The 'Sex Sitter' (Part One)

Friday, October 13th

Are you a couple that has a "sex sitter" on call for the kids? It can be hard to find alone time, but this at least guarantees that you have a few hours to yourself.

Are you cool with scheduling sex with your significant other?


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The guy can't sex is at a premium. Marriage will kill your bladder and Nia bang you got yet so sex with the weight what did you between distinction between because we knew for Sydney's it's executed but the lady in the area studies that. About baggage hi is this a little weird noises and oh yeah you pay Q did anybody think it was a pedophile Morales then you know that he viewed just tuning in you may take that the wrong. If you elect a centimeter wave and then you have children it is very harsher it's called a small sex window. Yes had to go to the sex window and outdoor store I am finding this out sixty Monday's usually a diamond but there is listen you know be with a sexy money situation that has brought up and futuristic idea. 86 hitter. Something that data to other couples and everybody knows what's going on yes and may do it out of rotation theme yeah. Agassi I got the break let's glass rack he's got to BC about to be. A couple of these people that they're names and actually the east site applicant. Police say banks is much almost as much less than I would think that would be more quiet on the east side totally missed assignment here so it westside merry go up like Carl lives. In Japan and eighty. All you folks and kids trying to have sex comes up quite sexy money problem that you know trying to hook up my wife on Mondays and adjusting happen. The suggestion for this couple. They call sex sitters. They end two couples in their neighborhood all had kids around the same age and they rotate watching them on Friday night's one of the couples can have sex so mark can go be noted that you got. One couple will take all the kids. On a Friday night leaving the other two couples to do whatever they want for three hours owner didn't care three hours so what do the parents pay for entertainment like to give the money to rent a movie here is that whatever and then the other parent will pay for food for everybody. So it's Cummings has a lot of money to spend just to get laid delegates that second buddy said it's working great for them to be doing it for about eight or nine months now. Everybody's having a good time and it's give me an opportunity to reconnect my wife my wife with a neat it's fantastic the only trade off is for about two weeks month. We have to have eight kids and our house all day long. How in that we kill everything was black. For those other two weeks when we don't. Game all. Your anti age sex that are. First I don't think your ladies gonna wind the neighbors to know herb her big giant is scared to correct. She'd ought to be god as. The neighborhood where did you husband and hull mr. your Brad casts and what you're doing and a new house team neighbors that makes you ho at issue broadcasts and. But I mean did your wife are at it close neighbors like they're like her girlfriend is like an of people that are very close with Peter got to vagina which you grow over the what's going on wouldn't. If that their friends yes. Just like guys talk whether dawn gender Preston when guys these guys are only talk about their Dong. He brag about their dog training I got a big six sit around a man. Material and I was in high school is the total is constantly distracted yeah we. I could sit on fire hundred make it disappear photos ago I united bank guys brag don't talk about appealing to but the done to this talk about how great their dog is. My concern I don't think would be within neighbors knowing my schedule I think the bigger concern personally. Whenever you start talking about. Sex with other people and it ends up here gap that's my point. I say is like winning adopt other women like they'll talk difference may deduct that brings a text but when you click Koppel for a couple. It's totally uncomfortable maybe you're sending signals eagle understand that you're sending to that other couple early this would end up with one of the couples because I want to swing. The safe because he's done a direct approach at the wrong way that would be my biggest concern and the other concern. You have to be really close with your neighbor yeah because that whatever. They index say hey man had to go lads night great and you're like a year old ladies stand right there knowing. And let perfectly fine. I differ as to thank you can't even. Lake project that are evil wind gray or bad with reachable I think it's. You don't have these conversations. You don't want it basically what you're doing is you're letting other people in your bedroom okay but here's the thing and it's not gonna sometimes you have to give to take two to six talk sometimes late at night just slip then there was any beef on a night that's in the by okay fine guy to do just excel. Do you for men and women one president would you be OK with it went under sec schedule from two was a woman would you be able to openly discuss what you have sex with people that you live around and see these people every single day learn right. Yes as a married man can sneak him in his speech of the night with a kid falls at 9 o'clock tap Janet but you have to be quiet. You get it to kids not give the kids he might add extra pillows ma'am put him to use. To have interest. If you have a little awkward little kitten right. You'd never have any freedom sex time ever I can just go crazy they do what I want okay can always. Here's it'll probably get which you'll sex Dayton paying and the neighbors or sixty okay what he called missing and SpaceX Sydor would get so late. You ranking of bone up at any time race you forget but what is gonna get in the mood. So like that planet has Salina put too little planned to select let's say Saturday night we got a real planned out but. She's either rang again. All the sudden or she feels grows or somebody looked at a wrong real war on Friday and now I'm pissed off for the weekend and I guess I eat a lot I just want to meet like. You can. This scheduling is so tough for sex as it does it work. Section be spontaneous. Well okay ways you have kids that doesn't happen as legislation got to get in a move. But she might get in there just knowing lake finally freedom like I learn how to be like knowing like you don't tell your week around. I don't know I don't know until. It's Haiti that it's Crosby so should be spontaneous money should beat. All over the place food should be free speech and known known sex is an act. K so which is peace. Right. To my point thank your body says yes it went six now you don't want to schedule is right sometimes I have no choice if that most of the time when you have children you at notre which have to educate and lazy upon. Got a public that they are more probably gonna not gonna door if you want to be tailored like that I irritated it every diet it'll happen eventually and it right so lake. See like every guy should be like a traveling salesman knocking on doors ranked. They're always say like you know you're not on ten of the eleven Tori gonna get to accelerate. So you gotta keep knocking on that the Janet dornin she's only chance I don't think your understanding what the true issue is here. It's an idle time and skip yeah not affect it doesn't want it it's a fact if I caught my wife what was sit and watch a video of the beast yes just like you can't tell me like if you're watching TV with two kids in need get the throw were. Blanket over the two million kids are down 42. Win. A. A big star Ichiro not sing don't see any day. Why did you like this club the neighbors don't should be told the kids watch TV. She's trying to you know bro you this why you went to grow there sex jokes. It's over there with the iPad right to watch him beauty and who gives a good idea right you got a little blanket over there bro we get down in there a little bit. He starts and mightily and I'd do anything audit right now. I'm just I'm distracted too little tingle and down you judge yeah and when we put the case better she's already juicy Lucy we don't. Go to bed man it's go time I'll tell you to work because you're going to be owned she's going to be she's gonna finally get a vagina Boehner kids go to bed and you hit tech clan. Didn't begin to tell you evil and yet are. Spot didn't it don't stop because bush put accused of bad is it thirty processor she's not the mood and Michael are symbolic you do that put the bad because he'll hold with that. All dressed me procedure put there not been noticing voter doesn't see your Boehner. We did a show to get a neck in a row it's. Broad market that the aroused again regular reader Ed two inches to grow at a shallower take you very personal you can you can pay your children poorly dressed with a polo. I don't know. Just don't live well how they got to know it's our owner and a lot argued yeah but this dude did you 6000 folks are on hold you can pay your children political bootable lord Jesus Christ. Telstra commonly cited together. Sex with a young kids they have sex sitter gates began using sex with young sex what you have young kids. We're talking about you what's up as a basis go to get it right you're got him revert this pushing up on an actor. Everything you just said I revert arc of my britches on a kick. There is three couples the neighborhood one night. What sticks to kids for one night leaves to a couple sex to rotate every single week one couple base for the pizza for the kids the other company's entertainment for kids that wakes you tied to bank for three hours on a Friday you know he would tell you I say make surely look like the neighborhood hello okay fine rides in the breaker on CMF I am politely. Hey Al young guys. Yeah well here to argue about it and I got three girls. Ages fourteen. Well. And now. You're now Ayman Al all. No no it's. Actually become a schedule thing. Of the 19 which eight speakers text. That said it would be like that these aren't any. Yes it sure. L so we'll get you'll end my what are. It's OK that was right it's right at least prior indictment. And what do and the code words you are. Already kids them being your dad upstairs that we had to talk about the bill signing. I spent. No I heard upstairs in the and I hear from behind my act my old Oreo older and a bit of blur out and I am like. I want. Right right because he shouldn't she sorted acted out that's why mind. Stealth diddley and when the kids in look and puts everybody in a mood they don't know what being spilled stop would you like you deal with the three kids living in opened a hole I'll tell. Stereo or erode their own life I couldn't do any public. And no one. In the lead Italy to the show. You liking it they know what can come out. Right they can accommodate appreciate it tainted that serve and this and it's. A blanket over her cry. Obviously have Sherri assumed that. No he didn't say that it sounds like it's like the penthouse broke out on the couch row listen it's not your fault that you don't understand what sexy. Having sex well heavy children is sudden but don't see here Ed throw ideas of maybe walk around with a giant order. I fight its outstanding planting I'm pretty sure you'll never be able to do is walk around with a giant boulder that's William could your mom is tied 2226 dogs pizza the brick group antsy about it PD a light body. I looked at Tom brought back memories of the blanket because I've still got that blanket brings back memories he's not well. And the so called word when the kids to knock on the bedroom door was. Quiet I'm a mother and my toenails. So loud. And I that I want what they say are important don't look at Google docs I thought well I got this very I. Quick real quick people that what. The first thought that your wife saw what are your kids wrapped in the blanket that you were titillate or under how dead ago. I want to what else. The tuna melt as we had dual led usually older superbly shouldn't oversee all of our. Seed thanks buddy of regulars today but there's no that a white pellets these commercials but the Revver Carol make reverend is that it deliberately so the ladies of show up to not go anywhere or is that you meet Joseph Jonas please explain to Tommy. I'll meet like he's complete eighty and if there are. Are better suggestions then either sex hitter that's great surprises them when I read or Tommy's spot that it just start negative for your kids is go for now they can lose your spot here. The kid he'll still make more kids OK we're going to be a 108 seconds we'll get right packet it is the breaker pretty six not to BC have.