The "Shortcut" Guy

Monday, January 22nd

There are a million ways to get there, but for some reason, you have to take the most complicated route.


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It's really funny because. When another guy does this to you gotten or pulls us who you're with them you hate this anger to could be reduced. We all become this guy and we'll do what other guys doing to our lives now it's starting to happen to kidney from her boyfriend rule that you couldn't really angry about. Napa based seven deal this is my dad all the time. And she used to drive my mother nuts and I was like what's big deal about it you I had a great group rusty classic rock many 65 WC IMF some TV what is your boyfriend become he has become. Short guy. Run whenever we go somewhere we can't just go like to direct. Route barely we have to go. Through this neighborhood and then like. Down the side street and a good time of my cutter cross of similar time which none of my note please an OS has coalesced around now so. When we moved into our new or plays like we're kind of on a busier street now so there is one late that kind of its aluminum backed up but. Still even if you go through all these side streets and go all the way around. It's it's longer by far than to just go through this stupid light and might be different now has all these like little short cuts that he takes and now he's doing it with. Everywhere we go he thinks he's avoiding traffic everywhere we go by taking the side streets it is intoxicating power which you figure you haven't begun. Did you did you cheat and time 96 until you get lost and won't admit to your laws. Until we just stumbled upon a street that we recognize me. Usually just my head straight so let's say. My life for going someplace for I've already been made time and social. Look at on our phone and she wished to look take you that most direct quick brown eight doesn't. I bet there they didn't they already know the subtleties of these streets right now. I know is going on inside these deeper neighborhoods at the phone doesn't know about as available we should go this way physicist fifteen minutes ago unconcerned and relax. Beating the Smartphone receive it doesn't really go we had to go to buffalo to pick up. Missteps at the airport. So I picked it looked like four times already this year answer she's gonna do the right along this time. Be sure this is the shortest way can't it's called the interstate for reasoning goes right by the airport she is with a phone says this road. And. It's really taken any airport I gotta go down by Darian lake as a real idea what it is you wanted to read a roller coaster for few mostly comes and. I know all I know what I'm doing have done it and not make up I've done this in the ever tried to delay the phone rings you can ninety fester and act on God's own country as road. We're deliverance shows of the icing on bent over Iraq and tell me have a pretty mountains of Gruber a stayed on the interstate Brohm protected by. The New York State trooper society. He's absolutely right about like the Smartphone maps now Natalie compliment that you don't multiply the way they also look out for traffic so the multiple ways issued it. CN car accident like miles before you get an quickest way to get there is this wait till you'd also want you know us on the phone I don't understand that he said I also do which you do. So I think a mile away I got elected to a mile oil to a guy like familiar things you know so like I like to go this'll. As I like to drive it gone down his style now and a broad view Blanco if you give up control your script you never get a bag so what think when you give up your freedoms too sick with the government. Too quickly to wife you might be just like the government. And I. Makes a lot of noise but does it get a lot done by Sunni and big daddies get daycare business of the caddie handle the real job ranked. I look at we'll meant to drive and I think she's officials say sentiment to emulate a about driving ago Chiang and I wish you were with me when a driver in the country don't count because only do was get lost. I got all these po dunk towns and Amylin nowhere with just a map. But I survived which isn't the Guyton get to the mall. He just doesn't make sense if you do 6000 Jamie's boyfriend has needs to do becoming short guy and we all do but here's the funniest part topic the most part is you'll fight for your right to be short a guy but if I get a car. We view of the passage seems and I start driving and my short cut it it's up to what you don't know yet on her own way. Battled the short can't necessarily get the backers how's that sort of you. Well vocalize what are you doing what Detroit is way to set the fastest way when you take a shortcut to take a regular. Roads we'd get there is less cocky and speed I will not. Go to bill's game I will not let a guy over the age of fifty drive to bill's game anymore is if we did so did not. Off the through halfway there were taken 28 it's stupid back and it always takes longer but you feel like you do a better 'cause there's no cars on the new needing your complete idiot here's. Editing eleven people tell you nobody knows this way yes if nobody is a secret. Definitely goes down yeah they paved it puts signed done and there's homes at a but there was never heard this wrote. Nobody's ever heard of five and pointing. Into the unknown ruined his. Sure everybody thinks that nobody uses it everybody's got satellite is back up to hell and back by Evans one is the biggest game of all time. You all the answers like that ever in my bed greater register area 30% of all answers given are by the want to. I think it becomes so like scarred from this because growing up my dad would take. For ever get Smart he would cut through neighborhoods. And you know how she would make everybody in the car car sick. Because he's whipping around like it's nice streak in the neighborhoods that where are my mom wants is like can you slowdown that feel it and throw up. Do you like wit especially in the snow like he'd tail like tailspin through that it was funds that are cool men candidate also took like twenty minutes to get somewhere. Got to get that though Nico is here my shortcut. Mu for an easy on the west side ridge road is always a nightmare especially the Christmas season just five and Tony B there's ten minutes don't say I do reject that does what are. It's like a boy rode it I feel sick it's not odd I know they're taking forever BA guys don't go down in flames. With their direction and their stake hit and stick in with this road. Also my dad was always one of those people that it's about kids flying through the neighbor public that he janitors and it would you do get to try to make up time. It's only dead you're gonna hit somebody. Like it's hit on a bikers are they because you're just you're not paying attention. Based president coming to do is get us at face that BC and the break FaceBook page talk about becoming direction guy. I hate these kids with their GPS and oppose it never owned GPS I never look at the map how do you not get anywhere memorize where you're going to figure out eventually and meteor might wait to be near my kids. You can be shut up on the two. Here's thing here's the thing that men are all born with for sure and women do not having it on I think is because they give birth. Because they're out of that but that's why I'm a terror and a men have a built in sense of direction that women don't have I used by Dubai is a bump some place in my Avago only get the lakes over that way yen. Sure the lakes all the way over their note the leaks that way. She doesn't know but I I can't yelled at because he's abroad they don't have as is the direction all your credit here orders for dudes I might. It was during the originals should be a goal and that trailer it it was second Juliet with the wrong I was a bank fraud and passed it checked. His tank. Sanctions. Just how the coyotes. I just trust that Tommy's life that direction locally more than him why she pierce it's impossible not highly swing like certain things are I am amazed when I first moved to this town. People didn't know where things or because they stayed in their neighborhoods so beat because of the job at the time I was doing all these gigs all over the place on the old shelter at humbled right. So. It. Had always been pulled in four different directions at once I was the most wanted man. So. But I gotta tell somebody so light I've never been there are a hockey you grew up theory of the different sixty years you to remember that part down Ella gonna go there and eight cents. It'd have like most people like noon. Electable hipster. Knew very little of the west side even though that he worked on the west that they want to work Dakota academic he beat feedback on a lesser than ever hung out over there for anything. He was very unique about the great actuary is everything you need is it near and neighbor just like gates was gates Greece Greece is Pittsburgh's worst Jess would occur to nobody Pittsburgh there was anything else I do know there helped Lindsay was seen pitchers in the made. You know which features a picture of the kids grown up in its. Jimmy's at the breaker at CNN takes you keep it. I don't I didn't agree with mommy about. Some guys adding. The correctional citizenry should beware. As is not everybody not all the guys have done potential. In the direction. There's some people that I work with that are truck drivers that can get themselves lost without GPS and it's what drama get laws that she only did that direction number one. Yeah no kidding they are never read and happy just to keep saying you're totally right now there's a whole bunch UPS guys that are a loss to the wilderness sororities are so grounded as a packages. I would not be surprised I wouldn't put a ban which would you do it right hell do you let solely. Are all the my life that history. Under a thick and didn't do what. It can't Jeep noted that. It's issued in Connecticut as a bit you company I had an agent and he tried to take my GPS from. Because he thought he can still on opposite problem. Thought I should learn how to drive the United States of America without knowing how to get to or read a map the jet TP. Ed what he thought I use my GPS that is to say it got told to kkk and a couple of good idea that's got to make a story about it too what about to lighten my life is lived in Rochester almost ten years there. She has no idea how to get anywhere and it amazes me. When she came standards probably had GPS so it was like she didn't really have to memorize anything would you go bench right even if used mainly drubbing up anywhere and I I'll have a automatic immediate sense of direction Allman haven't. Yet Tommy's latest to jump multiple with the society might have a backhoe with us and stretch about it like homing pigeon you know back erase it and a roof. I. Tummies toy. Four about people not leaving their neighborhoods hadn't really noticed a lot now that I used Cooper often and has a lot of the drivers. I think arc from year because they have no idea what I'm talking about when and Sam going here there in the city and Michael ware to grow up well up Brayton. But how do you. Did you ever like drive downtown at her afford it's it's so weird how a lot of them that grew up in suburbs they steal your own place yet they don't know how to get anywhere you go. Places Suggs. It does it. City Rochester that. A lot of people listen she'll never bad. If you would ever go welders on their religion I'm gonna coalition unity and a death wish he gets complicated it is I gotta go boarding gates then I know I gonna have a passport. Again I exchange my money. I get a declare everything. Get a chicken gun. Become too well he wouldn't Clinton Beckham right there EQB should give you what from the brink still beat. I don't say anything but it does it's dangerous and yet I don't standings is a liberal Mario yeah I try not to be like you know. Backseat driver. Well you're young in this relationship so you're defining your niners certainly get in your group's major you know he's gonna be that guy and and you're going to be some kind of woman I guess eventually she sees it. You'll find your groove too. Not throwing things that annoying and there. That's I try not to take it it's not that big deal but it's like one of those expert who had a though this way again. The greatest thing I can give you as far as advice being a woman relationships keep him Russia. Aren't you haven't learned that yet no but I'm not abroad and at the bright eighties the better our viewers keep in Russia. Smile look pretty particular show you go farther and done a pretty babies. And it's pretty babies Gilbert of him articulate that methodically babies. You know what's trustees. Are. A good talking about this direction that can be written. On a bigger scale what we've let go and we're still holding on to torture. He went by the works now. And she SA financially because she makes that money and and like we've all that stuff go. But like we will not. Let directions go watch it. That is because we have nothing else hold onto lastly you're either stripped of our men and public support for the young guys and is to lighten writes oh. He did nothing to this world she. We're meant dominated everything yet it still seared into his AKK band and it's its it's it's a hard word that's part of our DNA. It's he has to drive and he you know plan deter of course I'm driving I met my way to my way. I've never just fine entered the one time I let my wife planned a trip. I ended evidence 'cause ball hooker hotel work next to a guy do you analyze she got a great deal on furniture in joy we're real real we almost died. Until it's over husband it would be browse. Well who should she should've married.