Stealing from the West Side

Wednesday, June 20th

When it comes to stealing from the East side vs stealing from the West side, one is a more dangerous task than the other.

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You're taking your life into your hands when you're stealing from these people at any worth that man's car is not. Were going into these communities are taking these particular things because you we get Al life. Can they ran. Him vigorous. To pay okay yeah. The break rutz has class attract many 65 to BC Mets at any time low of robberies burglaries vehicle that's in China light. Parma Hamlin and greets guests it would talk in the sticks of the west's son junior and got thirteen land does story last night to talk to a guy named. Thomas should Randi it is ATV stolen on Monday night by so little for those thing that you've got. So we write. He says that please not to distort 2 in the morning it's that we were tiger recovered four Wheeler apart. He was that's possible I just saw somebody who has eyes and mills a night in a little while he was anything wrong here. So according to police they've had eight TVs and motorcycles. Stolen from a bunch of homes in these tough sort of sizzling guys get really really nice ride out 25000 dollar motorcycle bring him. Orally so now here's the thing as a whomever these people are out they're stealing motorcycles and ATVs from these folks is taking a huge risk and I'm not talking going to jail present. Let's do profiled a guy from the west sights fixed who owns a motorcycle great TV program to mid forties to mid sixties not sure white guy. Roll your angry blow your very protective of his prop. Bringing were. I'm gonna go I don't know Clinton did make an assumption I don't steal my motorcycle normal dollar. Every single person. Who has a motorcycle. Or any TV and it leaves the stakes of the west side owns a gun. Blockages futurists. And I am a gun but some type of protection delicate matter to us yet. And if they find someone breaking into their place and stealing something they wouldn't hesitate to use said gun or peach arrest. All of these vehicles. Could mean the world to these guys guys that motorcycle as a guy going to they showed on TV ISI it was like his dad's motorcycle. He is dead when he got it together but I guess his dad's gone he's passed so like this as like really deep sentimental value. You have to be out of your mind to go into the country but they did pull off. They they they get away it would it's amazing they know. Dead there I mean these guys. Order grab this stuff OK you're gonna get caught and you better hope it's tops the Quechua that would be students and the bullet so what did I say I unique of a bike too but here here here here's a tip. Tough guy. Out there which motorcycle congratulations. You know when you Pritchard got away a nine. One more thing ought to do is take the Keane had a your motorcycle and also put an house. All these vehicles have the keys and these guys. It leave the keys and it ended it put it in her shed it's like you're just asking to be ripped off I don't listen you let me small towns I get the sense of false security. Give up by the same may Berrian in the 1960s. You can't heroin junkies all over this country now rate they're all over the place and actors in the cities are it's you know that's country get a lot there too. And you leave the god damn key in on going. Did it anyway to the end this sort of feel really bad for the guy usually sit GAAP as I should be my keys in there. You think so just thrown up. I think I think those guys also will. I have the assumption that if anything happens on the property they know about it it'll they did d'souza got CNN's and they return your motor cycle up on now ridge road yes. How did you write it sucks yes I understand how someone in that area I would think that they were safe from something right is issuing OK you know not you know. And another interesting point where. The better chance of beating caught stealing something on the west side if you drop in places right there are security systems cameras and folks with money and everybody election I think you blending is everybody looks shifty over there everybody mean yes I know a serious defense are you a better chance of getting caught on the east again because everybody's. But not everybody in a lesson looks like they know how to hot wire cars or had you know. Kind of push a motorcycle down a dirt roads in crank it up. Seed Tommy is making my point and there are security systems at least sight cameras on the east side folks with money who knows either gonna call the police these are in the house Eddie Carter sixty grant rolls up the street to please call all right. Those seaside robbers they don't go on from Lawton. I'd rather be caught and charged that and full of bullets which is likely to Greece or gates which I like oracle and I'm telling you it's gonna catch these guys tries to motorcycles and it's good and very very again it can get ugly. But the pulls you would have to house. Walk up to a place but they're also whether what side harnesses. They Gephardt NASCAR owns a motors figures have hardest thing they could beat her junkies haven't picked her junkies hard ass I think it shouldn't doping rule in your vein it's pretty. Then as desperate you are panicked you know hard ass everything together it's pretty tough company junkies might have to three in my Fam they're tough. He's still got a tough like kick the risk of a prostitute Assad is doing but. It restricts doctors for Christ sakes and you are getting tougher than. Would you agree that forced that because I did my everybody's forced into prostitution nobody goes a prostitution academy that's all right euros a hundred days. Up down up down. It takes a top business together seized up you gotta be tough. You only sick thank everybody saw that big except for you I think most sought to establish the rules and a look started talking about the journalists after a solo and if it weren't smock and second grade are. The. And you got about the false sense of security though I think that also exists on the east side to an extent because like we've seen Mike. Women get their purses taken out of their cars and stuff that they leave unlocked has lied and that could happen in my neighborhood okay you write about that but I. I mean it seems to me tell me to that I'm wrong on that when it comes to east side there are cameras on every home for your security systems and every home and wait more nosy neighbor. Like it's going your living out in the in the country. Look like some of these places around a little bit yet you approach it is coming around steeler. I don't he's he had to tell a long way to find my shed a finding her motorcycles even noted there that if I see some of these houses are so far apart we don't everybody crises that doesn't blend in like I guess you present when neighbors got me we have hundred. I'll talk about these robberies at eight TDs and motorcycles out childlike Parma ham and increase the stakes of the west side. If you are willing to steal these high ticket items from guys who have them and we talked about the profile and you're gonna get yourself. Think it's interesting is the folks the west side are also going to care more about the valuable things they have we get a carrier where they like guys motorcycles has. Is late father's Norris certainly can't replace that I mean but even forget about this at a Manhattan right. 25000 dollar motorcycle to guide the west side that's large chunk of that guys work through it he had to work hard for that toy news Mercedes Ramallah desperate when I get to more than grunt nobody who wore what I didn't steal the packet so wrapped up. I didn't do. You know I've. Well actually less of a sense of pride that things they have Google disputed road and Malia holiday insurance daycare. They take. And edited to it is no that is. Activity could help you know these guys are your. Like yeah how. A lot of those guys they know whether it came to their cars or anything that they had their Utley they worked on that themselves to like they took pride in that thing. It was even just like they bought it they say Ford is like not put. And put my own spin on it about the average salary on the west side for the average salary in the east and how much more work you would have to put in 02482. Weeks a high end luxury ticket item getter but did someone at Pittsburgh airport in prison like Jimmy Stanley keys or west side guy over changes on oil. It change your oil academy is there. She's overdue. I'll ask you this question to 26000 which side has more paranoia. Because that would make the argument that you are more at risk on the west side of something like this and let the folks on the east side seemed to be more prepared. So using you know Wes has more paranoia and god don't say besides more paranoid yeah where is the west site it has a better chance of happening right because the east side everybody talks to. Your guy he goes don't everybody's fighting it out. Bought a hundred dollar camera set and I kept you watching your lawn every once while it commercial ran on and am done here okay should let you wanna gotten to know where episode why. Why can't I wanted to protect but it's its parent. It was a great it was from my AA ATV in my area. Iceland. You look out the Wyndham and call the cops now register the gun at the Wyndham you backstop fingerprints yet. DD 6000 seems like Peter is one of the houses that got robbed at peak. Actually pretty pretty Mardy yesterday and he is hoping that a pity that it was probably at least the they. Are. People collect your phone's breaking up I mean somebody stole your phone plan that we put John Holdren got a speakerphone to tackle ridiculous second body hold on right now while we're waiting for Peter let's talk to Steve he's on CMF a white Steve. I don't. You know that this border no war between six ordinance. As a little. And I have a Harley I have a ATV. And now want to own guns but I'm a gun dealer here helped him. Got an all should be an FBI profiler and it. But he sided because it. Appeared no more thank you state so let's first time seven years ago. Your house particularly TV motorcycle you ask questions right steep. So. Or a trigger it and he's intensely a gun. And photo were tough capital would you. Statistical evidence. That hurt you. YouTube it's all those guys all eyes music and yet. It's that's the full boat I would like to Peter white body. Guys yes dark content that there was at least two dozen. Right by mine that actually got in their heart broken into or even garage is broken into. And you know my truck was actually wanna they got that he did take anything like the motorcycle but still I mean it's it's at a LA equally crappy on your three year. We've ever anti white. So Peter let me ask yellow book where do you live Percival. We're out we're actually out of walker Lake Ontario wrote. Where is that again this out there in his inner awareness and had an interim. It's way out there. All right well me too normally crunch from. If your mouth were that would recruits and the dark. It was a partisan crotch rocket not when you're singing I. It's dinner but I would still like you living all the way out there knowing all your neighbor as you would think you pretty insulated your safe right. Yet next illustrate it fury across streets and gathered at the two motorcycles and eat eat eat stolen and I mean there was stop all over everyone on the front. Probably an hour just gone through Ireland flock still kicking up like random and that it took for our Al. He's up Mike Duffy house as a place he's been picked up soon. Peter ballpark how many homes are regular track like your neighbor to be able park. Bears. But Doug then and then you've got to go lay another quarter mile that he Blake you know another out and now that's. Art of the does it in your neighborhood peak Libyan. Estimation of how many guns are in those dozen homes all of them. All probably be at least 3040 I tell my neighbors got. It happened doesn't have now more. Unit era there's going at it and play they are Congo. Work. And where Obama appears anyway aside there sorry and life. Elegant as the day Pete Pace to go I take care yeah no I'm not Robyn Adams king and motorcycle country.