Putting RESPECT into a Name (PART TWO)

Wednesday, January 17th

Duffy was confused when someone he has known his whole life, asked Duffy to address him differently


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Breast. Yeah respect done which earned the respect to senator Sam as some point we're on the same level and I'm not gonna a key issue ring anymore keep trying to tell you when you press rhyme or Rex came accounting is in on net is and bill Belichick's ring a clinic game and seriousness do you get very upset kids you don't notice should be respect or stiffer now it's. It's what concerns that respect of these people. The breaker rods is classic Mac and it's it's not to be seen appetite you call mr. Ed this is actually grown person and I can't. Out of this mode of call if I was an artist he was a child and you're mr. Thompson. I'd call you mr. tops the rest of my life as you were taught dual bay be obedient pat do we tell you to do that I was taught to be respectful obedient respectful. Respectively cocker spaniel relay just tells a second ago we turn eight TDs were. In his parents as might keep eating on mom and dad anymore and so this disrespectfully go to Augusta may impact fine. And listen to the show right now 2226000. Who in their thirties 40s60s. Still have to call someone that you addressed these titles appealing to African Queen man cannot call you queen whatever you're basically artist year. Pretend that they're just people. There are folks right now we're going to work normally get. There are they after after their boss by mr. bloody lip thing anymore I don't think so I'd see my brother to peppers his bosses mr. Is that. Would you go to wegmans they call him damning might and they don't call mr. Reitman. Even has a name tag on it says Danny when people call him Danny when I were to wegmans and Davey would come through biblical mr. didn't give us. How that finally is there another epic called Danny you know Steve thinks because. Because I mean shop. At what that would restore on the one. I have been in line behind anyway and while balancing a purchasing and I heard them referred to Wednesday. Maybe you're just it is set up shop. Think mr. lake excuse. He calls mr. the business should be but I. I think he he was again gotta be cool in his component to any of these. TV. Restore order also why are going out with a guy that is how. Audience to its observation and sort network with mister Wegman gaining its can't see. His face but the camera customer right now. Would you tell by the huge bags up my level what you can take it was gonna take it cherry tomatoes at my desk put it back it go to business. She put up by liberals a Bible and it might still be able. To secure the city level is any way it is it's any both local icons. He's a founding member of the way it's failing I'm a founding member of the brick groomed kind of similar. Can't come up to send one to two to 6000 Mister Ed this is is a sign of respect there is no problem showing respect of people top of the break currency and take out. It. Hey guys I agree with. Everyone equal I don't care what what you are. Call people mr. are. Topsy to me if you double triple your arms and aid states and you'll call on Michael McDonald. It is finally calls himself the Donald. It. Isn't just president I can give you a pass line. Dot level of achievement of the president because that is an official title he's the commander in chief you can buy at. I'm excited that so errors or wanted you sort of lovely car was in here other caller level. While it's just. On other crazy but the judge doing with the city of just turn not to mayor I would. I would caller you've ever wind Maggie Brooks was a miracle Garland and you got Michael we about it. Under the nose of uh oh I colored Garland again and let everybody go weird and Erica she's. She should serve local politician who can hit so let's look I don't. Teach your stat I that was a sweet thing I said door. So. Tablets are. You're. I don't they still have yet to we will and I'll relax and go to the previous program. I just. It seems to be secure over compensating for something a Soria though you won't let goals that you know critical point you trip to jail no none out and professor I feel like you know like that that title I feel like 00 a few place here a couple of it was then you tell them that you reviewed piece of garbage. W abroad I don't know of these students are at. You wait you cope with debt and despite convince yourself that every went in your life is a sea level you would expect it's such. We are on the same level. We all over all of the same planet doing is basically the same thing trying to survive man. So you know better than me and I'm no better than you so white Atlantis white Atlantic keep up with these these made up titles the people's last thought. Mr. and mrs. is a made up title. So yeah yeah what do you think it improved guy. Even read what he's in and got them pavlik that Moses. To deduce 6000 box back Markey a white but it. A little over a month or that are non driver and so. Always mode radar in order we always beat up for a boy. But. I don't hold back on the parent either by mr. ms. news all. Or or moderately bad I mean now. You'd never taught by their first day and a bit older trees. Com by the name Obama. I'm Bob did not mean being that it's near Obama. My most probably kind of weird the book Bob bad bet that would add. Bargaining to it's a blatant lack of respect to say is which is what avatar to tell everybody this is the show for years now about what you're showing its. Sign elect Joe Brown who he got like OLD child who they also I wouldn't call it being pregnant mr. wade aren't all in me. But now and everybody bought your parents. All right mark dates of the call but they appreciated. Erica has been controlled by the man I just don't understand this year obsession with control because I don't want to be controlled double it was to be control. A one run free and that's what did you think you freak yeah. Well this must stay in the city's yours and you come to a place where the FCC tells you what can't he can't setting quarterly get a start to win that. Maybe don't go to sleep at at isowich. You had every measure mod two breaks ago your wife. That should go to Columbus, Ohio to buy and bought furniture wild stallion they can't make it stallion that was my lawn furniture. Urquhart CSI and I give I let them think they have control. But I screwed that one was to patrol help control the control they don't get that W mine. Did purity it. Even if I won let's say wanted to make the switching call all these key place on the services by their first names are detected do it like it. I mean such it's such a habit to say mister whatever mrs. whenever they are yet tiny guy on a table lead they give bigger your dad's. Like variety so like people like my friends I grew up and I still call their parents mr. witnesses as were. You know and I can't break the habit almost impossible. To comedy goes to us at the BC net pre group. Smith what is Tommy talking about all the sea level he's always going on and on about social. Bettors. Who. What that's like them the marketing marks a whimper senators that repeal off. There are social batters. But they're very few. So matters Euro notes double digits that I did Donald K. Did you Johnny Carson. And you know what. I'm glad cages now dot. Mr. Dodd head focused I think all missed having a big Jesus you get it home Avis Christ I don't ascribe this to say. But I do biggest critic called Craig Souter called Jesus typical of god edges of the breaker mansi Atlanta I can't tell. I'm doing good brother. You know it former military. Has been. Are. Respectful the Altima and by mr. And eager to pick correct she moved in reached when he partnered years in age. It all evil Alter its partner on the gem it's very difficult indeed there. All often. I mean I would never all the prank and I don't want to hold that that's our commander in church. I agree and I think I'll write it out here is that Tommy hates all our troops I think that's what this comes down to base which is at all. We got all of the time I got there and you know who. The clothing. And I'm planning on it a little bit. About I popped open and here. Takes mr. it's appreciated but he did not. Lead to military its class. I can't the military it's different situation when you sign up control it between Jerusalem and minister and so I went to military school you have to call everybody by their rank. If you re neutral on that that the military doesn't get it. That's the military this is his civilian life it's a little different than the military OK okay. We know it is in America you should be calling mr. and mrs. respectful mr. Tommy Ewing I'm always candidates. This Canadian Josh is on the phone hey Josh rather. Up. They're like. They're all very retired by. Not only serve it on what other old. I like it like a certain about alike. Airing it. I'd be another plane rubble but again. Anybody that much I don't know there at third man. Back all the military that ideally I'd. Like you don't know on that probably but not like that. That that. Sell a fight go to another country let's say go to Canada yet unlike given anybody any titles to some lesser country than our. Served ten Canadian military I don't know how. Canadian military he's not calling you they're related snowballs and crisis spots where where'd everybody recalled from. Our back yard carry the Peterborough I think I just. Is starting college days ago. Just go Neitzel to articulate our but it. I haven't given us that ran let's say for some reason I AC the prime minister can't you just gotta buy his name here. A column price they set it's Canada man that they don't count. But it's on us like Hillary should canning exists is because we protect terrorists. To you do. We do you you protect candidate Paulus in those booties watching that these buildings that would fit in which included a they have to keep the divorce thing yet which is complicated yet especially when I don't get though he says so like and my friend's mother who's divorced what called. Her by her. Married name her whole life since this is Stephens yes I garments is Stephens and our electoral. She still technically is named to that but I don't know she still wants to go by her. Old name Qaeda. I never know its deal he can do that situation Buick you play in this game. Two with a southerners do with that it ties that title puts the first thing socio lady's name. Let's just say it's and the caller missing man. Alex nice a that's how the southerners who would average rate thank you quit you attach the the title to the first name okay. So we do that so you gate bridge or given her the title but united SE muddle it up the last thing with this horrid the worst you're. Tiny Mormaset. Democrat extraordinaire pedaled his energy town or now time here she's at the salute every night you'll want for a back door. Take what Hulu it is there. So or poor miss the holy prisons topic each respective little nervous there ever an emotional tone war commander and chief take what lawyer had no Canadians get the title from my. Text from Canadians are out there so yeah when do I. This guy's pretty tough I would want to Canadian our regional under piles up and down here I would look into it and and wounded. In Britain. Let's start even bottles of syrup that is this guy I would love to watch pulled sweater over your agreed to grant money. On our hockey trade trillion rupiah and the fact. We should respect and traces. You get the last word brother house ago. It AAF army when your doctor and annual word anger Latin Joey back development we've got here where is about respect a man. Recruited you. If you get a title like doctor I called doctor bagged on. Life out there. But I don't you parents doctor exploding bottle or a personal level of appalled by her first name also all the work she put it. Does Saturday to a sort caller dot manner. Old bug man picked to death again a little bug man who. Eerie yet you went to be older nano medicine when you attack. For medical yeah. So you should call the doctor Erica and I will be upset if you do not forget what his doctor to be an island that is Israel's particularly and you always yelled we are dead so I can't wait. I think she wants it idea did you ever ask meaning she's just too polite to correct. Can. And its owner doctor at the thing giving you crap. What positive doctored up.