Sal Capaccio Breaks Down Bills GM Doug Whaley's Presser

Tuesday, January 3rd

Sal Capaccio joined the Break Room earlier today to talk about the debacle going on at One Bills Drive


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Boy oh general manager Doug Whaley. Really sure do love this guy a funny personable. And face the music you guys immediately asked about Rex Ryan and be your anger. I he says that he's gonna leave the search for the next coach at the goal is gonna sign off on it but he's out there looking our way. Stamp out. Rex rice and being five years and at what he knew what he would do with a this was his answer yesterday. We just finished our weekly. Phone conversation was with Teri myself and Rex. Rex asked to speak to him privately. After that I was informed. That Rex would no longer be our coach I wasn't privy to the conversation. So I cannot get into those details. I'm the GM of the football operation I was told by my boss that I will no longer be working with a certain person. My role is not to figure out why my role is to take that information and go forward and put this organization in the best possible way to win football it's. All right Doug Whaley says that he had nothing to do with the firing apparently doesn't know why Rex was fired he was told aspired to that was the end of he did not ask any questions. A man who was it ever yesterday for that press conference in god bless them. Are like the sun reporter sat watching I say how happy to reset antibody. That I'm getting that haven't written on sixteen I checked yet let. I outlook is you're not eating your checks and nervousness that is the. Who accurately accurately enjoy that proper but thank you old Italian my grandmother were so good how money Barry's backyard and tomato paced gains. No it actually funny story actually have. Local bar to the barber for many years literally every Italian in his town has an uncle that's a bar. The only attack obviously we're living in and out he passed away many years ago in my hand for many years would bind. Money later on the house. I can't even think in the basement. So adorable it. So cell Europe that press coverage yesterday Doug when he goes GM says he had nothing to do with the Rex firing he didn't wanna know why Rex was fired as. He says that he's charged the football operations yet. Is not going to be the last word on this coach and has no idea why the coach is here is gone what do you make of what happened that room yesterday sale. I think yesterday it was just another example of you know howl. This year than. Much more on the front of from the beginning you know I think from the minute this started with the fires ever try and we should hurt don't really at that time we didn't they put into he let out there he didn't have answers people want answers. Then. Because you wait for five days to hear from Doug Whaley they just give wrapped up no one yours from the owners they actually issue a statement. Yes this thing was the culmination of all that. To try to theaters much remember we to people here I think I would say Nancy Linda Whaley. Who are the greatest of speaking and in those particular settings so when they talk it's also not. It doesn't I'll probably a lot of times the way we want to wait and AYQ and they also tried to protect themselves in the organization. Paris swept taught talky talk themselves. In a circle look at themselves into court and I think that happened a few times. But not really boy did it at budget you know itself. Doug Whaley on the show multiple times he's always been smoke he's always been on he's always been funny there he seems like the guy that didn't secretly well abut their brother. And then he gets put these situations and it's funny I mean listen to this press conference yesterday live. Adam cringe examining here in the U at the same way. He's the reason I don't get it you could help explain this better and I don't you see he's trying to protect franchise but. He's distancing himself from decisions that were back. That people think were baton. I. The team knows that it's not true because he works with his team so who was he lying to and why it sale the people really let it. Really what you mean like what what that that's I think where we need separate fact from fiction that this surgery lying about a lot of different things. Do Rex Ryan didn't report to him. You don't you don't think he's. Ask attic up cigarette. Rex Ryan didn't report him so when Rex Ryan says I wanna talk to order directly because actually urged to. And I'm really not in that room and Natalie you lie about that now. Is he. Prop that he'd probably tell you. When he says I don't know why he was fired yet I don't believe it to be true I think that. And I don't know why he would say that and he's trying to protect themselves and it's an open air I I would agree with you about that. But I absolutely believed he was not in that room when Rex Ryan had a conversation with certainly in what detail or that conversation. Yesterday there's a moment entity in the bills interment current looks like mean old word is he's. The number one list to get this job and a lawyer how exciting is that what. And before rejected it says he was not the rule when they decided to sit down Tyrod Taylor did yesterday about says he consulted with. Hi Ed that he led before they set down Tyrod Taylor and we could see excel would have been easier for him to just come right out be straightforward it would not have only been more appreciate. Appreciate the press but better the people around him I mean. These guys. Are going to turn this discussion absent from the start that should happen lately when it was put up there which should prevent him on Monday. It should then. And Lilja went there last week explaining. That they were gonna bench Tyrod Taylor. And decision we made as an organization and then this is what and in Rex Ryan has been relieved of his duties you ownership decided that and now I'm in charge of finding. The next head coach of all that was set last Wednesday we would not be in the position where it's day. But because it wasn't taken care of last Wednesday and you know we want another four days suckered in general manager. I think that's why we got to where we are able aggregate numbers and it should then people it shouldn't. Really out in front of well before that. So as a guy aren't part of the issue here is. Or as they bid as a guy that's a casual fan too I look at it is this next season is going to be. A crap show I'm. Scared sale like you don't look like to prepare or on the same page. As a as a team as just an outside that doesn't know that much about the game by. Looks like you don't know what the hell you're doing. I would agree that they get that perception I mean I don't know what's gonna happen obviously they. You know could go on the field and win more games than people think I don't know I think. You always have a perception of what anything is going to be good or bad. When it comes to January February than maybe in August and then you know teams can partially be better surprisingly because I'm sure about that. I think that the issue here for me is what the structure of the organizations in these we don't get in the situation. And I think destruction organization is going to change. What the next head coach I think Mexico is going to report directly to Willie I think that's where it should be guys and that's how you can they be streamline things and make things a little bit better. This process you don't get. In today's situation yesterday situation now you go out and hire a big name coach like Rex Ryan was gonna make a lot of money at cash today. That coach may say I'm not going to report her in the general manager report it to the owner and that's what happened on the situation such as possible. And but the question would be would double they hire somebody who's going to do that. Or is he only gonna hire somebody who says I am willing to only report. To the general manager Mike senses he wants someone who's only get a report to him. He wouldn't hire somebody in the other regard but our our popular view that structure exactly as are to be Britney at the data to be a habit structure you're gonna have done really now. Lead this search in the next head coach seals and even after one year and don't really need all the sort. Like seven by Johanna let's talk about this Doug Whaley those GM press opportunity it was a nightmare ahead Libya I felt really bad for Doug Whaley. Like let's say he didn't know what is happening even now he could handle that better late just listening to doc and Christian you talked yesterday to. One of those voters typical up sale and she kind of backed up everything to Doug Whaley said right I mean am I missing that. Yeah I mean I would expect or you know do anything different than that but. She had a little thirties and some things you know she told me that you know it cleanly and it certainly candidate for the job and because differently with ebony you know like his qualities they bring to being possible I'd go to these certainly not locked. So they're gonna do maybe interviews of me I 687 people. This time around formal interviews were supposed to last and actually beat while people. And there are quite around the country to do that to get people on things like that that that the case this time they're gonna streamline and there are other search down here to about piracy. Is anybody that good out there that that we've people wanna come here. With that LA job open. I mean I don't know I didn't said he utilities. I know how to answer that who's got an independent lawyer to go to. I'll play out. So if you. Mean Adam gates took the Miami Dolphins job and it would play out this year I didn't think he'd be very good hole. You know I mean. Decades and that's it. That under his health I think I Tommy speaking as a guy who's on the outside here Friday a lot of bills fans that are casual fans wanted to dole they wanna recognize that made that shows up in buffalo and they don't recognize his name it's going to be even more of meat meat meat from bands that we are. Because why because of the that they put out there to tell everybody was playoffs our goal is the playoffs are discipline as the players that it and if you don't see that. That's all the casual thing really cares about right that's it. I don't care about this structure and whose talk and who are we get a you're gonna get one post season game it's day. Right here right you're right I mean I think my nose so I think it in order to give that person most. Possible way to succeed I think that the structure to be better right. He got a GM I got a new guy. What about the GM he's actually right said the project outlets are talking all this bill stuff that's going on right now the big question you can bet the coach that is out of the way Mac didn't really deep cap numbers elbit Tyrod Taylor is either bill starting quarterback mix here he comes out yesterday he talks about how he felt he was a little bit dis respected he was left in the dark a little bit was told it was like his receivers and it does pass it. Over here but there's a big sell them if Tyler Taylor is let go on the market he immediately becomes the best free agent quarterback available. Right I mean the kind of forced to stick with Tyrod a year my wrong. They're not course record the first part then and only because number one reason available but they're OK with saying that's okay that's real careful because that's just. You know the number one creation out of that crop maybe they wouldn't hear about that I think it. This is a situation where you'd obviously we all wanted to be great and they would he have any decision but you know and also the decision would be he was terrible wasn't it was. He was right down the middle there where year kind of tie yourself up about. What they should do and I think yesterday. When Tyrod at least did not discount the notion of having a conversation a restructuring his deal adding that other gonna go I think they're going to at least try. To get in to restructure his contract to bring them back. At a different rate so they don't have to pay him the thirty million up front now. I think you're okay looking at quarterback 69 dollars starting quarterback they're about the going rate to be a rate about point when he personally. At that rate base salaries in hours starting quarterback you can live with that that's what you do and honestly I could I don't they hate him that thirty. Out of it went in the thirty million dollars guaranteed up front and that would be a sticking point of going to an injury renegotiate now. If they go to any says no I don't wanna do that. I think it's trending towards them moving on from him but guys let's remember they don't have to make that decision until March 11. The new head coach is going to be in place probably in the next two to three weeks at the latest that head coach is going to have some say what happened at the quarterback position. All right so Leo everything gets a little more clear 1421. Days now sail with the past the tide buddy makes for everything policy seriously mad at Ricky bothering yet as stuff happens have a token with the. I guess that's aren't happy new year yeah. He got everybody thanks very adult ipso. It's a bad joke a silent reporter Jack of all trades stock and owners be in a press conferences. Not so much and let's set this up close I almost went up to the press comforts us replied because that was you know. See the madness not it was interesting wanted to beat aired an area code directly. And I am really glad an ego. To follow on Twitter and casual at the Imus live on our sister station ESPN 957. Well thank you.