Wednesday, April 18th

Some of these guys could really help this Bills roster, Baker Mayfield has a unique past but could very well be in Buffalo next Thursday!


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About draft is we tomorrow finally know yeah don't you get all smug mean men bills fans have been waiting for months we didn't. This could be the year that the bills go to get their franchise I am next in it and you hear a lot about these guys that are really good with clean backgrounds they tell a great players going to be but. Slipped through the cracks derby prospects with red flags we are here to cover those guys real. In order to pay the breaker but to classic rock for the six bodies yet met we present to. Our third and you'll break bills red flag draft prospect preview show. They got some questionable things of their pets in the two veterans. They can't football town that Kerry actually we hit the tournament and choir boys like you tailored for bullies. But don't short for two years ago not the issue we told you about aid kit out of Ohio State we thought the bills at an eye on that adds questionable stuff isn't talked about. Until this Washington defensive linemen and Ohio State. Arrested for soliciting a prostitute are the bills took Delta's Washington a big deal I. Let's go away and a little trouble you know easy not played well I he was the guy who the builds who rested many what a target Cincinnati because he had a gun lying on the passenger seat of his side by side motorcycle. So he's listen I there. There are reasons why people read like these guys at the office watched it but I think that but no violence that the bad happened okay argues a shot at police officer. Does it begun yet but the gun was there any country everywhere he's at Lionel who their heads prevailed good did all right so we data gotten sick back age old way. Our first prospect of the great group builds red flag draft prospect preview show. Antonio Calloway wide receiver University of Florida. Arrested on sexual assault 2016. Arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia 2017. Suspended from the Florida football team for the 2017. Season for his alleged involvement in a credit cards yeah. Guy ads that have little rats showed a side business is okay. Go get a ticket hustler alternate quarterback wide receivers one of the biggest each of the bills and trapped in these kids can help you with timely spastic stretch the field hospitals don't have that right now. But arrest for sexual assault arrest for drug paraphernalia and suspended for white collar crime from the football team all last year. He was doubled in everything against what he was exonerated from the sexual assault clay OK so it didn't happen to reason why is interesting. He said. And this is on record. That when he was accused of sexual assault. He was so high. He could have thought about having sex with people and they use and try to get a more Goldman don't accept the excuse to go with where did your NFL prospect if you want to do is solve but he was too stoned he was an NFL exit NCAA all American. It's 850 and it just was he collapsed there from. There are getting get this can get him on the cheap suit on triggering what he's gonna fall he's only gonna as a credit card business and suddenly paying them much this question honestly and what. As you more the drug paraphernalia or white collar crime. Regarding sexual hello everybody was exonerated so be it. I mean I would say it that may be the white collar is he can actually grab my credit card. I don't do drugs on I don't know fragment of what I'm not saying you personally I'd say as a guy on your favorite football team as drugs to a suspension and media and it's it's an actual. Addiction problem like that I had a democratic Kyra I had read Adam do the credit card at any could be seats and T is if there's one thing they don't literacy of the race they charge and his credit cards. That's been a real crime is 70%. Argued body for bills general manager Doug Weight and he does like and you don't mess will on us hello. GM SGM daylight problems but he is on record as saying that the one thing that NFL GMs won't take a chance on his guy that has the potential to steal from his teammates. And I would think if he feels that way. Other GMs for high does that have a leg stuff goes miss and every year about Saturday yankees right there's still some from Jeter a couple years ago and he was released from the team. National remember what it's pretty rare brain guys ever arrest these guys serve I mean there's a reason why people do like a quarter ended up making any money out. What they serve make him back I probably Gillick to credit card does is go okay present white collar crime you're fine with that so if you're Antonio LA at wide receiver for the it has received Florida vision shooting delays gentlemen let's let's Cisco Kid to be sick prospect and break my bills like draft prospect preview show. Harding heat defense event LSU. Mysterious time away from the LSU football program this past season speculation ranged from issues of that. Illness the substance abuse problems key told NFL executives at recent meetings he's been sober for over a year now. She is very interesting case because I'm not well. What we see them. With guys on this team and mental illness issues over the last year's buffalo right. Now these guys and stay out of the news RT key which are good and he can play. We've seen breaching cut you don't see Jones this offseason. What we saw last offseason with former second round pick cyber squad Joseph Peters got it was make the top defensemen. Barb wire well YAN. You're free range. But you wanna got a little crazy to a got a little Trojan defense ranked. Your an animal over their wanna got a little off OK listen to your job is to plague knock people over in run through that I get. All right and then ripped ahead so you can't separate that. On the field off the field you get these guys to get themselves in trouble over the united gonna be on the field goes army as a few cocktails of refine what they can be an animal on the field and you wanna got a little off exact guys ferocious. Vicious. You have to think. The the bills are going to be wary of any one but this consent not bad might it be she's upstairs I agree with two minutes stick to LSU up pretty sure it's an eight college for 82 to broaden his half a semester means to be right on mark with three players. Two picks what are your key free agents going through what might be mental issues in the last two years I would dig I. I built the gunshot and stuff like that we all go through mental issues at your body your mental a mental game is mental by their problems but this kid just missed a half season you have to seize LSU and it says that he's still in shape raring to go. Tells these guys are it is good about it they can use and the bills had a problem QB last season is keep it's we QB took the single season sack record at. LSU he's played both linebacker and defensive end and head coach McDermott it he's Geist. The clip multiple positions so we gotta get this game I have multiple personalities in those positions. He might be one item to legitimately keep an eye on with the bills defense and an ardent key out of Dallas. I again. I don't know what those mental issues are the toughest to deal with that. And elegant coaching sectors are also different like it's not like you can point to one guy Billick will this is what we gave him. As how we handled his what he did off the field and then this other Edison decals like while. OK but that's different how to we had a we tackle. Lifting my but it might bring that baby sit these guys I've got a mental issue and work it out of trigger our viewers you wanna get petted. Or he leave your metal at all they got out there are not that well or he n.'s Whitney could lead jumping eve barbed wire fence it being hot sauce on by the way when the bills and I only did it wants to build an economy the bills are investing money these guys that's what you. Remember rightly view draft these guys would use the pick. Humans potentially millions and who does a Deb itemize those and I guarantee you these guys up front it is a lot of it is up front draft. It yeah in the art key LSU defensive men like him from those who are. This guy seems like the one could most likely end up on this bills' roster present and he's the biggest question mark of all of them. Bigger mayfield quarterback Oklahoma. Pleaded guilty to charges of public intoxication. Disorderly conduct and resisting arrest stemming from a February 17 incident in Arkansas. On the field issues include flipping the bird and grabbing his genitals towards the Kansas Jayhawks on national TV. Database field. Hands down the most famous guy obviously is it to spread and god that's the story I lay dying and you have been to Arkansas. And at that's proper behavior I've. It may it's a barbecue drumbeat grabbed his joke when no. I was at separate that high jinks he grabbed his jog on down. Television. On the field towards the university k.'s political and mine was socially acceptable and there's a lot of players that don't respect him because of issues that they've had on the field to the story with baker we feel this is teammates love him the guys play against and hate about what I wall OK and don't we turn of events to your point often. Really mention his issues over the last few months leading up to attract Nevada's name. Speaker baker may feel that sodas so birds are like me that's a concert I don't Knoll and error to go to Oklahoma and each okay. 3COM. To sit Tony's what he's been here he's little bit older than these little to look at. He's hotly life's little pearl Oklahoma he's quarterback small for record at the time you leave quarterbacks topic. But here's a bit. The issues for baker made the kind of disappeared the discussion which just the opposite the clothes he gets the draft the more people talk about it the kids Eragon is an out and how can you won a gunslinger be arrogant radio warn you it. That's what you want a quarterback right but here's what your own Sissy boy out there. Here is what is scary as arrogant easel tipsy arrogant outspoken undersized and fiery finds a way to win the seat exactly they said about another quarterback. John exile. Now a lot now has issues sort of same area of the country and both apple fleet can't save story he's as small as Johnny men's L years there but the single always got to Caroline. Shoot me I'm mayfield has had more public issues in college and and tell ever did it may be because it was intensified for bands out because for me to because of insulted first. What baker mayfield accord ex Oklahoma is the kind of guy that it's not far off the field issues the pills would covet constant underdogs can walked out of Texas Tech. What Douglas Alexander. What are the starting job right away got hurt lost his job. Even what treasures Oklahoma walks on there are no scholarship but it shocks the world Lleyton on fire wins the Heisman Trophy here we bar. Got to get diskette imminently gym work right Jim Caroline. I Disney workers these guys he also has a nephew named Chad Kelly nude scene didn't work with too closely yeah. And also he's got cancer again no but I think he's gonna pull through what he needs something to do I I there I think they let's at this Cardona Jim Kelly. In island little kind of they were a little bit leaving him or evidence in all there in and that every I mean every team has like a guy that. You know works with these guys it's not like. Delicate and anything that's special on the bill's words they're gonna keep the money trouble. I think it goes demands I'll hanging over me group's head hurts them but I still think he's he's probably top five and he buffalo draft speaker meet the fun I don't it's good ones these Oklahoma three top program even if that about every top program in just what are called drafting from top program doesn't. Toby Toby Keith we keep quarterback from the tea. But he accord every aspect of the guitar I think he played for Oklahoma improvement no there's I think Toby Keith played for Oklahoma only to. The end it's got a couple songs about a little out of it I don't hope it was little Ali Jim Morrison's such of course. I. Even though the bills to keep the city right now yeah 21 round picks but they're in good shape their brand on it all depends like. What was the I don't get a guy to he's got a good chance are you need a quarterback you can't be Dirk or artery you gotta fight but it should the bills like it up it's the top five draft quarterback he finds a twelve to trade with you and it seems to be the problem so the penalties greet their duel but. Energy Star picks it. And kids epic until a week tomorrow and come watch the kid where. That's why he bites I didn't make any racetrack a week from tomorrow April 26 report the break room drag show. And two would only the way we can't odd coming out with us ready buyer figured exceeding racetrack the Barbara Mason. Each utilities including eighteen foot eight dangerous and screw it we're gonna beast right gets life story of five coming out. Just read eight. Bark inside Finger Lakes gaming and race to get lucky to it that the machines that tables they. Also having other draft segment later this week anchor. I'm you know these draft experts. Who weren't that have been working all year long to try to tell you where these guys are real thing right up milk hyper tie addiction. We are going to do the wc and left break group draft bucket. Bucket. Dick top forty NFL prospects. Aren't from college. Ramallah bucket. He's got picked names one by one for every team randomly pull names out all the way down the board courtesy of our board does better that build labor and Todd Ritchie like is that the queen might yen and get it close. Hi at these guys only like 30% entirely accurate expert at that and they're trapped throughout the couple weeks and change like a million times yet. BBC and have written a draft. Adding later this week at the break group unseat him.