The State Championship T-shirt Guy (part 1)

Wednesday, August 8th

You should still be proud of the things you accomplished in high school, right??

Proud enough to display your accomplishment on a t-shirt?

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You should be proud of all of your life accomplishments. I'm mad is only as good as it beings that he's done in his great give us your stuff. What an Emmy or whatever you do it that's OK that's great he can be proud but I don't care but you don't have to care besides some accomplishments impressive woodgate and if you want a war. So should be left in the past because as great as it was back in the day. There's a certain age were I don't care about the things you didn't express themselves. The break let's just classic rock 26 not to be CF five studios in high fault downtown Rochester hills a day off today get ready for their first pre season game against Carolina Panthers tomorrow night 7 o'clock is kick off you can listen to right here. And he's excited did you seek and ask parents make it's that time a year yeah. It's a league which is two weeks away from the start of high school football practice is real and maybe even less than that Iran. And is stuck deacon about their glory days okay edit it make you feel some type. So yesterday we messed around on social media and the commercial break in the show that we see it tells supervise overrun liquidity is Dade C. It has a deal of time I would takes a look at the market has had yet to be very so to do this kind of fund raiser at the high school something's going on Erica. And to commemorate this thing yeah Dave Selig is wearing his 1998. Section five football championship team shall. It's the event and only give it tells. Near Baghdad whites blacks Muzak you saved it yeah. This year it was immaculate hero world was anyway put not only been on a but his cause of forever guess like you say they're sure he's he looks at every once awhile takes it down. So laughing about that little better on the yesterday after the show is over a lot out of practice and and I see or some guy up top guy went to high school with haven't seeded fifteen years rent. Wearing these why it matter. Lowered 2000 to wipe his football state championship teacher and say what we got sixty minutes in immaculate condition which again means he's been taking care of caution the noise puts up for special occasions you're going to see this grown men and their high school sports paraphernalia. Just witnesses bid to zeroes in on something this isn't say like a run at high school this is it banned yet bury you speech it. Everybody if you can it be yes you know you radiate bit dejected pitcher you're there I was part of that mission even something as simple as still having that you know airport basketball teacher from when you were kids I'm not talking about a T shirt or tortured you -- to support your child and his team whatever I'm talking about. I you got this would you were 151617. If you are holding onto 102030. Years ago showing folks how impressive you were. Glory but why upended on. I don't know light and what do you think. I got my motivated and there's two thoughts but I like yours first as you what people ask you about it so you deserved bragging about what you did a million years ago when you were a kid. Okay there's only reason you put that on. I'll tell you what wells well. I mean is that you could just put on to teach your rate because it is frightening moment of pride in where you came from. But still. What pride what you get that you know on and Ewan Anderson first of all I don't even know you'll actually did it because I was in there right so. Late you view. To approve it for it kind of is off. I don't guy just is out I know two guys that went state championships. That were fat asses that sat on the bench but. What a state championship which look. Looking one. You. Dispute but you can do we got the and I think six for him to shut you belong to plug and play. Sports is life is gonna try to throw bombs like Protestant small reply we'll probably Jewish IKEA sort knowing bullying at all Cole gets the ball player to beat the bitch to. You get those guys is actually does a ride the pine to be reopened Bryant applied to orbit dork. Right and which you do like it skidded to put the Roberts that a president is aiding you said is its sand it's beyond said it's pathetic yeah. Do you think it's pathetic that the guy still has it he's wearing it is say. I don't know great shaping your you know I know Marion one of these guys and and and and own and and and and and immediately said that she is pleased at all and I admire what he's got I don't know any guys that. Gets rid of that stuff so much they're wearing is showing it to be that doesn't pitch your status anywhere units sixteen. I aegis older and got a yet I think everybody felt good even if it's tucked away in a drawer somewhere you're not getting rid of that seizure ever. All right Tim did you 6000 here is the question Barack how much of this stuff do you still have in your closet in your Dresser in a box in the basement and it's habit do you still Wear. Because I think there is a time and a place it's not inappropriate to put this stuff heroin. But it's what and where you're Greece Athena 1984 section five basketball championship teacher to a barbecue with your friends that's embarrassing. When apple if you're working out running or go to wegmans on Saturday morning league is that that's right you still want net almighty god you lord of the guys. You run a team just a joke T shirt I Wear to work out or run wetlands are. Give me a little bit of Japan but if you're trying to rocket Ina at a barbecue. Over the weekend here it did yes that's a little weird like. All right yet but at least I am a teacher for my high school you die for me to ask you all about it's I can sit there wide I'd hear about it. How are you caught that winning pants may be you know what I'm hearing you're voice. And Chelsey yeah a lot of short jealous that I didn't know there are things that and I'm mock it's jealousy just like a lack of of understanding of it because he was understand because you never become a football you'd ever felt like that moment of glory or any you know I think we got there. I had to go to work make a living for myself community what you just are doing that is there. He's second liberty place policy that he thinks it's fine we're talking about what do you many got to look to brag about it you know they didn't brag about a bank in my day is what about your business owed owed irrespective to a state championship. Listen I know guy I know guys that I went to school with that I know for years in that where all that crap all the time and I don't get it. I got that impressed. You don't have that. Background of knowing what what you said to people let's until you see like there's more of me dinner is have you all break. Did virtues. Times in your life do you in state championship it's a rare thing I showed us a big deal so the rest of the country doesn't care that you went. Did you remind me that my team didn't win a state championships of thank you seething jealousy X I. That was also what your hoping for you'll also hoping to make guys jealous of you right. It halves of football team that went nowhere. Woods' agent that you button cameras that plaque be winds. When you bring it to tell wide conniving. Human league is still. Pick some more than pride thing then the bragging thing. It was probably don't realize that those are the parents sought a lot of those guys that'll Wear those teachers also still. Live and I error raising a family in the same town that they got that teacher and yeah so it's kind of like yeah everybody go around and RD knows that you won that yet. And go to and down you weren't in Saigon for the fall bro yeah. Right. I military guys that passed because that you earned that management letting us military. Okay. Click to pay easiest sport you got lucky because you fell into it Tina knew what they were to win hands at a sports that you play which makes you double pants I was getting sucked into the big football machine man you selected by your Florida and I yelled get bad banks in bad knees and thank you coach for that. Amen I'd done a good addition to compressing. People are. She is too much or you're my age the biz trip to visit to argue it didn't visit. What's up guys Eric high school championship shirts as adults at school sport shirt that you had back in the days and adult which two people yesterday in and maybe it's because of the startup crystal footballs and though you Wear for the Buffalo Bills band that's even worse like. You're these kinds I hate. Realist hero to champions or the other gridiron and your standard on. Did get a paper radically alienate BJP aged 82 champions of the gridiron I love lowly Detroit exports of times I was watching HBO sir really it's hard on those vegetarians have agreed on top I see that they topple anybody. That is an area. So hurt the economy and I agree that aren't. One. So what we realize it because what guy. 3540. Years ago. Rap rock its users that they got from the high school but it. It doesn't mean an end might spill out the smog back at ground and and our. Ties with us but. All the guys like it has on the majority of overall. You know tiger and I would assume that bigger. They did. How about how does this year it is such pristine shape that summons. 101520 years later it looked at it and grow they appear it is Brett. Linas ordered another time. I. Exports say. Well not Iraq my my navy. Yeah. That there are. How about racquet no action packed can't. That's the dumped her. Technically be when you sit atop the four branches of the military we desperately. Yeah that's right guided. Missile destroyed battleships you choose and the Tribune. I was actually validate the aircraft on the content of operated well. I would on the flight that want to play. Broad others and I respect your service team is these jobs and how could you soon. Go ahead of them and actually is him only one of them was used up. In the world record being used in the world actually is I'd like. Tom I agree with you it's Tommy who doesn't and is being. Knows how men. I would go I would there's no more so really like that. As the stage injured two critically. Hopefully he'll expect songs. The views of the book raises the voters desperately needed. To do 6000 feet is on CM I think she. Our address our this one pound is drawn at stores 4040 years or goal. Our team won the state championships a look at the goal on the field before game and then the same school. One a Little League World Series championship let all of us they'd go back into the past too much maybe it's good. But the kids. They look up to these guys and they say jeez well let's great I got crap like that. I'd probably have a good day it's. Tiger has made another big face of resident Julie you know it's good to Wear stuff on high school kids with the look up to you from I don't know if that's a day now you're getting old guy that teacher he mowed the lawn via. What do you like. Kind of a more recent. High school Bradley do you think would you look up to like a guy like his twenties where I thought it's always easy probably watch that guy plays the kid write but that it doesn't know any better like he's allowed to look like a dues since that time it's a prime and his later be dues Babbitt. If you're 45. And like this guys that you went that you won this title forty years ago ran these kids can even comprehend that. All right. I wanna keep going with this and I think there are actual exceptions where you can pull this stuff notre column I experimented today I mean I did experiment is retarded but this and I can I feel you plead. Now what about him I think this and even more sad it's there's a teacher it's it's an ugly thing you look like a homey. Home again you look like an old school him OK I want this thing since I graduated high school life. Have I think so I feel like used to set and ready war and not let too as a school event. I didn't have to I'm embarrassed about it here's why why is that like every night they want because I like get a complete moron and there is sort what is your home. It's not evil but still has this stuff. Are you gonna be shocked. If you cast your wife a what are you still have looked over my school next break replacing Todd BC at.