The State Championship T-shirt Guy (part 2)

Wednesday, August 8th

You should still be proud of the things you accomplished in high school, right??

Proud enough to display your accomplishment on a t-shirt?

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Their way more guys try to defend where high school championship teachers and I thought there would be area W pissed off he Tonto. I. The break rats to classical music's got the BC IMF we have a discussion we seek to rise in the last 24 hours ask men. Where there are high school championship T shirts. Football game like has grown men forty years ago these things happen bad and they kept the shirt but they're wearing them out rocketed. There are places that are appropriate to Wear when -- get to the FaceBook messages per you said that easy enough or the break and FaceBook page state rights and I was a member of the great Webster football teams of the late nineties state championships section five championships all Wear that T shirts to the gym I work out but I awareness Richards that I have on a weekly basis in the fall and wintertime I'm still proud of it guys stick guys I played with we still done about it secondly the outlook mob I paid good money for the state is why they are beautiful. Way Breaux already two years ago are expected back. Well it off to IE writes. Of bad as do all my husband graduated from gates chat like in 1992. Karen I encourage him to keep all of that stuff I did it it's cute. And it makes me hearken back to the days to Harken back to days of my husband being in shape yet guide makes him happy went that's it. It's also what he is now. And hearkens back to what you are attractive easily teach you bad ugly as insecure ways thinks about. I know that but I need to reinforce what a stupid teacher she saved it just savage he's got a sale AK used to be good looking now you're grows that's what's your way thinks about your mind now. I still I think I don't a T shirt marking the occasion. Kitty boyfriend is just a he has this guy is he gonna do that wacky thing I wedding where they don't Wear baseball caps could you crazy and Red Sox. I do you know I had. I don't know you're talking about the telling those guys do those goofy move them all the guys get crazy and we're like sneakers which are tuxedos codes are wacky guys it's comfortable. You're of those that was cool. Yes I have a lot of his high school stuff more college. But I will second I don't know it it wouldn't. A different though because seat. Still. Coached. So I don't know if I mean a lot of that stuff he got through coaching aren't yet a big team that did some crow great. Heavy they would like the college World Series. Got an impressive but that's emergency department look just as all the time weary there college stuff is adult nobody ever excited that. But it's a couple years later. And it's still kind of sad let your kids that sat that is also said oh yeah it's the first everything people though embrace the at the college being a college alumni about the sport and I don't ignore their high school one. It just went to the college and do anything is why there is studied. I think yeah. I don't see latest sports LC is a tough football T shirts around your all the time and it's because of its political football and it's harder to do that it is high schools developed him but to see a lot of College Hockey shirts around here yes you're right. You right. But does what does that mark the day night of a leader greatness Alexa was generally have a problem because you've never had a great because it's sad. Had many great today. Edit it here. China could produce enough teachers. Great moments in my history did to 6000 I think Grammer has a really good point here he's on CN FL I grammar. Good morning and I got to stop picker armies organizer with the greatest moment of their light a volley god. In other goal off state Mary some doctor lady that makes more money you remind. Me what ultimately got you know. If you just can't go anywhere realistically it's like. Whom we never know especially here. Nearly every. I hear it you guys got on everybody's you were and Uranus I don't know I'll admit it you're shut up remember porn is no go ahead sir you don't point. Nobody regarding your those old you know memorable regular warmups and order hell out of favor Barbara warm water and me. Mubarak would light. No man yeah. We have a taxi Mozilla and policies are martyrs and yourself itemize. Then there will be called ups or give although Bill Walton gave ordered not parkers RBC you know he's just got a diamond you know barrier which will remember liberals are ego and I'll I'll do that all through your thing good about our fiscal stuff. Perera thanks to all buddy you're the president that up until that point Brian let's let's be real aren't we can't. All we work every day we got our kids we are on the and that's fine but there's a time when you worry high school kid when you were a teenager pin where you thought life was going to be this and was pardon bright outlook to get a job and it's gonna be great and I'm gonna be for a minute and doesn't work out a note of it never works out that way so what's the problem with. Having this moment with yourself you're remembering the greatest thing that ever. I haven't a moment with yourself you broadcasting it to everybody could should put her on T shirt you bring yourself around like look at me. Those memories are in your head you can go to those batteries anytime you wind and yell hearken back to. Kinder gentler time. On the football field born in the cornfields of Iowa and heroes a great visit was her on the. It will work for or himself watching hard knocks and Israel but this is bleeds that your had to be leaders talk radio like John van and. Bought all the radar data to our entire. Three coming in from at dodges net. It's ridiculous that you guys are killing people for wearing high school teacher it's. One guy who wears it collects hundreds of other people's jerseys and one who never did anything except for. And bit disgusting men's or kiosks us teacher to right size I did I could do was also sad yeah. Yeah I it's just pure jealousy. I move on men and hold on the past it's. It is. More Sadr less educated. Still played on the same team that you once played flights let's just wanna go with exceptions he writes I just I'm not an oblique and I see this thing but if you go to your kid's high school football team's game of basketball whatever he shared got a cute. The thought right at times I did with he when you're can't get that also high school were you. Is that appropriate there Massoud on either Wear T I reveal when plays leads us to reminisce rate like Netflix but it absolutely be an except I do think this week. It's not just at night it's like a weekend with just like a football game and what they aren't area homecoming and all the hassle anybody that you can Wear it that's also looks and their real like it still late. The acting so we'll have that and where it makes you look legged duke but it's kind of a blast from the past fun thing for you whatever anybody else and everybody they are your revenue oh my god. It's head to a three world. When I want to hear about Tom Brady get not the person wants to number three I did think no artifact I not asked that I got our entire joint book written you shoot down don't relayed that into broadcasting group that sunk steaks like cohosts for the I didn't do 6000 somebody in your house has more of this that you think we'll get to that second but Tom is another good point it's not just the T shirts it's not just the sweatshirt from high school and autopsy on CNN puts up. K so yet that the more is that where their clients. Are around pin high school at third Mumbai on. All right you big accomplishment you graduated high school why are you aware that. By the what you're saying is to a guy who did graduate high school W. Don't know when it's tutoring because it would do. I gotta muttering get one I would. Like they run. And credentials credentials aren't you all taste out of it resident its coverage of the Clinton ought to experiment for the a's break I decided what's I put on you guys. Like pulling out there where it's supposed to be I'm wearing my out quite a state championship 2002 sneak out Britain Pope Allred. And lakers think so they get it like a look case I barely see it's like that sentence. Well requirements while. And lit up like I wish I could Wear that visit it's cool I like is that cool Jeffrey to bring how many people ten different prequel. W that said last night. And it's a state championship high school ring W zero except. I didn't even do anything on that team. And you lucked into a team that was good. That you barely you you come to make his teammates better tell us tell a guy who worked with brother Wii's for twenty years to say I elected to something that was good rose fourteen. It was like Israel wants I wish this because it's cool and I do it I heated at times it is that I'm aware for the sake of the break and I feel like an ass and moral and shattered a feeling you look foolish. Did you know. I don't look foolish. I thought I know guys that Wear those rings and it did not thinks that it works and do she met and are dying from ago. The moment would you do the dance institute I don't I would know how to explain this somebody asked me about it I can't take office will lose a lead all the exits are stateless and that would be a good thing you should lose it would get a duty and gives you kids they don't know all of you can be buried but it men but it load me into the ground seeded Oregon State champion you see a real you know. Our whole lives the afterlife. Something to replicate it's against our candidate Jesus I know you did that to get across ticked us out man state championship. It's really sad that you don't have any memories you chairs I don't hold on the task span that they drag you down man you drag people down. Any memories that you have let me set up more people went on and. Yeah. Every state. He's basically there's more people would beverage immediate did you explain its gonna more people is that those others. Let's get opportunities to Waltz has all this stuff announced what all your wife has more likely schools that's all I've done a lot of this last night and I asked my life I cola. They need guys that before we met and she does know but IE still have all my stuff I left the speech was getting what you do she goes up surgically soccer are edgy as cheerleader. So she pulls doubt she comes to look for teacher to graduate school in 1997 chip forty shirts or shorts and I are weird that's unique. She text to her friends people send pictures they say these things 1997 data writer of the girl's doing anything. While the saves our school do you have any stuff from the. When you're kid. I think I do have like a box of tee shirt and sweatshirt split I don't know what to do with them is onion enough you can donate them. Letting it just iconic captain because it'll. And I'm just give the whole have a showdown on record I it is a weird thing I don't wanna part with them the title I don't know what to do them. When more sentimental. What they are that their emotional but I can imagine like some chick I get she won like a state girls. Championship basketball tournament and she's now 45 meters only she's wearing that out of sight. Assists and doesn't make sense again it does and who never did anything get icy remote code that you both pathetic. Go up today your lap. Because we had a nice time laughing at all these guys wearing these teachers strike and ask your wife what she's got because I bet you that I even making fun of is your life she still has these things and she would be willing to put it on to show you but still that's a drug I just. If you're 2030 years later can still sit at your high school teacher. That's reason enough to get raped some people don't know they don't fit. I mean nine thanks and I feel that it fits right man that really tight about how we take a break I really appreciate the calls.