Post Game Monday with Sideline Reporter Sal Capaccio!

Monday, November 20th

Buffalo Bills rookie QB Nathan Peterman had a record setting day... Just not the kind of record you'd want to break..


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That is not idealized blight JC Peter. You know I felt Belfour who sell is that Zora would be jealous a salary has to go to playing good as Southern California you know I whether he'll play. But I mean it's. I get to why the football players. But the Southern California the weather's nice beautiful stadium right accident each of those that girls. And it had to be the worst trip anybody's overtaken the Southern California. In the history California trips are voice of the budget sit on hold pills lose their historic arrived home had to be misery 24 to the charges it was even that close you can Peter meant for the first time in merger history since 1970 in the NFL in quarterback throws five interceptions in the first half. Let's welcome Bill Simon report boys soaked pod jail cell. That's his question up but first off I do but he Duca. Yeah. I daily lawyers say Iran is appointed from everything happened yesterday it was exhausting and draining OB a apart that sort of speaking on the sidelines on the broadcast so it was just talk it's a molester ever to Californians just about. I wouldn't say that. Probably some people didn't release of imprisoned somewhere to go to California. BR another guy deserved it. We know they're probably laughing their I'd sell as good as pleasant as we have been having this debate all morning long you've been a fan this team like I've been a fan of his team forever. And you think of the worst coach worst coaching decision then what happened with McDermott starting Peterman yesterday. While worst coaching decision. Overall I mean I don't know the world on things don't scores with four minutes left on the other side of the fuel and I don't know I think month golly what what went. Such hindsight as such I incite like yet. It was awkward at that decision now like woody ready of course now. But at the time like I don't know lately at the time you make decisions when you judge it was a good decision or bad it's not it didn't work out so obviously the worst decision medical history. It's well I mean I'll say this and this bit QB I say this on Friday at Tommy wins TP and oh wait here. I mean you have a guy who Tyrod Taylor who does not turn the ball right. Had these B plus for Peter gets the ball out quick Smart but. Is it right all of the great did you want about a guy did you ever see play both logically is coming down to. Fifth round rookie quarterback on the West Coast in that game that you have to have against these second best defense overall in the NFL team. Before hindsight it seemed like sketchy questionable. I don't I don't disagree I think that you could easily say that I wouldn't disagree about who thought that original I thought it was a rare ability gamble. The bottom line is the reason why they made it was because the office that that the reason they made it that still exists. It added that the offense is not that good with Ira Miller understand. That's why they did make it because they computer there was going to be some great got a quarterback that you were itching to get in there. They made the move last week because they had to do something about the opportunities or get what I haven't changed that that's the problem where injury here. I'm I don't know treating her and her album might have been a worse decision. I I ran. Baikal is it that automatically rubber or. It also let you go to was iso Seymour highlights in usual from a bills game after the show I'm. Like they were even showing this on CNN international this morning when I got to. Like. All right so let me ask you this question does it by today you know this year the breaker mansi a map. McDermott's that is process was I understand McDermott and GM bred to be known for their bold moves and I understand that. When you make bold moves over and over and over again some of them are bound to not pay the rent I understand. That being said. Sale I mean you know these guys you CD's players on a daily basis. McDermott was noncommittal as to who was starting quarterback what is going to be against the chiefs on Sunday in arrowhead. Is there any way that he hasn't lost this locker room with what happened yesterday it is pretty weak glut in front of them tomorrow. Or Wednesday and say that he could Peterman will be your starting quarterback on Sunday without losing all credibility with his players. I don't think he'd and a he's right initial man I mean he's gonna make that decision that he feels is best for the team but I think that's going to be in the equation. The part of the equation out of the what he might sink in how they're gonna react to whatever and I just don't see I do and I think clearly yesterday showed that. Is much of the topic does have limitations under prior regularly certainly do he's probably the better man for the job it is giving clearly need to be there wasn't ready. So. Look I mean if you have any intention of trying to salvage this season which I don't know what you're now the X still rate their for them. They can do that they're game out of playoff spot now I mean don't want to talk about that we declared yet it ain't gonna make it. If you watch you'd get any intention of salvaging the season and still trying to make a run at it with those guys in the locker room. And you have to do that in your simple content viewer simple intent is to. Get ready for 28 scene in the seat of a quarterback in the draft one. You played 8 PM and I guess and yet that I that you would lose guys who are trying to play for a playoff spot veterans especially. Said the budget act that this year I mean I don't sell you said this before every flight home was pretty much the same whether it's win or lose your client are. Added that later guard do you like last night that's recruits cut it with any different last night that flight home so. I'm personally I don't. And I don't really can't talk about on the flight and it happened right seniors so just say you know I I'd rather not comment let's. I'm resentment. I. Mean you you put me really bad position and Bob. It just I I like we wanna get a million. Does that much TV and actually. Of it. But whose approach we go. Kind of what I wanted to do whether he was known as the disease foot and a great but did we did like I figured I had bills vet all the diehard bill statistic. Is that Steve's work and I could pull myself away from this game late it was the fact that these records a point like. I don't know I have this weird feeling as the bills fan that even when things are going poorly I have to force myself to watch it because eventually they tell her I'm going to be sake I was there when I was there that need to regain always there for that wrote putt down two scores I was there when Rex right cited putt in overtime when we had you know of Satan. Sell its. It's get a point when you see. And I don't know for you right now I don't use their work where it's almost to sickness like I have to seat all of the bad because I know eventually will be could do appreciate that he said sailor might lose I got him on. Regulars in my. Head that we've all been there this is this is some other. This is some of the worst that we experienced during the Stroud I mean I pick a rookie in the post infrastructures and they said Sean McDermott despite the worst street in circles of ever. At that point romance cover this league since the mid seventies. And that's saying something man attaches to drought right we'll talk about ever and the every time it think. Things can't get worse. Something happens to make you think the worse. You know I wrote about it at my column. Our web site and go beyond yours in the says basically. You know that guy eight. They take they take these steps forward. And Natalie take them now leading to re split like people from further back now that that's the disheartening thing about what happened over the last week's. So distinctive content and other quarterback. So this team keeps Tumblr and how long do you hang on to this Stan. I mean if they keep landings like this just try to sell directly if you keep pattern. Stretch runners up you use you always you collegiate staff changes. At the end of every year they're not firing John McDermott in the when I mean barring. Complete disastrous like communication breakdown people being met each other from front optimistic and an ownership like of course it took. Could always happen behind the scenes but they're not firing some permanent ones here and picnic I believe regardless. I tell the budget does not important that this covers the bills every single day there's not a man knows more about the Steelers owner Bob Fletcher a cell let's get this question because. I mean the idea and I think you're the a lot of people manage you wanna see what Peterman was to see which didn't draft next season as far as starting quarterback. Right so Peta goes and plays has an NFL historically bad day sale. At this point and I know it's only half football but can you even justify keeping eight Peterman is your backup quarterback. Moving forward to go into the grading purposely don't even if it resource. Yeah yeah absolutely you back a quarterback I would maybe I mean you know when he led Lee back. I mean you're backward losses you're gonna sign TG eight back your baca let's. And what you all we all year he's been working his tail off the record I'm sure. Is wasn't ready for that moment Angela. He might have to go back in again at some point in my immediate you know Tyrod. It's injure or ineffectiveness or whatever and there's nobody that your turn to right now he's he's your backup quarterback. It's the budget to check out nasty taste atomic clock right so. Yeah her write a check out there at sail sports a Twitter appreciate you hit Apple's sleepy eyed at that flight back at depth and diversity but it feels good out there and. Certainly ornery hostility and. Hate me anytime. Body anytime triplets are still itself electorate that day that goes and resell them it was I did not the longest game in history football as well Cotto is because IA. It's hard watching game when your wife loses interest. Is that this doesn't stop sex for you it doesn't think that the to be resilient probably the coach.