Sideline Reporter Sal Capaccio - Week Two

Friday, September 16th

The Bills are now 0-2 on the season and fans are questioning decisions made on the field. Is Rex Ryan already on the hot seat?

Sideline Reporter Sal Capaccio talks Duffy off a ledge.. Kinda..


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Joining us in the break room may have to we'd want to get him obviously before he joined as is normally on Monday's with a 738 great game down. We welcome our good buddy bill sideline reporter sees things you don't seat here's did you hear. Simple putt jail cell I hope not but it. That let you in Indiana have entered this morning I probably would have been about. Just before I went to that. Yeah up Obama's offer up my ankle was ticketed a body taking napkin I've hurt really bad gonna board muscled through this will be together. We are. Sale. What are what are we doing here but the helmet supposed to think after last days of bills and were only two divisional game its own house meet that he just looks at what I spoke to bake sale. Everything you're probably thinking everything greens are probably thinking that there's. Going off the real quickly. That there be any answers. And it's frustrating and we're all. Feel it and I I don't know I. I Asia. Look for. How scenes and can fix it and I think on the record this is what it's for me guys that. It's. If it was a repeat performance of last week last night at least you can hang your hat on Cain and that you want by the Baltic once you do that. You're OK after last night's performance. Honestly you know I mean just blindfold yourself. Heroic our average that's 86. So delicious. As this is one of the teams you have to prepare for the jets rank as you know you gotta pace and towards traditional pricing you know this going into camp. So what do they do any camp. I what was the point of camp if you come out completely I'm prepared. For a team that you know European of that base in the second week this season. Well how do you even explain all that. Wallet we'll I'll try explaining that that that's not legal. Go to camp preparing for two of the season you go to preparing for the seat and an annual concert and we want although they did. Work on we too little and I know that because it was a short turnaround but. The jets are in the same boat by the way reject now the jet to play the builder division opponent. There are professional coaches in professional players on the other side I'm preparing to build it prepared better and they had a better plan than what the bill that obviously. Normally that time totals of literally Sharon that plan. So ever what are what are what it gives you essentially have the time when the office again was added dumb law. I'd be so that's what's frustrates Abacha and not this year I mean I don't wanna be that guides agreed to X three is way you know blow up and sale. I hit that played a flashy hit that completed salas and that doesn't happen. Last night. Yeah. So that's how. Much could this. Soon. Mad T like a bat like lucky they're gonna win a couple of games because you know we have right that's Patrick Stevie Johnson and it went something like this is like we have tail it. That just means it matching indicate latest terrible like you said that everything is a disaster happens they'll. I don't know man I'm searching for answers like you'd like it at least the last two years. One tiger one and one and you're like okay light electrical rectory needed. Beaten by Tom Brady was freaking hall of Famer who did what he did after evidently we won it last year. Two years earlier to know what Doug brought Chicago Miami and only a blue pill and good. And that's what it's like okay you're always too. Our you know you have. Pretty much breeze out and they're still winning in England and you party lost to eight games and all the way. Excellent primary register or 300 breaking 74 yards on you last night that's right. It actually. I mean that that that's what makes it more broad street to you know last year after week to copy a deal with what happened against New England. But Tom Brady like. Embrace it's not that's. But now the trick when you go and. I accept the putt GO publicly silent or put our boy and an out with us a little post game Friday. We're looking I was here except for Tommy he looks great to blazer debasing the agency and he looks adorable. Right now it's Lou but it should be goes to whoever bread police all of a compliment did. Who came in here at the red blazer all of. You know on the roadways yeah well I'll just like yes southerners can pull off Le pen or. Debit that's like 300 miles. What's it we have to make a decision in fourteen get right right. After CNET tyra these last two games does he have to play amazingly well now over his head the next fourteen to make this even a discussion. No no I wouldn't say that I would say play much better much more consistent yet it's not like gators. I don't know it's not like you have a bank account and you know now key is twenty dollars under so he passed he'll make that up he's got to look better doesn't have to be. All I got so much better for fourteen weeks he's got so progression and by the end of the idea that processed. You have to be a lot better in your Kabila and I agree with that and he can play better than to win games and it as simple as that he he was yet and then go into weeks and I don't understand like why. All can't even when they were working at act and I played is that what what service they were literally working on middle yields and a lot Charles played great Allah knows he'll. Early last year they didn't do well enough. Where's that and last night because of we are talking this morning in the that your Howard ran the numbers it through like. Literally he. Or bypasses the middle appeal and jumped out. And no more one was that one was a touchdown I think he's counting that you know what was the trouble Korean. Think about think of it this way you tight ends Charles play. Did you see it at all at any targets inside action saying it earlier I got to the sideline all the time. I don't what I'm supposed to do here I don't know what I'm supposed to do because the Tommy Tommy I don't you love I don't even look seek lead paint like this major terribly big winner imagery into. That's right like. So we're talking about it earlier today. Two years ago last before last season. The bills do everything they can't give good because they get the best coach available medical trade for LeSean McCoy then they go find themselves Tyrod Taylor and you know it's a little messy last year but it eventually all come together that's what we're thinking and more here the bills got it. Everything they can to keep your they have paid people. And somehow were worse off hi all holidays is supposed to happen this way sale. I don't hold any key basket. And these guys what happened with the jets. It would joint day because they have a bad coach in that player I mean I don't know a battalion. Out that I think I think I think they have talent on the team I think it. She got a stadium that should open up that box at how they got stepped away. You know the equipment manager tell them to spread some tell around the trees out the do you think it tracks do you think it's Iraq's thank Rex is not long for this. City anymore. A development that pump for anything. Well two different questions there delight delight blame what's going on and Rex right specifically what is accountability in the news that coach of course like to keep these specific reason that there are losing now I think there's a lot of reasons. On he really doesn't on the offense the offenses look bad or regular is a big reason why I think Greg grow and return to recount appointed Greg Roman cannot appear that I think he actually a pretty good operative or later. I have no idea what you're doing a third one important one anymore I don't know light at the trying to reinvent the wheel. And act like it's. That it is unbelievably. Huge situation that you have to. Game plan or separate these little quirky accent and at that at that. At that very moment you know I mean what can someone explain to me a note that addressed to someone at Sony. What the benefit it is having EJ Manuel come in on third one for the one that you otherwise would not get something by not having. That does. The dollar that they would desperate now. You procedure manual that situation first of all you have to start selling guide and off the field. Taguchi in out of the huddle longer which is takes longer in your throat writer rhythm doesn't let you survey the situation. And on top of that. Two things put some get a feel who has yet to take a snap which. Is much more higher risk of fumbling which he did by the way and certainly. It takes an offer that option away from you on the PX. You these two quarterbacks on the field. I do like watching her about the of those so Kaczynski so excitedly he's get so excited that he gets to play I did enjoy watching him do that even though his worst idea ever I like that. Guy area aren't as Rex right guy for the job I mean not looking like it right. But they're not gonna. An accurate all the cute here after two weeks I don't even think they would do better or as much as you know people might want that it happened adversary known for. With LA and San Francisco coming up after that whatever order it make it any soccer and I don't think I I don't think it. The ownership of this scene is going is going to a calendar this morning encircling a date and saying where certain record by a certain date. You know we're gonna make it change or do you think that you know they will evaluate as they go and they're gonna continue to stay the course here give it time. And at that time I was there are you know one in six or two and seven you know the bye we come around and you know might have a change in. And I'll be the first one thing I haven't seen it saw offseason now it is they all pay there's no you don't play out well. And the plan has been correct trying to stay here were trying to be the coach and have time to get his players in his system and but as a police said. At any moment in time any owner can wake up and say I got what's happening with Michael all my academic change. He sees it except Abacha the sun reporter in out with a sigh here in the break elements in the you know he's typical last night in its big party right they they did at regular and got the legends all the bills legends there everyone's wearing shirt and tie to get the commissioner the advance leaks in the building as a present and that your team goes and lays egg like dad and I know it falls on the shoulders Iraq's been. I even if it's not for the sake of football team I mean to visit. How much of it. Is saving yourself embarrassment I don't wanna do this anymore audit a lower profile guys that we don't have to deal with all this pomp and circumstance the national stage and we fall flat like we. And a leader emblems are written. I mean I don't know I don't. Epic of really really big picture view okay. They can doubt who's our next head coach I mean we unity and are now we need to get so slow lower profile part of the reason Rex was in was because. This organization has had a history of not attracting a big name coach nick finally did it meet somebody to do that now whether he's the right coach Ron coach I think it is solid discussion. But that is part of the reason and I don't know I don't know it. I don't know I hate you can't just. Today or to make change because. We eagle lower profile you McCain do you think it's gonna help your football team that I don't care that you can. And you can bring in our profile coach to replace and if you want you to get better that you blog that they certainly have the money but they're also only this diary here. This year what the next three at five million dollars each as much as they might know people think they print money into Louisville which is fine. You know that's still something to swallow that one that they portray and 29 dollars to walk away and happy the coach. It's nice jacket when he mill decision. Play that kind of a tattered and go home is awesome is awesome if your Rex Ryan insurers Ellen could you please look stupid. You still pretty by all moves to the blaze has the and. I buddies at the project that would sell I apology don't expect sleep do you gotta do ten days for the cardinals ten days to prepare you know who's gonna Hebron. Hi easy out. Was. That was part of the whole discussed read that thing about last night all week for me was disguised. What we're talk about now which is oh my god ten days to think about that. Scene with Carson Palmer and what right and for Patrick is that you are you getting leaked verses. He went last night. They get ten days to think about we're going to be to a one goal in Foxborough. Which is pretty cool and we can we didn't get this team. It would get a home win against Arizona cut and Ali in the West Coast and 82 and one go to Foxboro set and a big matchup in England which have been super exciting but now. Just in a discussion we've been having it seems like every week for the last sixteen. Well 27 days till the sabres dropped the puck yeah. Fatah tied up money could buy at a photo of itself with everybody takes its time we appreciated. I was lucky next week sometime maybe after that maybe now I don't know. Season ticket by those of the order says about you. Even.