Putting RESPECT into a Name (PART ONE)

Wednesday, January 17th

Duffy was confused when someone he has known his whole life, asked Duffy to address him differently


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I shocked shocked that a guy like do you know who preaches respect for folks older. Beaten would have these take it did the show yesterday that you did completely disrespectful to do you let the justice respectful at all. I waited till my time is do you know my time is due. I expect my dues you did it to show poorly disrespect these people who used the wrong now because. You see this thing because they're trying to exercise control over your see him once IAC packed their shackles off of me a break or righteous classic rock and he's excited to be UC apps and the weekend and QV eight buddies up on this guy's it's that was like for you call mister Thompson from the story so I see them. And just missed it. We're talking Rickie called mr. Thompson's that's however was an epidural little one and sure he does pat listen. Your gras many kids yes calmly state yeah. And that like the conversation a columnist Tom to just stop. I guess can't he can't I can't. You soldiers are so raised by fear and shame as I was that it's hard to break free man that's a when they controlled you brown. As with a catcher in the system I think it's a respect again saying that I. Realize. I do this with everybody if I was introduced to a person as a child and I was told his mr. this is black. I will hold leads him and how old I get. Called mr. and mrs. bluntly it's got a document. There were both children mortgages when he does play on the same team is definitely time and you columnist and as 'cause I'd just like an adolescent I do is keep an. The problem is you don't know what age it if you are supposed to switch and call them by their first names when what ages. The correct age to do it is basic flip I don't know it's sad because it was like you're still looking for parental guidance from these people like. You still think they're like a bug you when year old adults now but they kind of an older guys there you're only six parents might do OK that's about it but as far as like responsibilities. And you probably have more responsibility discipline Bieber your column mr. neighboring raise their kids possibly I don't think it's inappropriate he's going to make you look like soccer cello I. And it and it put shootout. And it makes you lower class and they are because me have a title but I can't. I'm OK with PSP and I always bad and it's better over the spread of manga that's what they're doing to you just sit there were terrorist chief's exposed who's this attack. Metastatic did you set out. When you stop referring to some Izturis can tell you. If I sit and eat he's a 110120. Obstacle to mr. heads at that Mets artwork produced from. I think that'll be out here played at seventy. So we brought this up quickly did the show yesterday talking about. You told us what you did your parents which is the most suspect that I've ever hurt. Most through these purple tabulated them I I think. Disrespectful that what adults are buyer that's like beat by a parent pickled or mr. or mrs. yes ma'am and sir when you turn eighteen we moved out. How did you refer to your parent mega data. The first eight just unbelievable like you make that switch so adults and one day you just decide mr. call my dad Mike for the hated it we get this stuff. They don't like you did do it now. But this is the way it is that McCain the it terrorist cell mice pistons they were elderly than they were in their fifties yelled at. I sat elderly. And of course you do this to. Sold my sister. Was always of a whack to begin with always call my parents mommy and daddy. I should call the mommy and daddy to their faces. Light rain there. Like you need your dad mom but mommy and daddy didn't make it sound like you're a toddler for God's sakes she never broke free of it and my parents. Always refer to his leg of their parent says. Mommy and daddy are dead mom modern stuff like Adam like it was so weird to me my daddy's weird. It's normal it's just post a sign of respect. I thought so but. Why is a first name's sue disrespect models each year ethnic name that's on your checks it's on your mailbox. I don't on your licence this is say Teddy annually taking what this is the plates is later mom amuse me. That tell you know you're parent that's the role your parents have in your life now that there are deadly I don't know my dad is Steve. I know my dad is dead he was always my dad I don't wanna get nothing oh. Married I don't want Chua the nipple. I did protect you guys don't forget its debt. That's so weird day he for the way your father and you split up that you still held that respect shows you what's it like rip. In control they had RU. And you job different caramel mustangs. Coming up bus. Adelaide it's being waived its. It while must you just admitted that calling him that pat calling his dad anything other than dad is disrespectful to. You disable if you don't respect him anymore alleged to calm down. Check it. Our bed and there are maybe they respect our parents and our I'm sure I didn't but I don't respect anything now I just we're what you felt good you do. To feel good just she'll like. But it aids it's like is my Brothers kind of held onto my sister dead you know got. As a I would say a guy he's a call my brother. In Florida posting to my parents were in the home and the conversational as. Our house my Canadian viewers are mom and dad mom and dad now of his Mike and maybe make an eighty and I mean he probably that he never called me. Always for it. His mom that nurse who's normally very odd that you were the only one your siblings have decided to make the change. Scat daddy issues now valuable. Might need finally got that data she's dizzy coordinate meat doesn't have a bad. Now Politico. Got able what do you what do you like Blanco what do you what daddy you're grown man's woman rent it to be make him babies over and bank what do you want from them at this point. Mommy and daddy why it's just it's just wouldn't go I don't do it and he's doing Bobby's daddy to make it's I don't. Cut the amount of money mean you want anything from them it's just what you called that it has nothing to do with meeting the tough chain like you've changer adult now right yeah you grow and you change it's like you don't want except to change. Might be needing fighting interest a bit of all the might diesel and there's Mikey boy accused any code to Hewitt the least adult of all your siblings is just like us. Yeah for my father was also control freak who wanted to that control away from a law known as senseless missions there Paul on the Mike yeah Mike you Roy. TD 6000. Respect stuff college mr. or mrs. do you call your parents dead you call in the first U coolest parent I know my buddy vending. This is kids called him Vinny. It's like you're that we beyond a tight. So you're a kid called them their parents like by the first name I would think like Beckett doesn't respect either did his kids respect and his cool. Dave's the breaker let's see if it. They ought to act with a quick story that we are all your tee it. Got to beat LEG Albert RU and that way. All of only half Italian so easily have a Tibetan people. Actually I got a quick start our. Here goal that I called my mother beat the light back on entered it back to back up well over that Doris pack these art. Cried like a little bit and I never thought my mother. Yeah they are there any controller you budding. All right you get satellite was tight you're older kids teach you. These hit aren't out. Or other current. I did they do it I didn't do it to elect a house I eighteen. You know I'm I. I moved out at a car at a at a place in my own and I'm done the total that was you trying so hard to prove that you're now managed some allergies alias anyway so but he was also the Internet understand with my dad. So at eighteen. If you work go to college goodbyes. But there wasn't any choice like he could stay here do you get on your feel like. I graduated in. What main. And I was out of there by August and he reminded me every day hey what he'll leave you so isn't like. I had so Blake loved being cocoon of of loved like what was I missing all I was only that the. Are we really know you had issues with your dad please tell me how hard that is what's that like what's it like having issues with your father loving cocoon I love I. I thought that would be can conclude that that's mop. That we. To deduce it does I see does that take a break is there's another part of has even gotten to what TV. Outs of the interstate like I voted her mommy teller Dora region given what he's mr. misses is fine mr. spied for guidance it's always mr. whatever that ever changing and but I think it's divorce makes so complicated. Topic that there are still men who were forced to call other men mr. as a grown man as we know it's not a tech were the only offices in Rochester that doesn't have to do it. We can call him mr. but I. Really hitting it X the break 96 but BC about.