it's just being polite no it's mother's Italian mothers at worst you're gonna look at your mother announced that the woman who birth due to a great. It's the closest. Get rid of these big Italian a judge said no she'll win. It's something for twelve varieties of Nichols. Rules you'd out quietly closed. Up disrespectful that would be she's. Gavin he's accused bid and ask to do it. Jesus and Italian all reg the Italian woman but Hinske OK but. She's only trying to help let's be real if she has she's also trying to controller but she has issue with what are such as where she probably has a point isn't a problem if you have a wife. Does the wife really went your. Old as greasy Italian mother step in and Emery go back home make the cookies for advent usually about letting it UT mother F off. In a polite way yeah thank you just say he's. Out she's gonna be. She's gonna be dead soon rate. Did you get married but but but you gotta do to wipe every day for a lot longer than when YouTube which a mother and ground to deduce tutoring. Did you get mom a mission all I have Bobby's shoes. Who said he we have sex in front of his mother. No but it would have sex with my mother yet. Desperation but dental David Satcher reviewed its return jobs. But. Italian men have a better re weird relationship with the mothers borderline creepy no it's not just as citizens grow. Totals act and I wanted to sit what I think that invent confession. Does that tell you know because they're filthy thoughts about Italian and Italian men in their in their mommies. How to have a my mother was an Italian semifinalists. And John is it weird you know these guys bro is what we. I don't guys that are Italian. It still get up in the morning. They have a wife and kids and before they go to work they go to their mother go there all mother's house that editor eighties and she makes some breakfast and is. Now but I know a lot of guys that OK tonight that they stop I everyday guys seem ma I got to shake it Oman. That's weird but in this case. Bob moon. Weird but in this case like all this guy mayor whoever's. Mom is buying them clothes that's dues to say. Thanks mom in your closet take it back out the next ten easier to get but that's a lot of that's a lot of pressure put an odd every bush is first of all. Italians are consciously pop and by. I'm gonna stop over again you know stop and I'll lay it all you know came Obama does not all of now but that did that and by the way Italians. Isn't of the thinkers as married to a Sicilian woman they don't believe and locks on the doors so like. It is coming your house has come and open to Fred sit down make a pot of coffee they was going on our approach a plate of cookies so like. You could come down the stairs and was out that I got you. But he cookies. You would just go put on sweater for your mother. But it doesn't and there's a problem that you like a gift it's and he made for you that you didn't want to had to display in your house yet and his socks the pressure it's almost like you're gonna do it that dog. She's lead around by you Italian don't. But if you would do it for like a friend or their trip to Hamburg. You have to do it for your mom this is so much. BS like I just tell you enough with the buying me stuff and mentally you're not even making this simply just going to the mall and buy and I actually feel like if she made you sound right caperton effort into it. But Venus went down to having causing damage Perry jeans that I I don't like that figured they'd amount mommy didn't make this so it sucks yes about that. And an a polite way. Please so that's nice save in broken English to do 6000 it's a no good. Yes your arm by closes we admit we may need like Pete's delights who like those feel like the standards we use it weird to you intellectual place via closed. He never did she hasn't she hasn't yet is because or taste feminine enough. If you wanted to you know mock me. Mark my feminine detail in my masculinity tea majesty is. But I just like I but I let alone for long times of his use of the I am I close and dear to the point where like. She tells you she doesn't like something on you in you'll go out of joint aware that it there's a is a big mistake there man huge event quiet you can see all the white shoes. Which you do not purpose like it he really that attached to the issues were you feel it yet you look. Amazing in memory used to doing it you don't annoy your wife. There's my summer shoes or white shoes are known Italian has had at least three hours with the white shoe. Pretty good stuff that's I don't. I don't attend the amendment of the Bill Clinton says Terri tell the backyard to do my toward the bedroom of Canada. Too did his sixth. Out of there other people as intently at 405060 years old you should listen to wipe the. Wanted to be sure it was a much it's a kids sick at eighty dollars a Q I'm dead trust my brother a 100% thought he even at. Copy my Brothers were drug I can my brother gets like. They would put that I. I don't like guys do this yet now that used it like my mom suggesting where something you'll buy into it but he won't Wear unless my brother proofs on my dad asked me about what I'm wearing all the time ED I dig my dad knows that I have. It closes like that he needs the colossus like let it cool that he had. As well so he will ever forget that the network regular myself and it might even be a better idea. Right because we your daughter tell you had a dress she knows what suicidal she definitely has your best interest at pardon your Sunday just take a look at. Yes we don't behavioral like a big fat aging Justin beaver. I get a means unity being skinny jeans could argue testicles pressed up against in naval nobody you'll go to breathe. Not because no daughter wants her dad to look like that big. BL LC gonna tell him away edited the that's the today's fashion rate that's that today's stratus. Really Smart probably already thought I don't of the G store review. They say cannot rip. Knees in the genes. So my dad would always. Borrow my brother is like a one of those puffy vests. And it looks like a young guys that Zell Idec have steel Manama Brothers closet so for Christmas I got him like more like dad looking puppy Vasily I see he's only a deal that put it. Christianity's the only but it does look like he's trying to be young now. He used the host grad Ed look at you know silly name. Surely alleviate get in Moet old man used to be where did you don't want you don't like Justin Bieber goes what's the problem led by. Because there's nowhere for us to go as men might that's why you should just leave us alone. Or water will seek our own level but lake. I can't Wear that sweater 'cause I looked too young. Put on lame ass old man's letter because you don't matter anymore why justice let me be as subtle labeling me I hate when people at the label people those people are. Legal eagle timely tips I've got dings your dad jeans right like yet and I you know exactly who had died. I Russian sect locks up the dirt that does this so mark Adam Housley that if. From my talent that what are we get it to the fullest to its yesterday's him as bush. Desperate look up people it looks like he's in his forties by close look it up huge since again it's your mom but who likely listening to the passionate voice as he aged two to 6000. Bodies. Most guys it's yeah you probably killing me you probably dress like your buddies you don't realize. Do you sit down and talk that he Steve were to get him jeeps from now but it is and I I think it's just like. When you see that guy you're in maybe just make you know the manager gulf. Check your buddies out suit their way and try to believe that it's just sleep normally you know like let's say you hang Elena group the guys revered golf an official whatever they're also like Gil can address the same but then one day somebody comes in. It's a done really loud and different but you know you what's going on men who got you that like you know he didn't buy that crap it he's forced to Wear an in your gonna mocked them and. Needs that again it depends on the culture that comes from. It a bloody minded as an Irish or German or something like that background and he comes it comes to lead a hose and nobody comes it was a lot ice and his wife bought Dennis if my buddies who was Italian or black or something like there's a sale I I assume that they'd seek that Al. Out because that's what hurt it while they like the were loud stuff it's. Here's a day like. Leon and a relationship early on a marriage lite can meet to its. Controlling on L all rookie Knoll. She takes more risks and she should when it comes to gloat or maximum public her herself. Like what the way she dresses sell dressy you know it still happens to my wife is much wildlife when will come home with some. And he. She knows America. Is set for you she Bobby sweater the saga so we get a package and dressed her. And it's from one of these lake in east side billion attitude. Beaters and current nine. So which is I got you something that you can't package and this sweater. And Borneo and that's when this one's cool and knows the whole UCL and one. Is currently designs on Erica vary it looks like from Norway is Ecstasy patterns resistor countries years ago. Yep she's super cell good looks to be it. To object as this letter. Yeah have to Wear it sure and I wish it would bottom floor BC gets me this man but it's a small price to pay for it late note eight until she hears me say this audio puts your not happy when you get to be happy when a blanket be adding. Yeah I think like one thing it's one thing. It was a letter that does it throws a hole they had killed. Albeit in just such a girl. What you closely look like you're weary like at least slippers right now are Clarkson just rigorous man walked in Shah and justice throughout the the name Brandon wooded east side huge sell ball over there's clocks and easiest place Rottweiler came on. They're just regular and shoot him regular and its eyes and it's soon. While at the foot of approaching. We take a break.