The Restaurant Move No One is Bold Enough to Execute

Wednesday, August 15th

A 60 year old woman put everyone who was waiting to be seated at a restaurant to shame...

By pulling this move she's either brilliant, or a complete jerk.

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I if this happened anyone listening to the show you'd be out of your I think mine did that being said is this particular social situation it is every man for himself. Ed if you have a break. But you can take. You're taken it I don't care what anybody it's one of the most stressful situations you ever beaten the holes and Jimmy just bought the wrong and they stick on this one. Yeah the breaker let's discuss crack at a 65 BBC MF so come with me on a journey of the mind again and I Friday night. Kids are hungry they yell at your wife son this is bloodied eye nice seats that go to a chain restaurants of our guests it counts of my dad. You walk in the place is packed in the waiting room it's going to be 2030 minute wait times cheaper to name a bit which David you're gonna wait and that way to get your table is no way. Hungrier and hungry artists of all he's really good delicious food and doing a lot to him by and it's a long and it's drawn out then you start with you whenever would do as you look around the room that's pretty good seat before we but I think I was here before that but can't write your frustrating. Leon it was it does appear bigger group you know him and I if you are just a two Bagger Eugene Iran and well you're too banner last night via given much of what to do something evil and brilliant all at the same doesn't give me what did you see him. And so of different and I were waiting like we like. It's too easy an anti cavity can be what we get there and we are made the decision to go there and they gave us like a twenty to thirty minute wait times that we decided to chill and wait and see how quickly goes. So I noticed as were waiting there's a woman who's probably. Guess like mid sixties there. She's walking around the restaurant and it's pretty big place of nobody really notices her walking around and I can see in the dining area Alley where there are seated and consumer looking at people's food what is she doing it. I didn't know what time without them yet trying to like assess the menu that's we thought she was doing and that she stops. And she quickly waved so for her family bush as like a party of five. And they spring to a table that just got clearly nobody told them they can so there a year sometimes people that sister just went sat down at the table and and nobody said a word dealer. The only end is thrown out bro it's cheap yeah. Is she had all the people waited where. Really looking at each other like it to your right it. But I don't waiting kind of waiting for somebody to ask her to get up yeah tabled an expert and nobody said a word. Fights aggressively to set down upon them. Business and really erased all the latest brilliant here's why it's super offensive but not offensive for anyone to say anything right that was an epic pick and rolls and then yes the restaurant sockets you get up to you about to spend money nobody. In that group of you people waiting is gonna walk over an excuse me I was next you don't really know who's next and yeah maybe just maybe you can get a bang your head this person knows someone so they're allowed boy you can halo they similar up. By you know I Deborah what does it Wear out a but I heard it seemed pretty clear that this woman is get as scanning the restaurant for Opentable and was ready to jump on. Can I do this all the time I did they. Wegmans and Tennessee got a cart Lou grocery trade Anderson they did they threw the seven items and handed an irregular. Placing that they have the OpenId I I Nomo over and they decided or any like that devices as you know they got away Meehan. Low low low low low long. Whitney and go global low premium you'll go in middle valuable isolated without the way didn't lie about being waved in the bottom confront it yes. But no he's gonna confront. It up. Worst isn't as you can from The Who cared unaudited they're getting adequate content of his opposite throws me out your piece of garbage it's not exist or reason fifty united seven items or less that was it does upon close of the sale mics now. If you actually items over it. If you want it over delicate line item so pissed off that you right now and has nothing but a piece of garbage collector right away don't you know. There's days they do you know they get this is it that you know that it's me that's it that's right it waved over ago but if you do without that you'll hit spurred entitlement mentality from the home letting trying to likes to beat in that process yes I somebody behind has got a gallon of milk and sit behind your you know. Juicy and gay and adult diapers all the stuff because all this crap. I was it to Muslims. So can you what did you do last night after his political that move. We didn't do think more attention to it I mean what I that it is eighty thing I don't wanna look like it jerks say exiled they can you set I was like well maybe she was next but everybody else around. Clearly didn't think that either. No I the thing my wife and I'll do sometimes take over restaurant again. Was as in apple recently it will eat at the bar Yasser then possessed usually for him personally go and discuss the borrowing. So we at this point 98. Any guy behind me got his because I didn't know that was an option. Option write you grown man's man and I and he was like pissed off at me for happened the movement go I thought everybody knew this and he was like. I won and she goes we you can go simply because he already got the seats because we Kuwait to a seat so I don't wanna wait I don't wanna wait. He's got their way to. Do finally. UA. Such a big in that situation right now because you're hungry when you're here you'll soon be alone yes we do we think now we don't know it okay. His alma Greta what do prolong the process try to hunt down at a restaurant like there's a they ought to take your shirt off. Physically take a picture view of your mannerisms and his focus to keep your food you what does wanna go anywhere else right. And a worsening Xavier wanna go the preference on a Sunday morning W all those joints are slam broke everyone if it's after 9 o'clock I'm not even leave in the house Anderson and there's a public dispelled breakfast. I geysers at that about its common practice night. The aches the pancakes. And waffles but you just die Indy all the breakfasts. All he all right my eggs make it waffle this at breakfast as a series melted within days in a letter meal has its say on that signals like lines. But I smells like Danner now breakfast has that name. Well and you also you have eaten anything right so you're just ready to go yet my wife let's go to the places where everybody wants to go that's every two years you Paula but everybody's outside waiting just like I don't know the doors freezing cold calling the breakfast and really pisses me off my can last that goes out to dinner a woman it's twenty minute wait thirty minute late sixty element is walking the restaurant to the table opens up sits down. Call brings there are no. East to strive I think I haven't. With the right to deal the dirty looks matter what you do dirty look beyond here and it it all the time here unbeaten and not through the nearly one. But it with a breakfast they mind. Late in to me. All eggs and pancakes and waffles and making tasteless. Ever for a standard that no matter where you go public there are diners near me where you can always sit down at your table immediately but my wife want to drive to town where everybody eats their bacon and eggs and waffles right down on the park and very and it's. He ought to get to a bacon right. Is good but I don't wanna wait 45 minutes why wait 45 minutes for the save Payton I'm getting. She's downtown might CEO of the body people yeah. They would've super steadily. Down there wow fuel once and enroll bullet. I I respect this woman more than I'm angry at her and I think you should too. I appreciate that move but I wouldn't do it makes you bitch that I wouldn't take some of the. About it. And that's the biggest and the. And I just I'll wait I don't wanna (%expletive) everybody else for an advertiser grounds really agree that this war. When we are waiting for a table is war is every analyst that follow the rules says that's the reason that puts you name on the list U don't go in order you know who follows the rules. The guy that loses the battle. That's who follies your problem because I know if I tried this I'd be like the one personally I'm man you have to get you or not next day I saw this. And that I can't just sit there that restaurant that belies its I've felt that Motorola page Chinese restaurant. Never cycle body of four and he hated Erica remember the white guy the regular locks and because Washington stable here on time. Yet you guided fury I will do that I don't like a regular broke. Like if weakness is one place on the east Sidon that my wife loves to cook she says they have the best and excellent or good anticipate that there isn't. So you have to stand outside there's not any room to stand inside a wait and if somebody. Who got after me it's a table before me I'm saying he didn't because again I'm a little bit but I will like I will lose it on my wife because. Who beat we could herald times we don't give it up a sick I can't that are under my kids are starving their will to get product makers vultures circling because we're dying of hunger these people get to go out front when it. So you know there's a few bars package dale is a very much a regular Sunday night and knew what I drank into its allies cannon very regimented and alcoholism. There's a joint town lake is it is I want to end this guy would always have my drink up forming right. And there'd be people at the bar waiting for their drinks and like it's pretty simple as just whiskey in a clash Tuesday no ice is not I like my take a second analysts still like he's an electric and people would get their ass is jambalaya the wave writer Gary hasn't stopped me he's in well it's gotten to get rid of them. It's funny bring that up I see guys on hold to get to 6000 FaceBook messages come in and altered twenty dollar bill at the beginning of the night when I go to the Barney does work around to make strike my drinks first and happens all the time where people get upset because they're Surrey he immediately but if you would take care of them it doesn't work ran may be this woman is taken care of these people before and it's whether -- not saying anything navy. And it is definitely throw money at it again. Relationship with anybody but it can be very. In his solitary Jimmy he's at the end of the opera I don't. It god yeah I think that that situation it can mean carte restaurant if BR that woman that would younger living of the nation if they similar type of indoor. Lets you it is possible I don't think anybody's taken six year old woman and a two year old. We talk about mom makes all the time yet when they're able to embezzled tens of thousands of dollars in and is under the radar man why focus I mean I would meet the other argument that this guy high is it his once hot nobody say needing either because I think they got shut it. I don't visit Jimmy sees an attractive blowing gives them all wrong or she may say system. Did you make it more of problem with customers open not the Guidant might be waiter your Aaron. I look back to the comment I really appreciated night. I'm really mad that you YI I I guess I'm up and irrationally angry that you brought it up forget about the fiftieth and endlessly I do all the time. Because like I shop all I I shop every yeah. Yeah every day shoppers like everybody else I plan if I could Wear marketing arena makes a difference between the McNeil. So I don't have a lot every day but I have the usually probably. Ten to when he arrives right but what you get handset and then you're out in a regular on here on the open man you what I put in plus high brow as he tries to try to open desert and a slider which when he doubled off. Doubled up this fight for items Nantz and I'd say why you donated Roseanne had so much and why and I use other man that I've screwed up. You don't eat until they're one and home. I mean they can view it like eleven items and attend write it and as I won't go there SAT I won't do you might look at how about the items every time I will not do I don't wanna beat I think. Technically one cart is an item hopes that things like I don't believe who is saying because they'll put food in here it's like by fifty avocados probably one item of Chicago only ever had to wait in line at wegmans for more than five minutes. Now it's depressing to think they movies through we're trying to have a society here the rules for reason that your blowing up society. You like to show what kind of at a time getting the Joker but not funny at the. There's one more quickly services committee and is it is at the BC and after the break and FaceBook page in regards to your. Fifty items or less than I works the cash register weapons for years. We notice we remember who does this and we judge you for doing it we can't say anything to you because we'll get in trouble for yelling at a customer but don't think that I'm working as hard to bag your items as the guy who actually follows the rules what that reputation. You know that makes you. Personal that senators and wait ms. employee but that attitude when she won't be for long. Sit former you know that makes him well grocery health and your grocer humbling you know you've got if you violate tells me Plano and I are having to break everybody I appreciate the call thank you so much.