The 'Sex Sitter' (Part Two)

Friday, October 13th

Are you a couple that has a "sex sitter" on call for the kids? It can be hard to find alone time, but this at least guarantees that you have a few hours to yourself.


Are you cool with scheduling sex with your significant other?


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Lot of people that are writing talking about how much Tommy believes TV when it comes to having sex when you have children is astounding. Hearing negatives army could you know take your FaceBook messages between breaks on. Down there. The breaker but still let's cracked 96 by the BC that's coming up this listener email from a couple on the east side who they have they rotate XX hitter in the neighborhood group acting so their kids go to another couple's house and base would collect one group of kids everyone else as Texas pile up on your only that once a month. It sounds like you have like eight kids in your house announces. My top he said it's okay well yet you should do your light under a blanket will you children. We've been geared for men and you bids Ruddy about please complete given agenda. That's after hitting and shady and extra yardage let's talk to our first woman. Personal wealth grew up in this conversation about Chris is the break from an axiomatic Chris a lawyer. I'm okay it's a bit you know there there is coming up it was a note at you as that mommy mode. When you're in Miami mode is very hard to get sexually aroused because you were a month at skip around their kids. So it's hard to get around so I'd like you Judy become dirty. Value. I don't I mom bomb view. And it's it's got to be alone doors locked. At Arnold and those not in the there in the extra notes. Like hey if it but it's hard it's hard to do at the B. Well let's say it would let's say you're taken a shower. And gain. Eight's. Sunday morning herself that and the kids are still asleep Bernard bouncers Russian TV. If you'll major structural slips of the show with you and gives you die hard won and I would be nice right he would expected. Yeah I think I'm a little different then mine a little more and any time com. A little more and and spent some women. Don't win this spontaneity of him just coming in the shower I do. And and scrubbing your crotch with an army field. For me and for me lake. I've regained the quite grab in the pits in it does it was something where they're what I'm at. Why did you not expecting ranking on the are you. Voting this way you should. His six we feel he's rocked a hand on your womanhood in return Juwan makes you feel. So wait wait don't the big fire and a little. Ed will wrap. I'm gonna alkaline William Bennett. Let's just say he goes into the chocolate pinky when you're an advocate it's gonna happen. I O it's. All Christie says no. I think she means you are not hosting us. Chris thank you for the call I appreciate all right. FaceBook messages accommodate you can always get is at the BC MF would break from FaceBook page I'd pay an actual sex Sydor. It's CEO he woman my wife works with we give her money to watch the kids less money to take them to the mall or Chucky cheese or out to dinner they usually gives us about two hours house freedom she has to text that's what she's on the way back and put immediately Beck was not walked and that's a lot of work. It's haven't kept getting bigger bank caper tenant communal. Real men know Al ideal look out. Today secret sexy cover you have to be done in your life is where Richard Nixon not as good as they like she is going it and today. It's a retirement might lead to did you six does music never schedules the trojans well I I think it's. Better spontaneous over the I think everybody would agree with that just what gets you some idea of a choice okay. When he rarely make. Just like nobody's even trying. Chinese I guess trying to schedule is yet because he views schedule. You'll never be spontaneous conjure all focused on your day that. Meg in its final twelve minutes is in the bay view that I. It's school or us. You absolutely. Get. That checked off all the way I. Looked at. No I like. 88 point. Some rabbit so that means a lot of times you're probably not really in the mood to have sex by. You're gonna get this done because you don't know where it's gonna happen again. You'll grow. Your turn out. You're dirty mojo. It's getting hot legs like every guy. My mojo. It many definitions of those who believed that. Oh yeah it's a good girl it's a good enough. Your good hope running back to take you for the call that could color and a girl and rose cougar girl so creepy you can go yeah. That is why you can't get Mahmud Tommy wanted to creeps you out satellites dvd. I do find it funny well I see guys don't be a couple minutes. When I was kid when I got engaged ahead is thought to my wife that. I'm never gonna have to pay for sex ever again and I don't need prostitution because I wouldn't buy dinner drug would it take you to the movies. Cool your resume wrongs in the book but just that the constitution's a bargain. That I could pay for sex last need to. To my first kid showed up and now I'm paying more to have sex that I ever did what I was dating babysitters. I have to take my wife ought to give give an entourage to city and to take. Sexson light on it erupted to get kids out of the house and minimum fifty dollars down and got a low. Get like pace may take your kid so yeah I have to pay them to do something with kid. Right that only Petr says that the Bucs probably an even negated. Get it done and got probably be a bill to get food for my wife and I place the sitter plus attitude like 800 bucks have sex with my wife. And yes and you hope that I happens to happen on a book and you were tied. Did you do 6000. He says spontaneous sex is the best able course it is it's a stupid statement when you have kids but if you're not even trying to be spontaneous. Daniel had to start scheduling. Grammer is on hold for seventy minutes they were ever going. Record award. You know I've followed motorcade would probably yours start where he armed urgent care I think you're. I just wanted to does speak double problem Meyer and I was very were you of that street kids or so like yours but I do remember it then Doherty during the every name. It is Qaeda Lockett a better slope on some match she's all right. If you can't always Gary you'll have to move regardless or or diamond your dorm some. Wrong. This announcement he had called. You'll remember her every complaint about sex either way except for you guys the face earth who just takes how do. It'd be it yeah I got lucky I don't hardly see her prime the pump. Enemy who water well what do you mean sometimes you Ali's got a flat in the plot triggered outcry and I'm trying to figure out how all three hours or not I'm doing you. Okay loaded up but you'd burn in America where you have to read it and they care about twenty minutes and ecstatic but Nicklaus I haven't put a seven minute windows were something has to get done and concentrate. Tickets are sound and added it's let's cut the entire liberal parents yeah. It up like. Eight minutes. Spontaneously. Out there and call it is a lifetime for sex with my. But I think you need to start looking for those windows of opportunity okay that believe may have may choose a dull romance grow. She's really got to go like man he really made an effort he paid attention. Notice what was going on in winning in for the kill. And I was even expecting that man and and you can't tell me she's to have her lips aren't gonna get stepped of that. Impassable thank you for covering up the noise and meet with groups aren't immediate states. Until it was way worse pets medical term. Stiffness. We go from the rapper to another man who knows about six women aren't hammock road. I don't. Misery mighty Arm & Hammer. Out here though we saw these. No simple and I actually one bet is Michael Bay McNeil and subtle and I school. You went up this kiss her. Yeah. I am little we want people are set to brag about it I was able to football's past. All we know we believe you. Now yet because it only to other places in the girls talked about it got the ball roll. Yeah I am and so we go. If you want to. All you got out. Mitt radio program and you went out to dinner did something would you like the forgot what it was and you had planned on having sex that night you went out to. Somewhere in you would try to make the move receipt that she wasn't in the move. And that didn't work out so I'll I mean and let you know scheduling. So it's. Just those girls so. I don't look at. That's it ever say it that guaranteeing XX old weeks works is there's going to be swings and misses but to rely on spontaneous acts as a married man with kids like Tommy has suggested any gonna fly in a network. Yep but it just eat it I mean I mean. Kinder right and it needs in the table in the living your home and that means it Ewing limitless he did Lynn. Yet right to the altitude the room. That's right at least until that with a formal than rules. Well you gotta be like me your voice in the kitchen to a condition and it gives a living there need be can slide your hand in underneath the it. Oh okay ever I've never realized how fun sexy you talking about taxes I let you go particularly the call him did anybody I appreciate that. A quick aside then Amy felt comfortable out. One there was a time high schools gave out the biscuits or yeah I think that there on hold let's trying to that's actually paying. Is it and are the same age and nine decide that but I. As a rule it's what's given way to save agent I kissed it would have been posted this cancer of the British high school can endorse that. Are the gate bridge through slave hey put him out on everybody say question him over the death he was a day om and retrenchment. Costs. How many times a year do you think hammer breeze that he won best kids to school to different I'm racers make movement has always. I think he gets the trophy down off the shelf opposite of the coffee table. It. Too many suggests to us all all the suggestions are pleased to plan to have such an old lady I agree with you played Texas not fantastic but it's your only option and you want to just give up your ass and headed okay Tommy says get off your ass yes.