Post Game Monday with Former Bills WR Donald Jones!

Monday, November 27th

The Buffalo Bills are now at 6-5 on the season and remain in the hunt for a playoff spot.


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So here's the thing built yesterday sixty Ted I'm sure you know bill's right back I'd expect the ravens lose tonight from the bills are in control allow that final playoff spot proof. And I have a heart attack at the U I they needed to active here's the thing that's happening though shot up resorted dot outside Jones well I don't you. He's waited a reputed to dollars a ticket. You never would my deals he wants to spare because as a jury for the Eagles to win and I know that you are going to claim that is your bills against. And it makes me serious or so like I'm afraid I'm not. Knowing your day I am. USDA choice that joining us in the breaker every department bills wide receiver out current co host of the John vigil and a sister station and if I said an ESP. Donald Jones is the breaker HO TLE brother. Until very bill good doctor Jane. Don't let that there is no he's a verdict. They. I mean you. You are and manner that let us know what the team move that everything is about to explode the team went. There on the road don't do too well that took that the typical. You know it dark. And Russ Cochran. I don't think before we get to the game yesterday Tommy who was immediate did an actual. Cool thing this morning when it came to the bills you or what John Murphy who coined the term hush money talking about Stephen how should the kicker who lit up 56 typical yesterday amazing. Jody Tommy came up with eight new nickname for Stephen Hodge could that we think is pretty to answer. Brick house. How you can imagine. That no area out this bush. Let the public. Brick house. The death I'm Don you came all the data that somebody opened them. Now you view nearby Israeli no. I give us. Just figures were taken to Frederick house to let at all or outright and so either you're gonna see mark today gonna be on the air with them on the defense of his peers and so at some point today just like slight that'd be okay I know how much money's great legally safe house leads me to try and get. Merck to use that on the broadcast and we'll take full credit for. Failure to ticker that I grew up without thought of the day about it you know burden. Merck a little bit in the equally incompetent in the mine that limited. You know I don't know I don't know who would put up or you guys. I was sick might just way. I've ever heard somebody insults a coerced. To give us a hot ha ha. Seemed this duck he's got a good bedside messed up call for doctors and if that's what it about. I knew that. I don't think so at Taylor has Eddie Fisher mistake free game yesterday and eat I mean lowering. Yeah but after watching the treatment of Taylor does this team right back what they gave. I mean easily the whole time are you still a little man on Tyrod Taylor. Now I'm doomed man around America that big but he's a little out that is the difference in the game Arab delicately like. We note character look like you know but that did secretly. Like they do yet there like they were doing in the early part of the leader. They announced. You know bill bill every BA game or possibly within you know I think it's more or. The Eaton and it is apparent that the current over the Eagles. Ryan sucks. I took a back on the train again go blow to the dark blue jays tell me this guy's no I know that I got to go with don't see how is there such a difference between his defense the. Last three weeks and what happened yesterday it would mean they each have legitimate offensive weapons Korea bought the guy can play Alex Smith can throw the ball on the little bit and they shot the Dow yesterday in fact. Alex Smith was the leading rusher for the Kansas City Chiefs. You can't tell me that minor adjustments. In a matter of a week into that much for defense. In other big thing if they and I think to a packed court you know like they actually. Swarmed to the ball they actually tackled in open field moral want to attack wouldn't be this tackled all over the period and that was the biggest. Different than me in the patent game when they lost the well now you know they'd have sort tackled in the back. Into this. You know in the beauty ironically our department can be that was. The biggest difference in that game obviously you're the colonel and it is revealed all about Aqua. But can I ask you might be stupid question just is a guy sits back and watch the games at the speaking for most. How Donald you had a defense full of guys that are getting paid that money that it worked. Passes off to make it in this league that on national television everybody did Evernote watching them culprits three weeks do they do not. Tackle. Yeah I you go to victory Clinton had happened on who eat you that we. Teams that don't tackle mean I don't tackled him so little flap up and they sort out of we have full clean not do that who currently in a row. And you get blown out I just I don't understand it Perry look at the that this year. But it like we we did you don't know which would Stevie picked it up at the Riordan. ITC week to week you don't which he gonna get I mean Donald performance yesterday I mean granted it was gets a team that's lost five out of the last six it was still an impressive win on the road any tough place to play a place that buffalo. Has traditionally played well in an arrow and are you back aren't you back to train your Jones. You know. Let you got to put a great physically that happened twice. You know so ultimately need to win one of those gains in the heat this week here mumbo. So let it they can they can make that happen. And that will really give them moral role going to the world as we get into the server. But not not on the turning yet because there that so that. Are you gonna stop property manic guy has got more stance in Jesus. Kenji stats reveal that Jesus is that should pretty close to Britain's that. You don't have Jesus rookie card dialed it. It is actually Jesus Tommy sold to high school witness to see you know us tomorrow. Duplicative or early for good. Green guys it is a ruined. Receiver I obviously Tommy he's beaten. Patriots hall opened a tough that is up it's so tough as a matter fatten him but not misty and the last time the bills beat the patriots at home. Donald Jones caught a touchdown pass in the game. Repeat them. Yet yet. But now that a lot but I the it department that we. What was the Weiner I remember this because we made the government side it was Sam Adams. And away we go Aziz ran into the end zone they beat the and they beat the patriots in the opening game. About the last two games actually bills beat the patriots meet covered aside 616. Years ago now the mother and now the jam them or prison is mid seventies. If you could put up. You don't violate that haven't. Yet Drayton Florence bills corner pick Brady for a pick six that was the cover Sports Illustrated that was the wanna put the nail in the coffin but yeah. Twice seventy years they beat the patriots twice and seventy. It's crazy. But it I heard that he didn't like lady be talking like point four parliament are retarded he's beaten bill. You know that that. Ten years and Rex was play was coach at New York with the jets hat. At the patriots beat beat beat consistently but clearly he lost that suit you couldn't recruit them up and around pockets and into the directly in the timing. Excuses Donald's. Tee you don't need as patriots game this week but if you haven't you make the margin of barrel on bigger. The bills opened its nine point dogs at home that's the line as of last night is there any chance any chance the miracle happens. In America on coast who are not it there. At them if that game man who well for media player eat there's. You know that urgently. And the rest of look out. At all the ball more do you know a bit cut back to eat sent the Auckland. Should be able to do it well there's an equipment but I would think that they would be able to do companies though normative that he sent in on you gonna beat up and been in and out. Parents note at the plate. Like the in the life. Yes it is all just generally done it yet who's a tyrant. He has an ad thanking every goal almighty god. On the minute losses he threw for almost 300 against the chiefs last played in the lawsuit dramas 300 against the jets he had a pretty good game they lost it when I don't. A Brady throw for like 300 yards every time it has had a bad. Yes. Yet they have excellent beat this because. Well he's got like 300. I have I'm scared his game not to because the patriots. Nearly out here aren't. McDermott is the news sheriff they have ceased lot of people talk about Grady is Belichick takes exception of that. I'm scared that Belichick's gonna try to correlate it apartment yet it is a house that'll lead that. The patriots have three prominent former Buffalo Bills to fund guilt or who just came back injury to game we really guarantee Chris Hogan who. Well you know he's probably be up for the game content and he's at but Mike Kelly easily going to period at a weird name yeah I. Like he is Lee has been in active now because he's hurt but just because they haven't addressed he has been eat. Don't. Exactly right to address the Leslie gonna try to get his lead down the bill's throat right to Belichick. A boat that movement really got to do you have that. You definitely have addressed this week and he's gonna get the ball. Yeah he's not gonna be the focal point of that office but it is Jared. Especially if they did down vertical line is that you didn't get the ball or in other critical of the Mike Abbott told him her. Odd that there are pulling out. It out now he had been playing the last couple weeks yet he's he's not in the box score so it definitely played yesterday. Our I hadn't seen that on this you can. There were a lot of other news in they were doing a story on those guys the cold and have like really. But I do have an attitude they have like six pages but is there like daddy daycare on you don't. And they were talking devoted then maybe that was done. I would think like when you signed with the patriots like your bag your wife at that moment brightly that's why the but. I mean yeah if you're not have a sex either likes the taste of the new and the patriot TDs get a divorce rate. But I don't recycle this does feel good stories say keep the IQ wise in arrests in Washington. Well there's that accurate or the cancer can get it on every category that do it in that our government do although Britain. Everybody is so via. When they are out there. Although I'm on disperse the that you don't use the patriots. The day she's the 60. Well. So nothing's a way to I. We took care business doctor was at it's uncle right the ship as soon. We'll have that medical bill. Or the equivalent. Temperature can be. Edited these raked it. My. The economy and shoulders. Who. Donald probably don't so you're on yet today for and at three UN John Murtha and a sister station 95 cities. Jones. So we don't break down the women were the only city McDermott for a conference. Which is usually about 1 o'clock something like that also looked at their current happens to your thumb. It was McDermott in the switch that. I it's an important. Apparently about I mean it is to operate them McCain delegate at brown on. Is north unison that to me. Let's take a sports on renewed their accounts. Christopher December out of that. I'm current. Ideology and don't forget it makes you tell Mark Richt college. I am having ample talking next week but. Hi Donald Jones former bills receiver hosts speech you know. It's him as being an understanding that if it's at least. The end and it can't put a call. Which is the better nickname for bills kicker Steve Nash got. Right now timing on the election. 77% people to stick with hush money out it's scheduled to vote how much money's really you know too little house money that we have a tune to go with that thing it's better if you are hush money RK ams the sixties. It. It's different some specific I don't know but it's our good friends.