Post Game Monday with Sideline Reporter Sal Capaccio

Monday, November 13th

The Bills fall to the Saints 47-10 at New Era Field - Is it time to be worried?


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Very early beatable it's natural. Calibrate on the street Erin go home. I'm 4710. Bills people now of the second week in a row this time at home their first loss at home this season Erica but they did a little while food you really hold on for a while hot. You had two saints running backs go for over a hundred yards their third straight back who scored his first NFL touchdown yesterday at 48 yards elbit can't match. And a blow them. I didn't care package meanwhile a decade 99 and care. And then. Drew scored one Niger rush for one but the only 24884. Yards like it was outside his mid fifties the bills would hold Drew Brees and check and they did so I was Rucker who. Joining us to get it do whatever the hell we watched yesterday does that reporter boy set but GO sell what oh man. Pop my gosh that was as bad as. I've ever seen in my four years in the sidelines. They remind me of the game action that would mean there was the Seattle game of the throttle and Russell Wilson probably just get whatever they wanted in that same year they went out as temperatures go and got. Completely blasted that was that kind of game that I've never I've never seen that you know both sides of the line of scrimmage just had no answers and. So what's interesting is I know there there's no positive to take from making music I've been trying to figure out what all morning I can't take it what there was to better than it was gonna be a little bit chillier it was right it might help silica. But it did after everything that's happened last two weeks to blow out losses to teams that the build a pretty confident facing. There's still a playoff spot any exact. Actually gave up on everybody else that spot high that they're evenly hide in a tiebreaker. The five and for the next closest team ravens are four and five raiders are four and five dolphins are foreign for. It did the dolphins twice any sale. Almost inexplicably if you go out to San Diego next week. Irsay did a Los Angeles to get a win and you're still very much in the heart of distinct. Lisa very much now in Ottawa in the right I mean I mean obvious errors. When I wrote about. Everything is that is right I wrote my air up or down column which. A post every Monday I had no arrows up and I said there's too many. At a very. I would tell us are certainly would know we're antiquated arrows now. And arrows up a signal that there's nothing worse than others but so I went to the big picture would what you just mentioned the big picture is. But I mean yes it doesn't feel like this team temple belongs in the conversation. The fact is because they do have I'd win their first nine games buried there and that's more than. A lot of that in the AFC I mean he doesn't know when it leaves you ought to play out because of how you played who we lost you as far as. It it matters a tie breakers. I you know does it matter he lost 47 and the saints. Or you lose 4746 of the saints also loss in the matter if you beat Denver by tendered at about one winner to win now. Here's tango tiebreaker and on some do and a man it's. Here now from Europe now. Them and patriots but only two teams in the entire AFC who only have AFC games last. So guys I'm I would lady yet you're completely right and that is the big picture they are still there are they able lot of late forestall this season. But and I I feel like diseases on the brink Sunday and in LA because if you lose that game it's not only getting your apartment by the summit in the past few. But now you're starting to talk what conference games actually do matter what comes back. So as LA horrible they just so K name. They lose a lot of close games they play everyone this guy. I mean it you'll that it doesn't get to vote kicker because they've lost some games because of kicking. I don't know though here's a thing after time like. If they play like dated yesterday there's there's no way to beating the charters and charge and run the ball and they can stop the run. They have their moments where you can do some things it will rivers they blatantly did yesterday that would at the next three games chargers chiefs patriots they have to make oh. They have to do a lot better than they have over the last. Well city you know whatever let two games innocents blasters in its jets. So by jail. That they see the breaker for his Monday morning appearance thought about this police have the tentacles of it would say that without left for sale I don't is deeply more deeply complicated that we have time to get into here but. Eighteen had so much promise a team that was playing so well over Teddy defense that was the big takeaways in bed without breaking and in the last two weeks out. He has disappeared it's on the exact opposite way what debt help how. It is team that looks so promising in the last two weeks. Well I think these things. I'm not want to tell you how much are so Ariza missed but I do think it helps obviously in the rotation. Because he is a guy I think that what he does is about the impact agreement is now. But he does struck double teams. And that a lot of guys to be 11 economy place. Now you know that that is taking you can kind of pick and choose we wanna double teamed based on the scheme of the play where you're running. And things like I do think that's part of it. Out of sync notes scenes having film and until that happens to everybody in. They're figuring out ways that they think they they can exploit them. So I think that is part of it possibly can forget it we're pretty good team yesterday they did it eject obviously acting on the volcano. Just account actually and that 70% passer which so mr. grieve so. You know yesterday I think was rented two incredible law and that it will really get. And noting noting that EG gains. Impacts how they play. The backcourt in the corner EJ gains. Yeah I mean I am not telling you they lost in the WG you know that's in that but I do think that one of those things where when you miss and M credit impacts. The scheme you can play how you wanna play on third down who's on the field now things like that so. But look I don't I guys yes it was just such a bad day I don't know anything would've helped. But younger guys that ago clay in indicated they got from Carolina. It's just it is not a candidate at their bag were going to be good now a target Calvin magic three times the first drive they marched on the field and the score that you didn't help and it doesn't. CEO of the past come his way it'll be here it is in the game but the eight minutes left you your boy. It's well. So. Higher acted today after the game that they did sort of rules of coverage it doesn't matter to me Echelon of so the ball to I don't play calling was pretty bad yesterday. I mean you're running. It's swing passes and dump off swear it's. Second of fourteen inserted and you ran the read option the Mike over there were behind the sticks a lot. Come whenever you get it to a secular long third and long that it can be property get it to your number one he's he's going to try a little more urgent you're not wrong I just know. I am back here and say well Kyra it was just you know need to just sort of every single play shouldn't mean but yeah I'd like to see him even try and at least let them make something happen that we talked about he also just didn't have. Didn't have a running game it to turn to for some reason I don't know it in the ball well first year in the big run mileage on after that disappears so. I don't know I guess it was just. Lights IG that this break my team let's beat buffalo in the most yards again yeah how close re naked man again in the fields. I. Is there. Normally when you see is streaker at a sporting event he's the teacher and it is don't let that we weren't socks and shoes but this could not have freedom there is born he was his naked is a debate. And fast. Advertising or something and Alex recognized. Backers of Hugh Hewitt who you were not thinking like normally you're there right. Yeah I had the flu lay a guy that got my tickets I blame myself for this loss of that would be for. I look at well I mean that's where its economic rate on your seat like that that's where I was standing right there were normally EU and that he he jumped the wall from the opposite end. When he ran toward the tunnel that we got there at around I don't know the ten yard line it turns out he tried to do that you will awards security guys that tackle it was literally rate from where you normally set. It's the son shady. I did look at her you or. Hi Emily take lake of Casey you're gonna do this rate get so that Beijing gotta get down to the wherever you're gonna jump over the wall and go right but that means you had to strip everything off your body now. Even let bum rushed. I can't takes a little bit to get. All your britches off right use auctions Jews underwear every day got to come operate yeah I've read in the hope what it was like gay we have a problem over here. All I was going back and forth and one of his assembly was sitting behind him on Twitter let's you and it seems as if the people around you were so bored by the game that they kind of let it happen though they protected him so don't concede you know negativity just wet and the crew that went out there aren't enough off the air about having to tackle the naked guy late. And he did look like the security guards were a little bit to train for us what you're a little hesitant. If they want to tackle and they they say the guy couldn't keep. He broke down nicely at the forms. Naked guy didn't really know where to go in at once they did that at college it was an intolerant and at least somewhat flexible got to cover mop I finally. He played as they had him on the ground openly in the Adam. And they were they finally or security rattled finally someone took opera check it split Iraq. Our excels at this pushes the wrong move would mean if you're outta shape to guide. Re assessed Iran one more time naked outfit and everybody and boom was dog whatever it was cheering his don't have it now so walked to shame pleases the legit walk of shame sell the big question from yesterday except that we can't figure out Mike the security guys that covered about these jackets sale. Are you putting that jacket back on after has been on his naked body. No. Administrator via turns that is their turf Thanksgiving a sort of six weeks about this Allie loved me buddy I've. I believe you I read about it and you I think he's a roller derby I did it doesn't look that. Some of his derby names with I had to look up with the word what it would Serbian name I'm like oh. His role doesn't look component that wears a lot of us are. Not that adds else what it's like to sell it we can't judge DB this morning. You know crop he had a met he's a two point joke from and it's well that should be interesting I've. Suspect we're gonna get a puny human calls but I think that the way to keep that played might throw that out and. Our buddy do your best keep your clothes on today that we appreciate the time elected next week. I dig us out a budget Bill Simon reporters slash naked guy running breaker daughter and.