Supporting Your Significant Other's New Hobby

Tuesday, January 30th

What should Kimmy do about her boyfriend's new found passion?


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And how old we all eaten all this may still have dreamed yes so he always wanted to do something you're thinking about trot kitchen through that era. Someone should tell can't meet this having dreams is a very important part of being happy got. Because if she does what she wants to do here I don't trust what the idea but I don't totally believe you. You're going to ruin your boyfriend. And maybe even change your relationship. Hold fast to dreams comic. If dreams die. And ice is broken winged bird that cannot fly at that if you see somebody doing some stuff. They just don't is isn't it's personal it's a waste the time you. It's you don't know what you're talking about. Nobody cares which is stupid little opinion about XY disease and nobody wants to hear you dumb little band. Or your. Would it read go I mean there's certain things like once these hobbies are exposed to the public yet again you'll wanna noting your basement and play. With toy trains or build the bookshelves there. Car that's great but once you start putting your weed that's okay. We have because you got putting out in public where you can get. It's happened then you become like trained OK nobody know Billy knows about your goal. If you're if you're train got people now you're trained I have few people but once you go into the what do what do you call it. What's blocking world of law here we're yet you're gonna go to water when I hear explode. The breaker boxes classic rock many 65 to BC MX can be what are your boyfriend won two. My boyfriend. As a big craft beer guy so he wants to do a blog dedicated to. Craft gear reviews specifically. Rights are locally and that he hopes to branch out of Angela breaks out NC. Think he's already thinking ahead and get BT sits at the blog world man. Let drank last night the thing is she there's a ton of craft beer blogs up there already is always trying to think of new and creative ways to do it. Wait only he's doing he's drinking is that even making the beer now he's just got to drink the beer and give you his. Personal opinion on said beer it to be but he's not even like creating he's that Jesus these consumer yes yet here. One odd drank last. To realize that's what I'm not sure she Walter of the year due to. Flesh out what else did me some bearish Waller and your broad outline of eagle QB couple of credit for alive. He's doing what we do to show every day we could see people's media that we talked about it created thing but were experts. Just professional. Award winning so what is wrong with disk vodka so a 1001. I think you as being the F beard that's done I'll try to help yeah I don't agree with it so. Yeah he's been kind of like reading different ideas passed me which he'd. Got. To go blog and do whatever on the Peter I don't I don't apparently that's your time you can do it every lot of free time. But now he's trying to bring me into it and get it mead. Run ideas by Nike wants you. His latest idea was to make it different than everybody elderly to get to as as he wanted to. Kinda do like a video. Of him. Reviewing the beer and then matching it with the song that he would play in the video. I think I'll. Well you know you. Can't really can't really do that as you know there's like copyright laws of the page and putting them in the videos but they don't that would down. So wait so of the tiller would manage to bank his feelings about the began his. Day. Tell us get a look at that won't. So I felt bag they shut it down to get really discouraged that certain other guys ahead of which you're right he can't grab music. There's copyrighted material and just take it for the lawyer lay it. And just objects have been in the game alone time to do and did you ever. Proposing to do. There's other subsidies shattered by Munich. The ticket and you know but I don't say no because I'm it would light elbow beer blood and his yet the city he got it just non English teachers and public had. And here's here's the worst part of this whole claim. These when it comes crashing down a lot to me there isn't good thing about it is there's no briskly money wisely you're not like investing in health. If people can comment on your blogger and yet I going hey I really like your blog and you're so great IA I think you're great. And then there's that if he jerks that are gonna light them up and that's going to be the problem is so once everything out there. People can and smacking around all their life and he's going to be prepared for that. And I hope he's ready for that I don't know how to. I don't know how to explain that to him because I don't think yet became a lot of video that he thinks that it's not a big deal until somebody says on the net. Ray didn't do handle criticism. Now it I'd leave keep blowing that part up that's the major part of this that's my point you wanna go make. I shelf in the basement. And it just sits there that's fine. But if you ought to put that said shelled out in public and people can go yourself suction and orchard doing. Scoring a lot like let CB handle it should stop them but is it did then I feel guilty if. That happens and I didn't you would revel that a little bit oh I I don't want him to feel bad about what he's doing basic issues in a business were she's exposed and she gets criticized China's. He's not. All of you married men listening and I should think a victory that you hat it's Sox Avery you could have done it 81 to do it and you like either laughter your face told straight up you couldn't do it if you bet he eats Thomas. Timothy. What resentment. Every single mad at this break at this moment it becomes something he wanted to do you and your wife laughed at them and you harbor some sort of resentment. Four and what do you want him to present you can. No that's why I'm not telling him not to do it but he's going to be a hobbyists. You know what a hook up an obvious. This is first thing that he's the end fabulous he does he does enjoy it I'll also delivered over the banjo. Assortment of Detroit getting a little red clay and then Helena rambling now we associate that either at its debt at home alone where that a with. Alcohol that's not that. I find it very interest dogs don't regular column. You Tommy don't lose dude don't go I don't know what to do both gonna sock says the man who quit his job as a grocery store employee to tell jokes. Terribly. Leak which which took this job which do terribly. Accurate literally telling these can't not to do. What you do it. Are we directing my point. Here's your. Strokes. A mortgage reduce X is at the but it is it is up Bassett. I didn't have a white to tell me now exactly. Exactly Inca. But nine out of ten times. Your ideas so rent. And you really wanna be with tempers and that this was to talk about mural thing yes or wants to talk about this whole thing that'll thing. And inspiring the kid has creative idea that he wants to go try it out. Okay good actress and I find it interesting that you're taking this stance would like your wife has come up with ideas that you didn't wanna do it you sat here all morning and bitch about something that she wants to do that's new and five birdies sucked but those that terrible ideas. And there's everybody involved. They give you as a violent plus ago due sitting district. I don't know anything about it and I don't intend to learn anything about it because I have no passion for that so take a fashion lingo. It's I don't believe I still keep trying to dissuade her from doing Soliai given shot. I would do it subtly you know I mean like Elena Pettitte I would want and Romo and sledge hammer her idea is that second war correct. So you had to subtly sabotage her ideas. And make it look like it's her fault and that's that that's the beauty yeah. 2226000. He's boyfriend wants to start EP your blow them. Go along with the can Jillian bureau blogs that are out there he's not even like he was a committee was apparently music. That was his latest idea I mean he's trying to come up with something creative to do that separates him from the pack like Heatley Jersey I think it kind of pisses me off in late to be the job we do to coming every day and be creative and create there was a concern and have spun. Yeah you just have that outlet he's trying to find out let I don't dissuaded him from I don't I'm not edges. I don't I'm not like the beer person hears I don't know what to tell you about how to make this a better blog. Exit the rigorous yet that's exactly why it. And so I went and I did it appear blog thing herb products couple months odd little bit app at that given a shot. At a road bump. And that no move none of them. So what's a robust nobody looks veterans get tired of dealing proudly Wear it. Get epic combination of a lot of different things and I meet and it not as opposed and we'll RD. People are high and have your blog and there are well. Why why care about sub Jim Oakes opinion about a beer that I don't know like an adult community. Knew it wouldn't be here. So I heidrick and peerless to iron and good notably doors and of those slew of stealing and which lets you tell me about a year. Usually thugs busy. Well that's I think the outside. A lot of credit as the year and that has really come along way and you know we've really made a name for ourselves we should be pretty proud about. He's. It's just. Let. It. You expect him to reflect. I liked it and there's like you know maybe 2%. Of these crash appeared guys that that people look up to that went their opinion about a year but just a guy. Who goes home and I and sucks down subsides what's the right about it. Nobody's gonna look at it to you again just like you must surrender on a sheet of paper and and thrown out the window 'cause that's the parts are gonna read. My other. Think his and these are blogs explicit. And the tape you don't like the beer rape and the public with never met a beer that he didn't like again I don't know Hollywood able to write a. Baton like Everett takes a listen to my opinion it's all good but that's that'd like we are here highlighted every beer Halloween night uniqueness one. I like ass crack and it's it's a very messy it's ass forward. Any goes with other passes that one just because you don't like something doesn't mean I don't like unity of people like big deal but who cares about her. About this. Would you describe what the beer tastes like. Ideally they're go to tastes like Motorola but if you. So okay. But why is there. It all Shenzhen and booze no seriously asking tons of money when it comes to reason Rochester is one of the cities I'd like Beers you're pathetic little out of four. People still it gives a budget gone through would. Oh man said to the guys who work Jesse buried. Now present to regular brew up a quick rush for 200 years ago are considered too yeah on the side Milosevic quality man yeah there's this guy. And in the heat can tell that's. We think solid banks regular has been your body. Yet. I'm willing to give it let him give that a shot I just you know I'd I don't know. How do you help him without being too critical personal don't. We have let him go let him do it don't do at the Kennedy I ask me for opinion that I can just like does your thing I'll yes. Yes because it's gonna flop it's gonna slop well so why attach yourself to a loser rate. If they wanna do it that's fine don't put your hands Atticus essential materials are here's what's gonna happen you told me you said what you thought this was a good idea. You'll get sucked into the blame don't be don't don't put your hands on because once you say something. You nauert co owner of a bus and has been your blog Tommy is regulations Tommy is right about attach yourself to loser I did it five years ago ultimately has been miserable existence. Of the.