Roland Williams (Big Ro) joins Crowley

Wednesday, June 1st

If you didn't get a chance to hear it on the way home yesterday, you missed Rochester legend and former NFL champ, Roland Williams talking with Crowley about his role in the upcoming Tour de Cure.

In recent years, Big Ro has been forging incredible partnerships with local groups like the American Diabetes Association and Conkey Cruisers through his own highly successful mentorship program, Champion Academy. For the next few weeks, Roland will be calling Rochester home again as he prepares students of the Champion Academy to volunteer their time on June 11 at the Manning & Napier Tour de Cure. They’ll be handing out PB&Js and waters to the over 2,000 riders rolling through a popular rest stop. What’s even better is that Roland will be riding through his own rest stop as he recently joined a local team to represent his childhood stomping grounds.


In case you didn't know, the whole 'CMF staff is jumping on the Tour de Cure bandwagon to help make a positive impact. So if you want to have some fun, see an NFL legend riding a bike (possibly in spandex) and maybe get some exercise, join our team today. CLICK HERE and use the code WCMF16 to save 50% on the registration fee.


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And coming up on June 11 we've been talking all about this. Because admitting an eight geared toward a cure is going on it's the third largest toward a cure in the nation not just in size but in fundraising is well. I.'s offer the American Diabetes Association it is a huge staying that is going on we're involved and we've got our own team the wc enough break room. Has their fat guy teams skinny guy team because there's two different teams is that guy on this show and there's skinny guy on the show. And they're trying to out do each other and joining me in the studio this afternoon. Williams Rochester native former NFL player played for the rams played for the raiders the Buccaneers. And the founder of Rochester is mentor ship program the champion academy Roland thank you for joining me I appreciate it. It's great man great to be here I really appreciate you coming in now I know you do a lot of charity work and you've got a lot of awards. And I you know I don't wanna embarrass you but just to let the audience own case they don't. Bullets been awarded the NFL unsung hero award two time Oakland Raiders man of the year award. On and at the press club's pro athlete of the year award just to name a few and in 2014 words talking about this a little bit. You start the mentor program on the censorship program. Champion academy. Now you do a lot of charity were what got you involved with all the charity work. Well I'm actually originally from Rochester are humble beginnings. And Barack sister is home I currently live in Los Angeles abroad dead at three little boys. Boy at Rochester will always be my home and I feel like Rochester needs help and support. And there's some wonderful causes were standing up for. A wanted to and that's very close to me is the fight against diabetes. On my father is a diabetic. My grandfather. Was a diabetic. My grandfather was a multiple time amputee. My that's an amputee. Time to stop that generational curse debt doubling back here personally so amount to skip a passion about things like I gotta have something to do in life after. I gotta have something attack or you know somebody challenged. Only do I met one time before and and you'll remember this and I only remembered because. Of the place that it happened. There okay what in your son will also well know oil wasn't anything bad it was just when you started this mentor usher program a couple of years ago. Him and the building that I don't know the still have a they're not but if it is the same building was the Michael Stern gold. Absolutely yeah because I lived there cock up cropped up so I come walking home one day and I just told you know I was just talking to Roland will bit off the air and I told them I've only lived here for like six years from right to sell IE I go I walked home every day and I'm walking home in. There's this big thing going on out front there's a bunch of people in their suits and I'm like I don't know what's happening here because you gotta have a key fob to get in the building. So I don't walk in the building and there's Rowland and and understand the time I've no idea who you are because I'm like I'm not from here I don't know what's going on I'm dislike. Okay I've heard the name but I've never seen you. And I want gain and you are standing there and you're like well I you know you greet me like I don't you hear this alike know I'd died his live here under is going upstairs thanks for himself I just figured you know some business guide easier to suit your Jacqui you'll have very nicely studio both frontier. And that night. I turn on the TV and of course sure on the news alike is that guy up. Sullivan's death so that was the first time that we that I just thought it was funny because I had to have no idea what you look like and it up there is a lie just okay. Now I feel like Canadian. I just thought it was interesting you had your championship academy set up in that same building as you get there when you come into town do you do a lot of work with that. Via I fly back every single month and the champion academy is the largest mentoring program in Rochester for average middle and high school youth. And what we try to do is help our students. Realize that they are valuable and they can stand up and defend cause. Of them in their dreams. And a big part of that is their parents and their entire family. And we care about things not only. Academically or an extracurricular life but also to remind them their body. And so we. Do our programming we try to align ourselves with programs with things that matter and that's why we're proud to be a part of through to cure. I'm gonna be riding a bike for a whole lot of miles are now isowich when you do you doing that Tony five of the fifteen I and I. I've heard different rumor I wonder some sort of but it's definitely X it's 45 miles was definitely it was of more than 25 so. I'm just going to get my mind right okay to do your best I can and these though he still got a little bit of tuzla. We'll see because I was almost suckered into doing the 62 and a half and I say suckered in because. I don't know I'd try and work on try and athletic try and do those things but I just bought a house not so long ago and ever since then I've done absolutely nothing. And my body was like Oakmont you can do it alone known on this 45 Albie OK with that's a Gillick 25 is okay. But how did you get connected with cocky cruisers. Does that say you're burning earth right. Absolutely the rock city riders. I'll basically. I don't know if you know nursebot zwick but she's an amazing woman Mets start a program to help. Give at received an opportunity to enjoy a simple pleasure or riding a bike. Back now with the young men growing up in our group on Genesee street stone's throw away from the Boys and Girls Club we wrote the heck out of our bikes meant. Unfortunately we didn't Wear helmets from Fairfax had better and come out until I think maybe like a couple decades ago put. We had a great time and a lot of great memories are riding bikes is very healthy very active so. One day somebody happened to Simi downtown would like to grow there's a cinco cocky cruisers. He should do you should look into it that I heard about it and kind of going down to. Talk what a few people and I met nursebot zwick who was so passionate issues like will you please come ride with us. I did I brought my little boys down on guys we had a ball man but I also likes to laugh and and I sing do what she's doing is beautiful and she's very passionate about health than. And so I have to be dome and a live I live. Oh big cure what's on the Roland Williams Rochester native former NFL player and founder of the Rochester mentor ship program champion academy champion. Academy which is. Agreement soaring program but we're trying about the toward shore because it's coming up on June 11 yes he's gonna be writing in it. The programs and rewriting it and I got suckered into writing and it not that I don't wanna help the American Dad! he he's associates and let die you know what I've got a lot of things going on but. You know win Roland Williams sits there and says hey I've got to be a part of this I've got to me because he does so much work. Now I feel like I'm shamed into doing even more than that so thank you for doing that I appreciate. It's a beautiful things we actually got our kids into champion academy it's like 300 students middle and high school crawl across greater Rochester. We make them do community service it's a part of being a part of our good guy gang I guess. And wonder things were Dolan as we actually are doing on the rest stops our yeah yes. Forward toward a cure so we got our little list of stuffing nose like the PB in shape and thank. Look at the stuff we have yet to make up and serve and I cannot wait to see our students. In a servitude rest stop older. I can't wait to see what that looks like so I'm sort of excited to get through with my. Race to come up pull up and see them giving me love and attention. You don't get an interest in seeing. Now that you bring that up that that's kind of funny because I you know people are gonna recognize your right you know the people are going to be asking for your autograph why you're writing. I haven't thought about that I used to ride with no audience in our solar riot at a Carlos who Becker right when millionth. Mort I'll Obama gonna try that now the states no not particularly interesting that. You see Rolla a case of you see Roland run down the road he's got to ask him for his autograph ball is right because I I. I'm sorry I have to see it and I I do path I know I'm Eric but I have to see it that there are so big fro saying. No. I meet me at the rest stop. 25 dollars and we're talking to Roland Rochester native former NFL player for the rams the raiders Buccaneers founder of the Rochester mentor ship program champion academy and he's riding and it's sort of cures coming up on June 11 and thank you for coming in thank you. One last question for ago I gotta ask yourself. In you talked about your father you talked about your grandfather's did their oath you know afflicted with diabetes. Entities. It runs in the failing did you ever Blake really worry about that and do you talk to your sons about that. Out yes and yes. You know the diabetes. Is that the killing. Always more people than insured. You know this is normal sleeping giants that people just don't pay attention to it don't realize how what they consumer what they put their miles as. An extreme we important impact on your entire body and it's self inflicted really deaths around saying yeah but if your amputee it's because you literally neglect of yourself. And did not listen to your body at all so it's pretty bad so I've changed I eat a plant based diet. I've tried to eliminate sugar and every turn in my personal life of my kids they're extremely healthy you know and all we can do is use my that is cautionary tale. Our grandfather's a cautionary tale and so I'm saying to every one who can. Here this police may attention to your body. If you know anybody who's been impacted by diabetes all we can do was fight back in maturity cures a great way to do that. And really is again the third largest torture in the nation not only in size to fund raising failed its it's a great effort to be part of its happening June 11. You want more details we've got our website it's all right there will give you details you can help us you can sport as you can ride with us would love to have you join our team. And it's W roller Williams again number one my girlfriend while loves you because she's a vegetarian and she's trying to be that me over the head with that failed. And thank you for coming and I appreciated and we'll see you on June 11 out there with the toward a cure I'll be there.