The Summer Locusts (Part 2)

Tuesday, July 10th

Is your kitchen pantry looking a little bare? Has your grocery bill been through the roof since the kids got out of school? You might be a victim of the SUMMER LOCUSTS!

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They did a lot of keyboard tough guys that are showing up on this subject now we have ridiculous you all talk. Well Larry guide or a buyer can I deduct all my taxes that do or die. But the financial strain of other people's kids in your home to break Asia the food they're eating the place that they wanna go the money that you were spending the average American will spend a thousand dollars on other. People's kids every year and is expected is that sounds that only works out to about twenty dollars a witness for completion Apollo house yeah in a power house yet another breaker rutz classic rock music's got the BC mabus you guys holds its IPO one phone line open I want to read these FaceBook message yeah right now I do. It's Steve writes my son is twelfth. I always make sure my kid has twenty dollars in his pocket for stuff like this yeah it means they're not deadbeats and it also means I don't have to pay for anything like this for other kids. You 212 year old twenty doll could. Every day and to spend it wisely what. You still. Maybe a little bit this'll get to two dollars. And nobody is but Beckett but decades or stick in his hands and everybody else's pocket all you would take to twenty dollars I would spend it on whatever I wanted to an end to eat the food out of the fridge from hitting his racist town properly. Real and huge is able to beta do the good ones okay what they all can be like at juvenile. Much secret pornography I would've bought with twenty dollars and let's talk a twelve right yeah. The creepy crawler collects I would have had items for two dollars apiece for the kids and it is that we Jeter's hit whose certificates are so excited creeped coral and just. Pointed creepy crawlers will open two favorite thing but not together. Could be taste of women. Mark Mason says his covenant it's a -- Aaron writes meet the mom's neighborhood nickel and BJ's reaction sharing Aaron in the neighborhood make a real sort of the neighbor guys combine for a little taste to Aaron be added the other moms of the neighborhood. Make Iran BJ's every two weeks to buy a bunch of food. I'm glad palace next amongst the houses we keep it separate Tupperware bins in our homes kids know what was it the more for science and it's like aura Katrina relief. But secure enough FEMA trailer she finishes that way everyone shares the cost just spending extra money what's the difference right there are making sure albeit their parents again same thing I've temperature load not buckets of ice storm. This is having kids did a year us. I hate to kids even if you don't wanna do it it's kind of unavoidable at night. Till I got to come over from my snacks yeah I get to cover for Halloween did you come on over to some Baylor crap for school. I had doesn't put a drive through window and it's part of the cost of living in the suburbs and you like it both a blessing and good luck to. Let's put a lot got rid conflict that one caller Tom said the guided. I think it's it's tough to keep your kids from dealing that it can come hell or even home. When these kids that are ready and around. Yeah okay so my a father back in the day so might this is indeed this story you tell the going on since day one. So my home here at this big hunk of pastrami. Brent any treated it like I don't know what like it was like the Christ child in the refrigerator. So mile man lived worked in New York City had a dreaded Jersey that was like a two hour ride home he dedicates it trained to their card to home rampant. And only stink about getting home. And Abbott a warm pastrami sandwich and slice of water marks in a big big watermelon ourselves spread to spread over get a summertime in New York City. Nowhere in the cards just greedy get so. He gets home. Here is may be a slice of pastrami is thick and fluffy is a communion Wafer. And the same goes for a watermelon. The boys got a hold of it the neighborhood and native. He lost his she's zip like five or six I still have the memory of him. Beet red screaming at my Brothers. And their friends down in the case because by the way the boys shall dancers are bass figured if I file finder of jerking around upstairs my home and is is losing its. Do that they'll Maggie can't sleep but that's all I can ticket policy tipster huh. So there's less it is ads. Physical but at least politics all this poor man I want and I've never been a bio men's quarter get this out of the priests of. The president and the families even worse off. That's what's your biggest outlets I said that if you wanna go some way or with your kid in their frat jealousy here gonna take him to the areas apart you're gonna take him to movies you have to offer to pay yeah yeah I bills on CFA dealt a body. I. They're already getting an army base in weather is here. Thank you here's a blue eyes they believe they've made my point on occasion with a as a parent gave them money. What they want and that anything or whatever that Ali wired and it became moment. So you weren't prepared to pay. Obligation that parents would give the money they wouldn't spend that money and all that that went in their pocket when they got home. Well they would spend some of their elected city it would. It was bad bounce out. Such as David got 300 out they would buy nothing. It would buy no food they would not. Only whatever they want it you know I. Guess that person or Brandon. Whatever out wherever they are and what it was no mood like a lot to be. I would now open wound went to Wal-Mart that are Groce jobs that are not unlike any that. Felt like that. Does. Turn a profit and you know occasionally goes a free ride typical what you think sort of planned until their term result of the migrants are running about tomorrow. I don't you got your own kids yet. Tell us somebody took them I got you I thought OK got you but felt like you could look those kids in the face take to be that money like it's not socially acceptable right. There do you. They went for a few couple years and ended they're I don't know that they went live down. Another gambling and a debate every. And our house a vacation night I got to take a vacation. And how identification were Manning more people to my vacation it's so hard my kids are now distracted by their friends so I have time to myself that's one DNL. It doesn't get kids to watch that a baby. About the comment I appreciate it. Did you just can't do you cannot skip priest who cure you muddied the restaurant going to take your kid did you look across the table 12100 bodies of twenty dollar by the rule I don't read about record. Potts a little light it's golf. It tweet from Nat rugs. She should ask wicked ago if you don't expect to pay for them. But if gay kids but these kids parents and offer up some money absolutely. Innocent in all different Kansas does. It logical thing. Don't mess with us today I thought they should go out every picture I've let me say that's so let's say you do the class thing right. They did then the other kid comes no money so now again welfare emulator on my dime. You know you can only dominoes those parents she is no they are it's a crap. Mean that that those parents are not good my parents. Com those parents who are broad hook clues. According do you expect. This well have you said he feared abducted with Hillary put a piece of crap prepares. Sure it's only ever why my prayers are piece of crap but they always did you try to back. Criticized the days of the Soviet people over the delegates. Of the great offers apiece to craft. A daylight out. It's. It's over the friend -- of awkward with your family because if you have kids they have cousins didn't write whatever yeah. You're public you're obligated to pay for those kids going places and his family. That's a tough one to get I think it's easier to look at a family member of mine and tell them give me money than it is to look at the parents of someone in the neighborhood say give me. My sister or take my kids my sister's kid somewhere yup it's thirty buck and money. That's easy. So like with so my second wife and I wouldn't have kids that we would take in nieces and nephews some sectors stuff so we just paid. As we don't have any kids that we just didn't really what a great guy has. After all just pitch it I don't we we just paid in that died within that we're used to get it even masters put any minute they offered a way that. All the old policy colleague. I liked it. Auto show and had a twenty years ago saying dummy I get up saying I was a good guy but you start getting taken advantage of its gonna (%expletive) you off. Like have you become the daycare center for years sisters or your cousins your in my again. I mean come on man. Veba how many people though have to tailor their family vacations. Around what the the person makes a lease can afford. That's like you sound like you know literature and a lady something nice but you know your sister brother can't afford to take his kids there her kids there. But he can't happen again down you're making all just that we all know but I do not get paid for them obviously so he kind of got like Audette. Think so I got to work all year for vacation I don't want Jesse a lot of people do that is there's that they like most men don't wanna go on vacation vacation would be the families or stay home no beatification means it's at now a vacation this means I had to spend money. Paying for things that are have a house that's a vacation to a man rancher night and a pile on more people and dictate what I'm gonna do when I'm gonna do it. That's another job. I haven't worked. I understood those qualifications to your family grown up pilot Eric Myrtle Beach house. Extended extended them because you're right either you are stepping up to pay for everybody if you want to do something nice or you're stepping down what you wanna do. You don't make somebody who would you can't come it is like having their bruised heart a break for you I don't get it I don't understand stay home. I get ever Anderson live by my dad's brother by his family ever wanted to come on vacation but does it like when we went on vacation of them like to the Jersey Shore where they lived there in New Jersey. But like when they would on their own vacations and feel like to the Dominican Republic they're rich yes exactly it was like that bill. The difference in the level of the family vacations. He was a family. Did you know that I hope blown Lieber family apparently that they had to like we did great. A rat like shell and a play you know and it's a lot you would all the furniture on topic of Beverly hill. Only as soon. You said story from do you have anything but how. Had beaten that is really embodies another cup friend and her family he'd they had two kids my director of so we started going on vacations together exactly what you're talking about while my dad. Not great with money and didn't have the money this other guy did right and so I remember one year we go to Myrtle Beach and like that's a fancy go itself might dead books a hotel room. Ebooks a hotel under construction because let's expert and are they what is different hotels there's a nicer hotel so that it is gonna meet up and do stuff in Myrtle Beach grand. This guy wants to go to planet Hollywood for lunch brought high end that was back when black Hollywood split. Evidence of really expect did you pay for the name specimen that was by it'd of sidebar that I'll mail is it you know you pay ten activity by senate next. Hollywood minute. Yes. I distinctly remember her driving from the hotel the planet I'll. Hollywood in my dad's like rubbing his hand on the back of his neck cousy got the money to swing this kid or dad is my. Did you get nobody Israeli strike in a culture. There is every. At a big table at all like yeah I'll get us to. Want to get I don't know. Everybody. Brought him here he yelled authorities. They got dessert but would like to but it does that we would get himself deserted eat at the plate and he beat you and and you summerall frank yeah well and calories in the water itself. But margarine no miracle for the water. But I guess it does it because we weren't there. Married he got himself dessert denounced you. As Richard big water at all but duke. Takes a certain. Tour. Education that tired misery stroke but that's kids right kids are misery yes there. You dads you don't grow up when they grow up you release that when you're in that moment when you don't have that appreciation it is his it is funny because like years ago I love my children and there's such a blessing that. Nobody has any good stories every story like with somebody comes in a talk about their kids it's a choice of us up to these days they're broke. Or did. It didn't do. In the house every comes a guy they like it nailed it today executed atlas have good stories of my childhood my parents he wants to hear that two year. Probably if I thought we started the day you're dead air is that a good yeah. Well this the end of a tragedy or pastrami from eight until sex you'd machine with the.