Separate Bank Accounts

Thursday, July 19th

Is it a relationship red flag to keep your earnings separate from your significant other’s?

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Marriage is all about trust in release as we say right in when you think that you've got to me you were supposed to share everything for better or for worse till death do you part. But there's the most folks as soon as that given. That will be shared you tie the knot and if you'll look if you commit says I don't wanna combine this it's a huge red flag in you need to get the hell out of there. I think she embraced us go he run your month old view all the old you are beaten down and that's what your gonna agree well Ira I'd I'd only three highlight. I like this as it was told Italian. Tell us. Maybe in the breaker let's discuss practiced by the BC and objects are pretty genuine your wife or your husband have a combined check you coming out all money one giant pool that's got marriages making money together and sharing here but it. This might be moving away from that ID go is up one quarter of all married folk under the age of forty have separate. Bank accounts from their spots one didn't for that. Is way more people than I thought and let me be clear. This isn't a situation where there is one Mecca Saudi both have separate bank accounts and this is separate banks strictly separate banking coming up banks whatever you do not have access to hit as he does not have access to yours what ever program. Even for the older set is higher than I would have thought. Folks over 51 in ten have completely separate checking accounts right I can't get to her money kicking into minority. Your. So this is completely separate you figure it hardly news okay. There is no way. If your wife told you she wants to keep separate bank accounts you should marry that woman. And if your wife and his ST why did you want to ever got us treasury at least an out of problems marriages don't oh really really has actually money. Is the biggest problem in marriages but it seems that you argue about her lack of money. I read we still got bills that they release of our responsibilities. A second ago way okay pages I eat all you you resist. For some reason I get it would do you well. We need. Only because the. Difference at incomes in your house so yeah you relate access to the golden fun what like what yeah party chairmen mortgage comes out of your bank. Portion its interest in and the thing that's happened I kind of crunch the numbers are so just be clear I thought about this you're right I do understand how this looks as my wife makes more money due to last life last night at dinner. I said hey if before we got married I said that I wanted to keep separate checking accounts what would you say if she she I would not have marriage. Really really on a Weyrich Richey care it's the old yes like maybe she would suddenly you're trying to hide something. I get my own take account I can spend man mining you'll never see what I'm spending it on or where going and doing but got a no rain break even even if you have that separate out. Mean you know I after awhile let's get it. He's a star showed up at the house you know use our poll and some moves are necessary to. There's always a tell if you're paying attention I what are how many men have got cut through their bank accounts. I cheating or doing you know something they have. Disagree Brett cheating you've got alcohol issues you've got gambling goes a big potential match how something as simple as pornography right those things got physical tangible things jolt the house. Our currency as the lights. Don't get on a bad paper promoter. Which could freeze the pavilion which is that Lester and a lot of them had a combined bank accounts is the ultimate test of trusting well I would say I was in bed is the ultimate trust. That money might and is he and number one biggest issue with every Irish and that but but but. Nothing's changed would be nothing to the money still coming and he shot the pay for everything you're just as ship because. You have access your wife's money I would say. Oh she's OK Elliott Palin. But it makes for more market it's I would feel like right if you pay by I don't know I don't Toronto there was an argument but my point is us. All right so let's talk about who asked to pay for what could you get yeah it's. Maybe you're fighting for one side because this situation agers and yeah. You gotta come back. We have some hope was that he was. What do we got married we kick drum bank bank and why. Remind all week he said we yeah. Over there and we decided did you yeah woods. Maybe I don't know Texas and a lot of things can use it's different you guys' backs don't get cabin and over get like. She bit whether bank for thirty years ago when my bank 25 years we get stuff over there like that mounted it to move her for what we're not raising kids any more rain. I mean it's just different this older your rights are being masters soul. It's a big deal to make for a better life if she wanted to combine it would have been final audit. Like here's this stage together you get back to switch in the count two different things but if thirty year old guy married a white looks me in the face I want separate bank accounts I've got. I will say this so in my second marriage we had super bank accounts she was doing a lot of stuff for work that you've read a lot of checks that they were reimburse her. But that also I didn't see what she was doing was said bank account. And she ran up a ton of credit card debt that it know about yeah lady was like. The number was shocking. So as you get don't know I gotta gotta gotta Ramos and indeed she wasn't and then when we got divorced or towards the end. When dad just have an open up that MasterCard. And as a low. Beginners zip code down here on the balance. That's weird. Amid really fancy suit coaches said the ultimate test that trust is the bedroom not money could it sounds debate but that was a very big violation of trust that would have been The Who has had had a combined it would have been caught but that could you have stopped it'd be nice we don't you have the ability to look at you like you see your way from where he had religious 'cause I didn't it would have happened still anyways but I. I usually I knew she was I knew she was. User critic colonel Lott did but she was telling me was paid as paid it was hey I got its paid okay it wasn't I didn't know that. Seoul. A game maybe on his side but I don't I. You know what people start going down this road of play financial infidelity. They're gonna find ways to keep. This and away money behind your back that's fine yeah I mean they'll they'll find a way you're absolutely right your hunt I don't I I don't think having the joint account stops it slows it down to put this when you're right if people do these financial infidelity stuff they're gonna find a way to do. Early worsened fidelity. If so this is the rules laid out on bail out. It was in the matter it's like it's like me up front page I would like to keep a separate apartment not for any reason our apartment that for bragging why what you don't trust I am and what's just. It's what we could push smoking pot smoking on love you to death. I just let's have a separate bank and Mary woman who said we're having separate bank not to I think it would. You did and I think I would do it again and I know that stupid but. A rubber. Bullets no. Marriage is for suckers were all suck is when we stand up there were separate each other men. It's it's it's it's a suckers playing all the way around again I think you're talking with the video it's only about a that's what I was ultimate suck as sort of. I mean you're saying that you wouldn't marry a woman wanna separate bank account that you don't trust why she wants that but maybe she wants that KG doesn't trust you with all I knew me crazy because I still routed through and can't get. The number one fight it goes across the board eat any marriage is money so if you don't trust me with money we should not begin to marry because we're just end up getting divorced oral every. Every every relationship. No matter what kind of relationship has red colors okay every relationship. And you look at those red flags and go today except those red flags are not children. It is somebody loves you so months ago read bella money but I'll deal wouldn't it was a little time AA I mean. Everybody's flawed everybody's got something that they bring to a relationship everybody. You met your wife help pictures critical credit score specialist medical brushing turn your your wife literally turn your entire life around like if you were still with that. Beast down there are generous CEO you would way 600 pounds by now okay you would we have seventeen cigarettes shoved in your face. And you would have 45. Fat children I would. Love to explain below are works I would love to explain you what it's like for a late to be changed by a woman coming your life you put maybe you would notice about that right man who now lives in Pittsburgh and has a yard to tend to you and brags about Dario goes unaddressed. You're oh you are were some may yet you work is your watch in my house when I left it Aaliyah I was due to decide set tongues through the woods OJ put on all your clothes and I get ugly chicks argument and then ultimately. The keep goers up. Night earlier did you wash has ordered bigger too did you six gets out of phase as is coming at IC guys on whole we ran a poll up last night a chorus. Would you be OK your spouse wanna completely separate bank accounts but 60% of our listeners that yet they'd be okay the which is shocking right. This is there's a bigger fish to fry it worry about what team from major Stanley stuff like what he had been able did you talk about him making cut the judge okay so about this right. Like to negotiate. Negotiate every time gonna pay a bill April what do you think marriages I. I had a very walking into house it's a negotiation if I want to count we write a check it's our money it's done so much lights makes more money than I do yeah okay there are guys who make one muddied the wives nobody makes exacts a mile true so are we splitting evenly are we doing it based on percentage of money we make it's and say yeah or maybe so well okay maybe you agree like I pay this you pay that. You're gonna have a discussion every time we do it. Shouldn't. Market maybe I covering this and these parts of the vacation you cover those pro Whitey it's why you paying more than finally paying less than I am I we're just hard to make enough money a much easier Idaho that I ever marry you exactly what it's pile it's easier. Let's fight. Let's issue I don't think I I don't think the fighting. Goes down in America. Based on the fight and the things fighter if your fighters and behavior bickering and and this and a moaning you'll find some tunnels and Simone about. Kate is on CMF placate. I'm married and now my and I. Happen. And yet you're divorced years. And guides as you have to separate bank accounts. We can't happen edit out with an apple at an expert at eight. Idly at a black eyed. So you pay for some bills he pacers from those current. C a patent as well ash epic pat things like everything's got to be this. Cohesive unit and it could still be a cohesive unit was separate counts as you still got responsibilities at those don't go away who makes money. Well OK so. He wants separate accounts when let's take the hot water heater goes right. Is that the metal or do you pay a higher percentage because you make more money. If you feel. Sorry but to award here to your husband know what that's no problem. I did not do you think that I. She's a good girl always Asia strong independent woman and she got to be married relationship. And it's. Oh. The big leagues agrees with. If you things that you you know your journeys and still in your children this grower has what trusts us tell extra that she's she's a strong memento. Married for. He gradually security blew through hot water heater. Slowdown on dictates the college preaches. On the watch that thing every night. There it is.