Request for a Dadcation (part 1)

Thursday, June 21st

Duffy says fathers need some time away, but asking for this could be the beginning of the end of his marriage.

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Light it's hustle and bustle and get removed David it's no he's an exile. B go get it's never enough time to get rest and recharge your batteries. We abdication Triton patient outcome and maybe you're going somewhere that packet card that kids don't stress someplace that's just did your pet. Parrot those vacations or even more stressful in real life is getting kicked up played the art is it time keeping that schedule all the money it cost you that's why Tommy Roy made I'm proposing. Asked at. Eight brilliant idea. To keep us all from going up the deep. But I'll go one girl in here who's gonna tell me why that's a horrible idea and that Jimmy who's gonna do the same thing. And yet the breaker let's let the crack at a six did you see an up close your eyes and imagine this yulia apiece quiet errors ability to do you want whenever you want to like 48. I'm talking about new phenomenon we can make a reality Maine to relax the debt Haitian nation a loan from patient going by yourself as demand for someplace for the two maybe three days and get away from work. And the kids. What should stream. This will lodge a take the time to pick up their own mental well being and it would be great. For York relationship. My wife and brings up that she wants to go on an overnight somewhere for anniversary can be fun. It's Collins and I. She can't leave kids behind. She is a mess the whole time feel guilty so we published what we have to bring the kids of sex and drinking and fun becomes museums and water parks and pictures with mascots who. I can't do that. I am my kids I'd love them ripen on the death. Can I just give 48 hours to myself although all of it can lead to kids and that's why I understand them. Why can I not as a man get in the car goes somewhere chicken hotel room go do something by myself. And recharge to enemy territory when is when you tell her that all she's tearing his you don't look. You need a break for me yes you don't love me don't I mean attractive. You don't give you or are you. Probably thinking about the women you can just sit and some hotel room look at. Horror all afternoon as opposed to my bedroom and look at porn all afternoon with us to do them but we all through with the children's sleep Elizabeth. It when your porn. You don't porn. I would even think don't necessarily that she thinks you're gonna cheat on her that you're thinking of other women I think she's more upset that you want. You make this selfish move and leave us all behind I was selfish on this yourself it's your fittingly say I can't handle. UN kids right now. She is she's gonna going into this mode that you do now wanna see in your wife I'm telling you think it or Jeannie and you don't even have a good excuse no idea like you. I don't like outpacing you don't love me. If you. Like freight. I'm a case it and bring you don't have any you needed the Natick excuse you don't have to drink play every guy you know a lot of public you don't come up. Did you have an argument gets the argument a second by the way your argument can't be the truth. You're gonna has to be alive the truth is I need a just I hate every guy or no you've got to think about good lie is I don't know this is your plan now like I still. Led by Brit Brit Brit. You're way of fighting your way around that the dynamite factories strike a lighter when you lie. More problems if I lie and I found out what that July. To be archer what else on your project row and as saying you know you gonna tell where you're going. It's gonna lie about your motivation. Then she'll never discover the assisting your hand you know you're a genius just can't go sideways you idiot. It's better just be honest about it are all either way your leave Odyssey out of seeing gate squad as world did you run the risk of a an explosion. But I said. Probably murderer is a very exposes and I need to get away from 48 hours icy step on the gas used to pit. Most men would be completely fine. With their wives doing this and again I guess you also get a break of your wife and kids we cannot yet but I casually judge also don't have the white. My wife wanted to try to stay totally understand it would be watched desperate need. Kids by myself blot. I understand it's not about fun it's about relaxation and actually get this relaxation. It's completely acceptable and it's become affordable in recent years and women who have a spot day I sit and relax and be pampered and shut up for a little while. I can't do that yeah all of places currency get shut down by the cops think disease and rubbed its. Guys go golfing I mean Iggy you're talking about a day rightly so she goes and she does a spot in for days and I'm going overnight somewhere where she going to be gone. You know let me check on on a vacation buyer sell very is not a moment. And here and when I got to go hunting with the exception of being in the car where the bunkers Google content you probably don't somebody if you golf you probably. We don't somebody play sports you with a bunch of people in peak the last time meant solitude. When you were not the car early grocery shopping where you had just time to yourself because it is not. Exist and it's never gonna happen Torre Amanda do you wish you signed up for it's not gonna tell us what you wanna stay and it just like you agree to this. Is. Marriage but now on it's I'm burning out. My marriage issue are but that's Richard but but that's what she's hearing and in in her claim to be you sable seeking go do it by herself that she doesn't want to do she wants you to be. There with her and she wants the kids to be involved in she thinks it. Do you dying you wanting to be by yourself and on this vacation well. Well why wouldn't she want us along with Hewlett that's what I usually do in that hotel. In touch and yes attached to tighten up the hotel room. Yeah and anything about me they about it when I'll I really don't think it's a sexual thing at all it's not it is not. This particular resident he can't say that can. Let's go there and yes but I think I really think it's more of the you're leaving me behind try to I don't know I knew you. You you're annoying me your burning me out it's not. OPEC is that this series my family it's the kids it's like honey I tissue every case the whole package is killing it. I have the perfect reason why not see get a look at the. They are showing no I think your state your medication you'll the same experience you'll miss it almost immediately. Or you'll miss thirteen of the fans will connect I had just by accident a couple of years ago whenever I wanted to play and I'm determined to run with my buddies for rent and we were Allstate different hotels and what a difference a great songs I just had like overnight myself in Toronto and then it was great Bonilla to a restaurant. And I hate myself and there was nobody stealing my food and I got to take my time I get to eat whatever I want my way to look at Indian technique and I got to go have a couple Beers much sports department nobody bothered me if I got to sleep. Well I got to sleep. With no leads and nobody holding me like my wife has to be touched me at all times were slow so you don't like to touch your site level as it grows the economy grows and ointment and running again you might wait for you you look at widget which your Knight was group. Will be very. Would your wife wanna go on vacation by herself yes god no you don't like not gone to catch as women don't act like yeah when women do I know my mom would have liked him. I've been to Philly I understand completely original she could've. It's only growing up babies to bankrupt and help the military record guys dad's going. And saying for weekends like going hunting and fishing and things like that alone strictly along just yet they they either go with their son or they go alone that's a lump if you're going to get a bit sometimes they would go on it was like one of those things Bert I'm going whoever wants come can come but I'm deathly goalie. Can't take your son is he's always gonna remind you. A Euro. Not trying to get away from how lady try. I am pleased is very it was. Like I'm going to Toronto with two button to not work because DeVon activity you're gonna total ball game and a good night and I activity right but these big guys. Ol citizen and then you don't wanna hear it bled up I am from a woman I hear. I'm with a go to Toronto for the weekend I have nothing scheduled. Go on up there are you gonna be at the strip club to be drunk but he and go to find a I'll rub down joint. I mean on maybe why he Larry go to. Every major metropolitan area where alchemy because the blue jays and so that's why not all gays if you got no singular set and a ball game by yourself starts. Here's the thing I see guys all get is second. Men do now worry enough about their mental health and this would help us up it was a hair on a man's mental health that's just that's actually a little Sissy boy and statement itself. Met with little sister. Maybe I didn't bring any amount. Men have this idea that we only to keep to ourselves not complain and I never say never brought us here your problems she had doubted go to work don't worry about stressed that scratch our heads one. Why were done the heart attacks are fifties and the largest group of people commit suicide between the ages of 45 it's actually like the nature once it got to wait make room for the new man we is meant. Don't admit by the web and we viewed get out of the way for the men it's not evident. We don't admit is meant that we need a break every once a while we look at its Manley we look at his weakness in its now. We see this is the issue it's human nature you need to get away you need to be along with your. You need to feel in control pass to look forward to this accomplishes. All of that it's healthy to do this I think that Isabel argument to make yearly emissions so weak. I don't week by a week I eat by. Values that Jesus for you. This. Occasion by yourself never I was on loan to begin with fifty. Says it has takes going to buy at the house of what they I don't you go don't we do and the house. 2226000 woman gets she understandable but it does go on Aggies on C and take away. Now this nun and I don't know how to. Resist Megan Megan. What's up and. You're on the senior. My. Trip fishing trip and acted Goldman. It might have a well he can't keep all of that he wanted it and here's. They know you can tell. Which yeah roses are cheap readers for us. The he's out there on the day here for the call appreciate it's it's guys like do you moment because these guys at AC so. Speaking truth actually weakness is being true ever it's deal time at duke. Student. I. Do this which is afoot because again. Our biggest problem as jet as it is that we do not stick together. Okay that's the archer wiped once a year which I can't get enough and it's except for now. That's what she went that's what she wants to hear. That we don't have enough honey enough hours in the day for me to the worship you love viewing carefree you rate that's all she wants it that's what's gonna get. Her damp. You go and I need to go to Toronto by myself to catch a blue jays game which by the editor at Bloomberg fifteen and a it to go that way it's not just gotta gotta run a dairy case that. Blue jays get married mathematically eliminated before the all star break. I gotta get out there Heidi noted jays sent in my debt played. Whatever the series. I got up there real World Series you know I'll times. I think right now. There will be appoint your life for you can ask for this and no problem he can't ever I don't know I think you can because that people executed Utley near. If you're Peggy situation where if you please let you get your own alone time when he's gone to Euro separated but. Now when ye of little kids and a lot of responsibility falls on her when you leave or vice Versa I think it's different. You just made my next point without a real all right edged Johnny Steve pat pat I really wanna talk to you can be a 180 sector got wonderful line open if you wanna jump in our. The biggest reason yeah. Hass. Is because you like to not realize it yet. You need to practice something as a man as you get older. There is something you need to practice that Renault says as the most well know that you might think you're tough and you figure of independent. You'd think that the nomad is good at this and Kenny what's happened in front of her face next the break from 96 back to BC half.