Smoking Room Only?

Thursday, March 9th

A guy is at a crossroads with his buddies over one simple thing.

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You don't want a Little Richard when your body you. How much of the street at twenty years ago buddy smoking its attic Roger it's at a house nobody. But today you force that Hitler for lighting a cigarette inside the walls of some. Yeah and we do need help from a guy we got yesterday. Any rights does the show global global. Hmmm I go poker night every Friday Mukasey is getaway it's my wife's one night she loved to go out and enjoy myself stay out on my drink cap for. How house where the poker night is held with just moved the used to beat the a couple of guys that smoke cigarettes a couple of guys smoke cigars we take breaks in between enhanced to go out they could light up and have a good top ranks. It's changed. House of someone who was a smoker he smokes inside he's not allow everybody that plays poker to smoke inside well we're playing desperate. Is this is really bothered me about why there and the smoke bothers belongs gets my guy modern art. I don't line is what he had nine year old woman I know that if I bring up to the guys that I would appreciate them not smoking inside they're going to QB in fact maybe kick beyond the poker he's out. I don't know what else has boasted to try to for three weeks I've kept my mouth shut it's agonizing for. Courses let's around anyway. He says I know Tommy's gonna call me a little bit. Well Paulus but a serious question for a guy that has a legitimate problem is there anything I can do for these guys to these guys to get them to stop smoking inside while you play people don't lose my that was my buddies but it's just too much from. He he you can't. It's a guy's house and it's again it's and it's in an activity escape and over that time smoke and house. Just kick back about a scale it's it turn it into like somebody's wife to showed this what wives do and they show up or growth front you can smoke you know hothouse environment and. Promise you it sounds like he's the only one that doesn't desperately needed to end any not a young man. Nobody genocide and his loans are in his lungs get it she might get the pressure there are other guys who don't smoke nobody will and saying he thinks you're suggesting I'm guessing academy yeah. Go to real folks own play because of the result he's Tuesday as they cancel because the oxygen tanks but I used to have a poker night in my house or as a kid I feel like Jose give by your rage. I was the only single guy and a group and they used to love coming to my house. Is we smokes cigars in my apartment spokes cigarettes smoked we get drunk. You know have a good time. I can't imagine any of those guys going. I don't do all this fund now Amaya my eyes are watering. It might be different. Lex has no social success yet only 50% of Americans smoke you know that yet the cool ones. You know under 50% cool people how often are you inside a building where somebody smoking it never happened like guys like to smoke a cigar once Avalon limited time and I can't do that of violating crack a window. Recruit and six even if it's cold as hell you can crackle Windham get to smoke a smoker you know yeah smoking if smoking inside it's nasty not to I don't think would have a problem but he bit a bit but let's say it's kind of a common knowledge that we smoke we've smokes cigars do a good time. And as in his. Fairy once the stock that. But it's just a last three little. Tinker belt cupcake mommy you would if you if you use your situation I smoke house when your buddies when you got friends in April while. Said he management Boller out that. Syria really it's terrible friend not a good Buddy Baker. I've also been a good friend of the guys are one of smoke that we got established that this was a smoking. They're really three weeks. Three weeks courted this even he's already out. Thank you thank you could even tough it out three we edits one night. Admires them and now he doesn't. When he's an what did you wouldn't you still had taken out because it's it's like he suggests reloading and. It's just yeah I can't and people love food movement ruined by this time of them alone. Often didn't. I shall for this I don't do feel bad and sad is poised but it's bothering him right because you're not cool man. He's trying to dissect that break and you know what the flow or they can't do is suck it up this is the opposite of suck it up this is sucking. He understands the situation yes he goes be brings it up it's gonna be a problem which is why do you for advice and help me anyway I do. God forbid I even know he knows of my answer me. Don't be a little Sissy long boy what if she volunteered to have hit house but sucking his doesn't regulate and tofu as. The craggy you might be up for just say he could eat like you do in your dogs it would be at a poker your oats. Which are smokers addicted that at Mandalay here's a higher and he didn't let anybody smoke and that expensive furniture act you show your house. We're gonna go to Asian success isn't that is that they sell like if it's a slippery slope just like gun rights great. So home thinking alike utterance is that I can use a view of pilots who started controlling guns and Yuba veggie get a confiscate a migrants. OK okay this is like this non smoking is gonna do. So this is Jimmie nonsmoking days getting up in hey guys you know my libelous or sincerity and LT silk. We them pizzas anymore or we get pizza completely meatless pizza there. And with organic. Esiason. A cool. Is it that Goodell now. Really everybody gets pretty significant Vietnam not root press. Meatless pizza knows smoking it's no fun because he's got little Cecile 92 to six hours honest question got a man has bad lungs is. Anyone can help this man because Tommy has no ideas connect a couple of shots you get an email from a guy his poker night every Friday night goes out it's like let's do it it is model to another guy's house the last three weeks it's gonna be goalie guy in the group obviously good smokers out of people smoke in his house and it's it is but he's has bothered me nice achievement and are you don't. Want them to smoke in his house I can't be around and I don't know if I asked them they're gonna call me a PH agrees eyes need advice to you but you've got his call it a bit of Iowa I was about other. So when I have my house and Webster and I used to smoking nicely guys smoke and all the time as a sort cigars and out that all the time that. I had a guy already won a strong line up to your ice data chicks that smoked. And others organized as you know. That is notre going on map out anything you can hang a ham and man and he makes eighty woman wanted viewed your house 200 you can Steve leave this day. Today they pay did you did you know. It clear bottom right. Can play it terrorist attack please do to. Calm me. Because we know he's good Bob made should be I should be CNET T you know. Are you to meet it is weird. Seat people's organs like it's become such a four thing right. Just as sick to your house ten years ago minus incite the four walls of the plates and eighty being a smoker I don't like smoke inside but if it's an established smoking facility. I don't think you should come in like one guy's gonna rule affirm right that's not cool thing. You know you can suck it out there has got to crack a window. And at most of the smoke will be you know won't be that bad. It's not true you know that's not true. Are gonna when I just suck the smoke out of the current don't discuss it where it's gonna be called is escapes at the window to two to 6004 goals coming in the stock Mikey Mikey boy buddy. Stupid few weeks of the grooms. The computers and restrict who can't. It. Which. It's that hybrids was but he didn't call it preaches that cigarette smoke is certain cigar smoking a closed room is on. They can get having actually crack a window and I. Okay fine cracked window cracked cracked. It will UAU Boe who lit that'll work of its cigar night you can analyst Dana how home. See you literally quit smoking before a good buddy I would put the groups. Of jubilation great interest of pleasures before just a guy. So did you put holes but fear hosts like your your thing is you want everybody to feel comfortable here. Thing is that thing. That's impossible IQ can you cannot make everybody happy you'll be miserable the process. It's a smoke in night and day hitting its elegant look bro. If it's after you I understand that Burnett change in rules so once you. Go down to the Girl Scouts because that's for all the little girls hang out that don't like the inhale secondhand smoke. Okay and may go buy some Girl Scout Cookies from accuse you just a little. It is really hard as a man and what the situation to ask latest stop for example Mike. It was like our first daughter aren't we went to somebody's house opposite in the house like my wife is. Anchor he does carry a cigarette in I didn't have the season ticket record of your momma that's all it was a it was for France he was actually along. Let's sit ups and see how tough this kid is I didn't have the bulls with Michael Allen and whites there it's acreage please put that cigarette the in relation does Leo yeah it is how. House what I did occasionally knowing what I did a good day sir. How dare you. And that's a tough for it's what you do that's different. Wouldn't they be well known to. Do a little David Willis set a secular world juniors. So there's nothing you can do it sucked up to keep what they'll go. Go find new friends. You say that like it's easy it is this is seven billion people on a spotted. I I see people every big of a present room asking you did the last Republican new friend it was ten years ago Alan. Now I'm comfortable at the my friend level right now and sold out. Can't take on any new people aren't well should.