Request for a Dadcation (part 2)

Thursday, June 21st

Duffy says fathers need some time away, but asking for this could be the beginning of the end of his marriage.

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I don't get count them trying to make life better for you one waiting for you when your flight eating need to help you and here's of the LSU all sort of see what a dope. What. The apple doesn't fall far from the atrium. And history's gonna bite you in the yeah I got the break remember the classic rock music but did he see a map that has so they I have thought about look at particular tranquility do them. About that gets them. There's their daily brunt of the predominantly public but the bad patient regular stressed as a man work is tough to get young kids you might sign your backs go go go all the time and 48 hours 44 hours and don't tell in some other City Hall as a man alone and recharge your batteries we don't need it's whether he won would Miss Piggy back. Chin that Z this and why why is this dead legs and why our wives wouldn't let this happen is beyond Madden and in fact. You actually practicing for something that shows up for all men eventually and if that were very very bad that were explained that the second passed on hold for fifteen minutes he's on C a map a patty. Thank god I don't warn. In the life we've been together for 33 years so about every year act it out for two weeks ago I can overseas. Should deter China alone. I get my animals a. What do you tell you go hiking over to see ease the corporate. But. You know that kind of like we did bill would let us wait deep Britain. If you go out there all I mean yeah yeah you know that place they were like powdered wigs and editors and he goes hiking over there was his and his mates. Open awards Albert where pat do you go by yourself. A vote for two weeks in times like 1520 miles today all by yourself here solitude and we don't check it. I'm a weird. Pregnancy or agreed pretend you're doing it to you as Jamal coombs look at the street where it is march Texas it's not gonna. So right now that has got you travel and I get now he he. It. As I just held until a law or to go hiking in the out of the woods OK be still let go hiking up the street with a chance of bad about it. What is your wife to which goes on personal vacation. Ot change just forces whether these are parents and her sister and she travels around a little bit you know keep touch with family. It's critical reviews. And whack job that is we have them a away Russians got for something that you kinda wanna do you Zoellick the hiking partner now war. So whether or complain assorted NORAD in advance let. I'm good and I don't let let's let the number one reason why men need to take a solo vacation Liza. We need to practice. Being alone my line when you were younger when all of us were younger. We look real and they didn't need anyone know when needed us and an open differ yeah OK I bet we got jobs in the light of mr. Beaton and we got married and watch let it must be husbands that we can't just be fathers to a moment might lose all us kids one day grow up and leave you guys and let me will be done with your job who we don't you retirement. And when that happens. You lose your mind getting your dad is retired McKellen. Does he really he's really enjoying it. Say that your mom was having a hard time with your dad because he's bothers the hell out of all the time yes because he didn't know how to be alone can't put my dad went on. Vacations alone I'd be like it's not like my dad didn't get his own time growing up so I don't know that. That peculiar theory there I look at it this way that he's all right dating a lot you got to go play sports yet to leave I was at our guys though. Yeah I still think she you know. He wasn't like it it's not my mom made him feel guilty for leaving so it's gonna prepare you for retirement it whether it's retirement all our intensity was his retirement. And doesn't funeral lady. The best thing you still need to get away from W is a big. When it's retired listened to the show knows why that spending forcibly if I don't quite get sick of you real quick yet but you have no options Wellesley when you watch we are stuck together at this point. I can't shop while the work you'll go to war that's. You reset but that's a point where people at that point those and sometimes they'll still still work after even when they're retired because Chris a lot of marriages up later not that you know that lead. Divorce rates are great news divorce rate yet because you get stuck it out theorizing you got nothing in common. But that's what I'm saying right for forty years we don't know how to deal loans that went retirement happens along with your wife and how. How's my you gotta be a top each other all times where when you learn to be alone with this dedication. You are able to go off by yourself and entertain yourself and have thoughts to yourself without being completely reliant on this other person. Help navies have bass. It helps the whole. Aspect of life. Every aspect of like you you're still fighting because she's not gonna by the jive you know you are right that she's nice seeing it that way. And you insurgency wise man. You go video wanna take this that trip to try to him. His father. To dedication and it never came back the really isn't really in. Your wife and me you know of the apple don't fall far from. The bed and. We've bid that it. It's. You're what might actually encourages because it's one less child Chesney rather. Who are at the weak outlook and obsessing about the bailout he boy for it could get his dedication where he goes and does what his buddies and we went pretty. Okay that was hard that was harsh was in charge in Kazaa hard because you go outside and meet some prettier. While the world. Bushy tail off he's antsy about the battle for twenty minutes edge. They're doing good bet. Just in the jets are in the situation. Comedy a military spokesman that I couldn't. You have got the same page with direct commercial. Which means being a 100% honest with your feelings. And it Europe and India relationship you need to feel. It should look at the skate. And emotionally that might be hurting her. That they're both arms and each other and she agreed to do that you're okay but she hasn't objections to negotiate spindler. Animosity towards us. You've got to respect deliberately. They care about are you particular tournament and that's a that's how does this occupant restraint would hurt. That would deter Russia that your partner that you investment. At all. Let's that they got trying to get away from for Mel yeah. Yeah I blew my children. Ambassador I do that you don't remember folks in particular curriculum and discipline the bench missed the bench and don't miss mom and dad. Well right now ocean blew apart for a bit. It's that the possibility but the adventure. Do we clear exit to be clear everywhere I haven't brought this up to my wife and they're talking about on the radio first probably have been really united at all. I it does I think my wife would look look at me in the face saying yes you should go do this might concern and would be what I am gonna how that feeling changes. And coming home yes what you have to do what I've what you do when I get home. A firestorm production went to experience this new pollution are looking for a little bit until the future and the mindset. Sitting over your big dummy would you call up this was in deep interest I could stuff I appreciate don't overdo it against I'm. I'm an eye and a group of young certain aspects and with a certain point you know. And they've just gotten back. Activated it makes it Democrats and anybody can either way having you're reducing it by way Fleetwood is that would like to your kids like dad needs is on time every year up by himself but it didn't teach your kids take time to. Fine you go back and find view that. But that he did that can understand better did as does the did you see bald status to leave us because Koppel in those. Who instilled in the only reason it would it's bizarre all of us Hillary dated Saudia loses it's just because. The I've nobody cared the ratings that you would know what I'm. What. Your normal which you know. So every that's taken dedication of kids look at that I expect would probably do all that Bannister fortieth out of a big U we're tight by the dedication 48 hours and it to yourself alone go in some city getting got a talents. Eating dinner where herself enjoying yourself and distressed tweets are coming to new black children without a father. Which reveals that add to BC left breaker for at. At trays are rodeo and freezer are due to backwards hat the white keeping kids out of town for two days you got. You gotta do work stuff to stay home my wife took our boys south for four days haven't. Not a bad idea okay run a reverse a year west senate done this before rate which goes to visit or Finley is you don't want to go what looks like to work we get to vacation time the windows. Haven't worked out there is something about state your own home. Without the family with the stress of light distilled their network is still there is insulting to do obligation you know I mean it changes in I would thinks scenery the wife and his aid in since he Johnny's NC a map page got pixel buddy how laureate. Are no one had offered you an actual solution just silly stupid example. Cued. Indoor player who saw this can be considerable the only. And Angelo. You're right how my complaint he had been all right you slide out. About you get back got here Edmonds Eckstein know your own blows up. Tommy had a mini stroke onto his seat you gotta come back and you don't take a light you jump in a car that Lleyton Hewitt the and a half and is there are mild by yourself you open up and then you can do whatever and hang out all. I airs now. The reason I like to do is no. We don't get a load time we'll let that but also Tom is having a stroke which makes Obama. And made national goal scorer at he had towards Burma and he thought. Item in the recliner. And the poor guy edit stroke you've got to give Greg did you show. Johnny they already mentally and vaginal all right 95. Thank you got to hit a ticket Gurode towed. I think are important but did you is it doesn't guys I appreciate you guys all I've got the last Lindsay and apple town. Oh well it. Well. It all figured out relationships are tricky inner circle but I think this one's figured out so. I go eccentric every year are at the same weekend every year's so. We go in my uncle and my ugly goal in the wives and children stay home and that's what we do at least two of the same weekend each year so that you can. You can tell where eight. Don't scheduled stop in days or so why don't scheduled stop indicate that you know I'm going on. Right so it's ex patriots aren't for car you may get it annual thing. Exactly then that becomes appliance you need like. Eight times yourself so on the other side and I let you know what goes now on. Why short. You know she owed on the all sort order outsider like and that's what she does her weak people all get in India your ball and. Always dated on and I. Takes the call play best album winds aren't there you get me in. On say Amazon take this one out there and don't judge another guy to do this until we did duplicate. Steve you've. One occasionally so I would protect teach overseas Steve I. I can't ever take you for old preview we sold that's enough.