Suffering from a Bad Case of PSG?

Monday, June 25th

Feeling guilty over your child's summer itinerary? You're not alone, parents! It only takes 13 days before PSG kicks in!

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Pretty good chance if you have kids right now you're now you and how he also separately bad case of PS GE. ST resort. Wecht a certain month now we'll tell you PSP is because when it comes to some atop your children there is no right answer to make it better and all the day's stress. And tilt campaign. But parent general figured out. In the U turn on just one note that was a bag kids though Summers oh camp breaks schoolyard crush just classical music's got to BC that's good for older kids and what if you got 56 and get a twelve year old kids at an all right via Panama I sell they figured out how long it takes great parents gates stressed out out with the clintons vacation that Erica thirteen days. Just thirteen minutes they'll be out. Average Eric can make it fed up with thirteen to thirteen days I can no longer handle so like fourth of July it pretty much fed up yet and you got another two months of summer became a hot one half of parents say they suffer. From key SG. He asked rental summer. Well what's the deal on the due to be your kids do nothing either of nuclear gets to occupy their time with and they are offended but by the way like. That's been the big since I was a kid on board game let. I didn't have the option to our QB board today we at all an option Bible I'll go along with that deep Jesus Christ he said the Maxi got a television sets their new I would look down at TV but that's just didn't and you want your kids city inside a beautiful sort I had second hand smoke and we are happy to have that's why your 55. Like no parent wants their kids sitting inside all day Long Island that you now knew a year as has grown roots in the exact. At least you have to funds beat your kids go outside and moral OK but there's not a problem. Roy that's right. We would any world where ED is almost every family. Two working parents are okay back and I'm almost during the summertime she could let me out the door there was a beatle my neighborhood was safer would everybody's stash either bring it back at five minutes. Q did it right parents are concerned about the dangers the world over are faster beauty defines the watcher kids all day in those two things can keep your kids be able. To go out and play outside so I ask you this 2226 fouls. What it's ease your summer plan for your kids on vacation I guess I noticed was that prepares. If you have grandparents well artwork but let's look at exchange general says like what I see. A lot of late mid gay. Right now like out about issues the a couple of gray hairs and a couple little ones so I always think in my it was so bad for those grandparents to psych. They've become like a daycare center. You also live on the side Rica where you have folks that are able to retire. They can watch the Greg old in my parents still work. Erica and both my parents will be working for a long time so I don't have that option broken right so what what year do you do I am I'm not missing now daycare on the idea that it's expensive exactly. So the go to over a lot of parents Liberty City camps. We're about well liked that town camera ahead of the Hyundai heavy drug pick it up at the wrecks that idea like maybe one or two weeks this summer but a technical off some get dozen of the two months you know you're turning get a job there I janitorial Siler. Cleanup when those camps and gotten at least ten more weeks of doing nothing has any wind all day not a sends there's that old saying right idle time idle hands are the doubles play garden and there's way more trouble for kids eating into today that there were unedited edit and talk to the Internet I'm talking about law enforcement getting involved right the old kids will be kids doesn't exist anymore the stakes are now hire him again house. You can go to jail for that what used to be a stern talking to what it cleaning up has now become handcuffs and a record Manfred not to worry. It's the territory about last summer vacation do you board. What's don't I can't I get home I do see this. They order. And I feel bad for whoever disparity has has to be so let's say there's one woman. Dad doesn't work. All the other moms and a neighborhood seemed to dump that. Those kids off with them mongers I've seen as even Michael walker away result see like one mom. With a bunch of kids adult I came out of her so I'm guessing like she's the one neighborhood monitored stock at home with the kids. Mom or. My neighbor to cause a lot of families are close. If there was like an older sibling in one of the houses that can get stuck at that kid was watching like their siblings well. I'll just you know Moldova there for a couple of I think it's sweet talk. And they get. Yeah I fifteen years old I don't want to buy a now on nine daycare center Ted I did you when I was in and night to watch my siblings during the summer time that I get out what you need to neighborhood kids to on another. It's I did sucked Amanda would be 5060 I saw it happen in my sister to my sister was eight years older than Iowans and I think she gets that what's in the other kids. And look what happened he should pike just stuck with you all they know I mean they re selling just touching kids holy to now what that kid up pretty fast and loud. And it's not. Knowledge into Miller teach statistics about that. PSG parental summer guilt what do you plan for your kids in the summer vacation deals on CN FL radio. About what's up. So I social summer it was pretty. My brother older home and eat my son will be our torture. Here. Hold your son. I'll cut it sounds like it sucks below since. Reagan started or is it it's Monday. We'll release it. He just can't work. Or would vertical to get the work the levers. Are brought or 110 yeah I tell my. Should you be comfortable with some speed Jakarta dozens of 32. Up. If you do three possessions to we're just like helping people on the side of the road. I'm more repo man diggers her two year old kip I require. Speak underworld. Artest had nothing cynical but it. Such as the mailman I had to go to work at I was fourteen. And I had summer school and no more summer camps who is so I had a goal. We're gonna oilman and yet today you know you were in the cable TV biz is at the time so I could do that doubles OK so I had to go to work with the oil medical hold well. I love the job. He be in Roma ailments. I commute to that was the worst part yeah. This got a forty minutes in the car both ways. And he also treated me worse than anybody else in the building does he do what may in the deal you know either went to be nice to me like used but an event so he was like it. It was already a huge prick he like double down on park them. Tricked him dead and that's what happens with a kid do when you go to work Gomez boys sure are. It's more comedy I didn't think about that if you had a job where you really working alone non -- your own business to your kids coming to work with Brett writes I told you this one and I'm not making this up. I had a buddy that had a neighbor and own two adult bookstores. Any clothes on Sunday because that would that was the blue laws back in Florida could not jail until six through grace. You know the kids had to do on little attorneys. Clean up the body bruise on my skull and Omega. They had to go in there was a scraper. On truth and mops to clean the joints out. So how public debt. Yeah I guess at one Atlantic NN yeah meg gonna and a bag I would bet I would have been so good schools. That was my other options like cut even take a lunch break Ian he'd seen ushered doing that. When you hold the Mayo can. By the way I said the toughest. Get atop the scrip offer out of favor and it is tough dude got to be tough. It's very we've all had to clean up a little something when we're done would talk to own that don't get all I am. What to do with your kids and so advocates are still wonder does what we leader can alone play LA and I was 1415 and I had a gig. So ointment to minus fifteen I came home asleep to launch an all day long what does that say to your okay do what I think it'd day it was like. It's I wanna say list well in school yet 1213 was fine but again it's different world aids deceit today it's I guess and I you're a resident of its inaugural announcements awful. But now twelve year old globe might have a cellphone or eat it might be easier to create two different genre of Gerald. Because now it's like climate you Manuel. Okay all right but here's a big I'm going to work right let my focus needs BMI jock I towards trusty twelve year old get themselves out of that make themselves food not. Crazy truck that's at the house and Jesse hell yeah exact no no no. I think there is this. Weird hole went back and forth of giving your kids freedom to grow and keeping the six. That's the biggest fight here is I want my twelve year old to become independent my thirteen become independent and the only way it happens by giving them freedom. But the problem free and his legacy as my parents like I had true freedom of the sixteen I had a driver's license. And I had a girlfriend and my parents slowed to take quite the short trips site here in their value is little vacation to need his. Site to go to work and Kamal had to get by. But I array had a huge plan in place as I was saying yes I will do this. Where is picking a micro firmware was getting boos and we'd we were we're gonna have sex like. All I was just get not all lined up in my head night the departure that I pulled off. Was amazing you right I did you know eight died today were doing a good thing I'd give it give them a little leash so he can go hang them some help so they did. Here's the thing I did. I normally argue against you here. Blige and we both made it out alive yes and we both became I didn't knock that that chick is amazing. Would you care to but we both became pretty responsible we hate try to knew we broke out early and we we had John many jobs like drinking problems chain smoker and I so he gets there is the closer look at other than good. We will rooted scumbag and thoughts. Yes right yes which is which deal you wanna shelter. Obviously you want the kid to be indicated doesn't booze and banging into all of the nasty stuff rate iced the ID if you won the I. Deal did. You went to good kids don't want to Tommy impact cute kid could the world's 35 years old you want that I think most mothers would rather risk. That and to come home to oh. Whole war in my house that's on fire I got all or farm this. They were driven targets so much guided. QB of the organs. Do you regret. He's in with our yeah you're the oldest and yet you're wood paneling in the basement still there under the under a do you remember what age you were allowed to stay home alone the first time. We've virus. I think I want it was like six or seventh grade. I'd be a little more for it would girls discuss a creeps coming around they aren't there are so I'm trying to manage mobile against pork don't touch my daughter. My dad an ideal situation yeah and he he left office with a people the reverse our manager guys Fredricka so you make it as a police officer and he's police officer in the town I grew up. So yeah so we can ride to ride it just hit. Com select times it will sisters got some day camp I'd be like thirteen 1415 years old my brother with apps on the going to affect camp I could have a hook. The house to myself and I had this VHS tape was born in nice effect on the button but we only one VCR the Hauser and it was analytic mechanical and so. Narrow window India and assuming bytes that we had at no one would have had time to go beaten by the bay window never taught me. You never called me currently I would dead bull before Georgia's two K okay. Silly that a couple of -- dobbs dope heads of the calendar well I'll put it taped skeleton tiger summit over the months. And a lot tissue guard. Did you come watch him let's go to our theory you watch in the Yankees. For that famous comedian buddy wacky. Note you don't know really how else. Seeds play and that's they liked. Our debts is new we're doing good they did the same old I am my my my father is up in a bedroom probably as a Maryland man him and robe closer of Manson. Hit districts that are. Well I said Jayne Mansfield crap I was there isn't it was you know mean. You're Romanian authorities deal and I it's what you play the result also let's do you really had the rub him out cops showed a hero just absolutely. You know the reason I was zero.