The "Shortcut" Guy

Monday, January 22nd

There are a million ways to get there, but for some reason, you have to take the most complicated route.

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I aid will QB he's really need it she tee will keep it to guide your version and those two things collide Shane big time. It's odd couple stories of Democrat chronicle does on Friday and stories about what happens when your kid brings his lunch money at school. The little fatty goes down and they get supremely well adjusted they the list all of the policies for all the school districts greater Rochus Narnia and get in a couple that were interest. It's not so much about parents not having the money and get him it's about parents don't have too much pride to ask for help so they're starving and it and they won't. That they connect with America does and doesn't sets a bad no kidding. And it apparent that they're doing the right that your teacher became less is actually beat you giant huge bag and media had one of those Bob aren't you had a great group brought to glass cracked and he six got a BC a map so Tommy nearly if you're kick. To Brighton heights and Aaron had forgets is much. You eat too old charged hot lunches in the district you need provide an alternative want to compete about a jellies. Like that Oprah and I go down the list for every school district in the greater Rochester area the story Democrat chronicle on right. If you put no money you know the shame of the alternative to launch a wreck on we have all these programs that you couldn't. Just fill out and then you get to free Sam what we do. We do so thought out yeah that's the problem with the don't wanna fill it out it's up to date don't wanna fill it out. People who seeks shame in having that handover all their personal information to a school districts they're keyed wait they already have your personal it's out. Much of its apparently think it's the fact that. Everybody don't sing that you don't make enough money so now your kid needs for about. And a mock your horrendous. To sit your boss that Ascot this school of pivotal that's their ego the price so I don't like that I other. Yeah down personally and pisses me out that I got to feature right about all the figure at regional bus and as kid but now. I give it a food you don't want. Because you're afraid of what people think yes absolutely but you can't people pick up by two pro itself. People think you're still not needs every single day care of people I have on a hoodie and old instinct is that you call doable mystique is switched up where you're speakers magnitude dirty. Roku I don't go down that road. Animal. I mean it appears it probably feared other kids note too because like it it was. It wasn't something that was like hated nick you're advocate pick up free lines like two people probably knew it. I was a kid when I was elementary school kids or was made fun. Right the kids got their free lunch Duffy in the other industrial we'd ever every so could I get it too much pride do you like these treatment programs and Nikita went to their quote medicine after lunch it's cute equivalent. Or why they go to Chile just a bad sneaky you have deport kidney of the knocked it what I find interesting are these parents who decide I've not apply for free looks like too much pride. Leader Casey no other guy to defend its middle of the so. No I don't so what habits of the can't play it's like go to class assay. Parents or sign up I go to school. And I go on he played that I get a money so I get my three freebies and then went on and I'm just cut off. Yeah pretty much each child like for example you gets recharge lunches at your elementary school student it and that's it so actor that. I get the three. And then after that a fight of my butt and my parents of a pony up yet duke you know we get nothing. It's an extra recharge launch is nothing else you gotta put on a prayer for McCain no longer I agree with you this school the schools actually bent over backwards to get it freeze which heats. I don't understand the accident too much pride to put their kids these programs if you need it I mean this was one of those kids. And my parents would set me off to school when nobody but by the way your father had a good job I understand. And your mother worked out. It Eagles. Suddenly you had two incomes. Adding granted you big rambling. I'm just saying you've got to guard they're afraid I mean you feel invisible to the grocery but I'm simulate. I that I don't understand lake is your parents could just giving you the I don't know what was once cross at school when I was here's a Tony and teach you get 1253 kid you know how many times they got beat butter and jelly sandwich to your sister to the main office and you get a little coupons yes it looks all the keep us client if it can't get. And adapt to all people come through. Nobody knows why they're bad and nobody knows it just didn't know how it's like yeah actually picks the PBJ and it was always the worst PBJ ever likes strawberry jelly yeah. And they put the third piece of bread the milk is big news reports the only extra piece of bread. I think that's our name our president thinking agreed jelly. I think it Vatican starts around storage of the Libya right. You don't have fighting 22226000. To let the kids not having any money for legit if these parents let's kick it back to themselves to set yourself explain why this happens lights less embarrassing for your kid. Ask for money. That it is for you to apply for retention school and then you can get a free lunch that's what kills me is who the hell cares. It really got. Once in the middle school like you weren't allowed to not have a one ticket they saw kids sitting there with no lunged contaminating they had to give you something or throw the Catholic second out yeah like the lunch leave it come over and bring you like yes like a snack or something that you weren't allowed to be there and not eat. I don't think like a vending machines I know what to bag a chips a block. Yet maybe. The giving get a little bag of Doritos or read them anyway and I was the number is getting an Anderson we have and with that problem you're talking like an east side Tuesday with the kids are seen a lot of fat it's oozes out. Tune it. I just don't want to drive by it looks pretty well fed and I don't want to help I go to mine I say give the free lunch yes I know and I'm still crap dawn. The other interest like art bother of historic democratic radical bitten is they listed at the end of the year last year. How much money was load it each school. I didn't do a grand total yeah it's got to be elected Jerry Lewis telethon brought blood baby. It's for Sutherland went there bigger names now. Was he a good Doritos zero no nobody Pittsburgh's. The high school any line outlining man until affluent neighborhood meanwhile the LB elementary school it's not support the Christmas apart yet. Thirteen hundred dollars. Karen. It was just a whole school next door at apple that's the magic school over Pittsburgh's other ice would probably say ignorant. Thirteen dollars vs zero. Site of tell that your Karla and Sammy outside devastating thing that the rich kids get the money. On an interest in the getting caviar Stan I think Pittsburgh lowers in the breaker Muncie Matt. Ally at it and I can't break it angry. And at 250 it gave her life she her kids and her head and and it it now or if he died that he cried if they get wrapped it. It's a desperate cheap box seven fights. Forgot that yet but the credit lines. Retrieved it and last year I gotta be in Canada and we were the only family that did not read these free much choreograph. What school do let me ask it. I just doing to your regularly but I got also got treatment get angry. But the point of making kids launch of the can make themselves a certain migrant now. It will be and I and I do that and I get them like that and I mountain only put a not so much in your account today. It got Graham actress at home I don't care advocate of free breakfast you he would practice here and then. You know Bob Pickett cute would stay by at airline el. You can't outside like a hundred bucks and that I am thirty bucks each hit count. For them to feel. I widgets and so finally execute every team it's fifteen dollars date for a touch five bucks and it's 250 for breakfast and lunch the rest of my own about 515 day times five is what seventy dollars a week Jesse Brown bag at sixty bucks which they have is that race it's cold cereal and a sandwich for lunch and what you need. Jesus Chrysler and everything's gonna be a sit down gourmet dinner or the queen's common. I I I yeah Mike and we get by you baggage you know that little neck baggage that pregnant to for. Cooper but you're not Biden had it at the school. It's just we didn't and it letter sent Martha I embedded during that school and have that echoes in the Cuomo's pockets of who don't think it has been much of the real bonus and I meant it or get art teacher. And now my name it relies. Now are taking for the call I really appreciate it right today that he's got a nice Manny get too hot to date with that's just it though. She'd wait even that was set the obviously schoolteacher all my kids get frequent I don't need that help odd knots ski seat parent were not play for free lunch by the way. Here's playing cards you tortured and can advocate the praised president coming in and this guy was Pedroia. It. When I was a kid and I went to the city school district of the seventies. If you didn't pay for lunch you have to work off that major stay after school are until yes. We built the interstate. It'd unless you have a gut there's certain doesn't dig it up there would have been bad for 590 if these kids don't have anybody let them that for themselves it teaches you things that kids are learning schooling first of all I don't believe that you Agilent. 6000. Yeah I don't removed from its. And a kid right. A coupon executed further if they're pair forgets to put money in their night doesn't have to I don't play here and let the kid stole our optic. Yes prevent the second such a thing like back in my day wanted to go to public school and nearest port kids like. Everybody eight hunt still like there is a sense of pride that. You can see first eight no matter what goes on how much money you've got Dick it's gonna get them like it second stars. And really they're kind of like it was us a sense of pride. And it's a stark. Analysts don't option back into the net a free lunch program that that is to exist yet and. I hear you get parents to be that shows up is what happens when you run out of dead and over credit run on a credit. There's like there was a time I think we owed teach talent middles golden meet personally. Like twelve dole center and it was like twelve free lunches at six it will free lunches. And if I'm not mistaken I was going to quite as from high school. They weren't gonna release my transcripts of their whole Gaza Strip where until we paid like twelve dollars it was like fig figures. It was a member of the computer here though because you're going to a private school which is still old twelve book she didn't clear up wasn't this your parents you know as saying nobody that thinks. But I I get my that you brainwashed me with Japan is just like I I just reading your parents Friday night and it just really lovely people to paint this late disgusting pictures of them work. And they don't seem like that but that also like those kind of people that they wouldn't pay the lousy tall box. I'm spent thousands of dollars to go to brainy X school over here but you don't clipper told dollar debt does make sense to me. You can't hit a twelve dollar debt go by paying thousands of dollars for private educational. So footage of how much to leave over there and that require it that's a tornado ran I think we still like 101000. I am an L does that make sense in all it was there. I think guided debut alternate to be such movers and shakers in the community. I wonder though how many like that like when you find out yet debt like I wonder. How much of it is just pork communication where like I didn't know Palin as you well know like today. I don't know how to contact you vacationing and visiting delegates it probably have all your information so they can probably does. Email using a you always is money that's twenty years yeah quite a daughter twenty years they would be able to use call BS a letter to help us senator collection agency I wonder if that happens to test some way and yet because again only spent Summers countries in this down and and dec electrical. Those are exposing conversations over your kid's lunch. Okay you've you're assured of a full blown Seau just. Criticism at a house that we can disable a superb next rate now. I remember you know how it used to have to borrow the textbooks and that that your textbooks for the year I'll answer them but yeah. Well they would with the whole year report card if you didn't turning your textbook at the end of the year or pay the fine for losing it. Think some kids were just like let's OK I got to watching my report cards I'm gonna hold out on this textbook in LA if you are. My sentinel or to show my straight ups to my parents. With these books but away and they did me no good to begin with. Mostly my textbooks always looked really well at the end of the year doesn't have used to Alia mine were like Christina my right leg still in the wrapper for a good market. Like I should get a little money back because they died you know open and I get a second that knowledge of these books.