Punters Are People Too

Monday, August 22nd

Buffalo Bills Punter Colton Schmidt joined the Break Room to give us all a little insight into the life of an NFL punter...To be quite honest, it sounds pretty sweet...


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This is Clinton out there on the air live he's complaining about being cold it says athletes is don't love it might not. Don't get the temperature you can yell at the sun that you'll did. And yelling at this and I'm working all morning DSL or it's out what Ellis have radiates out now we're gonna get this we're pretty typical thing about a fight to push your body's there you're the frequency of apparently he would say whatever you want atomic but if he's too Colby can handle it yes W joined right now by a man ever to call for this make it's he's a Mandy go lol you know white. It's called Schmidt bubble of those fund does go man. Don't go to areas obvious sitting with a man who is feeble in tiny who's been complaining that it's too cold this morning the last three hours please help me with some testosterone human. Stone article I'm in this too old for you. You can't go to your filled during the winner yeah well he doesn't get enough. That's out there do normally see you sitting next to a guy here right you know most men like to do fun things really drink and I would their bodies and do those things go outside. Where do those things you know come outside right now we did did you go about it and out with the Europe this is a guy who if he's not landscaping he city in his house watching TV injury keeps obviously. Physically great topic are you landscaping guy Colton. Mercy now. Good old on the outside it's shirts authoring and there is a kind of guy here and like Tommy but but but assured that this is so gay at all. Good yeah I want to talk about there's been this thing the last couple years. Punters are people to go all over online and I'll punters don't get the respect that people feel like they deserve I mean you feel this way. Yeah you know double part of movement. Join a group aren't that good visibly different lies mattered how. There are T shirts and everything if you own one of the punters have been you know it's. And on video of those wanna talk about what it went to Joba is because like you know we just talked. Jordan hill's second ago and about how we tips camaraderie with the offensive linemen and how to go everywhere together in their Brothers rightly. When it comes to special teams do you garrison Sanborn the long snapper and Jordan gate and yet Dick corporately. And four guys in it you'll do different things it's unevenly you can bond over the thing that you're doing right flow well we're all part of the same specialist group. So we have or is or also budget together to a but. If but when you go out with the guys and is it all you force together that we have watches it all you force together when you go hang out outside of work is an all you guys and now unfortunately yeah it's really not a guy. I don't nice people what you're not getting invited anywhere by anybody. On though I'm Leno the other guys since we knew we especially have extremely similar schedules. You know and now we were his force more time with each other zionist slip like those. I mean I'm not gonna lie when you guys out here practice it looks like you guys are having finally being separated from the rest of the group there was I just taken in the you get I get a I still play Connecticut and could build but they're hanging out with us this don't you agree company got teeth you bring that up with you guys are completely separate from everybody else. Until you get to get a few specialties. And he's right you want my guys NASA is added time Branagh someone in on the jokes I would hate you too. But if I was on the table and I'm out there running and that's what these other people use. It's gonna I've either everybody that's silly about it so I really just don't buy hustle and good seats the game and that your California you from Bakersfield yes and urgently so you cannot go a different place like the Bakersfield and Buffalo, New York that's on once there. Baca in 1998 that. Now for the send I'm talking about your first cold game in buffalo we want them on the field what was that like. As cold as the about it the heated bench is sub restrictor what is let me get your guy you meet you your participating in eight to ten plays again. Yep right so we're pretty much data they're free to global challenges stand on the old game yeah. Earlier in the big sky conference and so we played a couple couple games of ladies and Washington wants honestly twin degrees on out there. And we get a full Ford Indians like the jackets and things are really freezing out there lose. Weight. College couldn't for a jacket and you would California date yes he's it is jackets not tacked assuming Barca. And and they they're demagogues. He awareness how hot rocks at the this box where did you did businesswoman barbecue what he did not only aren't soaring park is do you what is this will be quietly as Greg jacket that they put on us that there has only gay. I mean it and they're these ridiculous and yet this. Well they keep you dry. OK I guess so we're way up again okay. The other thing I love about my fiscal Schmidt bills punter and you know that's so every company Nazi you guys like pitchers where like if you wanna beef that you totally can the epithet honors for years man. But let yourself go and candy. All the other big and scary out there at a Villa les looked the part okay we've talked this morning about like you know the guys that don't. Normally score all have their touchdown fantasies I know you have yours what is your touchdown fantasy where you can to cross the line how does it play your head with double him you live that far away governor gets that works. I feel like you rather than a game to stand there and freeze their tablets but would you run fake punts before rightly you've taken the ball and go on with it some way now never. Never had never thrown at all. No on the game ever so what you every time you touch is already up 100 street upon this going to be a record. Every other one point is that like a busted play where they had to take government with a you've never had to do that now and it just it. Well. Okay president elect resentment can disappointed when you have a real solid that keeps his face bush true a pillar of our knowledge about the singing thing just a pretty a particular if it's just. I mean you've been hit before you know I'm dummy I'm sure you remember every single one which was the one that heard the words. My rookie year we put the Jetsons I got hit pretty much instead of collecting cars as recently. If it's. Put. Like I know it's impossible to describe what you know these guys here they they're so used to it that it's it's impossible for them to put into words for normal person but like. What is that feeling when you have a large man flying at you that's his job is not a obliterate you mean what does that feel like you even realize what's happening. Yeah you definitely do but there's. Sometimes you have an unspoken agreement with them he made eye contact you know like. I don't know don't kill me you know like Coca. I know you've got to pass a young hundreds of people to look. So you put other positions in high schooler right which I guess hunter neither am I afraid to get in there says he has choose wisely what Leo what did you play when human rights defense tackle Casey you're a big guy well. Fries though you've gotten. So you go from. Getting the most action needed physical disc quality ever do the absolute least when you get to college yeah dollars and the biggest turning point six you know group playing soccer and thing. You have from mean you know starting every game captain all and then. The kicker and you play. I helped fuel cause he did you say it with lake district particularly. This is still exclusion. What did you know that you're going to be able to do this for a living and he bounced around a couple of teams a 49ers a couple of times the browns you went up catches in buffalo. Did you think you'd be able to make a living doing this. They're really click intimacy nearing college. Noises try to be getting aircraft you know in the then scouts are coming around so it's like okay now this is serious the scouts' own ligament Davis too often so. The sound you just love more OK and at that point what are the (%expletive) your college teammates off to right like I'm gonna get hurt you hit people and they will look at the damp honor. Yup I mean there's a tells a joke than leave right after I got done. Hello all walk outs off off ought to deal for some of the seniors out there hasn't gone cold to the Buffalo Bills punter hang out with us I mean so. How do you still have the impression that you might be able to play some other position other than punter like when they recruited you. Now Paulus that I applied Arnie turns turns after it just so excellent digger on the so you never ever really go to the coach of the tactically tight end or I can make a tackle if you need me to no way using mostly looks. Huge yeah you're right you want to us how easy or whether how far could you punt playbook. That's gonna go to put up and thus far is. Oh probably ten yards I think it's. Wright junior at a point now we like you know and I are starting to hate you and I even if your team to get a little playbook you could put it that way. But you know women we have our own plan to open its public drastically scaled down how many pages in the special as a template of a guy capable. You like tennis and end up. And he is that he just turned around backwards and just hit it left and right. Compared over it. I want your job like okay visit there at our fathers missing now in whose sons are young. And they always say the easiest way to make it to the show is long lived in a long snapper creek it's got a big leg what are you tell a father who once they're sent to be professional NFL punter. Use a starlet that season is ready in the college because even if you walk on a mean you delegate 2.0 GPA of callers. Public amicable and lovely yeah I strip. And in a ticket now the only serious scholarship and all that and houses I was in the Birmingham apartment explicitly and easily again but you also have all the fringe benefits of being an NFL player I mean you married engaged girlfriend no nothing. Now to a single month on terror. Yeah well enough there's a correlation there selling the so you don't even have you and it's amazing actually weaving is and I. So you get all the action your wallets. It how hard is that to convince somebody that you're a Buffalo Bill. Extremely hard line and a lot of kindness and like the guy the guys who shot a girl is not our public Eddie guy like that a barely any big dude come up DN say and the Buffalo Bills pushing reliving it volley unless he can kick you this. We have we have some pretty good stories about. As late last summer I was and there's a team you know apart bills here on and some mass open at junior college. It's. So I'm not a. I a week later I was there again some guy came to me and he aliases and it you might think thousands as you pretty good display go pro get a shot. Off off off off off off of it or sped up and they'll. At that seem hotel here arousal during game on time and he was in the full tracks is that we have. And so we like a place of the bills and lady says NATO McLaughlin both. It has a body that is secretly activated bets that they like he. You're at the greatest. Point in your life this is the greatest time they'll ever have in your life or death and I do people go wait you have kids snuck itself. Lives. They circle the energy idea right now man years single you play in the NFL you don't you don't have to get. Leo killed every on every play. Gonna get laid every night is we've got to made America. Deluxe travel hot hot hot hot up on the up a you guys do what we are. Batista be who we talked to who does the travel and what receiver with its I was exile exile OK and so when you talk about travel and coal each bit Buffalo Bills honors don't agree caveat to what kind of traveling we talking here. Go I was living in my car drove the prize this. Just Derek California go on from there Disco led elite Emily regionals you have an NFL contract. And you were living out your caller they said the beaches he served as having a good time and it's like he's like a Beach Boys look at two legit Brian Wilson could go to jealous right now you'll how it every guy he's jealously as a man as a child advocates. At some muscle car called the posting it. I don't walls and on the over the hood and Obama did. I would like to rule that would be nice for her I don't know wolves keep you warm now but it's callous or California Tommy you've been sitting here bitching about the clouds covered this is all of us all so screwed. Sunny California those that outfit you have could not let you keep going yeah I could fit in California issues is that California sheriffs of the how hot hot hot hot you know you won't want yeah. All the Buffalo Bills putter hanging out with this much demand might have the greatest laughable he doesn't like to know what's gonna happen right but we cheeks you. And what I I think you're gonna be it's gonna work out like we get that boy and a wife what yeah. I see that we could fix this kid he's gonna have to take off running at some point during the game this season. And pulse RD I would do you know your forty time still let's let's and he ran a 440 or dead. Never you never before you're gonna have tackled the guy who runs like a four to eight some at least four to seven the so would the Ed's right if you would somebody gets loose on the coverage you have to make a tackle yet. Let's go to your head when you see that guy running at that you just have to kind of fake it though Noah whom the doing exactly hilly brush of you know that's that's all the way I know that hundreds of her suburb and mostly got to you know make plays well I'm sure the coaches have told you. Let him go if you get hurt kinda screwed or do they say whatever just everybody and give her an. You were doing anything to solve the minute touchdown that's you know again a lot of the point. So when they're there I can't smell a pretty sight reform tackle well it doesn't get the job done comedy NFL tackles lately you know it's obvious it. I don't know what you're a lie you tell us a double I want to say it's. Let's go before five I don't know because. Is this I get things like it's the bullpen because that's not just yeah I got through right at it could be about about care benefits to learn. Yeah we're about to my covers a lot of lot of variables in our. You drives or other car California good out of it. Nobody believes a football player he's got the sweet as life in America this ago Buffalo Bills article Smith takes the time and really no strong.