Prepping Your Kid For The Truth?

Tuesday, October 17th

Kids making up stories can be hilarious, until those stories turn you into a terrible parent!  What tall tales are being told by your kid that may have CPS knocking on your door?


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When it comes to deceive via your child people will call off. I guess that it could do it. And I kind of everybody's in everybody's business what they should beat everybody getting serious super parent. Gary Player on the best immunity kids to have that idiot. There are parents who have been in the same situation I found myself and on Sunday were my little girl herders often an. And she herself completely by accident would be etiquette but to wait that it looked to lead me to believe I could have some problems if my little girl decided to tell stories about why her face looks the way so all right. It was trying to protect my wife and life from a potential disaster and my wife is. He used what are the other option. Hope my daughter doesn't know the story she's five you don't that's a lot of hope to hang on a five year and what did that executive pay at the break relaxes classic Ratner at 65 did you see a map yes it's the kid riding bikes I don't watch the kid ride their bikes and I attended it's illegal it's dinner. Each team take helmets on and they have little scooter in the driveway so my five year old is pushing scooter eat the grudge. Puts a foot on the scooter she hit some Dayton did she goes face first into the pavement of the driveway in. Add your whole knows from liquor I'll it was scraped up she's got double bloody nose running down her face changed giant populate she's pleaded not overly it's bad. My wife didn't see this happen so I have to pick up my daughter and carry her into the house by the way I'm when that was responsible for watching them earlier K. So much much surprisingly very cool Brian take care the kid we called a doctor all the stuff to make sure concussion no big. So Sunday night I'm looking at my daughter's face and hear. Every breath. So much tighter rope likes the tension as they don't durocher and I thought it was important. That all of us were on the same page when it came to my daughter getting hurt because Claire was going to be asked to schooled yesterday. About what happened Murray and Claire has been no did you start making up creek she's a Little Richard wants attention. So I sat her down and started going over what happened that day in which cluster page to look like that. And my wife heard me and got very upset. And so work. What's the problem I don't. You won't go what the problem I think my wife is upset that I believe people think we have the potential to hurt our children. Order your daughter alive is no evidence that. Every kid makes up stories and those kids gonna make it. My daughter would have made a story I just try to get ahead of you got Brett. But I don't know if it's a fact that my wife realized that people think we have the potential hurt our children I don't know if my wife thought I was overreacting I don't know if my wife was angry I was Mickey -- that it's dramatic event but she got. Hits and it's still the fights happening right now I don't think I did anything wrong. So what is it was when Sinclair went to school and every was cool phone call I tell you to tell right away their big cars in your driveway. Maybe she was worried that you. Were bringing up this issue to your daughter that like she did shouldn't have to deal with those of five year old I was telling listened to ask the teacher she has a few bad yet exactly making it one make her feel like she did something wrong just for I'd accident that you and I know you diluted and they blame assistant fire hammering dying always assistance well. And I am just trying to park my car and your scoop. I don't think that I am what I did was an appropriate and I don't listen Carolina parents got to do it is prejudice kids wipe out hurt themselves constantly we heard from parents before we've talked about other things on the stage that there can't hurt himself by acts and it wouldn't set a school the next date for fear the teacher or whoever would think dictated that to their child yeah Tutu to 6000 going ideal way to cover your bases. And I would do again is gonna happen kids are gonna get hurt just the way the kids aren't. What's your kids play sports. Much is that that's the other thing is the sports that is okay could be Dell's against. Black girl had a hockey injury when you're Europe through but there are other witnesses at the hockey game right it's kind of a third they are then let's say you know I'm saying yes you're right let's say god forbid my daughter gets black guy playing hockey what are our graduate school and she makes the story well I have thirty other parents would seek yes shows obsolete they Whitney's and black guys matter bro. With Clerides incident I was the only when their my wife didn't even see it happen so. I would say no it didn't happen when your daughter told us this hey I'm the 10 o'clock news. I everybody. Makes you were like a break from sugar salt and have like a brick remarks a little credit to two to 6000. Covering your bases I have possible. Did you at any and you're setting up a five year old to school so you could cover all your bases create the story hopefully she's gonna remember it. Easily you want to represent now that I can play when. He's guilty he's the big story I told Joseph it's not hours after that but that. Its authority to run as a result from a running on fox showed. Us. But yard sale likes and now you're having the matter of faith and hope you two point of black people to go to school and get this right. It's my livelihood mandates might light it's the ability to raise my children. I saw an interesting happen even when I was talking to the doctor or. A lot of potential concussion did add just a second 2226000. Steve isn't a great group on CNN pasty white buddy. I thought that that. You're really all that much. Orchid. They were all grammar school and I. Three of them back up. Urgent at about eight ought. Okay. And one broke out on one broke her wrist at wants it lit up really bad. And that but game between I like that I. Ever watch the all Mike. What are they got into an emergency were. Nothing ever happened. OK I mean how long ago was this Steve if you don't do so it's it's there. Act. Out OK so X seventeen years ago or that it's changed man has changed much assures those. I don't picket. It changed that much. Steve it's interesting Zeneca is I have eight friend of maidan whose son it was a sports injury oracle broke his collarbone and once cited in the saved me callable on the other side with Steve they had someone commented talked to was twelve year old son about how did this really happen in that was only on the second trips to. Well I think at Errol we're picked it at two. Yeah you can't control that you know I'm in LUK I agree without it can't but there's wait much court. Some schools. Teachers. Are being real. I. Hasty exit the governor Christine yes I I. What does it that they have to do it a game. Yeah you can't ignore things like that if he CNN I can't be upset with the process because you're keeping my job and it isn't what you want you causes children protected does and I get that. Like it let's declare my five year old walks in that can guard yesterday and her teacher sees her swollen scratched up cut up face. And my daughter goes well this happened because my dad eat that woman should call somebody an have you looked into like that sure. And that story she starters on the actual store and is a say that you would want it to semis this year reversed your kick comes a ball banged up. And what happened one you know the teacher you know you wouldn't be suspicious of the teacher maybe because of the can't. Exactly the way I can't beat everybody is paranoia. I can't be that it's still I can't like us when you market. When I was kidnapped we should get that help the anonymous nobody would say a word now. And how many kids at terrible up because nobody didn't eat at a pretty sure I came home as to the teacher did it. My father would not believe that Horry deserved it. Yes there and that's great era in your mouth you do your homework a lot of built Cilic that. Rick is right you're at a percent right thank infinite generate sure the neighbors can hit you. If you get you acted up in her house and I say misses on some cracker ass while yet usury you were disrespect in our house that I can academic about what that story. Mehmet I would come home and at Sany think as a mother knew I was. Jerking around and somebody else's house that we get it again so like I would he's going to silent mode presided wanna get lit up yeah absolutely you know as I used to I have ever been at a buddy's house. And Acer America to messy house who is hot headed Italian suits he was always cracking her kids she cracked you for wise ass and and dale and I get home I wouldn't say anything. And and I knew the phone right. This has been spaces considered. An executive my mother coming upstairs complain about Wales I got it again. Right so that'll last cracked and let these people that it's GPS show up their home Jacqueline in the break I see that paycheck are. Harry oh. Well Mike that are all adults that act like that they all do he figured out. You want to go well I'd eat it was glory to somebody and are now actually agent about the keep up that regard. Jocular and that that movie and I am and having act and try to patent. That we do are they can and it you do that each and in Akron or are they weren't seeking let that I would do it out. But because I don't deal. How would that. Sallyann and how do you prove that I didn't have six of printed this kid. Think there's no evidence so like it's a direct answer can't. But the big accusation you know I make an Italian court. Or that are right it is and are ruined and I didn't understand where he can come that. He and others should agency put thank you for the call Jack whenever the preachy talk about getting ahead of the story and it hurt my Jacqueline. You would be angry with your child. After making something out and you're making China feel they did something wrong rate. That's the Dicey issue after CBS leaked why would you do that yet double conversation about lying in you can hit it that it it's an appropriate delighted in what did we had the scan to peek into the dead you have the statement of mommy yelled at me after CBS showed up which is also agreed to a parent I do did you 6000 take one more before you move on but little girls master face goes over scooter. She looks bad news she would be asked about it school try to make sure that she knew what happens is you would make up story might wait got. Kissed them we're still fighting. I have an idea though of a watered like of the brain after it happened. You said clear what happened today. I would see what how she how she breaks it down like what happened with the scooter today. See how she discusses it would you. And and you could see were heads that okay. Is that she was Cassel three hours they have but I mean at some point you do sit down have a conversation just is that I AT and is kinda I was trying to don't say anything don't leader on just letter that it cannot actually see were heads or is it. And AC you know while Munster push me down very nice son Angel in the garage you know mimic his make up little stories I was in the garage. Yes so horrible monster. Angel yes. Report about Steve's been on over twelve minutes got the last word Stevie Y brother. The mart and everybody I think you got it wrong. It is terrible bad old fool brighter note to those who'll explain what hair and let your five year old and an important they. Are. So there's too little embarrassment all of you don't need for those who ordered. Okay so we have been devastated the food but it's over not at all. You don't have to console let it roll off. Lusty lakers cool well Steve and all but sees that they Steve if I actually punch my daughter in the face and I write well but I'd say if I how. That and I wrote a note to the school sake she fell off the scooter that kind of blows up you're all like deep keep kids safe there Steve. Number you're in a ball in order to widen the school nor equipment and taking care of your Allison as a more suspicious or are they when. My uncle did it does it goaltender. And stimulus because you you know us publicity to the show went. If I was just some guy that was a class with your kid you saw Mike you know me what I have the potential to do to close or that everybody Brighton. Well of course but I would look over and I didn't question. They lived in Switzerland is all some follow earns border. On inaugural look smarter. All my time at all despite. Christie takes a couple of smuggle. Even old school don't exist no more I think today I got a plan you like at this bank robbery plan that would be so we're gonna rob a bank and we're gonna write a note it's that we TD just robbed you I state. Did run a bank today that's for sure I didn't do it and look at it out every year which candidate Mike didn't punch Mike hit the fence. And that's what you're asking.