Post Game Monday with Sideline Reporter Sal Capaccio!

Monday, November 27th

The Buffalo Bills are now at 6-5 on the season and remain in the hunt for a playoff spot. Joining the guys on The Break Room to explain where the Bills stand, sideline reporter Sal Capaccio


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That is the I tell you play games and that's the game glittery I'd tell you doing sixteen dead. Over the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium the bills right they can't and they are in the hunts end tonight if the ravens lose to the Texans which is not a Walken and if I'm walking more in control of our desk going and I'll after the accident shot. I hate lets call your bookings that student does Beckett is an idiot and his builds expedite his bills by me shot going go and run Newsweek unpopular album man weakened popular. The break room to talk about this bills when his bills team playoff but patients are boy does. Reported beat right everything you need to know about the bills he's got it set apart she joins us say sell O brother. I get outed agent program anyway even without the game tonight because I guess you would argue that you and the rest him that you make it play out such redemption. Lobby got I was trying to forget that earlier with a tie breakers and antsy records does that mean if the ravens win tonight they have the same record moving forward right with the bills hold the tiebreaker they pull one out. Now I most laughable one now it will not equitable and contribute to interject the. Okay. I so I guess you're right we do you joined us now before it's yesterday. Tommy finally did something bills related it was good and I wanted to chew on this train myself. If you remember. Tommy came up with one of the greatest nicknames I've heard for our biggest high anxiety in the offseason Tommy I'll brick house. How show how did you tell. Your own nicknames. Sell we would like to start implementing the nickname brick house does it feel free to use of giving it to you free of charge to get this thing or look at the ball. Why a lot I I. As a honest to right very good friend John Mercury could never. Not used how money that is in the the broadcast. What is it we would need it need only say the same words so many times when we ought to be present itself I think Rick how bush after his 56 or duke. He's just that tune because wouldn't you know you do so it separate outset. Yeah. Yeah John a million definitely make a parity. Like that so let's get an escape yesterday this is an odd win and actually when you sit back and look at itself. From a statistic standpoint all of the bills would have been odd because tiger. Those are almost 300 against the jets and they lose cheating goes over a hundred with two touchdowns last week and they get blown out there yesterday Tyrod has he very efficient Tyrod mistake free 880 something yards shady can't get anything going and somehow the bills find a way to win it it seems like they're winning. Most of their teams that weighed it doesn't make much sense to me set what are your thoughts on. I'm glad you called parrot they're efficient yesterday. I called the I called it's our inefficient on my. Curl up or down collared the web site and people that. Issue with that I guess that you know you'll just don't like the fact that he doesn't roper RE what he previously he was that the reason they want. We certainly didn't cost them are an opportunity for the game I don't think if they would walk again I would not always say that because our killer was that. Yet to keep our percent completion percentage one touchdown receptions to meet at an efficient day he was Smart I thought he used his legs well he made good decisions. That he leads someplace and appealed yeah we saw that. Odd that he had a typical tire regular date and a good sense that these at a typical pirate it would take any bad but you look at those that was pretty. I didn't recently won that game was because they played well defensively against the struggling Kansas City team. But they put together our. A really good game plan like the rotation up front. I like what they are and how they put some pressure Alex that they forced Amanda eat the ball all the time get rid of the ball quickly sigh I saw it was a nice day all round. Broad strategy but especially in the opposite just. So what was so shocking to me personally as a is an easy time he saw the defense not played well the last three groups right. I don't normally I was kind of expecting a ease back into week good defense reform itself. The way they played yesterday it's almost like the previous three weeks didn't happen. Right they went back to winning games defensively the way they had one date is before that three game skid aged all the sudden something clicks don't blow without that. I thought now right now I don't I don't think it changed some things but you're right I mean it look like you watch in the circus. That's true but maverick bit and have a lot of turnovers immediately got the water via. It was sealed the game at previously that the way to gonna turn over they won the game and eat at because. He's played solid 888. Very good tackling all day long which have been a bit of a difference or three weeks I really like rotation front seven was different. Eddie arbour started and please check lost it completely snaps played really well let me that you weren't allowed to enter the pass structured. Other and so had to play a lot off the ball is more on the ball at at structure in the game but the main difference. And look at our partners to underestimate understate if you make a much easier game helps that he's got the feel they're just a better. Yeah yes they they. Have many more options in the secondary they can play to protect the coverages of course now they use the deal. We EJ gains available and he led the team and so tackle yes it is very good. Coming up nearly always as an aside in the open field so. I'm Matt a lot hill and Preston brown has only two linebackers nickel situations I thought they may change their which was Christ they used. As part of good rotations so. I thought that they act that are really implant yesterday in the and they execute. So much as I reported to speak out and get up this here in the great group on CMF post game Monday all right so cell listen. We've been down miserable for right Europe behind sudden OK you. Rule I guess controlling her audacity to talk to bring Iran were we want embodied here out the patriots to town sale I mean listen. You bit of bill's friend as long as I've been a bills fan. How do you feel personally. Walked into this game on Sunday knowing what is on the line potentially coming into the season. Not great and excited to great opportunity for them. To build on what he did last week. I think game I think it disorganization at the hiring of Sean McDermott of breed of being has. Kind of reports I guess that they would have been seen wearing a Shirley but I think they understand that. The magnitude. The meeting you know the patriots in this division what they represented them. So I'm excited for that but the late agents are playing on the back I'm not completely sold yet ability it played an opponent was really struggling yesterday. But that's obviously going to be in their nine point underdog already for a reason right. Well look here's the thing. What if they win did was they gave this team at least a small. Margin of error or the next couple weeks and you know actually can be that we but after that they have the colts and the dolphins. They are coming to buffalo and you know I think you can win you can went to a the next three and you know really good spot to idle. Next week is critical. That vital you have to win the game but it certainly would really help that they can do that I think it's a really good opportunity. I sell I have a crazy fear whenever numbers we got what I wanna justify my crazy era so. Cellular wins against Denver who turns out about Bieber get to Atlanta looks pretty good wins against them up played well against Carolina played well against the chiefs. I have a series sale that McDermott is really good and Ed knowing the tendencies of the guys that he knows well Andy Reid he was the cycle may you know got on and they get the other teams were talking about with the exception Denver. You played in his division sale is there something to McDermott just no way. Be familiar with the guys. He has a history with that that's like he's got out of there and about these notes that I'll up they got out. I think 47 and against your re acting and army would probably blow that apple. I every series and know him do blogs. The Internet center at. A clerk at how we view. And it's gonna get those scenes and I'll I thought what those hired McDermott one of the things that tablet. He's going to get into Al this year it's like when they hired Jim Schwartz and department coordinator and acting here they wanna get the other north. You party game play at those guys what a year for the last whatever years of course and how I think. Of course he knows some of the pendency I don't know about if you reaping now as you noted you reap what because he was an assistant with M prolonged. Are you so does that candidate them Andy out of that game plan against about a week what are. This of it and he also knows that dudes on me likeable that we each other it's a push it. Write the book they have let I don't know I guess and I do think it helps. In preparation for the game but. You know we've seen a global leader I guess at the other day. I find it funny though I always forget how fat fat guys look at red. Big guy he's enormously and I did see him like Fuzzy in the perimeter do and I don't long shot seek it shall see this big. Fuzzy red or in the background I don't answer coach. The mustache helps either. I guided the mustache only accentuates the outlets a large man and a large base and you gotta go full beard he can't just go bust this is right to face a guy out. But magic Rex Ryan had a moustache how much bigger history's little. In Abidjan a normally have and his brother I guess the beard full year full beard the Olympic you like of the lumberjack. At sell sports is that we get John MSG debates so and at 10 o'clock I've TV. Of course I RE doing my hair getting ready. It's at OPEC that body of a deal as we try to get to breast all right and here you're all wound up coming back to kids city yesterday. I dig a set a budget bill silent reporter beat guy join us every Monday post give money he infrequent unseen in the.