The Summer Locusts (Part 1)

Tuesday, July 10th

Is your kitchen pantry looking a little bare? Has your grocery bill been through the roof since the kids got out of school? You might be a victim of the SUMMER LOCUSTS!

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It's officially the dog days of summer vacation if you have kids they're Boyer. And their friends. Have taken over. Your home telling you let out. To offer I it to reject. You start to feel the wall at the grocery bill and money asking force they can do new things and taking care of your kid is tough enough. No one ever told you you'd be spending all this money on the kids lived under Obama care its neighborhood Obama but your kid is doing the same thing and other people aren't there. Well I have no problem death. When you find out how much you're spending and you're going to think oh my god that number two hi Nancy Reagan about a week by week basis. The breaker boxes classic rock and 65 to BC MF so what my oldest friends in town over the weekend and we grew up together we're sitting out. It had a couple Beers and our lines reminiscent of bottle tops. And talent wise about how we would spend every day all the summer's vacations together and we'll talk at age thirteen AT I was sleep and at his house like two to three times a week. You can subscribe we're good buddies and it was all they had heat roof fixed happens what is meat was all the kids in the media right. I'm realizing as were talking. All of the things that this guy's parents did for them but the money they spent on food that I would just walk at their house open the fridge and take. The money dig it must go and do stuff just get us out of your hair for a little. And this happened. Every once called kids raid the fridge and begging for money because report and I and all of this up and my hat here all the stuff over the years in it occurs to me. Just his parents. Must've spent thousands of dollars on meat over all of the years of fabrication but why why am I why am I feeding this other kid. What you're you're obligated yeah. Probably can't accommodate the other refrigerator your your routes. Your kid though probably eats at their house in other kids houses like strategists like Reagan did you ever my kid killer of children but the negatively miked. We need to breakage over the out if you feed their kid and he's already are all the time like he goes over to once in awhile big difference so callers is always go to house the kids strait yeah yeah I was just because it if you got a pool gets a good example. You get to all the video games right there on any pop underestimate your house your analysis is slam with little fat punks that your feet and call cuts tool day. That's ridiculous. It's funny bits of the night and day after we have this discussion and when he leaves make up next they of course my daughter's friends over an eagle on the fridge because they're hungry and every yoga or hope just yet jello cup apple banana it's also and I put my head because what you like it or not and you could sit here and be cranky old man all you want. There's no way to not spend money on every single you know I'm proud hammer out a lot about. I did I guy gutter and away his route radio IG look at your kids for a stage in your kids' friends and until you cannot eat that I don't have it. Just there it's gonna be there mennonite out. You have Webber added that you I mean I don't regulate that stale you have been apparent is that a data and Internet out the neighborhoods of the guys. I don't lie be that guy that neighbor kids that's gonna tell their mom and dad are not bloody stuff at your home theater I'd rather that let me go to the bank and go hey can't pay the mortgage is great because. This punk kid that AA history all the baloney it's about the ticket the neighborhood and every kid from already did Dick in the neighborhood and your kid does that Holmes doing this Democrats good I see my budget. He makes all these discount grocery store all the time when loves it. And that place it was made for stuff it's your kid will each out of house and home but did so young that data mine the crappy stuff like confine. Bridget doesn't care if they sell Bologna which and to glasses at Columbine. It out oh golly on the cuts amount. Had a friend you. Specifically got aid membership to one of those. And Dora the Costco. I had just because her son's buddy kept coming over intriguing an entire case of juice boxes. I get their they would goal after like two days so it's like she had to start buying them and hold just to the one kid. Now direct kids but I've seen this you in this is them the one thing I know over the summer that parents freak out about when all the friends come over. The half. Drank water bottles as juices and sodas a day just leave inning to open up another one because it's warm or at stale. Or I don't like us anymore it just sits out and I know. Debt will give you a heart attack or stroke I need to kids write their names and sharply in the boxes does that even help them men these angry you are with your every Perry broke. Right he's got his label cups and stuff. My sister will do this might just come over open of the Diet Coke have three sets and leaving the cockpit costs everywhere you sisters how old 24. That she's not up. Well I know I don't give a pastoral four year old right I understand it on us and a concept get preparatory for you should have a doubt they are parents of kids at Beckel do you cherish this later this the average parent. Or did neighborhood welfare your Dolan out will spend just over a thousand dollars on other people's kids every single year a thousand. Extra dollars out your pocket and other people's kids and for those do you think that sounds high. It's just over twenty a week rehearsed that. Did you expect to get to know because you don't have it is is gone. Howdy yeah I mean I don't have it. You just eight. Now I gotta replace it which I don't have will link at the bank okay you're spending just over a 1000 dollars Taylor I am going in diablo all be where it would below all please. Mr. Lowe were engrossed restore I think all these might be the bottom of my personal data dollar but it dollar store coal carts. Too it's a big thing nailed nailed a snack tray yeah Rihanna owes you chips in the crap that your yet are getting a low ascetic and five make it my own but you get a major address. To the through this kid's so. My oh my wife which indicates she was single. And for some reason. She was to go to a house should no money or how she did it. You can roll on under house because the boys and a each at a house although it's not just the food that your accountable for good today it's finally some of these other kid's parents I doctors. She's single work in widowed woman probably Mateen and doctor kids could be the only it healthy food to click the kid whose parents are always had just healthy food. Vick now an act on their bread healthy food initially you'll bananas and you like some snacks Giuliani's ultimately what's doubts about the tournament. On top of the breaker on CM I think it's not a body. Hey I remember there's this one guy in there and you're one of the kids are others he had no lock and refrigerators. He's actually just like trying to restart. That was the biggest ticket at neighborhood right. You don't want when he went to their friends there is some that are waiting for coal food eaten by himself alone because of what he hated it still a solution to get it yeah. I lost that key. A home areas and that's why is an episode with a glass break it reads as the books at Buick kids right. Please explain to Tommy why this is every parent's duty to do this for all the kids in the. I'm right now we're. Trying to do when a foreign exchange student price and actually has and you know we're gonna go to the clothes are gonna go to New York. Regularly nordic any student. What would you do. Experience for the kids how IV we kept well would you make this let this country is slammed with god in case like you guys. To get it can't. Visit. They aren't used to run out your home but glad I got to go by they'd see European food for this little have been a huge jerk. You'll want to that is illegal alien goods and AJ angle all that Craig's Pepe. Please execute easy credit you know. Or at forty she's gonna crack dealer Europe dumps their kids. Like it was finally give you had water to your school like. The most interesting person in the world and that's gadgets open up there gives you experience in what kind of experience might thanks Reggie of the European Union how's that they smell. The body talking about the rest of the floor conference for XT student moved up the street for a summer and you know looking up weather all summer long. While French front have been pretty. Was that she was my way they set an ugly spreads like the white French ugly girl that donut that's you gadget about a series. Oh yeah the bottom is good news can get around that for fragile digital rights Europe it's not the its parent thousand dollars a year or other people's keep your feet out summer vacation and it's not about the food it's not just the food and what's the drinking and is this is the asset news cable and no I'm talking about when you go to things like this -- like I got to take these kids don't do they test your life. Take care if you go to where do they just gonna spend money but decades got to bring their secret cache. Q you're gonna be Eric go tell your mom and dad I need monkeys take you somewhere. Stick to how much sea breeze constantly articulate like thirty bucks a birdie. He had not I think I guess that's the case we get your kids going somewhere with apparently you can't get that money. A master at Pratt parent sends their kid off to sea breeze and on my Don like there it's. Is it that would make sense wouldn't ruin yet blessed to have her put that is attend a low class. Uncool thing to do we get its fiber ten bucks okay that twenty year we get over ten dollar corporate go to the movies that kid dubbed movie money you movie muddied us okay you can't. Tell the kid or that what might EZ pass is you are invited kids where you can't really you wanna come here who can we don't all lose unit Dugard. Cheered tell you Bobby buddy you are. And that's a total hours to streets to get the money do you question yet Everest acutely my parents would have never sent me. How is that two goal till I got up stress on the trip was somebody without at least covering the cost to get into the pool. So the Fed Alice tell you about the to scare me growing up like that cost us about it they would take me indication with them cover everything. My god did you know that lion safari gets up in Canada again that's up fortune OK so the middle school they put me in the car we went up to alliance already paid for the hotel for the night all of my meals we went to a movie after the lights the argument for growth runners. They covered all that never asked for a guy that. Is it dumbest people murdered in my way these people are saints like to the kind of dividend and that makes a critic Sean Oprah and I. No no I mean they'll do fine I mean I'm guessing like of people that do this late. It is soccer's nine they're very nice people know they're suckers nice people are sucker sucker if your seat raising your kids will be easy breezy right where you're going. And your kid wants to invite a friend Erica. Listen there's no guarantees that they are these same socioeconomic status you are so they're always asking for the money can be Dick move like it now it's not if my buddy's parents and would have asked my mom can you give him money to go to sea breeze at the movies whatever. My mom would have said no as we didn't have the money so now I'm standing there. It yeah we wouldn't do term. Why do you what do you what these parents to do like avid at least goalless and there's a Mikey gets me it was stick his buddy Bobby. Are among political Bobby's parents ago personals is okay speak not sure sure and just make sure he's got a his finest discovered. You can't see that second part you call is okay if they come that you hope that they offer to give you money that's all that you can do. Now you gotta say finances pay you put it that away put this immense talent and Odom do you don't know which yet but I said fighting it that's if they'd he has money were put the ball. That is separate group can you ask your kids for his parents for money to take them places 'cause I don't think it socially acceptable socially conservative liberals socialists at all. You regularly water slide and Bud Day. It's. Great girl and today. They figure out what you get there it does and Andreas title in that it's the Pippen dies in the ended cheeseburger and and I need this and Anita that. Would you tell you those that it is and it. I'd I want it to go to a dismal look at the millionaire girl until the justice like it but. It's not just your kids' friends against friends Jesus so also come on now bro we're much input now wallet gets out of my cow's blood it's the people what he said what's your famous ultimately comes to family will have few birdies awkward with these friends is even more raw growth ultimately will get thirty seconds next the breaker but he six BC.