This Sport PARTIES!

Friday, June 22nd

If your kid is heading off to college to pursue THIS sport, are you worried for their safety?

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Take a second feedback to your school and yeah it's maybe played sports in between sport you probably had some buddies who did. And it is Els played sports is a little bit why right and we all have our ideas of which athletes got the most out of neutral drinking and drugs because Lleyton is. But it seems now it's changed. Because you never guess which high school college sport. Which short he would most at risk for being an alcoholic or drug addict and you have a break much less than six but did you see a map right. Might be right up there. Yeah if I asked you which sport kids and high school college had the most kids drinking and using drugs you tell me. So I'm thinking is that one of the big ones it's one of those due she I don't care about. Privilege. As swipe sports which is so winning yeah. I don't know though don't aren't. Okay it was quote it's not sweating it's not football it's not basketball not hockey it's. A crime. Seles government that was my back up as an excuse or reason it's. Is this is such sort cross country around here and every kid I know there's really get a lacrosse. Customer can lead to who she family please you know Albright when we went up. Yeah as we don't guy. Can't have kids that go to collars across that they themselves playing an adult across. Yeah a little cross on your year to started on the east side so that's or might be like you have that video there aren't. Yet he did total their she'd play. Total pre who were. A new study done by the NCAA shows hands down no question lacrosse players will be drawn finished drug use athletes on campus when it comes to alcohol thing almost 90%. Of NCAA lacrosse players admitted that they tried booze and last year compared that to 70% of football and basketball which a lot. A lot of people would think. Would you most out of control everything about those are the ones that are close to watch rate those are all the ones that are in the limelight okay what does that yelled across swimming. Touched you know those aren't. I don't care about the sport straight I don't wanna now how Syracuse basketball team did. I really and they have a major lacrosse program I could care less right. It's a little weird or cigarettes. College Lacrosse players single question they smoke I think you get right to arrest suffered as. No pig ugly but it gets really really crazy okay. RO 22% at NCAA Colorado underscored an on these kids her coat the lacrosse players I admit to using blowing the last twelve months that was three times the next closest sport which was hot peak at 7% this up pot smoking well 50% which is double. The next highest sport soccer swimming wrestling. A lot of the kids opponent across crossovers hockey to use that it. They may play people that live in their lives it makes sense that there are also party years now if you are younger guy who has buddies played across this is no strikeouts and just surprise you know this scored eight ball. But there are people parents that are here it is for the first time that may be freaking out. I also wonder too just based on when my brother played a ton of Canadians. Are coming here to play lacrosse OK and I don't know flake. Act like there's like different Kennelly party mentality you're celebrating because like they were calling them pretty loose there are public the craziest on my brother Steve. To your brother torn up in college. Chair and they get this. You're gonna sit there say everybody but my brother I'm not get a Campbell he had a nobody at all there or runner. We kidding about your brother Teradata. I want to now. Almighty god you got much of approved Atlantic sister to this kid and I understand you botnets at W Richard Torrey open you'd. I want these guys that's comes out and only parents get a little skittish about letting your kids by the considers a picnic probably already know it I don't think so I think is look at because of actually right. I think that folks look at that addicted to edit the sport I could do it a successful is a gentleman has a story that's salute co located in camp via. Martina it is especially around here but it's kind of like a lot of room for recruiting goes on and keep parents probably thankful miked and have a shot at a scholarship let me get a mental error and go over to girls do not know these adjustments is I don't know. And drugs so much. Like he's right the amount of kids that are recruited out of. Our area the plea was is the cross country and like each eats on kiddies on the kid who the best lacrosse player at a country lecture went to Yale drafted number one on the Major League across strap in he's here. He's Rochester every major College Lacrosse program up Maryland duke Syracuse Albany all these teams developed its Rochester well. Organize. We get the most cooped up kids. So you have to ask the question. 2226. Why. All of these sports does cross at this party mentality with the Coke and booze and pot drugs and it's far weights or even close pressure. I mean if you're playing. By the way we're waited if your playing College Lacrosse right yeah you're not going to approach. Rate there is no pro. Bro you can meet. My guess is that I tell you can't get to be in like the normal working world at some ports are saying so it's all right so there's no pressure there aren't. So you're having fun their living to face it drug tested and I mean there's pressure to stay in school OK but there's not a lot on the line. Right if your college a year it's if you're at a major university. And there's a big college football pro programmer basketball. Even if you're really good like duke it. They duke has a really good lacrosse program right yeah I know that across of those kids are accused of trying to rape a sharper than I cannot even though they they existed ray yeah. So to my point is that a lot of pressure on you. Not to do the degree you would be if you're playing duke. Basketball he or even football cable would that explanation on why aren't the swimmers and the track actually cutting another and I like the numbers. Look at aipac chlorine Masco. I don't. I got you could get really big jump in a pool and who knows that explanation is wrong but why I think his right unpredictable course your tickets right chlorine fixes everything I have another theory. So lacrosse over the last twenty years has exploded essentially and our earn it went for the export to something regional inputs of etiquette and I'm dying to play like hell. When I was at high school westside school to even have lacrosse that was only they're only they're written very very new OK so. It means that in our area there probably are a lot of older guys like me grizzled football coaches things Danica coast across. Which means you need to find young coaches in. Yet coach Gunther is showing up would do would. Marijuana cigarette. If I had to guess why this mentality exists I would guess it's the young coaches that you see out there to cross about dating anybody about accusing anywhere Arnold I don't know I just wanted to occur. According to go to say that like the if you close the aid kit. That's happened maybe things are little more lax is opposed it sixty year old fat sure ought to do. Paterson has stated it as out of the Indians intelligently is Cameron. Right but I look at I think it's the caddie on its closest this. Gets I don't know you I don't know a lot older coaches but I don't know if that. Would have that much of an influence which Richard but your brother's career path via data proves my point when he was told the crowds he just wanted to work yet. You get a regular job yet hustler if he's related to kidney problems and I ended up in an opening yet you're right the majority of those kids even the ones that are playing those even at the there also like Ben. As an analyst Capel and it is nobler when it's done now's a duplicate. Art wanna read you some numbers than if you think it's the laid back namely that makes the drugs take off again we're talking about how the cross far away courted the NCAA has the athletes most likely to be alcoholics and drug addicts. Okay. 22%. Of NCAA lacrosse players admit to using cocaine in the last year in soccer. 6% Chris in 87%. And tennis 4% tract 2% less than 7% blows all sports where you are not going pro and none of them. Are even they're all a third of what crosses are theory doesn't hold water main here Boiman a coach. I just revealed a role. To look for. Viva mostly. Done. Yeah everyone's a kind of notice everybody's credit to lacrosse so how does the coach implored him and I hate it when you have an older harder ask coach. A young coach influenced that affected their energies into and I district gets more like it's like that more laid back culture here did you gauge coach your coach OK we're don't know basketball and hit a ball field there and you just try to stay opera I am not saying that the coaches are encouraging kids do drugs they say what you have backed by Ronald ticking and as Jack Daniel's bottle and get out there and you do you lay Crowe adjust. Your idea has to be ideal which one is. Can replace the cross Saturday night I've only see one lacrosse game in my life. One really knows it was denied marks of Arizona for her own thing in emissions and Canada throat. What are they shoot the ball and all hole for money you. Republicans that I do that date issued that day the whole ball from you but there is all I gotta cut a hole out there and mr. mom and him and his mother could it be as simple lesser. Most kids to play across our reach kids through yet it said do she mentality to rent. I told to the parents don't know go there have these scams that's insane institution mentality that rich kids have more access to bad stuff because that rich parents will need to give their kids more police because it BP could trust that would also be for the swim team yet center that's a ritual like. He would pull any jeetz child I just swim team parodies have me everywhere that when the credible threat to us. I know use your brother came in first in the belly flop. Abroad definitely legit swimmers. 2226 that buckled the candidate below lol I guess that's why violates every Luke is a lacrosse player do you play across. I you're dad and it. Or art art and Alec and our coach your younger coach and you're absolutely right out the what are particular scene on that we're all adults or. Mark the pollutants and encouraged to edit and have our. And that we also are out LA. Where you game. And you went it went there in that other red light itself we go on a matter. I tell you W but it. Now is he just got out of school. I this Palestinian men could cut a little refresher courses and go to Playboy university. So would you say the lack of elder statesman is what creates this in a cult tried that yet. Yeah I mean what are you. In all your player in college and he so wanted to play. You know it was a coach at it on. The vehicles coach created yet is lucky little light stuff yeah remember that I earned. The call appreciate it. Ticker coming apart liked it and it is funny you cannot swing a dead cat in this area without fighting you keep who played college across some idea. CC at one of the yes that was the best across programs in the country. For junior colleges. Everybody goes please divisions just about every series cool as a team you know so it's yeah he played every level. And it's easy portable form button that two weeks and it may be lacrosse players are more honest taking surveys as a parent at a high school lacrosse player I obviously haven't seen the drug use but I have seen swaggering cocky as to them now does it negative. Atop that six these kids don't care a Coke. Actually fell a bit even in that at least my kid doesn't do it at the other kids do. Craig should this greed their Sarah I've never receded itemized son. And of this day to I would tell the kid and reads he goes DL hundreds of cities from reactionary right. And Regis propelled exports which is Finger Lakes not Rochester. That the group. A.