Post Game Monday with Former Buffalo Bills WR Donald Jones!

Monday, December 18th

 Former WR Donald Jones joined the show following a big win over Miami!


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No matter what happens next week T bills will have meaningful football for the last game of the season for the first time jeez I think it's been since 2004. The break much of glass rack is expire at the BC and joining us for his normal post game Monday appearance warmer bills wide receiver. Current goes and John Murphy show on our sister station 957 ESPN Donald Jones join as a John Dick a white brother. Good your buddies stuck in Philadelphia and we don't know what's going up again eject. We don't know what's going rising up I'm stuck in Philly I'm not gonna make nearly everything go to you have well explain later than okay. Them out there won't let that. Will we may need you to go get him if you need to get into tunnels built up this up. They used by the services would go back. I'm. I Donald let's get it is gave yesterday right thumb we talked to said the budget Bill Simon reporter around some 45 this morning and that offense in the first half looked phenomenal that first drive was amazing but. As a guy who played I wanted trying to explain something to us. The defense adjusts and things aren't as beautiful as they want to work can you talk to he's a player. Is it better or is it easier for you to have those plays scripted out knowing which are doing for the first fifteen plays. Would put them in the what they're simply ignore. About requiring. Little broker who who know the limit when Bachmann who knows. The defense will make it that there it would eat you wouldn't get you know a court. It make it got there. What would be. The with a quarterback. Or. Oh. Get to date at all. It was all part of the set. Up. So I would just think what if your script plays I would he would have a immediately here's what we're gonna do guys planned this is what you're doing here everybody be cool but now we just they just go out and play the office coordinator knows that the players don't. Yeah about a political. Aisle that the coroner goat what you want. Now on gigabyte that he wrote in Berkeley NE. But there are those perfectly clear that local. I don't Jones and analyses in the breaker mansi MF Tyrod Taylor lakes and making things really really hard for bills coaches in the bills' front office easy balls out yesterday to 42 to throw it at another forty some on the ground two touchdowns went through the air when in the ground that was one of his best performances. As a bills player and he Donald and we've talked about this whole bunch of times but. Is this guy somehow managed to bring into the playoffs it's not out of the question infected it's not unlikely looking at the playoff scenarios how hollow. Could you walk away from a player like Tyrod Taylor after he ends the seventeen year drought for you mean you still of the belief that you keep him no matter what happens at the end of the season. I think he I think it's that the people in need aid. Astronomical Marty he didn't need early on low to the quarterback. You can still draft a quarterback early. And I keep saying that what quality is that rule but eight. If you don't feel like he'd be quarterback of the future. You can still keep him here he serviceable in each group. These as while you turned it grew he agent quarterback open if you go out Icrc. A lot of those guys. Is it a Karachi port wouldn't you know twenty million dollars a year I don't think the pills. Are into anything like that out there goes retirement or Brad as Peter. Eight like strapped oh. So with that being good at it and keep here. I Jones wanted to ask you some obscene and all week. The shock it was over 101000 yards for Korea's remarkable when a moment I think thirty running backs in the history and a failed to do it. But he did something he had sweat shirts made did you see this Donald. Yet well. I'd. Yes elites at ten to eight chase and it had she eighties like shadow on it and and all the guys went on the field Donald if you're a locker room and a guy is going for personal milestone. Any hands out sweatshirt with that personal milestone on it are you go all cool picture this lecture or you gonna. Dude I mean you're gonna get a lot of attention you needed more attention on the switcher. Eight or I probably Wear about. I think all of it guy. Have a good relationship it original quote. All have a letter oh well. They're going into that type of well. Don't over third that we are so that it. Who dispute them all out of supporter or a bigger deal although order. Are you wearing it because you won earlier are you wearing it because you have to wait is it looks better to Wear it. I don't. On weirder but I'd like have to leave office. Again making your own money and show the guns has I think this thing. Who helped our playoff scenario. Break it down to. Is so easy is one that I see so far people have really quick is that the bills and most likely the bill split against them Miami. Tennessee has to lose both and the chargers and the for the ravens lose one and were in I mean the chargers have the jets and the raiders and it's not. On the question in titans at jaguars and the rams beat. Jones eagle beat Miami Miami which is a tough order in and I get especially if the game happens yesterday but. I don't know man with a few pretty good kidneys to kill me all morning because I'm back believing him yet. Your your your almost like it's that it's a lot I don't feel like it's a lot we're gonna play out. You couldn't. Like. But are going to be viewed. I finally ran my agency management. You're doing all all all they did I would look at it that he did yesterday oil and have oh in. That little OP now are in. We got a while they're. Gonna happen there and when it started to beat the pats. That would be productive and let you. In all it is if they get who spoke little game. All or. They don't debatable. A truly don't could be eighty have been up and down what the solution there or isn't or won't play in cold. And it through to man the remote and decades ago. So are merit if there are quite whirlpool is step forward in a note right now. You know inevitable that you. And dignity your soul and global it. Dow Jones again I was here in the break room intimidating Jones he if we're gonna talk the most deal easiest of scenarios you know that day it would be go to New England next week. Find a way to win and then lose to the dolphins Miami you know that will be a bill I was scenarios. It was the we they greet you are. Who are. Definitely hoping. That that or. Boom. Now conflict now I feel that way doesn't do this just feel so this mortal walking out of the stadium hands that I had all those idiots from Western New York court dolphins fans because they need attention heads had so low they're tonic the stadium a lot of Canadian dolphins fan he used to accountability doesn't he own arm from Orchard Park is eventually huge do you usually why would you not be a bills for. It quote. That are. The retired if you could well for a while or there at the door open. All oval. There are now talking tracked about. I know he's an article about the go by. I'm that guy. I would be exciting let me know. It. Jim Jones and Jim you know speaking about. Are important that won't happen like it. Well but. Listen I'm with you it is amazing I mean this play this league you know at any given Sunday league but to have a guy like Jay color and that dolphins' defense go from a dominant performance against the patriots everything went right for them. Yesterday on meet with the exception of that crazy last five minutes it looked on paper that was Dominique Buffalo Bills yesterday Jones electron you can go from that. To that. It's my ma. It is about. Both the market are portable or stroke. Or it how that the author is an oil. Well at all. This happened in the bill they do so into it. Well with the court. Eight although. He wanted an acute or Eric. From congress and other people like. That corporate. There we would that he wouldn't hurt that we have how he would. You know. Over the same way and they're adorable. I attribute that it and it. Proper weight pretty built plane were. It. I'm out all the beans and open up what is it that this article. I have alleged that Dow Jones a former Eagles wide receiver goes to John Murphy show our sister station and a Fred seven ESPN. The dolphins have two who traditionally you know players that. Other plays were called dirty in defense of lineman Ndamukong Suh and Jarvis Landry wide receiver who essentially ended airwaves career last season but. It was penalty flags all over the place yesterday personal files and it seems like. That dirty play has almost like leaked into the other guys routinely keep Alonso is pleading with people yesterday's drop and elbows in the Cheney's neck after should he shakes him out of his pants yesterday like. I mean Jones haven't played these teams before. Is it possible if coaches don't nip that they don't stop it from those two players and it ends up showing up in players that wouldn't traditionally be dirty guys. Lou I mean there aren't seeing it could take or that type urged. Are to be a bit. Dirty. They take on the personality of quickly through the woods. And if they're not pro flag to the Clinton who certainly had a well it it hit a week out and need to make sure reported that we despite. I don't. I don't understand tickle like he was near Buffalo News is quiet professional hardworking guy and I didn't know where he's Joseph Flacco in the head and almost kill them any drop in doubles machine yesterday these appointments everybody liked how how do you going for years from it quite hard working blue collar guy to complete jackass yesterday. Or. Urged on Saturday. It. Out of little bit because you don't you avenue though you recruit democratic before that it. Haiti without parents. About it character. Well it is the crowd out of like that and children you don't like. At the DoubleTree down. You know particularly. So. Oh yeah it is darker birds has been. Eaten either of probably coal and it appears. You voted with the all kind of like the cold get angry and. There's older cattle out of another reason you know political well you know that the right guy. To have silent assassin. It's awesome if it's as a book about our receiver Donald Joseph let me jump to get time off common among the other buffalo all next week for that. Juniors hockey tournament the international juniors let's let's get lodged a drink so much hockey with Emanuel hockey guy. Well that's not my idea yeah. But I people of all it is currently recruit. Appealed to the entire. Well many MA I have a judge to get stuff and he that would be really review said no I'm just going NO TO percent. William I did that say no I'd do it. About. Well at certain. Does very those very political view of Greece's legends I've met a public. What are you guys thought about the show today would mark. Remote spot and we'll have our emotional and preventable number. CDs and about it's about. Look pretty well put stricter at her terrible lie at all. And try it quotable we tried to play that date. Now. Yeah I heard I heard the guys have played NFL used to play in the NFL there really flaky like you know for interviews or when you invite my ten appear during hockey tournaments things like that so. I'll do in the world is it good it felt like there is. And all. I. Don't want to revisit time and have a good rest of the week we will talk to you look at some point and it was Christmas next legal figures amount for the into the season are but. I next exit to a decent.